Ramadan 2016 – Quran 30 for 30 – Day 12

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Quran 30 for 30 – Day 12 – Yusuf & Ibrahim

June 17, 2016

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so now we're gonna go ahead and continue with just 13 llama bonds moving really really, really fast. Of course, somehow lower in when when everybody's favorites little right now, which is of course sort of use of, I'm not going to take too much time with sort of usage we already covered basically the, the first part of sort of use of up until verse 52. And as we said, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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leaves us off with use of it his Salaam,

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you know, basically proclaiming his own innocence and the people recognizing their innocence. The wife of an azeez recognizing her mistake, use of it his salon insisting on his principle, despite everything that's happened. So the turning point is with this just so verse 53 onwards is really the turning point it really refers to use of it. He said, I'm going from now being a prisoner, to being the kings, cabinet minister. And that turning point that transition is quite powerful. Because to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he's basically already being told about the turning point that will come in his own life. And Allah subhanaw taala highlights a few things. So from verse 58,

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to 62, Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the brothers of use of Ali Hassan coming to Him To ask him for food. So basically use of it his Salaam has, has his brothers at his mercy, but instead of use of it his Salaam showing them mercilessness just as they showed him when they abandoned him, use of it is Salaam demonstrates his superior compassion. So first, we see the highlight of use of superior compassion when use of writing is Salaam asks us to ask them to bring forth the youngest brother who has been Yemeni his Salaam and that is of course use of the younger brother and use of ice on wants to rescue him. So use of sense to his 10 brothers back to go and bring back. his

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youngest brother Binyamin. So use of demonstrates his some superior forbearance his superior compassion that he didn't punish his brothers. But instead, he showed them compassion when they were vulnerable. Even though they did not show him compassion when he was vulnerable to them. Then we find the brothers of use of it so I'm going back to ask out whoever it is them to send Binyamin to send Benjamin with them in order to get more grain in order to get more of the goods that use of it. Some have promised So Jacob yaku sends Binyamin Benjamin reluctantly, and he advises his sons because he knows that his sons already took the life of are they already plotted against the use of

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it his setup, so jacoba Islam warns his sons of plotting against Binyamin the way that they plotted against use of ideas, but a loss of hentai shows the superior patience of Jacob the superior patience of iacob it his setup and then we find another turning point in the sutra which is from verse 69 to 79, where use of it is Salaam secretly takes Binyamin to the side, Benjamin aside and he plots with Binyamin at his salon or you know or he basically plus to have the stolen goods if you will placed in the bag of Binyamin so that use of ice lamb can rescue his brother Benjamin from from the situation that he was in as well. So use of it his Salaam takes Binyamin he informs him who he

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is and he protects him from any sort of harm that would come to him from from his other brothers. And then you find the superior hope so we're seeing superior qualities that are really being demonstrated in the family of jacoba Islam and Jacob and Joseph and Jacobian and use of them was set up with our co Barney his Salaam you find the superior hope that when the brothers of use of went back to him, and they told him that they now have lost Binyamin as well, that they lost Benjamin as well jacoba his Salaam responded, and he didn't just have hope that Benjamin would come back to him that Binyamin would be returned to him. But instead he continued to express hope that use of it is

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Salaam who has been lost now for two decades, would also be brought back to him that Allah Subhana which Allah would give him back both of his sons. So it shows you the ML the the hope of your uncle Barney has set out his superior hope in the situation. And then of course you see the brothers of use of it is coming back to him and begging him for food and use of it his Salaam disclosing his identity to his brothers and his brothers. You know, obviously apologizing and expressing remorse for what they did but they're completely now in a situation where he can

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penalize them, where he could punish them because of what they did to him. But instead use of it Islam shows superior forgiveness. So use of chooses to forgive his brothers. Not only that he sends back food and he sends back green with his brothers to go to his parents as well. And he sends his shirt as well. So the brothers of use of take the shirt of use of Iceland back to their father, Jaco Varney has set up and that is a means of bringing him to Egypt to where they would now live in, in a better situation. So verse 94, to 98 a loss of hundreds and dimensions yet whoever it is salon, receiving the good news of his son use of it his stuff that the shirt was brought to him and

