Moutasem al-Hameedy – The Path 10 – Ramadan Halaqa 2021

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The importance of consistent and routine worship, personal experiences, and experiences to save people's life is emphasized in Islam. The need for personal experiences is emphasized, and the importance of learning Islam is emphasized. Consistent actions and regular treatment of different individuals are essential for achieving personal value and clarity. Personal experiences and experiences of the day are also emphasized, and individuals are encouraged to find their true values and goals. The importance of learning and spending time in worship is emphasized, and resources for further learning and reading are offered.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen salat wa salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was heavy as main battle. Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Welcome to Session number 10 In our Ramadan series, the path and this is a series of lectures where we comment on the famous book over the memory of Kodama democracy, his book Mater salamin, agile Pasadena, it's an abridgment of a book by in New Jersey, which basically means the path to Allah.

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We got to a point where we are talking about a car remembering a last panel what we got to this point

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on the merits of a car, but first, since we are in the last

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almost almost last eight days last week, and Ramadan has some panel law, like every year we say this and this every year, it just surprises us how, how fast Ramadan goes by. And this shows that this is just a reminder how short our our life really is. And that soon will be over and we will be crossing over to the other side. And life is all about getting ready. It's all about, you know, making get there safely. utilizing this time getting closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala everything else that you look, look at in this life, whether it's any kind of profit or gain any kind of a personal accomplishment or achievement. If it's completely about this life, you know, it's short lived, and

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it's gonna it's going to come to an end and the moment you leave this world is actually becomes meaningless. So it's important to build credit for the hereafter and there's no time better than these, the last 10 nights in Ramadan.

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Hopefully the last panel to Allah will allow us to reach Laylat al Qadr, and accept from us. So let's get to this chapter here. First lon, Phil Oh, lordy, we're familiar with Ozy labor that Allah makadi Loquat. So this is a chapter on the consistent, regular routine kind of vehicle

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with a lot with is the singular a rod is the plural. And that's actually about the consistent routine kind of remembrances this is like a fixed routine that you keep consistently.

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And the importance of or the merits of

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having variety, having a variety of acts of worship, and

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distributing that over different times. So let's see what he means by this. Now either Haseltine Malefor, to the ladies from Hannah waters, therefore the word de will InMobi SRL Ohmori what a better context if you had a Ohmori Alcocer.

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He's saying now that once you get to truly know Allah, have a real like, personal understanding and comprehension and connection to Allah

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and belief in his promise and awareness of the short

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nature of this of the temporary nature of this world.

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That it becomes obligatory upon a person to give up falling short to avoid falling short in this you know, short time lifespan when left so matter of fact, highly offended in why he didn't have Salah melon, and the nature of human nature. If you stick to one thing, you'll get to a point of boredom. You sort of get fed up with one thing you need variety that's human nature, something that a lot of inoculum in Fannin. 11 So you're saying it's kindness towards oneself and it's also wise it's a wise practice to offer a variety of worship to yourself to engage in a variety of acts of worship. What God Allah Who to her now with charisma Becca booklet and what else Lila Wamena lady has to deliver

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was in the hooligan taweelah. This is sorted in San verse number 2526.

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Allah says here, the meaning of the verse And remember the Name of your Lord in the morning in the early part of the day and in the later part of the day, and at night, prostrate before Allah and in the long night, glorify Him and praise Him

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for how they want to

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Homi Madoka Ramana and he dedicated to Lula and not body or Ilahi, Tirana, Morocco battle Oakheart were Mr. Bill Roddy, and I'm

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saying this verse and others, show that the path to Allah subhanaw taala

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is made of or consists of taking each part of your day, each point of your time, taking it seriously and filling it with a rod with remembrances or with prayers with routine like some sort of regimen, some sort of a daily routine, a fixed routine,

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consistently, we're on Allahu taala, who will let each other lay low and now I feel Fattah lemon, Allah the year that Cara,

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the shortcode Allah, this verse number 62 en Surah Al Furqan. And Allah is the one who made the night and the days come about successively in after the other as a cycle.

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Specifically for those who want to remember or want to thank all and want to thank be thankful to Allah subhanaw taala a airflow for

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$1 Coffee, human I've heard I've heard the saying succession here in this verse means that night comes after the day comes after the night so that if you miss out on the night, you have the day to do something in it or if you miss out on the night, you in terms of worship, you have the night to compensate and make up for this. And this shows that, you know, scholars are wise and very observant about,

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about what they teach and about their practice of Islam first and about how they convey this knowledge and this experience. And oftentimes, you know, look at this, this kind of advice. It has to do with the religion but this comes from experience. This comes from reflection. This comes from understanding the self.

