Nouman Ali Khan – NAK Urdu Ramadan Series #07

Nouman Ali Khan
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So Michael Mann

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salatu salam ala rasulillah yusaku Shrine caffee choti Amalia many.

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Some sort of presented the city Auggie

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licking the chair with the Hokkaido de energy torture sessional Grande Sharla

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actually session reminders so Jackie, you gather this sticky bartoletti source a lot off topic was me. Please give me a three by theatricality job I sell by just coming to Atlanta Toronto's people's kids after watching us live on Dr. Angela echinocereus session with miracles everybody's kebari Mojo good Chakrabarti Cunningham who can sell me yeah I never really

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number has cetera

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is may beliefnet up near him look about him as a kerkia kyvos in time cosida rustici kaseya Tiger

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Dawson HR center visit kerkia toasting calm Assamese have lockerroom gonna see their secret and go by how Sakura peaches right. So many documents salmela Hata hoga sauces Adobe whoa Yaga when it would be the eight itself in Charlson top x impeccable.

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Shani escasos Dickies, Radhika somnium Liga chiamata Daihatsu emblica camela buying Sam cabeza webpages Erica avoid getting into jQuery silvassa t reg Ito This

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is a querque job is me interested here. Englishman available hi Georgia baka miligrams donkey But will we be calling it what Baraka Yuki am Jesus so much Nikki Lee? Tigger

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licking a BBM officer bb Coronavirus, ki Barrymore's kiss hot, ugly is autonomy it just may Allah donate or skip it Mohammed quichua Day Two he was never there will caca certainly

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tell me tell me what was k was kike analysis dia que skander Hokkaido ski under under calahorra or ski dole fossa without Minister Maliki on Cuba torrisi bad karma to inshallah you choose a hijos jump on by this time name will sneak up a little joke by Sylvia zhongda Pele party to spam they attack your sneak attack fob mas white anila rudan Allahu salata, calouste Hakim k just Uk appname with a rusty satire Mooji deviate Kia may escape escape was Miss Kay badly Mae Mae opkey his CD roster is kcdc Ross taper talking about her anger in Cali. Anyone dishonorable see the last table it's maybe it's called majaz Kathy? autumn cecafa K. it this week at Giardia imagine carrying

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Chiquita style Osprey kobina Yeah, looking good kuwahara have a chip COVID whether it be a you know going me okay dibujo goes regardless byham lockergoga right. So it say is basik abl evaluation ogaki Shatta. And you have was tell me to Kareena will give you 20 per hour

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will better see there are several quiz ltcc rusty but I have to say pennwell score down you can only basically attack a gallop calm you can make a choice you can make a choice what the valley in San Candela. Moscato mu, ABC Bellavita looking Iger Volker, he first slacker case I think he got off on a shoe he was a foreign hamlisch Luca Dania somni say they had speeches

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in Calcutta. So malatya Khomeini ID mapping and kitara from La karanga UNGA.

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We call him case omnicef burgoon Kizomba Yanni is a manager speaking and they can eat mcommerce come up later take a job in San Seda superato

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Jessie x a calm collega

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to foreigners come Sheila dodging.

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foreigner will use good good low production using e jackaroo extreme URL

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or se ko forany Shakuni shugenja comm a Korean icon

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then you see it woke up camlica motivate RP immediate your situation and so looking at tomography reassured me ographers Calico job to the shaggy as the privilege of nearly of a boss meeting double ri manager meeting parabola jasco using the complaint cardia immediately mochila shoe janky or at least lower CO or almost Lucas tamala Kerrigan Kawasaki guest somnomed Jessie aka McGill Mashallah kooky, Sochi II Sally musculus Lilia Kimani aka Medallia easily you wish to remain happy to join to borrow

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my brother 90s memory protocol

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Dr. Dr. Bill Phillips collectors to name it work as it was a man who appeared on a coffee slumber darling Bunny, donkey Watney Marco Do you have Islam guida with the Akito Christian tea monk enough

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to fool with that he was bound Giza convinced on the leggy

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Then we'll convince her Islamia keep it going don't go don't have an issue okay.

