Post Ramadan 10 – Maintenance Plan

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for 30 days, we fasted. We prayed pm. We read Quran we gave in charity and we reached the highest level of our A Baghdad.

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Does it make any sense to go down all the way to zero?

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Do brothers and sisters I'm suggesting a minimum of 10% maintenance plan.

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We fasted for 30 days 10% Three days of every month Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said on so other fast three days of every month, as if he has fasted the whole year.

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We prayed 20 raka of tarawih of TM 10% to rock as every night

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Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he said the best salad after the prescribed salad is about 12pm

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We read Quran 20 pages a day 10% of whatever you read and read that after every Salaat let's say two pages after every salaat and keep in mind that every letter is 10 has

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how much money you gave $100 And Ramadan $1,000 Whatever you gave 10% Keep it steady. Keep giving it to a poor or needy person after Ramadan.

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Brothers and sisters. This is just a 10% maintenance plan. Let's try to apply it in our life. So we can live our life as every day is Ramadan. And in sha Allah if we do that, then the Day of Judgment will be our eight