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And it's important to understand when we when we talk about Islamic knowledge and learning Islam, etc. There are things that are core matters of Islam that you need to understand these are things that are clear in the Quran, and the Sunnah, this is what Islam is, and you need to learn these, everyone has the right to learn them and everyone is obligated to learn, you know, as much as they need of these Islamic sciences, right? But there are, there is expertise, there is personal experience that can actually save you years sometimes and save you a lot of trouble. And this is the importance of a chef, this part of the importance of having a chef or having a teacher or a mentor

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the applying Islam is not just a tick theory and it applies without any problems. No no when a lot of the problems a lot of the obstacles on the way they don't appear until you engage personally with what you're trying to do. And many times the application is not as simple as you know theory.

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And sometimes people can give an experience about this an experience of a lifetime. So this is why it's important to pay attention to these kinds of advice and Islamic sciences or whatever scholars teach. Not always Islamic sciences there is Islamic sciences but there's a lot of expertise there's a lot of personal experience there's a lot of practical tips

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there okay and you heading here by the hour the lady went to * with her tibia

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so you guys

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stand before me for you but here where I am

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it's it's in the night so I'm okay if you see me drink something so it's just because it's this is also Asia

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so heading here by an order the order the lady when the hot water tea or water to water table, or whatever tibia Okay, so a clarification on the number of the routine actives Okay, a rod is basically times specifically for axial what specific acts of worship volunteers are mainly voluntary acts of worship. I guess I'm gonna we're gonna see insha Allah but so I'm going to call them time slots is calling them a rod or whether I'm calling them time slots. So I don't know how to set by the time slots not in the day of the daytime or seven. What I do lately is it and the time slots or segments at night are six. He says let's mention the merit of each one and the apps that are related

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to it and any other matters and we'll do our lumen our I didn't have my brain surgery, Thani la pluie Hashem see how often Sharif on some Allahu to either believe your father was so busy that in a first first number 18 as he's saying the first segment in the day is between Fudger the real Fajr the second round of Fajr to the

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to sunrise and this is a noble lesson time and a Lost Planet Allah swore by it Allah so it said well so for somebody that and first and when the day when the break of the day

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breeds means comes to life for me really more Eden tetrahymena Noemi and yet God Allah subhana wa Tala Al hamdu lillahi Ludhiana Mata now what you do in your short, so it's important for the Marine, the one who's seeking Allah is parallel to Hana. Once the person wakes up from sleep, to remember I mentioned Allah subhanaw taala and say the, you know, the DRA which is an inquiry from the Prophet SAW Salem, Al Hamdulillah. He led me here now, I'm not an hour in mature Praise be to Allah Who brought us to life after he caused us to die. And to unto him will be we will be resurrected. Oh yeah, Daddy, can they be some sort of nephrological Bukhari Sinhala Buhari, a few of the Muslim in

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Hadith named Masuda Lobi Allahu Coronavirus, will Allah He said Allahu Allah he was sending me the answer but I'm seeing now I'm saying mercury level hamdulillah in a long way down will actually kill an old Motorola who are their conditioning for their lobbyists alcohol mafia de la da da who do we can shut him off he had he laid on shettima won't be able to be cannot just anymore so we'll keep out what behind you become another beneficiary? Where are they going to cover? What either us we're Hakala Danica you want us Bana was Muhammad kulula Illa theory he so this is there's Hadith in Sahih Muslim on the authority of Abdullah and mushroom holy Allahu I know that Allah's Messenger will

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seldom when it was nighttime.

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Or towards the evening, the prophets also don't want to make the famous dua of the evening, I'm saying now what I'm saying we'll call Allah will hamdulillah etc, we have come to the night and things are in the hands of Allah, all praises due to Allah etc.

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And when the Prophet saw him walk up, he would use the version of this on the morning he would use the version of this that indicates the morning or spa now as Muhammad Ali Allah Hamdulillah.