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Subhanallah he could even smell use of honey in Islam, he could smell the shirt of use of it stem from a distance away, and the shirt was placed on the face of the globe it has fallen and it brought back his his vision after he had cried himself blind so Pamela, so Allah reward his his patients allow rewarded his hope, Allah subhana wa tada gave him back both Yusuf alayhi salam, and Binyamin and it's really powerful because if you connect this to the previous surah

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in, in Surah Hood, Allah Subhana Allah mentions the Bushra the glad tidings. The good news to Rahim is summoned to sada for both is how can you cope? So the good news in pseudo hood was to Abraham, that he would have a son Isaac and Isaac would have a son Jacob, so it was the bush of two at a time, right? The Bush love is happening, Jaco was on the previous surah in this surah the bush law, the good news, the glad tidings is to Yaqoob who was the good news in the previous surah. So now the good news is to him as opposed to him being the good news. And the good news to him is that he gets both of his son's use of and Binyamin back. So you find a very nice correlations of how a lot of

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bush law here what glad tidings means in this situation. And you find that as use of it his Salaam ascends the throne, and use of it is Sam has his parents brought back to him and he has his brothers brought back to him. And use of it Islam now has achieved success and he chooses to show forgiveness the prophets lie some of course, imitated or he emulated rather use of it some when he entered into Mecca, so he didn't forget the lesson that he learned from Surah Yusuf. When the Prophet slicin went back to Mecca, he said the same words latter three Bharani chameleon, there is no blame on today, may Allah Subhana, Allah forgive you. And it was indeed the shape bomb that that that caused or that

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planted the seeds of discord. And of course later on in the last years, Ramadan I did people have called on I talked about Salafi Medina and a yogi who recited the same words upon entering Jerusalem and Salafi Dean's actual name was use of so his actual name was use of Subhana Allah. So the point being here, that this is a legacy of forgiveness, and a legacy of of showing mercy, when you're in a state of victory, even to those that did not show you mercy. When you are in a state of vulnerability, if you think about how long our modern day time look at Nelson Mandela, for example, if Mandela had been a person of vengeance, then with the success and with the legacy of Mandela

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really have been cemented. So this is a very important lesson for us that we can learn from even now. In our current day, when you're in a state of power, where you're in a state of victory, do not show vengeance, but instead show mercy and forgiveness. And this is what the prophet SAW some took from it. And of course, now what we see so Pamela, is that we actually are given

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access to the thoughts of use of alayhis salam, as he's about to pass away. Now this is this is a very powerful legacy here. Because remember, the central focus is about Hema Islam, Abraham in the sort of before it's about him, and in the sort of the sort of that's about to come afterwards. And the same just is about Hema Islam as well. This is a legacy of trying to keep people upon the deen and the importance of staying upon the deen staying upon the religion, despite whatever challenges you will face. So for example, I mentioned swithun bacala or sabi, Mo, but anyway, I hope that Abraham and Jacob both they gave will see it to their children, they reminded their children, you

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have any knowledge of Allah Coumadin. Oh, my children, Allah has chosen for you the religion fetta tiempo, tuna Illa and two Muslim one. So do not pass away except that you're in a state of Islam that you're in a state of submission. And then Allah says I'm Quinton, Shahada and how they are COVID notes and where you present are, you know, or did you bear witness when Jacob was dying? So the father was dying here Kubernetes nine was passing away. And in gathered all of his sons, he gathered all of his children. And he said, Matt, I will do and I'm in Burundi. What will you worship after me? Are you narrow

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Do ilaha illa ek blah Hema, what is maketo is how they said, We worship, we worship your Lord, the Lord of your father Abraham, the Lord of his maggid and is how

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you know of Ishmael and Isaac, we worship the Lord of all them. So we're going to continue the legacy. Isla Hanwha, hidden when a Muslim on the one God, and we are to him Muslims, we have submitted ourselves to a loss of Hannah Montana. So the legacy here is the legacy of tawheed the legacy of monotheism, right? And somehow that's really interesting, the only Prophet, who, whose death wish is mentioned is jacoba Islam whose moment of death is mentioned as jacoba it is Salah. So there is no other prophet in the Quran where you have access to their moments of death, except for jacoba Islam willing with his children, making that will seal with his children, renewing the

