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Ramadan 2015 – Day 14 – Repenting To Allah

Jul 2, 2015

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The Paloma Institute Podcast Series is releasing and features audio interviews and a series of 10-day talks on forgiveness, forgiveness to everyone, and the use of the "monster" factor in media. A woman describes her feeling as pious and a man from her community died and became very sick. The importance of forgiveness is emphasized, and forgiveness for everyone is emphasized. The segment also touches on the loss of Philemon and the use of the book as a distraction, as well as avoiding sin and praying for the right thing.

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You're listening to the Paloma Institute Podcast Series Ramadan reflections by multicuisine Kimani

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Haman hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah waka fowl salami nada Hilary Mostafa Susana, say you did a super hot MLM via Allah, Allah heliski I was having a clear about

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in one very beautiful narration

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divided the month of Ramadan into three portions.

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First 10 days, Middleton days in the last 10 days, and then the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam highlighted

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a very unique bounty of a lot in each of these 10 days. The first 10 days the prophets of Allah Juan he was said, he said, these are the days of the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The middle 10 days the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, these are the 10 days to seek the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the last 10 days the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam said, these are the 10 days to protect yourself and free yourself from the fire of hell. The first 10 days have passed by. And we are now in the middle of the middle 10 days. And just a few days from now, before we will know it, the announcement will be made on jumada. Now we are in the last 10 days of Ramadan. Right,

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we'll be right at the doorstep and right into the last 10 days of Ramadan. And where will the first 20 days be gone. And before you know it each time and whereas Ramadan. So we have to value the moment that we have with us today.

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Let's use these 10 days to seek forgiveness from Allah subhana wa Tada. We all know what our reality is. Sometimes because someone may come and praises we forget about who we actually are. And it seems as if when we step out of our house, we forget about how evil We are from within ourselves and we're at home. And it seems as if someone as soon as someone praises us, we forget about all of our faults and all the blackness that we know for a fact is covering a heartbeat forget about it just a single moment, just by a few words of praise. My teacher told me the story once he said there was a man whose father was passing, passing away, and he left behind a cow. And he told his son, don't sell

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this cow until you really have to sell. So you took care of this column took care of the cow until the cow became sick. It wasn't giving milk anymore, he had to now purchase and spend on the purchase food and goods and medicine and spend it on the cow. So rather than it being profit, it turned out being a huge expense on him. So he made an intention to go and sell it. So he went to the market. And he said to the people who will purchase this car who will purchase this car, for example, $5,000, who's gonna purchase this car for $5,000 that was a market value. He came back in the evening and no one bought it from him. On the way back home, he bumped into this one guy. And this

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guy said to him, I was in the market today. And I saw that you were standing on top of the hill and you were asking who will buy your cow who will buy your cow and forget about anyone buying it. No one even looked towards you or made an offer. He said tomorrow, give me your cup. And I will sell it for $50,000 how much

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all you have to take your 5000 and go home. The other 45 is mine. So this guy said, Wow, you're gonna sell it for 50. And I get my five Of course, tomorrow I'll see you. So next day he met this guy, possibly the guy was man when he took this cow. He climbed the mountain. And he said to the people, everyone got her out I have something special and special news special news. So everyone gathered round. He said many, many years ago when we were colonized by the British countries, right by the British islands. They when they moved to this country, and when they conquered Seoul, Seoul city, the priest of the city, he gave a holy gift. Now the priests dependent of the city, the

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religious figure of the city, he gave a holy gift to the king and that was a cow. And that cow then made it with a boom they had 11 kids. And those 11 kids were distributed in different colonies. And this is the last of that lineage alive today.

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Everyone said, Wow, no 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 the bid was almost up to 200,000.

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The guy who owned the cow, he said to the person, I didn't know my car was worth that much. I'm taking it back home.

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And he took it back home. And my shift is to say we laugh at him because he forgot the value of his car just because of a few lies. We should learn to laugh at ourselves to sometimes that we forgot our own values just because of a few lies that people said about us who in reality don't even know us. They've been fooled by a hat, a beard and a gown and very nice to read. You know and very nice presentation. And how Mashallah, when we meet each other, we shake hands firmly. You know, people these days when they shake hands, they don't shake hands, how do they do very firmly and someone now who wants to speak out to me that you either something or something correct me is that's kind of

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special with the Koran and some people also

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pushy with the army language as well, you know, said I'm on equal with what he was.

