Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P16 161C Tafsir Ta-Ha 83-94

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and importance of pride in Islam, including the use of money and gold jewelry to show one's worth and show the value of one's life. They also touch on the responsibility of artists and the importance of following rules and not letting people into one's own circle. The speakers emphasize the need to be watchful and not pressured to do so, and warn of consequences if one tries to do something wrong.
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So I'm crossing the sea Musa alayhis salam he was to go to manteau for a meeting with Allah subhanaw taala. And remember the prophets of Allah sent him he was also called up to the seven heavens right Mira lodge why, in order to be given a very important instruction, Musa alayhis salam was called on Mount Bucha to be given important instructions as well. mozarella Salam. When he went to Mount Dora, he went early. All right, he made haste to go to the mountain and he left his brother huddled on a sunnah in charge over the children of Israel. Now when he arrived early in haste, Allah subhanaw taala asked him woman or agenda and what made you hasten and Komik from your people? Yeah. Musa

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Musa, meaning how come you rushed away from them? How come you left them? How come you came early? It seems as though mozarella Saddam was meant to bring Bani Israel as well. Or at least some of them. But you know, when there is a large group of people, this is an entire nation, an entire community that is traveling together, then what happens? You slow down, right? Is there any difference between traveling all by yourself and traveling with six of your family members? Forget about traveling getting out of the house. Right? So Musa alayhis salam what happened? He left the Bani Israel because obviously there were slowing him down. He was eager to go to Mongolia and speak

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to Allah subhanaw taala he wanted to hear him he wanted to receive the treasure that Allah was going to give him so he left the Bani Israel eel, but he didn't just leave them to fend for themselves. He appointed how rune or the his sunnah as leader. And he also advised how gnarly Salam was to how to guide them and how to lead them. But when he got there a loss panthella asked him why Wilma or Angelica and comida Musa Paula musalla Salam said whom Allah II they are Allah is from Gula Iike Alright, Allah IDOs. So they are either a hurry, they are upon my Ethel, what is a thought? Tracks, all right. So for instance, a person is walking, and when he has walked, what is he going to leave

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behind footprints. And that is what I thought. All right. And also from this is also used for effect, or trace over here refers to trace my track, meaning they are right behind me. I didn't leave them at the sea. I didn't leave them very far the right behind me. They have arrived and they're settled near the mountain. And the reason why I came early, were our Gil to a Laker and I came rushing to you rugby Oh, my Lord liqueur, ba. So that you would be happy, you would be pleased. I rushed to you to make you happy.

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Because when you go early, alright, somewhere for a meeting for an appointment to see somebody. What is it short that you are very interested in that meeting? Right? You're giving importance to that person. But when you come late, what does that show? You don't really care. Right? So what I did to La Karabi later, but I came early to you, my lord, so that you would be happy with me. And this is something that we can apply to our lives as well. That when the time for something begins, that don't delay. So for instance, when it comes to Salah when it comes to you know, seeking knowledge when it comes to performing a good deed, then don't delay unnecessarily. Don't be lazy. Just do it.

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Do it early in a timely manner. seeking Allah's pleasure. Allah, Allah subhanaw taala set for him now than indeed we got fatahna we have tested karma your people, men, Bardic after you. Meaning when you love to your people, your people were put to a test. Why?

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What's the answer? Why would Allah subhanaw taala does the Bani Israel

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to test their faith but why? Why does the Bani Israel

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okay, okay, these are all correct answers. Why are we tested? Because life is a test.

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All right. This life is a test. When Allah gives a blessing when Allah takes a blessing away. Whenever circumstances change, when they improve or when they become difficult. Allah is testing us through one way or another. No, you will think the Bani Israel their test is just over because they have just been freed. Right? They were being patient over the persecution that we're facing and now Al Hamdulillah they're free their test is over. No. One test is over and now another will begin. Remember this in life, that whenever things are good

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Then a new test is coming up.