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covenant with his children, because it was from his children that Benny is why he would rise. And so yeah, hope, you know, giving these last words these final wishes the to stay upon the path of a loss of handling. And this was the concern of Jacob. It was the concern of Isaac, it was the concern of Abraham. It was the concern of this beautiful family. As Pamela that's why I quote to be narrates that when the machine is when the when the one giving the glad tidings theatrical came to him with the shirt of use of Iceland. He hasn't seen his son for, you know, for decades. And Yakov asks the machine he asks the one who's bringing the glad tidings just says, Kay, fantastic to you. So how did

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you find use of it his setup? Carla talked to her as Ethan Allen muscle. He said I left him while he was in charge while he was the Prime Minister of Egypt. So I left use of it is Salaam in a glorious state when I last saw him, and I came to you with this slide. tydings. usif is the disease of muscle. He's the Prime Minister of Muslim of Egypt. Yaqoob, said Lisa and had a look, that's not what I'm asking you. He says talk to her Allah Ed on what religion was he upon when you left him? So he said talk to her alladhina Islam. He said when I left him, he was on the religion of Islam. He was on the way of submission. Yaakov Allah His Salam says, and

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so now the blessing is completes the fact that he's still upon his religion. And he's still upon his way, even after all these decades, after everything that happened to him after all of the the hardship that he encountered. usif did not stray away from the religion of his father, he didn't stray away from the path that Allah Subhana Allah had given to him. So yeah, who said that's what I really want to hear, because it's not benefiting to me, if he's still alive, but he's forsaken his religion if he gave up on a lot at any point, you know, throughout this throughout this trial of his, so jacoba exam said, Now the blessing is complete, that he stayed upon Islam. And so we find

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that Subhana Allah when use of his, his Salaam has reached his position of power, and his entire dunya has come together. I mean, everything has come full circle, everyone has come to him. And Yusuf Alayhi Salam says Allah because theta and he Nina and mulki while I'm turning into a Hadith, Oh Allah, you have given me everything that I want of Kingdom. And you've taught me the interpretation of all you know, have dreams fall asleep, or somehow it will. You are the Originator of the heavens and the earth until an Eve denier will occupy. You are my guardian in this world and the next telephony, Muslim and well happening astonishing, allow me to die as a Muslim of Allah, and

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to follow in the path of the righteous system, how long he wants to uphold the covenant that his father took that his grandfather took that his great grandfather took. And he wants to make sure that a loss of habitat keeps him firm on Islam until his death, meaning I'm not safe now I might have, I might have succeeded in the fitna of Bella in the test and trial of hardship. I passed the test of adultery and slavery and being in prison and abandoned by my brothers. But now as a new stage of fit tonight's a new stage of tests and trial. And that is the test and trial of ease. I don't want to be diluted by the kingdom that you've given me and by the goodness that you've given

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me in this world and start losing out on my salvation in the hereafter. And so he's asking a lot to keep him firm on that covenants. And so how long this was the most frequent two out of the prophets lie Selim yamo pundi multiple lube sub it's called Viana de Nick. Oh Turner of hearts make my heart firm on your religion. And this throughout the use of Islam makes is actually the exact same. It's pretty much the same your app that his great grandfather Ibrahim Ali Salaam made and so to show our verse 78 to 83 Ibrahim Ali Salaam says I'll be heavily hoekman will heavily masala him, Oh my Lord, grant me wisdom and allow me to follow in the path of the righteous so let me die and join the

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righteous and let me stay upon Islam until my death and joy

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Amongst the righteous Muslims that have passed or the legacy of Abraham is coming forth in use of it, his setup, the legacy of the Brahim isenheim is now realized in use of ITSM. Or at least one part of his legacy is realized and use of it his setup. Now the next sort of slide,

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show sort of light also starts off with edits lab mean a lot, so starts off with the disjointed letters. And it also has a mention of the Quran. And the first verse of sort of, sort of it actually tells us what the suit is about. The first and the last verse have survived are actually completely connected. So loss of Hannah Montana says, tid, can I add to the Kitab? Well, the only de la come in lovely can help. When I can act, Varanasi, let me know and Allah subhanaw taala says, These are the verses of the book, and what has been revealed to you from your Lord is the truth. But most people do not believe most people do not believe. So basically, the central thesis of this sutra is that