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And he would say Bismillahi la de la mas meaning of the word every summer it was semi or an intern as a model as the prophets of cinema would say in the Name of Allah, with whose name nothing humps, whether in the heavens, in the earth of the on the earth or in the heavens, and he is the old era, the old Noah, three times. I don't need to be like Robin Obi semithin Muhammad Yunus said I'm gonna be your solar I'm pleased with Allah is my Lord and with Islam as my religion and with Mohammed Al Salam as a prophet and messenger for either Salah federal Alcala with an indigenous will probably that needs to kill him Allah who will actually kill and

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you will need to Allah Krishna and Claudia Asha Rama right? Okay, so what he's going to give us now a breakdown of the day and what to do in it and these are things that a Muslim should strive to observe consistently. So this is more like a

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like a

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plan for the day, like a template for how they should go. So it's quite long actually. So with the day and then and it covers everything so it covers the obligate obligatory prayers then it covers all the car and other things and so I'm just going to skip through this because this just requires a different treatment

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Yes, so he does break down the day and break down with the night

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then he is giving Okay, so he's talking here about

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a new chapter fossil and 5011 eligibility and what he's saying and this is a chapter on using different our odd different acts of worship or different time slots for for different situations or conditions, personal conditions. In unnecessarily cold volatile airflow layer Hello means that you

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say know that the person who is seeking the afterlife seeking Allah subhanaw taala

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must fall under one of these descriptions or conditions. Imagine you're gonna be done, either. It's a worship of someone who's dedicated their life to worship our element, or scholar, a teacher a person of knowledge, who's teaching others a water and lemon or a student of knowledge. A well being or someone in a position of leadership and authority will matter even or a handyman person have a specific craft or professional skill. Almost there can be a habit a line has origin was good and became another ad or someone who is completely immersed in the love of Allah subhanaw taala and he has no engagement with dystonia. So he's going to break these down and make a recommendation for

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each one of them. It's good that's interesting to see how scholars recognize you know how people have different conditions.

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For needs and again they've tailored something specific for them so it's more like custom designed

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and would be to hold multiple Iranians equally in a good father you start middle medical nominal a lot. What could totally for life for Canada one more tab between m&s Salafi mortality for the minimum uncanny valley, Tilawat efthimia, Yeoman Hutmacher. To maintain healthy nothing, what kind of feed him and nuclear just be? I mean, I'm a nuclear Asada, woman homonuclear Otowa will bait

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saying the first one is the worshiper, he is someone who has detached from any engagement other than worshipping Allah, so their time is completely in worship. This person in offers the kind of description of the day in the night though, that was just mentioned in the book. And he's saying, and these are not set in stone, they could be different, they could choose a different configuration of these of this routine, right? So you're saying the among the self, the worshipers had varieties that had different styles in a sense, some of them would spend most of their time reciting Quran that one of them would complete the Quran once every day some of them two times some of them some of

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them three times complete the Quran three times a day some of them used to increase intersubunit Subhan Allah

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and some of them would actually spend the day in the night just praying and some of them would spend the day under night under time going around the cabinet making path for being older and useful for every actor oh no cut him in headin Oh lord. So if it is asked which is best which has priority among these ones, which is which which deserves or what time more among these choices? His answer is phantom unlock a lot of money for Salah to call him and monitor the bridge mount Jamia? Well I can read the National Water model but wonder Derek will tell you for question if you had a shot See, we're not shooting a lot most of the what is key it will only be whatever the hero who for the

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Angolan lead May Allah who assured that if you're on vehicle you already know you there has to be melanin in in our UV

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light this is wise. This is what he's saying no that reciting the Quran in Salah as you are standing in Salah with reflection, understanding it combines all of the above. But sometimes this is difficult to stay consistent with.

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So what is best differs from one person to the other. He sing the purpose and the point behind all these acts of worship. Consistent acts of worship is the purification of the heart and the improvement of it Ischia.

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So he's saying let the person the secret to Allah.

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Observe and check what is most what has the biggest impact on him or her

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on their heart and let them stick to this

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then if you feel bored, you've done so much of a specific act of worship move on to another one.

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That's understanding of what many people dislike sounds like this is foreign to Islam. No, this this is actually like I've read this from so many scholars something to the same effect.

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And this is about acts of worship that are voluntary you see that's not talking about the five daily prayers is just talking about the extra that you do. And it's important this this this shows that it's important to know yourself, to observe yourself to see what you're drawn more to among the acts of worship, because that's a door that is open for you and you should utilize it and then recognize when you feel bored and there's nothing wrong with feeling bored but it's important to know how to manage this state. Allah Bucha de mana Dharani for either budget callback FLTR me fella target or either budget to federal co a fella Talofa

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Bucha Vanderlaan Hagen one of a turbulent he said

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if you find your heart's in standing in the salamin reciting do not go to record but that means it doesn't say don't go like literally don't want to throw terracotta is saying just increase more than that. If it's open at our open path for you use it.

