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The importance of witnessing the night and planning for the day is emphasized, along with reciting the Bible and not taking chances. The timing of the countdown for work and staying within the prayer time are also discussed. Visitors are encouraged to manage their time properly and not to waste much time in the midget area.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam for less than American Muslim light Allah cattle. The other words as he would come in here to another episode of

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rock your Ramadan 2012 day 20. So, officially we have started the last 10 days of Ramadan.

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Yesterday we spoke about

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some of the virtues and the blessings of this,

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these blessed days

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we get for things of the, you know these 10 lesson days, especially, especially later to the night of the degree or the night of the power.

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Number one, one of the rituals if Allah subhanho wa Taala was to bless us

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with the opportunity of witnessing this night.

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Number one

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men comedy little countryman YT seven orfila lahoma Tottenham in Milan Bay, Whosoever you know we accept to pray you know, karma you know, it's bringing data to the email and it says you know, believe in Allah subhana wa tada and only seeking reward from him subhana wa Tada. All for that matter Adam in the bay, all his sins, past sins shall be forgiven.

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So that's number one. You may say, oh, last year, I I come up with this very grave sin. It was so bad, very, very bad. It will be forgiven.

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I say that I keep on sinning the streets very bad. If you were to be amongst those who witnessed

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it shall be forgiven inshallah. Mata ad hominem be everything that you have done, met the customer, call us It will be forgiven inshallah, Tada.

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Of course, provided that you have to repent. You know, she sent me to Allah subhanho wa Taala but at the same time, again, if you are lucky enough to witness that night, then you're indeed you know, are a winner.

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Number two, it is a night like I said yesterday better than 1000 months. So another virtual one night you know better than 1000 months, they little putting a finger on me official hub, which is about 84 years of a data

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it is the night whereby the DA is Monster Jam.

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The night word by the supplications Are you know, granted supplications are all fulfilled by Allah subhana wa tada and also it is the night whereby the soldiers are saved from head fire. So these are four things that we get off of you know witnessing the night of the decree day that will come which is not supposed to be within these final 10 days of Ramadan.

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You and I need to put a plan

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really plans now you did plan maybe for Ramadan, but you need a separate plan for the less than days of Ramadan. a different plan

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per weeks or right after Halloween. What are you gonna do?

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And then you need PM, you need to have a plan for pm

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as the Prophet Allah so sudden, he's to wake up his family, he would even go out and look at you know Fatima's house and add his house and wake them up. In the last 10 days of Ramadan.

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He would wake up his wife back and pray. No sleeping hovers. It's only 10 days, there's no sleeping.

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So how tall we

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are and how many? No, how many cetacean? No, you'd be making this less than this, or how many maybe just will be recycled into less than these interact? Even sheffy it's been reported that he was reciting an every day finished elicitation complete the recitation of the Quran every day in the less than days of Ramadan. So it is reported by other, you know, pious predecessors and scholars

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every day.

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So that's why sometimes you know, it is if you are amongst those who are fortunate enough that you can take the last 10 days off from work, let's say, and then maybe do a tick off. That's amazing. Then you have time.

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You have nothing else to do, but Rico and Mexico, Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So that's why you have to plan

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you know, fasting, and then the SATA cache, you know, how much setup you need to make

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No, no, it's all you know, a new plan less than days, you know, I need to do more and more of everything I've been doing in Ramadan.

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You know, the final countdown,

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you know, like you have a wedding and then you have like crunch time. You know, before few days a few weeks before the wedding, it's crunch time. Now this is crunch time.

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And when is later to cover?

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Do we know where it is? Why did the progress of Seminole we make it kind of the final 10 days all the 10 days? You wouldn't want to take no chances

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are babe no cab used to swear by Allah that it is on the night of the 27th.

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That's him

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a chef, they believe it is on the night of the 21st.

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And this is the majority of the scholars, they are of the opinion that it is within the

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last 10 nights of Ramadan, the odd days or the odd nights

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emira remember, there hasn't been collected about 46 opinions. Mmm, that hasn't been collected about 46 opinions from different scholars as to when it would be or when it could be.

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But again, the most authentic sense opinion is that it is in the final, you know, odd nights of the last 10 days of Ramadan.

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The Odd 21st 23rd 25th 27th 29th.

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So I'm not gonna take no chance.

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And then don't wake up for the 21st and then we'll pray much over and then and then you don't do the same for the 22nd you don't know.

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You don't want to take no chances.

