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The history of the Prophet Mohammed's actions, including his actions to save a woman and ask for forgiveness, and his actions to save a woman and ask for forgiveness, are discussed. The importance of confirming and not letting anyone know that the Prophet is not responsible for causing harm is emphasized. The title of the book Moosa is also discussed, including the story of the woman in a house and her setup, and the importance of showing the path to avoid being called holy. The segment concludes with a recitation of the prophets and a summary of the story.

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And today inshallah we are with sort of an cosas so what causes

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I'm just going to give a minute for more people to join inshallah hota right, and then we are with to see the bytes or bits. So that will cost us today inshallah

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just time to get your notebooks and get ready in shall now, okay, get your notebook so that the process is beautiful solar inshallah

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and just want to give a quick minute and Sharla for more people to join. And then so that we can start showing that

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And we always saw that cost us today. So what are classes today inshallah.

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Salatu passes is number 28. Number 28, from the most half from the end, and it has 88 verses or 88 yet, and it's in just 20 just 20 and it's a Mickey saw, it's a Mickey saw.

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And it is from the L muthoni. We know remember, we mentioned the four types of solos, you have a seven out of the seven long ones. And then after that comes the mean. And below that comes the alma 30. So nathania those that are below 100, as they're called muthoni, which the Prophet Mohammed Salah Larson says he got instead of the Injeel instead of the Bible alized region in our blessed Prophet Mohammed and his nation with Al metheny, the soldiers that are called and Masonic, in terms of its revelation, it is to be or considered to be number 48. You know, in, in this in the solid the most have, it's number 28. But in terms of its revelation, it's number 48 for eight,

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right after solid, normal, and right before solid, and it's after so it never happened before. So it's up.

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And they with regard to the reason why the solo was revealed. Is there any reasons? Yes, there are two main reasons why the sola sola emphasis was revealed.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, what occurred was sanella home we'll call it and we have conveyed the words to Debbie, I need to enter them.

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The Sahaba by the name of the file called d or d or d, and e phi, he says it was revealed upon tensor hobbies and I was one of them. And I was one of them. And then there's another amazing well, very well known story that had that a lot of historians mentioned in the seat at the scene of the Prophet Mohammed as I said them when the Prophet Mohammed hasn't said them, when I bought it. He's he's he's Uncle, you know, was dying. And the Prophet Mohammed went in, you know, to see him hoping that he will, you know, recite the kalama, the Shahada, and Abuja was a friend you know, close friend to Abu Talib, you know, they were all from the elite of college.

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Was there so Prophet Mohammed was hitting his ankle or me or I'm putting that either hand let's say that

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Kenny Metro has judicata behind the law. If you were to just say that, you know, in the law, I can witness on your behalf and that was that shot save you? You know, just say that either in the law, and then abortion was there his friend Abuja Yeah, but Allah, you know, obatala are you going to leave the religion of your forefathers? Are you going to leave your vision of your forefathers? So you have Prophet Mohammed from one end trying to save this man, you know, saving his uncle, and then you have another friend telling him Are you going to leave the religion of your forefathers and the Prophet Mohammed? You know what the man died Abu Talib died, but he died somehow Allah upon this

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belief. He did not recite the Kadima. He did not recite the detail, you know the the Shahada, so he died upon Kufa and the Prophet Mohammed somersham says, When his ankle died, he says, the stuff fell under luck. I shall seek forgiveness for you. I shall seek forgiveness. You know

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For you should ask Allah to forgive you. As long as I'm not prohibited to do so, at the time it was not prohibited to seek forgiveness for those who are not believers. So the Prophet says I shall seek forgiveness for you or my uncle, as long as I'm not prevented or prohibited Trump. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed this ayah Malika this isn't sort of passes, verse number seven, Allah subhana wa tada says,

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verse number two, maca aniline v one lady who is stuck filoli Moshi kina, one can only pull back that it was not defeated for the profit. What a lead in an urban nonprofit more than believers to seek forgiveness for the machine to the non believers, even if they were from their families. You see, this answers a lot of questions to a lot of people out there who may be that reverts. And then they're you know, loved ones who died in the in the in the ship or in non towhead in non belief, you know, should we seek forgiveness for them? So Allah subhana wa tada if you decide, you know,

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actually this is from sort of the tober I'm sorry, from Salt October,

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verse 11113. And then the other day I will, I will, will come in which is revealed in

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verse number 57. The first verse in Psalm Toba Allah subhanho wa Taala says it is not defeated for the Prophet nor the believers to seek forgiveness for the machete King for the non believers, even if they were from their families. And then Allah subhana wa tada revealed the ayah in nicoleta demon habits, you cannot guide whomever you love. Very well known a lot of us know it, you cannot guide whomever you wish. It is only Allah who guides whomever he wishes somehow not without it in the Canada demon habits. This isn't sort of us and this is one of the reasons why the sola was revealed. The the sodoma brothers and sisters has an introduction. Like all the source, and the introduction

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of the solar starts with passing mean, ball seen me this is what we call

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the huddle of at the hatchery, that's what we call them, thought seed me.