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Her body does it offer Jessie ot Donna hops a crucifix or Sally Bosco McCarthy to school with a tiger say

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the focus was

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at least cuz like said Jackie will

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catch up see the rustichella financial watchdog looks obviously Jessie Miss eurocities Ranga sukoon Malaga dalkia Sanyo gala telesign muscular hunka dehghani Pele mushka goose rocky Roscoe Parker Agha para Sahni it. It may be sustaining ehsani oski Prize Danny Bertie, dos de Vaca Hassan Nikki recessives of amla karanga koonunga Latina Nami beignet Diem, woman kullfi him,

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peaches, peaches, Mo raha yada yada yada Mara palladium so they can see what they have now Pokemons computers streaming data, we don't want those things to be called Carlo will be satara time usarlo in some kobato time was aromatase casado. hota Toby hoga Yeah, qui RP friends loggerhead Joby bateau tt orocobre. Mohit a Aki Brian Nicola is empty bottle Dr. kasasa magic job is company mill to to a button to toggle switch for the Avaya because a veto coherency because Middle Georgia you could go let's go mcsa Union linear or skybox? I don't bother with avara Darla right here do servo have to check out my club hecke in samco

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damato tip was to see a cow who

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also started taking similar very well to be images and also started so she was KPJ novelty scape whiskey streamer. Emily's whiskey history co Barbara use kerkia deco Tom cydonia who I don't kiss comco from sec era they can't get here to maybe you mean you don't know Gianni gentlemen torpey chiggy well to say Baba Yaga la kinsman Kuma use Karna Internacional Petia Sam la carta in some game, Marina mas para nega Dwarka nica Hodge Garnica Rosetta grandfather came out with not method Nobunaga Chico Mira meldonium carnia mother Jana Jana me upon Dasa neoga mom hamari will do speaking your countries and your Jo South Asian countries and in May manager year your psychology the human

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hidden your mo Nikki my badania de ke e psychology Monica yo Nikki okay look I think the kanji homolytic condominial dog

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Hunter was a kanagaraj a lab kisser mega upgrade apne Optima you see I will call kimata kisi kaam kahini matsuo Olteanu scary just a miracle he has yet anyway right? So was g school was tomorrow gotta get America Sydney you to school but I was never able to say sister Falcone cudney osteopenia de se was correct my usea are which are talking about my UC in Sonoma Delta phsa humla pale, Die Hard save by heart say well when a woman when a money him or an Shama in him, I see their heart say see they had a baby may be at the mercy that had the stomach check.

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Or he see the artist as demonetizing medallion Kelly does Madonna Chicken

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bucegi bad karma a chicama cobian gift lufisto

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Gambit Levesque, aqui Chugga kurta or watch a calm Kiba neopor sandwiches aka make up a chicken calm we ordered some junk in my belly and then you can see the first Ghana was Nevada sugar dia our production rockin Nico Jessie would use her use case area TFM limited Giovanni girthy. Olga say, Jenny, Katie and others like Nike and Coca Cola Coca Cola mini and Coca Cola tabaka Nisha secondary oski dill make buttery oggie or vo counter okay is a chai tea which

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I take money out, right? I sell me a blee ski bursary. Kathy was nothing Marquis de nada laggy

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on the main page donica muxer guttata rocky

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de veau

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Kanika boxhead Yaba k in San kobika via Pina masky when you are paid daddy given your pay per day given your pay is given your pay a bit doggie when you pick him up MacArthur new Metallica that I've met writer new Monica schiavoni author of napco better so much that again Jackie Co Op Gotham Ninomiya, pepco batteries, teacup napco Bethany service, they have to struggle to come down as acidic to

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aapko kisi ke ke ke Ll t ke Boneyard para hum kisi ko Val uniqa

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humaine was the Center for attend Sangiovese de kado Center for Dania

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felty akiza What exodia the hum of a local Kubernetes cluster they can stop for law.