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And if you find it in low court, do not rise from a quote if you find your heart and record do not rise from record like take as much as you can on this record.

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As Danny The second type of people allowed him I love the interviewer and that's what we're here for. You have to work out the recent auto sniffing outlet here for 30 Moving Allah do you have any photos t

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as to the scollard portion of knowledge that people benefit from his footwork from teaching from his writings or from his reminders? So his you know the act of where his routine should differ from

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Out of the worshipper, for you know, we thought we'd end mortality from Cotabato. snapeval A father because he needs to read. He needs to read, he needs time to read, and he needs time to write and benefit others for in his struggle on Ocata. For you, Derek for what I've done, my history will be he bad in October. So if this consumes all of his time, then this is the best person could engage in after fulfilling the obligations

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in the manner enabling them added the burden under the Euro table for our fellow human rights located at and when we when he's saying when we say knowledge, not any type of knowledge, but the knowledge that brings you to the Azure invites you to be accurate, and helps you to take its path. Well, oh, yeah, believe me, everyone a new customer, to who and it's important for the scholar to divide the time and sometimes over many things, the analyst will have a little clarity for me that has to be really nervous. Because consuming all the time. And just reading and studying knowledge is something that is too heavy for the self. They embody and you also know about the sub regulatory

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chips will carry what what are the other cabinet so after praying Fajr you should use this time until sunrise to make the record that we mentioned the morning ticket

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to my battle pollution setup to have an effective attorney then from sunrise to the time of Buddha, in teaching. For in the miracle in Dominica alongside of America is the man elective curricula alone. If there has no students, then he should use this time for him to study.

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Analyze, think about the knowledge develop his knowledge, right contemplate his own knowledge.

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For Inasa AlkaViva philosophy medical vocabulary is steadily becoming dunya you know, I'll defer to a muskie that he's saying because the clarity of the heart and the mind after finishing your vehicle before engaging with the dunya

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gives you insight into you know, issues of knowledge and questions of knowledge

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someone in a hurry the last three letters NiFi will Motala then from time of Baja, which is let's say around

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before noon, till this time is for writing and for reading. When I took with Alex he left he walked in and they should take only a break for food alcohol or to make although I would like to buy or to pray the obligatory Salah out by Lulu or to get like a nap woman and honestly it does feel ashamed to be somatically my your colloquially him interferon Oh Hadith and our even now if you're in and again from the time after us or till Naguib too busy himself with listening to again because this was the norm students would read to the teacher or another student of knowledge he would read to the student of knowledge, the books the books of the scholars Tafseer Hadith or any beneficial knowledge

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this is from answer to sort of deform every

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woman illustrata In a little bit a little bit of fairy with just a bit and just before mother till now Philip a busies himself with seeking forgiveness and doing this via so you're gonna want to hold a woman Amory, listen with Danny.

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Okay, so if Okay, so he's now breaking down his day. So you're seeing the early thing in the day. He's actually engaging in the second one he is engaging in studying or teaching. So this is in the morning. Third one he's engaging with within if you have a little bit of fear with Sanofi Amaryl he will he will mattala on this third one is in him reading using his eye and writing with his own hand and reading and writing down right. What are they Oh by the Ussery and after answer if you have any summary later Tara.

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Tara will Halina will yet. And after answer he's listening, right someone is reading to him. Why so that his eye takes rest in His hand takes rest. Again, the variety is emphasizing the variety, the inner Mottola oneness better than us of Obama, Allah Rob Delaney is saying because reading and writing after assert, they might be harmful to the eye. And again, these are times when they didn't have electricity, they didn't have lights. And if you look at their

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architecture of their times, you know, the rooms had smaller windows so as of time, things we've got actually get dark so trying to read and write in a dark room. pretty dim room was not good for the eyes, it was straight in the eye. And many scholars actually became blind they slowly lost their eyesight because they used to read again when you know in conditions that are not suitable for reading where there's no good lighting, or a mid level for X and or Bismuth in vehicles matter, Chevrolet or more love in our county or Cosimo

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That thought of our likeability line with Danny Sala with 33 know me