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That's also horrible. Did you read by the way, okay? But this just because of that extra push we put from our throat. Now we impose piety on us and we tell them look, you know, I can say bigger. So now I'm a very pious person, and I can say your hunger loss. I'm a very pious person, we forget our own reality. And that's the sad thing. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he tells us that sitting is not the problem. sending the something natural couldn't have any other hapa every son of Adam sins, but the problem is that when we sin, we just stop. There's no follow up after that. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, the best of those who sin are the ones who repent to Allah

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subhanho wa Taala the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us something very beautiful regarding repentance, that attacked a woman Adam B Carmela de Moura, the one who repents from sin as as if he has no sin at all. It's so beautiful. You know, these days, we have pencils. You write something with a pencil, you don't like what you wrote, all you have to do is turn the pencil around, take the eraser and rub it up. You're writing a text message to someone you misspelled something you wrote something wrong, you realize that no, I shouldn't put it this way. I should put it another way. All we have to do is hit the backspace button and delete it. You know we have the

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delete button on our computers the backspace button and on our phones and we have the eraser, Allah subhana wa tada will erase all of our sins. All we have to say is sorry to Allah subhana wa Tada. That's all we have to say, Oh Allah, I'm sorry. And the beautiful thing about Allah subhana wa without his forgiveness is that there's no limit to it. It's not like in your entire life. You can only see stuff in the last 100 100 times. That's it. You only have 100 chances. Is that how it is Yes or no? It's unlimited. Allah saying unlimited access as much as you want. You make a mistake now saying I'm sorry to align Allah Subhana Allah, Allah for him Allah subhana wa tada will be found you

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will find Allah subhana wa tada to be very, very merciful. You will find Allah subhana wa tada to be very, very kind. Because that's how Allah subhana wa tada is, you know, when we look at our sins that are passed, I'm sure that many of us have committed some grave sins that we are aware of. But when we look at the people that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam referenced in the Hadith, who committed some major sins, in reality, we really don't stand much chance in front of those people. We really don't stand much in front of them. You know, we find in the Hadith incident, a man of a man from Bani Israel. He killed so many people that have done so much bad to his community. He

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killed people, he committed robbery, he did Zina. He was a very bad person. The community was very pious, but he was a bad person. So the people of the community made a decision that they were going to kick him out. So they kicked him out. They banished him from the city made them live outside and outskirts. This man was living there alone. No one would come to visit him, no one would come to meet him. He was just there alone all by himself. You know, he became very sick and became very ill he couldn't even move his body. And the last moments of his life, he made tomato law saying, oh, Allah,

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Ma, you forgiving me. are you punishing me is not going to increase you in anything. You are the way you are. But if you forgive me, I will be elevated into gender. The people of the world have lost hope in me. I don't want you to lose hope in me as well. And with this, he passed away. The narrations mentioned that Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed to the Prophet of the time that a servant of mine a beloved of mine has just passed away. And you should go into regionals on him. And anyone that reads an eyes on Him will also be forgiven by me. The entire community gathered together and they went to go regionals on that person. When they saw him they said this guy, we kicked him out.

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And then the messenger said to them, that this person repented to Allah subhanho wa Taala and the one who repents to Allah frequently, that person is beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So never ever lose hope in yourself. Have you guys ever heard of the name of Philemon? Enya? Yes, no, never heard of that name. So that was a very pious man. He was so pious that he was given a title by the people of his time. You know what the title is? Arby's Al haramain, the worshipper of the two sacred lands, they say regarding him that there was no place in the mosque of the prophets that allamani was sent them or in the huddle of Makkah, in which he hadn't done such that and cried in front of a

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lot, imagined that there was no place to stay and much of the note we are beta lying around where he hadn't been such that incurred in front of a lie, he cried so much so much. He was known as opposite How To me the worship of the two sacred lands.

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You know, before he became a pious person, what he used to do anyone know?

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Yes, he was a hybrid, Robert, this is what he used to do. One day he went to go rob a house, he climbed over the wall, when he climbed over the wall here, the people in the house having a conversation, one person said to the other, it's time for us to go on our journey. We need to start our journey otherwise we're gonna be late at our destination. The other one said, No, we can't leave at this hour because if we leave at this hour too late when I add is going to rob us. So for many others listening to all of this, and he thought to himself somehow

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Allah, the Muslims are scared to leave their house because of me. And then he says I heard a voice from the unseen. A verse of the Quran was recited, and I'm yet near Latina Amon tuckshop una de que la hamanasi Ramadan Huck, that has a time that come for those who believe that their hearts create a lot after the truth has come in front of them. And then after this later when I have the Toba he repented to Allah subhanho wa Taala from being that great. Hi, Robert. And now he became big chef, Mashallah. And today, whenever we say that they've been a yas name, we always say to him a lot Amato Matsuyama, encompass him in his while, mercy and Islamic Alaska, we make this law for him, because

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he made a big change in his life. I'll share with you guys a story.