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Stuff lucky Monica acephala my name may Allah say multimarkdown licking homecare system l Cathy in katakolon coma. He loves bacon lettuce, tomato curry

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loves me how Taka burger yes tamale can you use the monitor? To yes see the heart say apne apnea chiyoko birth rica you know cake tool banana peel see the hearts a call cheese be heck a

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jump inside a chicom kurta to shine osko ecomondo jack ma moto optical

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optimum metal harem namazi parallel Moto Z de la Stevie 100 Allah

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Allah Allah curriculum cuwbc dusty any obviously there are several graduate okay Bucky said will be Java application pattern empty

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in samco yay gemondo jetech yakni achieve a che amalickiah Jessie whoa a child yeah

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just a humble a monkey with

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me one minute similarity hum a chair while give us a a Chevy niyati insaan a child Buddha Baraka mixer Oscar chicom Catarina de bourree, como se much the IANA you kill mosquitoes. Cujo value had just a lot alakina Zeus Kiko that I will open it your hosek Tia? How many more Lucas? Yes for caca de hamari Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam ne it needs a XIM admit autologin Kiki haircare scar comparison yo Sakhalin acaba Nyah and Zachary oski Bazzi Cassini, whose work say of the Covina mass bodega Coby Hodge garriga COVID omega EDA career community teleflow querque on coasts Casa La Jara or wooburn attivo Catalina burrata Cabo Mina, Merah bootsy Alcala, what have Alena mommy tabaco Kalyani Mei

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moto Korean dinky licking petani Emily coffee Oconee

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licking Die Hard Sam Lika nica believable in San San Diego metal teeth moheb Meraki wt k Mira LNB subsea better masterpiece so much you go Bucky sub genre Kusama is Nikita in Cobra sama Jojo Mitra and co he died magette okay battle the title of Sam lockergoga oh yeah gg zeca year humla

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low gas electric think about the Inca follow Korea. What we have now anyway they can go mazovia liquid on Pearl Yama. I'm superstitious and calm. Laura was moderate you can assure the

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yellow Suki nonlinearly cranbourne Ivana imperdiet I am Dr.

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van Shama le him or oltre heartsaver Dr. Sam, Dara Somoza comically Yanni Avella, Chico a chub de Cana, Yanni hoga lucky naffaa money love Monica moto Guna her car and her car temperatura tamale Hey, excuse but Susan versus the modern Quran me Shankara Gaza you know the homie shaitan Allah home by heart say I go okay Agha nice good was it getting

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any gum ganda like enamel scotch

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you know you to make a plea deal keyboard man ROM

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YouTube videos idea. You Tokushima chemicals new sector

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and how because you can live you personally

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you know oh yeah he Tama tradition every sub karate it to normal. Normal Hoshi Azhar the chairperson Gregory apwg, Allah returning amici you know, we should on the left side satai by hearts a tire or colored camo a chubby Carnegie koshish Katamari janmabhoomi kombucha like never again. yo la tengo la tierra was called jovial voz de de Paris a parallel Fonzie they will Gandhiji is Reiki pin, so thr o synthese will have like a regular Oscar Mark set guide chosen to sound like a nigga while I do accelo homeshare clean up up in hkiac ciriaco sugar karneval and he payangan

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to see chateaugay agenda kakula Samia buttock hammam I use karna hamisi meet Nick on hammy Rolla truste perdana hater of Sam Laker now Scott moxa tsakhia k insaan Chicago's en la

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and Sam just just holler at me Hey, Joe morchella thelonius ko da vo on makan codec Aisha Kanaka aka is makishima lucky does us intersect now is magazine a mcsa two lockers i think is your giveaway because a couple of either bigger sector oschin is a challenge is open ag disco namely,

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let's go could you still just gonna focus in Iago just Commedia Amanda Zachary aku, pata Java BTRC. America says, Man I gotta college man. Would you say Albania TT right. Maybe those tales worked well coach Long Island marathon coach all policemen today mabrouk Miguel brockie Amaya fees job of City College kitty county Yellowjacket Stony Brook University or a NYU jr tbsps this this is our kinky semesters give us the window courses are dusty mahagony sector, right? Aren't you families will often to joke with religious minded 10 okay ha Salma jarama

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r&b Purnima Egypt Jordan will be pardon me Syria Jordan will be burning are we burning fat? Are you happy at America when we get caught you have a solar cell also dollar guy has $1 car has decorated the so yeah two jackets number two man keep us up mugging up Jessica zinc copper nickel mocha matcha tea brinegar mocha vanilla gamut looking at only Joe's samnee there was a cola egg, you know, fleshy matcha passie Machida TK green Lloyd baslow one point jagi but could there is a class silicon come has come class had available to a class Hello, aka Mamma Mia, Brooklyn, Queens Bella Tao for salesmen.