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and my sleeve over Obama left me with that kind of actor oh no maybe know how you think as to the night the best kind of style was Shafi is started Rahim Allah, he used to divide his night into three segments the first segment he would write down he would author and write down the second he would pray the second third of the night he would pray and the third part he would go to sleep he would get some sleep as to the you know, summertime again when the nights are short, this might not the night might not accommodate these three right unless the person is able to sleep during the day, you know, get the need of the sleep during the day hours a third of the second third type of people

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handle motor handling. For inlet Aloma have a minute to share with you will occur even though I feel welcome and Metallian praqma And Peter Sybil rod saying this is the student of knowledge someone who seeks the knowledge he's saying seeking the knowledge is better than keeping yourself busy with other car and extra acts of worship.

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It's talking about knowledge right? We're what applies to the scholar applies to the student of knowledge here in terms of how to spend the day like you know, you're studying business the fact that he started with an in belief so he he says when the scholar is teaching, he benefits scholars teaching his learning from the scholar will be targeted when necessary when he doesn't if and when the scholar is writing

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so there's no teaching the student of knowledge goes back to the organizing their notes their

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right and copying maybe some some texts etc. Like they do the things where they don't need a teacher the the essay the homework the coursework that doesn't need a teacher that you need just takes time from you. For Encana minute hour me kind of Hello homogeneous let me decree will in me will work of Bala Ministry of human behavior. So if it's you're just one of the average people not really a serious unit of knowledge,

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then the best thing to do is to attend circles of knowledge and have reminders. This is better than just increasing in vicar extra Decker

00:27:29 --> 00:28:02

rubber. The fourth type of people is actually someone who's in a position of authority leadership accountability method mmm, like again, like the governor, leader, ruler, I'll call the judge our motto led another if you've more than a Muslim in on someone who is in a position of authority over Muslims in any capacity for TM who be agitated Muslim, and I've allowed him I love to show a workers the loss of dominance in Mexico, for this kind of person, to fulfill their obligations and meet the needs of the of the Muslims.

00:28:03 --> 00:28:13

According to the religion of Islam, gone to the guidance of Islam and with sincerity of intention, this is better than all of the above, in the case of this person

00:28:15 --> 00:28:33

tells you how our scholars were not you know, they have the this understanding of the new ones of personal differences and how to address them. They would not expect something from a person who's in a position of authority serving Muslims, right, looking after their affairs, to spend their time studying.

00:28:34 --> 00:28:48

That would be a waste for such a person because these are important tasks and responsibilities and they need to be done and the person is in a great spot and great position to actually help out and they should not you know

00:28:49 --> 00:28:53

shirk their responsibility and go and do something else that wouldn't be a good thing

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under who a bad attorney to identify how he seemed because this kind of these kind of tasks and responsibilities they're an act of worship that are that extend to other people, their benefit extends to others family and after sort of scenarios not too bad. So in during the date such a person should limit themselves to praying the obligatory a mate performing the obligatory things upon them somewhere Stephen Colbert is the man if you that work, and we all are delayed.

00:29:25 --> 00:29:32

Basically the person they have space to do extra and to increase during the night, not the day.

00:29:34 --> 00:29:38

Alfonse the fifth elective again a person with a profession with a skill

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just like in a worker in any capacity. Well, who am I am Chris Vela, who are the early this is a man of a profession that he needs to work in order to provide for himself and for his dependents. For acela when he started as a manifester, but it's not allowed

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out for this person to spend their day in worship to spend their time in worship, but a state of QSB Madeline is decreed this person should exert themselves and seeking sustenance

00:30:12 --> 00:30:24

with keeping remembrance of Allah in their mind whenever they again whenever they can they remember ALLAH keep remembering Allah for either Hassan who may occur here our than Allah to the point that this person gets what they need.