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I was born in a town called Elizabeth town in a state called Kentucky. And Elizabeth town already sounds boof. Right? Like Who's heard of Elizabeth town?

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Very small Muslim community there. We couldn't even we don't even have till today. Forget then even till today, we don't have a single Muslim store. We have a martial law. We have a budget. Now we have a lot of Muslim families. It's grown. But we don't have a single Muslim store. Hello, meters out of the window, you know, off, you know, not even imaginable. So what we used to do is that some of our community when we were younger, he used to drive out every few months with a big cat with a big van and go to a nearby state and go to a farm and pick up a whole load of Halloween and bring it back and sell it to all the families. And that was from the budget, and everyone would then have the

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opportunity to eat Halloween. It was a very beautiful thing. So one day, he was going for his journey to go pick up the meat. And he said to me saying I need some company jump with me. I said no problem. I was like maybe 1213 years old. I got into the car. We were driving driving. And I said to him shift, if you don't mind. Can I put in a sheet cassette inside? We used to have cassettes and CDs. You know, can I put a cassette in the car? He said Yes, go ahead. So I had one of those cassettes that I had recorded, and it had machines on it some portrait when I put it inside. He was listening to it and he should have laughing and then he turned the cassette off. And he said to me,

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this is an Indian song.

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I looked at him and I said Cher, how do you know?

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Right? I mean, that's fair question, right? How do you know *, right? And he said, Forget No, I'll sing the song for you. And he started singing it. He sang the full track. And I was like, wow, the supershift Mashallah, you know, this guy knows the full Indian song. Now, how bad is that sound? Right? That's terrible. He saw the shock on my face. And he said to me, Hussein, relax.

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Let me tell you something. And Subhanallah the thing he said to me Next, I can say with no doubt at all, was one of the most profound things I heard in my entire life. The next thing that he said, and it was so powerful that I think I caused many changes in my life just because of that one sentence. He said when I was 13 years old, he doesn't even remember he said it. And what was that statement he said, he said was saying everyone has a past only the smart know when it's time to move forward.

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Very powerful. He said everyone, even I had a past everyone has a pass. But only the smart know when it's time to move forward. In Philemon, I have also had a pass where you can make fun of his past because he knew when it was time for him to move forward a little bit on how to pass how didn't what either had a pass, I'm not going to ask how to pass. So he'd been Ahmed had a pass. But they realized that was a pass and they realize when it was time for them to move forward. So we should always remember that this is the month of Ramadan. Let's cry in front of Allah. And last ask Allah subhana wa tada to forgive us. Let's ask a lot to forgive our parents. Let's ask a lot to forgive

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our friends. Let's ask a lot of forgive our children. You know, don't ask forgiveness for yourself. How is it going to be on the Day of Judgment if you're going to genma and your small young innocent child is going to the fire of hell? Or how are they going to be if you're going to agenda and your parents are going to the fire of hell? How would you feel about that? You have to ask forgiveness for everyone. The entire oma make Toba on behalf of everyone. That should be a concern that you want everyone to learn. You want everyone to be a part of the good that you have. I'll share with you guys one more incident of Malik bundeena. He says one day I was at home praying Salah mulignan

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dinar, for those of you who don't know, was a very pious, righteous individual. He was praying a lot at home one day, and a robber jumped over his wall and was in the act of robbery while he was praying saw so he was praying a salon The Robber was walking around checking everything out. And at the end management not finished this a lot of the reason why might have been denied didn't hurry his prayer is because he didn't he knew he didn't have anything at home.

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So he's finished. Salaam Alaikum. He turned around, he looked at the robber, and he was malignant and I was very calm. He looked at the robber. And he said brother, I'm sorry, I don't have anything to give to you. I know you've been searching the house but there's nothing for you to take. But however before you go, I'd like to offer you one thing. He said Okay, so my Libyan dinar went inside he bought a vase with water in it and presented to the person. He said I'd like to offer you water to do

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and then I will step to the side and I want you to pray to God online masala and youth

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You are going to find the goods of this world in this house. I can promise you the goods of the hereafter agenda and shall let you pray to the gods 100 right now, man to Allah even the robbers at the time had some study.