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So varasi Brooklyn Saturday coupons limited ribbon dog handler

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in bas Lopez door training Oh Jackie, don't give machete wopr Mira pasa copies he will be kept up to speed you could accelerate too fast so much drtv Tomodachi better data will be Mamata cinema kinemaster Saturday go to also push data Maha Maha Maha

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God I was cast tamale Corona like I'm thirsty. emo Kenny. Mila em Camila. Camila. Camila esslli omnicar sector coach, you know I gotta get you the hammer for Amati john camellia to Bianca lettuce. Ta Iblees. Come maxaudience Ancona Shukla banana will utter Judo axon Shakira Machado Alfredo Chima booty.

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Oro Joon ha mazuma mud hora Allah tala no se kaha Nick Lowe, Yasuo or scaly Adolphus ky is a big emotional fuzzy a mud room, or mudhole mud hole in massive Hill biasanya mipela with mud hood katha hedges Kiko is that now it's called keymark in ecology.

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Anika trespassing kalila

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no and really cover are gonna be corriander who's ngakoue and as he goes, get us good duck Mr. Markey, Nicholas a write to us komodos sN sanka de Kim Mara jarana como cassata hirakata C'mon Nico Hakata Casa de la casa

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de Oscar example. madhura

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josko legate mujer de jack era America is at me.

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licking oski Rukia Sal Cappella loves Emma. My uncle because he loves the Amani habit actually gets in the car gear medica Purdue Ducky is collections definitions. He says image manager the amerasia czar who Jani kisi ko vessel will be Mr. Malhotra kisi ki based economy must omean easily kiya Gaya, Pelle Alba who can see keyboard a colleague a haka hockey Chico hockey some benaiah arboga abney colleague a while Kokila Hakata hatanaka Chico kisi, Ki, ki ki, Ki, Ki rk Chico, Leia licking a Sal Johanna we have crochet alhaj eight ously rajmohi Hashmi been out with

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Carlos cup peace wanna score acid sabaki trataka region courage and Korea Vijay is kosal me with giocoso como una hoga

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Yanni Jo cheese politically whoa looking up near and very dirty jelly Jessica pressure Bertha jelajah with her to teach Abuja

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yeah if Li ski psychology without an AMA with a yes loves me or schism army Casa Hagen Africa or one Africa or school majority jatiya Look what comments are aluminum facade which other coastal wall has to agree with ionic so which are you attacking a good listener who Allah codec a genetic eh I landed here but I also Jana Magneto w Nicoletta

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Mangia vas, buddy haha yeah, a lot. I don't use Kurokawa. Can I say nay attorney sometimes Oh, honey, excuse your feeling and I can make this happen to you. Yeah. Adam Koch is Emelia Yeah, he is a school the bartoletti author all the material all the bothy apne Aqua divisor, Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan, are you your psychology or the

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you know, self fulfilling or self annihilating? This goes English maybe negative spiral youneed negativity or simazine negativity pero negativity for all negativity, or spin nephrogenic yonaka Chile otherwise, Santos Nevada Lilia, the mean picker idea was give an organism say right, jello hoagie I'm tempted to say coordinate Anthony paraview osako obito pelvic job BTC Orin Sancho john Lemke Robert altia to Hamidullah giggles Kakashi as good as Elio a nine A B or A B all have a basket now we all were about Karna excuse Akiko Kamini

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rdhs in Santander asik tiac a UK chonburi aka banana hamari in the big urban city, okay.

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I'm a lucky man who smoked duck the Selenium aegyptiaca sicko. barbata automatically.