00:30:25 --> 00:30:44

Right now this person goes back to doing these dhikr and these extra prayers and these acts of worship and recitation of the Quran as service the 60s and Mr. Obama had that Allah subhanho For Harada will do bad luck to bad football club in Allahu Taala while we had a call Ilana you read it he

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so the sixth person is someone who was lost in the love of Allah so he's talking about again this is an A level extra more than just a worshipper

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so this is someone again who's like completely drawn into Allah

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for Heather will do who back then back to bat for Laurel Columbian Allah to Allah we had to call him I read them and we're the so after the obligatory prayers

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the what this person should do with their time is actually where their heart leads them

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where their heart leads this person

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and hot again he's a well we'll have to call in now you really don't mean well the so the hot leads this person sometimes leads him to prayer sometimes leads him to more vicar to more Quran to more studying to more helping the needy right

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doing something for the sake of Allah so this person comes with no agenda open and the hot leads and obviously things that are in within the guidelines of Islam or Ember or New Delhi Malik our odd this person should be consistent with so the person generally speaking the general advice that person should be consistent. Even if they're what they do is little cold interviews a lot of them have will emanate Allah He to Allah and one what in Allah created by Bukhari Muslim, what can an abusive man who deem also become a Muslim? So because the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, the acts are the the deeds that are most beloved to Allah, the ones that are consistent, even if they are not much, even

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if they are little, and the prophets of salaam would be consistent with the things that he did?

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Again, somebody might be puzzled with the six types of people, right? Who's this just completely in love of Allah subhanaw taala

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just want to remind you as well, because I there are some people fishing for trouble sometimes. This is an Imam, even Quidam and Mcebisi like he's one of the September scholars.

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He had a selfie Arcada and

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he's like,

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so And he's, he's a huge one of the biggest heart of the ummah. He's, as we said, his book and movie is like classic, one of the most important books in Islamic seminary altogether.

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Like, no one would be considered a scholar. In the past, if they had not studied that in money. If someone had studied what someone said in the morning, at that time, they would consider him to be scholars. That's, that's so this is this kind of scholar is saying something like this, it might sound weird in our times, but sometimes again,

00:33:45 --> 00:33:53

or what I would say sometimes we get disconnected from from our heritage from our scholars. And we tend to develop some kind of conclusions that are not

00:33:55 --> 00:34:23

consistent with, you know, what the scholars were upon. So when we hear something like this, it might sound weird. Now, what's weird is that we have not learned about these things, or we have seen wrong examples about what they mentioned. But it's important not to confuse the good stuff for the good examples that they mentioned with, you know, with false or inappropriate applications of this.

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Okay, so again, just a reminder, we are in the last night of Ramadan, ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept from all of us, ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us stand up in prayer and fasting in a way that pleases him sincerely for his sake. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to help us read His words, contemplate them, and sincerely repent to Him and come closer to Him. We asked the last mentality helpers make us from among those who worship Him

00:34:52 --> 00:34:59

in Laila to recover, and we also lost pathological makers from those who are saved from the Hellfire because I can look around and see you next time in the light I

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Salam aleikum, wa rahmatullahi, WA, Robeson systems, this Ramadan by the permission of Allah subhanaw taala. We're going to launch the largest grant that I finished in the history of time. As you know, the pandemic and the shutdown has made given that are extremely difficult. So we thought what better way to give that hour than giving a copy of the Quran to as many people as possible. I used to be an atheist, but from interacting with Muslims, I bought a could ad and fell in love with it. Halfway through the book, I knew this was the truth. So I became a Muslim. Actually, I became Muslim without even reading the Quran. A big reason was because of Islam, pure monotheism.

00:35:40 --> 00:36:11

After I took my Shahada brother the masjid actually gave me a copy of the Quran. And as soon as I started reading it, it only strengthened my faith even more. I was curious about the major religions of the world because I couldn't understand why people believe in God. So I got a copy of cran the verses really touched my heart. I had never read a book like this. After doing my research, I became a Muslim. This Ramadan, multiply your words by sponsoring a copy of the Quran or a box. To learn more, please click the link below As salaam alaikum.

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Allah shows the moment of regret that is inevitable in the life of every human being.

00:36:26 --> 00:37:05

So person says oh Allah give me just a bit more time so I can give sadaqa and I can become righteous and correct my ways. Allah says Allah is not going to delay Allah is not going to give any one more time. Brothers and sisters do we all know benefit in some way or the other from the Masjid. So who will support us if we don't support ourselves? We are in the last 10 days of Ramadan and as you all know our good deeds are multiplied in this buzzard month please without any delay or hesitation help us with our upkeep and expansion of the machine so that we can serve you better Don't postpone don't put it off don't do it last minute because you don't know when death is going to come and in what

00:37:05 --> 00:37:16

state is going to meet you. So as long as you have your senses you have your awareness you have your your chance now utilize it do not procrastinate.

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She had one

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shot heard one

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mother was

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Hi me

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my Goodness

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