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Even they had some decency, the robber said Okay, no problem he did. He said automatically in Dharamsala he prayed to rocket after rocket was over. It was time for him to leave, but might have been dinars on his face that he wasn't satisfied. So he said to Malik bundeena connector to Monica Malik Linda Rashida masala is yours, although this be on the side. So he says the man prayed the 100 Salah all night, when morning time came Malik been dinars. It was nice sitting with you. We had a nice night together. That was his night with the robber. And the robber said, You know,

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I don't know I just felt like I'm fasting today. So can I spend the night Can I spend the day at your house too? He said I decided to keep the fast and fast and didn't get to spend the day I chose malignant and I said no problem. malignant narcissism stay as long as you want and a few days passed by he does stay that malignant in ourselves he stayed there he started doing his kind of praying a sonar reading the sweetheart and making the iron fasting he was a Robert by the way okay. Now finally when he does leave the house, he systematically dinar that just you offering me the mercy of Allah, you know, you taught you show me Allah subhanaw Pharaoh's mercy has changed me so much. I

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promise I will never Rob anyone again. And Malik Medina said, if you are truthful in your statement, then you will have great reward in the hereafter. When he left the house, one of his buddies met him and said, Man, you interrupt mulignan dinars house and you were gone. He was a script everything out of there. So he said, I didn't take anything from worldly possessions. But I think I just might have walked out with Jen out of that house right now. So

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this is how we should be constantly crying in front of a law making Tovar in front of Allah subhana wa Tada. Even the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made us to fight on Toba to Allah 100 times every day. Is that true or false? It's very true. And when you make is still thought and thought, not only does Allah forgive you, but there is a reward for the act of repenting to Allah. Yes. So what happens in essence is that if I took a pencil, and I wrote something, and then I took the reason I wrote when I wiped it out what remains on the paper?

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imprints right? There's still some imprints there, you can still see the imprints. So Allah subhanho wa Taala does that someone may object on the Day of Judgment, that Oh, there was something here once upon a time, I can see something's missing there. So what Allah subhana wa tada does is that when we take his father and Toba, Allah gives us good deeds and writes his good deeds in the place of the bad deeds. So even if someone was to look at it, he can't even see there was anything wrong there to begin with. So let us repent to Allah subhana wa Tada. One thing I'll say, before I close, that when we do sin, there are certain things we should consider. Sitting is a part of us. But however, when

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we do sin, we should never ever expose our sins to anyone. This is a very big problem that happens in our community. people when they sin, they sin openly. They go on Facebook, they go on Twitter, they say, I like this and she looks like this. And he looks like this. And they go and they talk about their sin in front of people a lot somehow what Allah is one of his names is what SATA. SATA means someone who conceals, excessively, someone who covers everything we do. And Allah subhanaw taala is covering our sins and here we are exposing our sins. And I'll end with the beautiful conditions that you must know we don't have to lie Allah has taught us from the other side of him,

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the three conditions of repentance. If a person wishes to repent to Allah sincerely, there are three conditions you must meet. The first thing I thought of when maaseiah whatever sin you're doing, you have to leave it. You can't say stuff, but a lot of stuff, a lot of stuff a lot while you're still listening to haram as well. You need to take the headphones off first. Okay, so first of all thought of when maaseiah The second thing and the Dharma you have to have regret and remorse over the sin, you can be proud over your sin. Allah subhanho wa Taala does not like those who are proud of their sins. And the third thing you have to probably make a promise never ever to go back to that sin,

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hustle and bustle. He also has another very beautiful condition, he says, You must cut off every pathway that will take you to that sin again. So if there are videos on your computer, you need to go and delete them. You have CDs, you need to break them. If it's through an iPod, go and sell it. If you have internet on home and the internet is what's causing you harm. Get rid of the internet, your life will not come to an end. I remember shuffling the stars and certainly very beautiful ones. He said that get rid of internet from your homes. And if you feel like there is a need for internet, then go to the library and use it. And if you can't be bothered to go to the library and use it.

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That means it's not as important as you think it is. Is that fair enough? Yes. And off that advice? Believe it or not, there was a year and a half to two years in my house after I heard that advice. I didn't have internet in my house. For two years I did it and it was the most beautiful two years of my life. So cut off all the pathways that sin again, you have bad friends that make you smoke, get rid of those bad friends do you have bad friends that make you sin? Get rid of those bad friends? And the last thing, last condition for being forgiven for pure thought by this thought is that if you violated anyone else's right go and say sorry to that person before you ask Allah subhanaw taala

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for forgiveness. I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us the ability to ask for forgiveness in this lesson month and that Allah subhanaw taala exists as often as last month forgiven and as newly born children some how to live

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hispanica llama la la land stuff. We're going to go lick

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sir Amara como la vaca