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The sisters for instance, who are going through the menses, what should they do?

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Well, if you are going to your menses sisters then you do everything that a person would do. You know Muslim I would do other than you know praying and fasting Can you read the Quran? Yes, you can read

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you can read all you want. The only thing is you cannot touch the most half but you can bring up and you know that has translation and read from it. You can wake up and make Voodoo and sit and make out to Allah subhana wa tada make Vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala as I said, and this is a call and you can do everything sadaqa do everything that you could make lots of da in fact

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brothers who are going to Frenchie calf, you know, you should plan your time accordingly. And smartly, actually. And when does the teacup start with the article starts according to you know, Chef iya will molokhia and if it starts on magnetic Time,

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time on the on the day of the 20th I need the ninth of the you know on the night of the 20th that's when you know the tape captured slides until the time of the last day of Ramadan.

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Some said like no, no contemporary scholars that came up and it says it would start after a shot you know before backup the photo of the day the night of the 21st what regardless whenever you can then save your work can I go to the masjid and do a checkup after my work now I'm you can you know because you're working you cannot you know that instead of going home for you know spending the night you go straight to the machine if you can, and then spend the night in the midget

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you know, but it's preferable that you take off if you can, but if you can do whatever and if you cannot then you know

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do whatever you can in terms of a T calf and utilize your time. So though if you are getting the imagery what you do what makes sure that you stay within the you know the masala area

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can women do a T calf? Yes, of course they can if it's been reported that even women at the top of lasala add a T calf or Asia you know in the in the teacup at the time of the Prophet and also after the death of Rasulullah. But sisters if you're equipped with with you know an area where women can sleep, which is separate from men, then you can but if you're not equipped of having an area, you know, designated for women for sleeping and what not, then you know you don't have to.

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But for men, if you can then make sure that you remain within the you know the prayer area.

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A lot of people they go for the ticket and they spend time they go out and then they you know outside and then stop talking and what's the time and now this is not what you came for. So you make sure that you stay within the you know the prayer time the prayer area. And then if you were to go Yeah, you can go and eat or you can go to the you know to the

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Take care of you know your needs in the washroom and whatnot and then come back and stay remain in the prayer, you know area and then what are you gonna

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make Vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala rest, you know, the rest a little bit and then, you know, stand up again and then do more, some more or some other traditional and you know some of car, manage your time accordingly you know you go, just just don't waste your time in vain activities you know, doing doing nothing.

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You know, you just gotta manage your time accordingly. You know, you sleep and then when you wake up, let's say before, then you wake up before

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this and then make Udo Tanaka and then go with your book to

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read in order to come back again and do some more recitation. If you want to rest a little bit do rest and then

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after that get ready for us Oh, so before also do some more reading and and then you know you pray so and then it's all about the Kabbalah. And again, this edition of the endo

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especially before you know and then after, you know you break your fast Of course and then again you sit down you know you want some some rest or whatnot, you could and then get ready for a shot and after a shot, it's done I wish other from total wish, if you can stay up until 2pm that will be the fact you know the best, the very best. It's all about pmla

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hopefully you can you know manage to Charlotte to either to witness the night of the power later.

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So, you know, I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to make you an AI amongst those who would be you know, fortunate enough to shala witness this night you know what the property is to do shut them up in the last 10 days he would shut them out I know this isn't like sometimes when you you know when you're about to maybe do the dishes and whatnot and you roll up your sleeves you know as if you're going into a field and then you you take your another message that you know he would wear and then he would tie it up as if you go into a battle shed them

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as if you go into a battle so this is what it is the less than this as if I'm going to a battle palace no more rest, no more sleeping, it's all a bad rest after

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you prefer that you will stay up a little bit you know until sunrise. You know in your brain area you stay and then you you know you pray to God so that you can get to the word of Allah. And then after that you can rest

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make sure that you know you don't have to

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waste too much time in phone talking and texting and browsing the internet. You are doing a T calf for those who are the Winnetka

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so don't waste your time.

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You're ready

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for those who are going I only asked you for one request and shout out to Anna to try please if you remember and I asked you please do remember to make that for me by name Michelle Well, I'm making that her all of us are now less

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grunts grant you the highest dividend Gender Analysis panel with data. fulfill all your requests and all your needs and at preserve your faith in sha Allah to Allah guide you and guide your family and your children. I mean, until tomorrow for another episode of Rocky Ramadan. ac assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah.