You Divorce & Your Children Are Collateral Damage

Zahir Mahmood


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Listen, if you too, could not get on that show problem.

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That's your problem. Why are you making life difficult for that child who has a loving father, who has a loving mother? What has he done?

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Allow once you that if you happen to divorce,

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that even in your moment of divorce, don't forget the good things amongst,

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you know, sometimes the bad time start after a few years before that there were years of good times. There were years of moments that you you know, you love each other.

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But we forget everything is in it. And that's why Allah said Lufthansa will follow the law. Do not forget to use it. But do not forget those moments of virtue amongst yourself.

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15 years of marriage, and you get divorced. And now you can't remember one moment of happiness.

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And you guys know what I am talking about?

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Because many of us when it happens, we are in the midst of it, even if it's got nothing to do with us.

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We're the stirs. We're the ones who pour the fuel on the fire.

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And then what happens is not just that, then it's collateral damage, isn't it? families, children and allies saying they said if you have a divorce amongst yourself, remember be machines. Don't forget the virtues but no. Generally in our unfortunately in our community, divorce now I can take you to the cleaners.

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I'm going to take you to clean out to make life so difficult. You are not gonna see the children if I can help.

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And I said what lights you see cases where you know, lady, Oh, poor, oh, first domestic violence, and there's no domestic violence, then they throw that out, then it's rape.

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Sometimes I've seen cases where the woman will put allegations of rape and abuse of the children.

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And then the police said throw that one out as well. And it's not once Well, I've seen it so many times

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the pattern and then if the poor guy happens to be religious, terrorist,

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radical imagine,

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imagine just going through the trauma of the police coming to your house and saying, Oh, we got a complaint from your wife that you sexually abused your children just to get the upper on your husband.

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And then there's the brainwashing

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the brainwashing so Oh, the if the husband has got the child, brainwash against the mother, brainwash, if the mother happens, brainwash the inlaws, either side of your father was like this, or your mother was like this. Listen, if you too, could not get on that show problem.

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That's your problem. Why are you making life difficult for that child? Who has a loving father, who has a loving mother? What has he done?

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Was that child done for you to deprive that child of his father? Allah again and again in the Quran speaks about schilke. And he mentioned the parents next week. What you're going to say on the Day of Judgment,

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what you're going to say on the Day of Judgment, when Allah will call you up and you will allow will say you deprive this child of its parents we even to do.

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Allah says law to call lahoma often don't even say off to the parents. So what are you gonna do?

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Just because you couldn't get on with your husband, or you couldn't get on with your wife.

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So you deprive that child of one of his parents, because you wanted to get back at the parent.