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The Show of War on Facebook features a host discussing upcoming series of "The Show of War" and a woman named Helen who attempted to kill a king. Amy, a Christian, is trying to convince her husband to stay with him. The segment also touches on the history of Islam, including the deaths of various individuals and the use of tools to kill. The man in the transcript's death was shot and killed by the police, and the man was shot and killed by the police again.

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now have enough stuff to sell so that's my little how to like Alibaba cattle, the outdoors as he would call me to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2013 This is day two. So yesterday we talked about the foundation

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which is you know, again the name of the series these pathways to vision and then charlo Tada hopefully, that by the end of this month we want Allah subhanho wa Taala to mix us amongst those who are by their hearts shall be under souls shall be saved from Hellfire and brantas and shout Allahu taala Jen, Jen genda and also grant us the the entry to gender through this gate called Baba Yaga Baba and this is the gate that is made only for those who used to fast so my brothers and sisters today Today's episode is about another pathway of Jannah or another pathway that should lead us to China and this path pathway is the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala mean beenie

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book and let's see to add the ILA Jin Hua

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Anahata Hannah kumbhakarna loves panna cotta Hannah panamericana

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when Latina M and o a shed the hope vanilla or Latina avocado a shed hope man in the oven.

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shall be in for a hula hula will have been lucky they set fire to be color. This is Kathy Newman and that's how to hit Bella and then Bella where it can light. Yeah, and he they service ficaram or nakin, bubbly and like to be in heaven? What are some who have an

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apologia? What? Can one man my brothers and sisters the love of Allah is the most greatest love of all really loving Allah Subhana Allah with the hand and again of love somehow knows that in the Quran says those who love Allah, the believers, I should have been the law. The believers are, they have intense love for Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the thing is really when you ask people out there any Muslim and you ask them, Do you love Allah? Everybody would say of course I do love Allah subhanho wa Taala but again, my brothers and sisters, the love of Allah is not something that is so cheap, not only it's easy to say, but it's got to be set up, you know, portrayed in your actions

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that you really really indeed love Allah subhanho wa Taala what is the sun up and lead the nation boola boola boola boola

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boola as you have been Helen or takahara toda la semana apana with those who love Allah subhanho wa Taala they should love what Allah loves. Allah does not love haram and he loves Helen Do you love Helen and you stay away from her? Do you love

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you love sadaqa Do you love seeing what Allah the things that Allah loves when you love someone you tell him I love you and you make sure that you do something that pleases that person. You make sure that you do something that pleases that person to show to that person how much you love him or her when you let him fly and when you say I love you. It is the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala who made that boy the boy who was being cut and in fact was they tried to torture him you know in this story of this king is on the west and Malika Don't let it die and although he

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you know he got to meet this boy who learned the vision of the hate who not even a one shot allama Yanni

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the the trophy for and then what happened is that this king when he found out about this boy, he tried to kill him.

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He tried to get this boy but the boy he loves Allah subhanho wa Taala so much and he says he tried to kill me. So the king he took his own and his soldiers to take the boy in throw him into you know, take him into this top of this mount and blow him from the top of the mountain. You know from the mountain when they tried to take him into the top of the mountain to throw him from the top of the mountain. What did the boy say? The boat said? Allah whom mcweeny can be measured.

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That what led to Allah Medina Toshi was yo hidden relic universe. let it know here. What color?

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What color and meanwhile it's up to the NEC for unity hardware wallet ohada sharp and umina V for Viola bucola.

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For Amara and medic b lehighton. wallet. Hello Huila, Japan, in

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Japan, from

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Japan. For cotton wool. It had a sharp corner. Allahu makini him be measured Bula

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Allah homoclinic can be measured. Well Allah He said, save me. Save me.

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Take care of them in any way you wish. The Mount shook. The boy came sound and safe, everybody died. He says udgivet cuando Humberto Illa, wallet,

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wallet and a couple of Allah subhanho wa Taala. When a gel what the makalah has and what Allah homoclinic can be measured. When the boy said to Allah save me and take care of me in any way you wish. Allah save the boy and he shook the mountain kill the other people who wanted to get it. So the boy, he went back again to the town, he made the king he could have ran away, but he chose to go and meet the king. The king one more time he told his other soldiers take him into the ocean on the midst of the ocean throw him there, get rid of him for

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some new cabinet medic for Amazon medic.

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What's up Alibaba?

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Domino car and what ultimately led to loss of Hana with the other Allah home makini Hindi machines. They take the took him into the midst of the ocean when they tried to kill him. What did the boys say one more time he says Allahu mccreaney him to mesh it. Remember this? Remember this?

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Oh Allah, you take care of me in any way you wish. This is the love of Allah that pushed him, you know, to stick into here to Allah and to the worship of Allah Allah, Allah mcweeny can be measured.

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Again, everybody died except the boy and the boy one more time he came back to face the king and he told him you won't be able to kill me. The only way you'll be able to kill me You have to call everybody in this town. And you position me by a tree and before you shoot me You have to say Bismillah

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wirkkala who

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left us

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when I can when I can?

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Attorney manansala sama acaba, Anthony otomi Samak onesie on veillon Bismillah biloela has led you up to the Navy, and that cocoon, m&s I'm alma mater,

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tokoto Bismillahi, r biloela.

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America and Olivia. So the boy said, the only way you'd be able to kill me, you have to call everybody and they have to witness this. So before you shoot, you've got to say Bismillah R Rahman, Hola. You've got to say In the name of Allah, Lord, the Lord of the boys. So in front of everybody, the king again, he tried to shoot the boy and he did. But what did he say first? He says, In the name of the Lord, the name of the in the name of the Lord, the, the Buddha, In the Name of Allah, the Lord of the boys, but he was able to kill him. He killed him. But the message was, the message went across. This is the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala that did not in fact, one dispo to you

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know, to decline his religion which in fact reminds me of you know, yes, and of samaya Willa hate AAA the love of Allah you know pushed to me and yes it to say I'll be alive when they've been tortured, you know, persecuted to be killed and they were killed. But the lower level Villa came first before everything. How billahi min defassa Maja whatever it is, it was so many Yeah, and Nicola, Ravi, Allah, Allah buena la Cthulhu Nam Portugal.

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Boom. Leila is Hannah what Allah, Allah follow and yet holofil Cofer ha ha Vanessa, tada, Taka, Taka haram? Well, we're familiar with loss of Hannah hautala. The love of Allah subhanho wa Taala, you know, was translated from the from the feet of of Somalia and her husband, the very first woman who who died, you know, who was martyred

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for the sake of not leaving her religion and sticking to her vision in the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala grant her What didn't hurt or granted her paradise Subhan Allah yes it for in that movie The como and Jana, the, you know, the Prophet came and told them the glutton patient patient or earlier said for in the most common agenda Allah Subhana hota Allah has promised what Jenna for you? That's what I'm saying. Say my brothers and sisters. One of the pathways to gender is Allah subhana wa tada Hannah had that. And then the Dhaka cuando una hora de haut min Subaru overpopulated to add the in agenda tshabalala hate subhanho wa Taala. suburban

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in them or a de como gender? Well, Julio Marie coolamon anywhere nurse

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and Latina you're an owner nakoda sobre sobre una hora, what for in the mo de como agenda insha Allah Allah

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We tell everybody who's going and enduring any type of hardship and calamity. We tell them what the prophets of Allah said. We tell them the patient agenda, inshallah to Allah is your final abode until tomorrow for another episode of Raja Ramadan. I say my brothers and sisters, I sit down