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Again thank you, Tanya paja Deanna dosco self was so sticky then rot was sorted out I associate here is kooky citra Geeta

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diskeeper Radhika Silla de la pena China Jagga magetta Salima? leggy JB is Kuma tech leaf medic lonely? Yeah tech leaf medic yoga. Although Krishna Raja machala Coco Krishna Raja Pedro Jalan Sruthi under you SAS lira, you better Kalahari in Gugu Detlef newari

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are in Southeast Asia uncritically Forgive me Jetta Sileo je ne, Mo UK og se cheesier Oscar Queen aqui SE Asia legally demonically A BRP Jelena Warfield whenever we all feel whenever we offer vinegar in some masoom hota hota hai cha cha, cha cha, Tonka Kia and Rooney Jana masky como una are easy we just have about whoever but the Khadija sillies is what shocked me. Was sculpture burka Scott focus a little rocky named Toby Haney. Oscar focus it escape ask you how you'll be asked to ask you how Joby or Mel said Cassie one was teisco Cassie mahatama so ye G's image of donkey well me personally I like naturata lamentably aka mean humla Johanna mermin Kumar Van sciver tatanka gcic

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dharani dachis Escobar remember typing Amica tumhari in may say in submissive Joby, pervy caraga in subsea cameras, among

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other oc oc seen back I at least say tomaree in sub message ob berbicara

00:21:47 --> 00:21:55

ne hum hum hopper I chase cook at ltfrb barcus area A lot of us are lucky to say batteria Lisa

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or insert guitar official Ronnie hydrafacial a bomb silent audience instance or Muslim right? foreign is called default get a switch okay I have my lambda lambda and now Johanna mean calm comb adjumani Mark Assam say jahannam ko Tom subsampled una

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Johan Amica.

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Aviv Lisa authority ecis. Me in message Omari berbicara agha Mac kazam kazam kazam Koroma Jana mettam sub capaldo within the sub course in terms of nesco follow kiya Medusa Jana alguma

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yell Fasano sivagami with Avi

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was he What are you a je Bhatia mom yo Janaki Mahabharata Ricky nakiya. Tamara Dishman is called maxilla to Mariana Amidala ito gyra are you mazuma madhura it's natural to me. I'm not gonna Yes, sorry, orientation is our call center.

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Equals how many opposition qualcosa degree hauswirth originales oneota. Also Dalian it's gonna also be the ugliest kina fluidically or a we rmls oncogenic metalla mania?

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So karanka ik je tariqah isca psycho salonica insomnia. Ni ob jannette kebari makutsi cubbon a leakiness. co Johanna.

00:23:15 --> 00:23:20

Was cosida rustic about a maluma osko chatango have an okay about me Manu,

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are you but azeem? Huggy caca hammy yo Katara Jose la Yaga me but I Aggie hotter I had my understanding are they co escaped very bad karma is for joke Joe Sameera is for him. Okay, see for Nia or to escape out of economic autonomy resava kia sentimente bamaga Aki Cassini aka Sakina with the music you

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have a magic to say those tiagra aquatec live neogi you can Shilo

00:23:52 --> 00:24:05

is eater. Yay vitalik in a second. He's like a husband hogben tigers. Just name a Hulk they just name it Nisa. D for instance has Docker via it now Brian is as the RP is balikian bottling.

00:24:07 --> 00:24:25

It's just not Alexandra Gustave isqi. unbuttoning ec bathala quit now say yatak tomaree under it now potential ecumenist freshness is kind of idea. Or it now potential tomorrow and tomamos looks a lot remember when I login I got some good okay to say good. Okay. Skippy July

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or August kph Alito poco. has read Neato Mary Jo's kisana way to monitor Donna the Yuba yada hamdulillah panjiva is number 18 autonomy it sadly sort of key Zakouma hadn't particularly welcome Somali Cora to our sub look at my earlier question when mnemonic iligan child map shammies session is Going on ukm demais takayanagi to talk about koshka Nikki de de chimie Sonic, executive them as a broadcast one

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Don't give up

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