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whether or not people confirm the truth is insignificant, it's irrelevant. So whether people follow you and whether people or whether people accept you or abandon you the way they abandon us of Islam or believe in you the way they eventually believe the news of it so that the message is intact, and it's the truth no matter what. So if people confirm the truth, or they don't confirm the truth, it has nothing to do with the fact that it is the truth. It's irrelevant, to be confirmed by people. Okay, so Allah subhana wa tada is saying that this is the truth, this book is the truth, no matter what, and nothing can stop it from being the truth, no matter what your circumstances are, which in

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the story of use of the Prophet slicin as being the good being given the glad tidings, that that you have a story like use of your story is going to end like use of it. So now, with everyone coming back to you, and believing in your message was so delighted. There's also in the same time period, it's the last days of Mecca, the very last days of Mecca. And Allah subhanaw taala says in verse five, one internship for either one cola home, a lacuna, Robin in nearly 100, they said and if you are astonished, oh Mohammed then astonishing is they're saying, when we are dust, will we indeed be brought into a new creation? Once we're dirt will we indeed be resurrected? So basically, what Allah

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subhanaw taala is saying is that, you know, they're accusing you of being crazy, and they're accusing you of making this stuff up. But loss of Hannah horchata is saying that, how illogical is their reasoning as well that if we die and we become dirt, will we be brought back to life because Allah brought them into existence into being without anything in the first place? So last time, I mentioned the you know, how shackled their minds are, and because their minds and their hearts are shackled, they would, they would they would face the consequences in this world and the next and Allah Subhana Allah says, and this is actually where the name of the School of Law and comes from. A

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law says, Well, you said behavoir will be handy he will Mullah and cattlemen cleave it. This is verse 13. a loss of Hannah Montana says and the thunder exalts Allah with praise of him and the angels as well from fear him you know, when you see thunder, you say sapan and leather you said be Hola Hola, Adobe Hamdi he well melodica to monthly fatigue. So the data actually comes from this ayah that all glory be to Him who the thunder glorify some of the thunder declares his praise of how to what to add, as well as the angels out of fear of him. So Alas, Panda is basically mentioning if human beings failed to recognize and acknowledge a loss of hundreds and they acknowledge the truth,

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everything around us is glorifying Allah subhanho wa Taala in verse 24, Allah Subhana Allah says what the law he has to do manifests and it will audibly tawan will kill her, while the law no one will do we went outside Allah subhanho wa Taala says and to a lot prostrates whatever is within the heavens and whatever is within the within the earth, willingly or by compulsion, and their shadows as well in the mornings and in the and in the afternoon. So loss of habitat is basically saying everything by virtue of its following the laws that Allah has placed the laws of nature, that Allah has placed in this world is glorifying Allah subhanho wa Taala willingly or unwillingly. So by your

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very existence and by the plants around you and the sun and the moon and so on, so forth, the orbit, of the various systems that are lots of hands is created. All of that is constantly in glorification of a loss of Hannah Montana, and declaring his perfection. Now in the previous surah and pseudo use of this is beautiful to show you the connection. In surah Yusuf Allah subhana wa tada mentions the reward and glory that comes in dunya in this world for the believers that persevere, okay, that eventually Allah Subhana Allah gives the believers victory and he places them in a

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Place of glory. So in Surah, Yusuf the previous surah, the reward of dunya is mentioned. So you don't find anything about gentlemen. So to use it, for example, right, which is very odd, because the entire thesis of surah Yusuf is that a loss of habitat and will give those patient people victory and a loss of hundreds and we'll place them in a place of glory, so long as they remain firm and consistent. In this sort of sort of the light loss of heights. Allah mentions the reward in paradise in verse 24, the angel saying sell them when they can be my soul bottom, Finnair, America, that piece beyond to you for your patience, endurance, your patience and your endurance. And how

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beautiful of a final abode is this. So basically, the reward now that's being mentioned here for your patience and endurance is one of the hereafter as opposed to that which is in sort of use of which is one of the junior analyst practices and verse 28, alladhina, amanu, wautoma in Napoleoni decree law, Allah be decree law, he talks about no clue that those who believe and their hearts are comforted, they find, you know, by the remembrance of Allah. And Allah said, verily, in the remembrance of Allah, do hearts find tranquility. Why? Because that's Jenna on Earth, that's paradise on earth. And no matter what you do to a person in this world, you can't take it out of

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their hearts, right, the very famous saint of had been taking me out of him a lot to add a checklist now when he was in prison, and he said that what can my enemies do to me, if they kill me, it's martyrdom. And if they deport me, it's a chance to explore and contemplate the signs of a loss of Hannah Montana. And if they imprison me for life, then it's seclusion with the loss of Hannah Montana. So the agenda in the heart of the vicar of Allah of the remembrance of Allah allows you to persevere in this world, you will find glory in this world will eventually come to you and shuts out when you persevere. And of course, in the Hereafter, the angels will remind you and Allah subhanaw

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taala reminds you peace beyond to you for your patience and for your endurance. So there's a connection between all of these things. And the last verse of sort of live is just like the first verse. So the first verse basically says that a lot does not need people to confirm the truth in order for it to be the truth. It's still the truth. Everything confirms it's the truth, your existence confirms that it's the truth. The last verse is a response to the verse, the first verse, Allah Subhana, enticed us, while kulula Dena cafaro less than or Salah, the disbelievers say you are not a messenger of Allah, they just believe in they say you're not a messenger of Allah, called

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katha Billa. You said he then benei rabbinical woman or in the hood, anyone kita Allah says to the Prophet slicin I'm say to them, oh, Mohammed, sufficient is a lot as a witness between me and you. And the witness of whoever has knowledge of the Scripture. Meaning what I don't need you to acknowledge me being your messenger, in order to know that I'm the messenger, I'm the Messenger of God because Allah appointed me as the messenger of cut. So Allah is the witness upon all things. Your confirmation or denial is irrelevant, and it's only for your own good, and somehow to law. What is the next sort of start off with the next sort of which is the last sort of in this juice is Surah

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Ibrahim, Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed it in the same time period. And again, Ibrahim is the transition point, a loss of Hannah Montana says Elif LA, Ra kita, Bonanza nahu la caja the talk region us I mean, I've automatically had Nori be in the lobby him he lost a lot in Aziz and Hamid, I could seriously do the entirety of Ceylon this.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, This is a book that we have revealed to you, oh Mohammed so that you can bring mankind out of darkness upon darkness upon darkness into the light by the permission of their Lord, to the path of the Exalted in Might, the Praiseworthy,

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why is this? So? Why is this such a beautiful response to what we've heard, in sort of a loss of parents are saying, a lot doesn't need you. And the book does not need you. And the messenger doesn't need you. And here are lost parents I was saying, and by the way, the purpose of this message is to take you from darkness to light, which can only be done by the permission of your Lord, to the path of the all exalted in mites, and the always praiseworthy, Subhana Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala responds, that if you want to be guided to the path of disease and Hamid's, the path of the one who's always exalted in mind and always praiseworthy, then it is for your own benefit and

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for your own good, a lot or the messenger do not need you. It is your loss if you turn away and it is your success if you turn to a loss of Hannah Montana. So whoever turns to a disease for whom disease when there is a tiller, whoever returns to the one who's all honorable, all exalted in mind, then he becomes honorable by the honor of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And whoever turns to and Hamid, the one who is praiseworthy, the who are homies and we have the love and then he will be praised by the praise worthiness of Allah subhanaw taala. So this is what

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is good for you an inverse for a loss of parents assets. When I was selling them, it was sued in a lab irisa. And he told me he grew up in a home. So you're gonna love him and you're sure we have the money as well who will as easily Hakeem, and we did not send a messenger except speaking in the language of his people, to state things clearly for them. So basically a law saying, I gave you a chance, the people of Mecca were given a chance you had a prophet from amongst yourselves, who spoke your language, who you've known for 40 years to be the most honest and trustworthy and truthful person, most generous and beloved person to you. And he made things clear to you, and we don't

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punish a nation unless we send a messenger that speaks to the people in their language. And again, through that Allah guides who he wills and leads a straight who he wills and he remains exalted in mind, and exalted and his wisdom Subhana which Allah and Allah mentions in the context of Musa alayhis salam speaking to fit around what is to other than our optimal comilla in Chicago Toma as the Dominican whether in Catholicism in Nevada, Bella studied, and when your Lord made the announcement, your Lord proclaimed that if you are grateful, I will increase you. And if you are ungrateful, if you disbelieve, then the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala is severe. Notice in this

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ayah Allah subhana wa tada said, Let in check out some noisy democamp if you're grateful, I will definitely increase you. And he said if you're not grateful, my punishment is severe. He didn't say that why the button I come I will punish you. Because you might repent or loss of hundreds out of mine show mercy on you and forgive you so you would not be punished. But the point here is that Allah subhanaw taala is mentioning it is for your own good that you show gratitude to a lot and that you believe in Allah. It's for your interest in this world you would be increased in this world like use of it is solid and you will be increased like the people of Jelena are mentioned and sort of

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lied in the in the dental jobs and the degrees of an agenda so it's for your own good and if you are grateful Allah subhanaw taala will always increase you and Musashi his Salaam says in tech for antim woman fill out of the Jamia and fell in love and Ian Hammett. If you turn away you and everyone else on the face of the earth, then a loss of habitat is free of need and always pray praiseworthy. So again, it's the same context that Allah does not need you. You need a loss of Hannah hutan. Now if you go to verse 21, Allah mentions the human shape on okay. The human shape on comes in the form of the one who leads you astray in the form of someone who's giving you sincere advice. So Allah says

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in verse 21, well about Rosa de la he Jamia amphipolis Baraka Latina stuck burrow in con la comida para el antem owner and them in either below him in shape. I do love her Damilola hula her Dana comes out and Elena does it now I'm still bottle now, man and I'm in the last panel. Tyler tells us that on the day of judgment when they're gathered before Allah, the week will say to those who are arrogant meaning the followers who follow the Abuja hula hoops in the rock webinar, I'll be married. And Sharif and so on so forth. The followers gathered together and they say to them, Look, we used to follow you for anthem Laguna random in Adobe like mentioning Are you going to be able to punish

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protect us from the punishment of a lot in any way? So they say low Hi, Donna. Hola. Hola. Hi, Dana, if allowed would have guided us we would have guided you. And they say that so our honor, Elena does

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not. Look, it doesn't matter. It's the same for us. Whether we show intolerance or our patient. Now, there is no way to escape Hellfire meaning right now it's no point of arguing. And it's no point of showing patience or not showing patience or whatever it is, or pointing fingers. We're all going to be punished. Now. There is no escape. So basically, what this is referring to is that the human shape on shape on an instance that leads you astray, right that teaches you what you should not be taught that convinces you that it's okay to stand opposed to divine revelation and so on so forth. That human shape on will turn his back on you on the day of judgment and the actual shape on the

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next verse, verse 22, will call a shape on who lemme call the lamb in La juanda Kumar will have our act to confer love to come on man cannoli and a common Sultan in Illa and they're out to confess the job to me. Further total morning when Omar and for second man and I'll be Muslim, woman, handsome be mostly in Nika Fatima, Shakuni man come in a light demeanor. And in one Amina lahoma, when any malice panorama gives us the speech that shavon will give on the Day of Judgment. So the Prophet slicin mentioned that just as the people of Hellfire are about to enter into Hellfire, may Allah protect you and all of us from you and I and all of us from from the punishment of hellfire. shavon

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stands up and gives a speech and says listen, a lot promised you I promise you I broke my promise Allah subhanaw taala

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Nuts, but I did not have authority over you, except that I called you and you responded to me. So don't blame me blame yourselves. I'm not going to be able to come to your aid, you will not be able to come to my aid in the Catholics will be shocked to won't even cover I deny my association, or the association that you gave me with a loss of Hannah Montana before and he says in Nevada Mina llamada, Elam And verily, the wrongdoers all of us are now going to have a painful punishment. So Allah mentions the human shape on and the ginger and the actual shape on and how they would disassociate from you on the Day of Judgment. So don't let them turn you away from the goodness that