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And the mogadore, the topic of the solar, the subject of the solar,

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it talks about confirming the prophethood of the Prophet Mohammed it is, right. It's all about confirming the prophethood of the Prophet Mohammed that is our setup. So it is it is split into we have a mocha demo, we have an introduction, an introduction. And then we have

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the other two, we have an introduction and two sections so that the classes is split in such a way that there is an introduction, and then two sections and the sections. One of them talks about a story beside a story and then we'll talk about it in shallow data. And then the other section talks about again confirming the prophethood of Prophet Mohammed Salah lucidum. The introduction starts from verse number one to two. This is the introduction of Surat Al casas. And Allah Xhosa says Paul seen me tilaka to kitabi movie Tikka is Akita will movie and this is the verses that manifest this book, the book.

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And then the first section starts from verse number three to verse number 43.

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This is sort of us the SEC first section starts from verse number three to verse number 43. And it talks about a story what kind of story it talks about a very known story of Musa again, but he in more detail like I mentioned you know earlier in you know previous sessions that Musashi Sanam is the Prophet the the the who's mostly mentioned in the end the only the most more than any other prophets, you know, you have more Sorry, sir, but here in subtle causes, His story is mentioned in more detail

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where I left out Lazarus just starts with the story of Freetown, who exalted on earth when Allah subhana wa tada says, in our field, when she

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she stopped, he stopped a football if I mean home with a

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home while you're studying is

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in the field our field has exalted on Earth, inland and made its people into sex.

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killing their sons are killing their men and abusing their women

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in the academy and Musudan Indeed, he was from the wrong doors, those who cause corruption on Earth. So Allah starts disorder with, you know this. Yeah, we're talking about things that he exalted on earth. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala. Again in the same section, talking about, you know, how

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Moosa got the

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before In fact, Moosa got the revelation to go and confront Fidel down. Allah subhanho wa Taala starts from the very beginning with Omar Musa amazing I mean this in fact, in shallow data, we're going to be

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talking about this when we talk about Moosa in more detail right in more detail in verse number seven, Allah subhana wa tada says,

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Well hyena only Mimosa and I'm really, for in 50 Island, he found the premium he phillium Nuala to hafi 170. In

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mazzani. Allah subhanho wa Taala says and we

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and we have inspired the mother of Moosa. So Moses mom, we don't even know her name.

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omo Moosa in the analyzer. She is the mother of Moosa. So we have inspired omo Moosa Alonso's inspired Omar Musa ality, you know, sucking your son, sucker your baby sucker Moosa. And if you're scared, throw him into the river and the lies that just says what at the coffee what it doesn't, so Allah is giving there here, some comfort, what kind of comfort, don't be scared, and don't be sad, we shall bring him back and make him from the messengers.

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An amazing story that talks about again, the essence of Turkey, the essence of delegating your affairs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And again, Sharla, who titled those of you who follow my stories of the prophets, we're going to talk about this in more detail inshallah. So here, Allah has inspired the the mother of Moosa to sucker her baby because every mom when she gives birth, the first thing that mom wants to do is to, you know, a sucker her baby, breastfeed her baby. So she did. Elijah told her breastfeed your baby sucker him and then put him until him into the river. If you want to save him. What do you mean you want to save my baby flame into the river? Yes, if you

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want to save your baby, blow him into the river and we shall bring him back to you. We shall bring him back that's the that's the promise not only bring him back we shall bring him back and make him from the messengers. Yeah, and he's not going to come back as a regular man. He's going to come back as we make him a messenger. And then when she did, she was told I'm just going in a little bit faster here because you know in more detail inshallah, we will go through that from the stories of the prophets.

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Verse number nine, will ottima to fit over to IE work, Shadow him and then you know, the the the river drifted, you know, mostly it sent him into the palace of Finance. She wanted to save him from Freetown, Allah takes him into the palace of finau Look how things go somehow not against the means sometimes, right? You want to save yourself and then you fall into the same trap? No, he wants to save but Allah told her that our shall bring you back and don't be scared. So she she dedicated her first or last. Blaming to the river, the river the parents drove him and drifted him into into the past for them who caught him. The wife of around all that in Bella to fill out the waffle film. She

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says verse number nine

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total, he will be the coolness to our eyes. Don't kill him. Don't kill him.

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I said

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although he may be of benefit to us, don't kill him. He may be of benefit to us, and we may take him as a son. Well,

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I don't know what's gonna happen. They don't know. Eliza says in prison number 12. Well, however I'm now I let the army football let's have a look at yet Runa hoonah Kumar

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and we have forbidden for him suckling from other mothers. So there were other mothers who were suckling babies, but turned out but Moosa he could not separate from any mum for any you know, we made it prohibited for him to separate from any other month from all those nurses or not, although the any nursing women

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Law says those who made it forbidden or prohibited for him. And then his sister was there as she was, you know, watching, watching, watching and then she came in and she says, hey, look, I'm Adda I know how to look

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at a photo Now, shall I tell you about you know, about a woman from this house and then she can, you know, she has a very good image she can take care of him. And then the story goes on as his mom, you know, came in and then the stroke deal with the with the with the with for the home. So it's a long story, you know, in several passes. And in the spirit of the story of Moosa goes into more detail, you know, particularly insalata Baja, Asus Casa Santa.

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Anyways, Allah subhanho wa Taala also says in the same, no, we're talking about the second section, second section starts from verse number 44, to verse number 8844 to 88. And here's Allah subhana wa tada where he talks about confirming, the is better, no Buddha is better than the word confirming the Nova, which means the prophethood of the Prophet Mohammed atta. He also auto setup and also comes in that story that I mentioned initially, where profit from hemmens Uncle obatala was dying, and then Prophet Mohammed was telling him to, you know, recite the Shahada and he did not Allah subhana wa Tada, you know, confirming and indicating that Prophet Mohammed's role is only to convey

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the message but it is not up to him to guide because whoever guys is Allah subhana wa tada so Allah subhana wa tada says, In verse number 56 in nicoleta handyman abaft men above work in La Jolla de mi Usha.

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tenny in Canada demon, oh Mohammed you cannot guide whomever you want.

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You cannot guide whomever you love you and you love I love my son but I cannot guide him. I love my daughter but I cannot guide her. I love my wife but I cannot guide her. I love my father. I love my mother but I cannot guide them. I love my brother but I cannot guide him. I love my sister but I can guide her. So whoever guides is Allah subhanho wa Taala when I can do is I can show the path.

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I can direct people to the best, but I cannot guide to the path because the one who guides is Allah subhana wa Tada. So Allah here, the VMs to Prophet Mohammed that you cannot guide whomever you love, but it is Allah Subhana Allah who guides you kind of with that.

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And then Allah subhana wa Taala also says, verse number 59 Why am I cannot become holy come

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to me hirasawa yet Ronnie mattina knows this is the not the justice of Allah Subhana Allah and how Allah is really so just that Allah was not to destroy a nation unless he sends a profits to them.

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When I cannot book a monocle or had

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the Omaha Sunni,

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Tina, Allah was not to destroy any nation. And listen after he sends to them a prophet and that prophets job again is to show the people the path not to guide them because the one who guides is Allah subhana wa Tada. And then at the very end, my brothers and sisters in the circle cosas Allah subhana wa tada talks about

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the story of town, there is a solid cow, that is one chapter called cotton. So that I mean look man, that's not man, not covered. I'm sorry, Look, man. But there's no chapter called cow. I mixed it up with luck, man. But here Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the study of carlone in salt and cosas carlone as Allah subhana wa tada says, God, I mean, Tommy moussaka, on a him he was from the from the people of Moosa. Very and what we've talked about more about this man in detail when we talk about the story of Musa and his setup, right? When we talk about the study of masa a setup.

00:19:10--> 00:19:32

We'll talk more about carlone column was from the people of Missouri and he deviated here was a man of power. And he deviated he had a lot of power, he had a lot of wealth, and he and he exalted on Earth, you know, they did not believe in the in the message of Moses, and he said, and these people, they want him, his people, they want him.

00:19:36--> 00:19:38

His people they want him telling him not to rejoice.

00:19:41--> 00:19:50

Not to rejoice in the law, that your head would fire him. He came out in, in pride. You know, he came up in pride that

00:19:52--> 00:19:59

he was in arrogance as well, and people warned him, you know, and there was some of the history

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People who actually got deviated and they said, Oh, we wish we had what Caitlyn had.

00:20:06--> 00:20:50

We wish we had our own hat. And other people who fit Allah. They said don't in the letter hippophae Don't, don't, don't be, don't, don't fall into your own, you know, into your own trap that trap of arrogance, because these things can, can make it, you know, vanish in no time. And yet yes, Allah subhanho wa Taala indeed, has, you know, destroyed him. Because he, you know, not only he was arrogant, he was arrogant, and he caused corruption on Earth. So this is, in a nutshell, the story of carlone, the study of Mossad and a summary of the soul and causes the summary of solid analysis, which is

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solid number 48 in the revelation, you know, in its revelation, but in the first half in the end, it's chapter number 28. And it has 8888 verses, and it's in just 20. So now in charlo, if you were to go and recite it, I hope you will have a better understanding of the soul in childhood and that's about it sisters and brothers, is that Camilla hair, this is Tafseer bits or bytes short, sweet, not too much, but enough for you to understand the sola inshallah Tada. Is that Camilla here? We'll see you later on today.

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With the stories of the prophets at six o'clock pm eastern time, shall law and 11pm UK time in shallow data for

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one profit to profit. We're going to talk about three profits today in Charlottetown. Three profits in Sharla. Today from the stories of the prophets, but that's at six o'clock pm eastern time. 11 o'clock pm UK time Charlottetown xakanaxa for joining Baraka Luffy calm Thank you sisters and brothers, those of you from Instagram, and those of you from Facebook. Thanks again. Sit down, buddy come up not like that. I work at somebody