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our last panel Jana has mentioned. And that's why right after that last panel says and I'm Tara Keefe, a lot of aloha method and Katie Mehta and by Eva and casado written by UVA, US law service or federal who have his summer took to cooler cooler in the lobby her Allah mentions the tree of Emma the tree of faith, and Allah subhanaw taala mentions how firm it is in the heart of the believers. That La ilaha illAllah is like a firm tree it's like a palm tree in your heart. It has a strong foundation us who have Talbots well further who have a summer and it's branches are high in the sky and it's constantly producing fruit. What that means is shape bond might sway you temporarily, but

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you will bend but you won't break you will never break. So if you have the foundation of a man I will call it sabots. Okay, now either Lola strong in your heart, then neither human gin or shavon neither human sale thing or the actual sale theme the gin shale shale clean will be able to lead you astray from a loss of Hannah hotel. And finally Ibrahim alayhis salam What if Allah Ibrahim Rob Big Al has and Bella the Amina, what do you have any and now with us now? So the use of Allah mentioned the dream of use of it his Salah. This is the dream of a boy whom is them. The dream of Ibrahim Isilon is that Mecca, become a place of so hate that it become the center of monotheism that the

00:32:05--> 00:32:47

home that he and his son would construct, be a place that always testifies to the oneness of Allah Subhana witsand. So Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says, you know, remember when Ibrahim alayhis salam made there, and he says Robbie geovany urbania rabita and have done better than Amina Allah make this place secure and protect me and my sons from worshipping idols. So this is after the city has been established. So certainly Baccarat The city has not yet been established. That's why it says the language and had the better. Okay. As opposed to have then ballot and ballot makes it different makes a definitive, so it's already there. So the cities you know, the city has been established,

00:32:47--> 00:33:31

Ibrahim has built the Capitol with his son is married, and he's making our law make the city secure and keep me and my sons away from worshipping idols. So the people of Mecca are betraying the legacy of the Father Ibrahim is now they're betraying what he wanted from the city of Mecca. Subhana Allah Ibrahim wanted Mecca to be a place of monotheism and they are kicking out his descendant the Prophet that he wished to see in the Prophet sly Southern because he's calling them to keep Mecca as a as a city. As you know as a city that is free from idol worship. So basically Ibrahima Islam has a dream for Mecca. Just like use of it Islam was given a dream, the prophets lie some will be the

00:33:31--> 00:33:40

fulfillment of that dream of Kimani Salah to keep this place of Makkah, a place of toe heat, and a loss of condiments, Allah mentions

00:33:41--> 00:34:22

Robbie in London, aka Filomena, NASS Allah, they have led many astray from the people. And he says feminine tibshirani for inner harmony. So whoever follows me that he is of me, so you're not of Ibrahim because you have his blood because you're of his lineage. You're above and below him when you follow the message and follow Him and uphold the covenant of Ibrahim is of Abraham peace be upon him. So from Entebbe, I need to know who many women are Swanee for indico for Rahim, whoever follows me as of me and whoever disobeyed me. You are Forgiving and Merciful. So they're not from me. Oh Allah, of the indigenous gentleman via TV was in Haiti. These are in Enderby tickle mahalo. Rob

00:34:22--> 00:34:59

Donnelly up masala federal eater tamina necesita, la Marzocco, homina, Marathi la lumiose Quran, Allah says, Oh look, I've settled my descendants in an uncultivated Valley near your sacred house, I'm saddling my wife and my son is married in the middle of nowhere in an abandoned desert, but it's near your sacred house, Oh Allah so that they could establish the prayer. So make the hearts of the people inclined toward them, and provide for them from the fruits of that they may be grateful. So but a Hema Islam has a dream. That mat can be a place of toe heat and salt

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

monotheism and prayer. The prophets lie Selim will come back to Mecca and will rise the same way that use the valley slum rose and he will fulfill the dream of his grandfather Ibrahim alayhis salaam and today we are living that dream of Ibrahim alayhis salaam, that dream of tawheed and a last panel into Allah needs no one and Allah subhanho wa Taala is always Exalted in Might and praise We ask Allah Subhana Allah to dignify us and honor us with tawheed and what's the law with the things that are beloved him and we asked a lot to make us have the legacy of Ibrahim or Islam of use of iron stamp of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam Lama mean zachman loffredo unto all inshallah tada I

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will see you tomorrow for just 14 please do share the video and Chatelet to Allah and get people involved in the study. Take your notes, share your notes in the comments if you get a chance in sha Allah was salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah Americans.