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Whenever things are good, a new test is coming up and whenever things are bad you are in a test for sure. You know, like on one of the lower on who said that Berlina Bismillah e FF possible now that we were tested through difficulty and we were patient, but when we were tested through ease, we were not patient. No bouboulina bit the raw a for Savarna. We were tested through difficulty we were patient because we recognize that as a test and ease we didn't consider that to be a test but we were also being tested over there. So anyway,

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for inner pod fatahna coma coming Bardic were Ebola homo Samory, and samedi who was samedi a man who was with the Bani Israel either he was from the Bani Israel or he was an additional low Arland. There's a huge discussion over this and I'm not gonna go into that because it's not relevant to us whether somebody was an Israelite or he was not a man by the name of samedi. He led the Bani Israel astray, meaning the Bani Israel failed the test. So for Roger and Musa, so Musa and Islam returned Isla Khomeini to his people, when did he return after 14 Nights, because remember that this appointment was for initially 30 nights and then it was extended to 14 nights and musalla Santa, he

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was given the total he was given the total written on the tablets Allah, written by Allah subhanho wa Taala himself, Allah and for 14 Nights Musa al salaam, he kept himself busy in the worship of Allah subhanaw taala focused or better, with no distractions, nothing at the end of this Musa listen, I was told your people failed the test that we put them in.

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So in a way Musar izannah was being prepared that when you go back, you will see something very different. So be ready for that. Follow Dr. Musa Illa call me he was sorry the sound returned to his people carrying the Allah and how was he you got

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a Sefa he was angry, he was upset. Look burn. Does it remind you of a word? A hug ban or man? Same pattern right? Or man is very, very, very merciful. Without ban is very, very, very angry. Like so angry. You don't want to go near that have been extremely upset. And Asif Asif we have done this word earlier. What does it mean? It's a combination of grief and anger, grief and anger. Like you're, you're feeling really sad about something and at the same time you're angry.

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You're very sad and you're angry, you're upset. How angry and upset and grieved was Musa Sinha that when he reached his people, he saw the Bani Israel eel in the Quran we learn he threw the Aloha. Imagine he just put them down and he went straight to his brother huddled artists and then he grabbed him by his beard in his head. What were you doing? Why didn't you stop them? He was so angry. He was so furious.

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Kala he said he told me all my people, Allah mureed kumara Bukom did your Lord not promise you were then Hassan in a good promise?

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Why do you think I was away? I went because Allah had promised a good promise for you. And what was that? The promise of guidance? I went to receive guidance I went to bring instruction, the Torah for you. What were you doing here?

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Let me read the Komarov book Anwar, then Hassan Alfa Tala or did fatahna first then Tala it became too long or lay come for you a lot to the term Bala from the letters thought well LEM tool tool is to be long

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and the word

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is used for a promise but it's also used for time over here gives the meaning of time because every promise for its fulfillment is a time isn't it?

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Right for the fulfillment of every promise is a time it's fixed. So for instance, you tell somebody I promise next week I'll get this done. I promise by next year I'll get this done so I have is used for time as well as promise. So have a call are really cool earth then was the time to long for you.

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Meaning I only went for 14 Nights. Was that too long? That you forgot the basics of your religion? You forgot the hate what were you doing a photon our Lakewood Ranch? Um or a lot Doom you intended? You want it and your handler alaykum that it should flood open on you hurt a bone Mira become anger of your

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Lord, for love to mow ready. So you went against my promise, which promise did they make with Musala salaam that they would obey him? Right. So in other words Musa alayhis salam because remember when he went, what happened? What was the test? How did somebody lead the people astray? He made a calf. All right, a golden calf, and the people began worshipping it. Right? They took it as an idol. So when Musa Sam came back, he was angry when he saw them in idol worship. And He admonished them. He said, I went for the fulfillment of a promise that was made for your sake.

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I wasn't chilling. You don't like if you go to work? All right, you go to do something, and you come home and there is a disaster at home? What would you say? What would you say you'd be upset, rightfully upset. That just because I was aware, that doesn't mean you become so irresponsible. I wasn't hanging out, I wasn't wasting my time. I was busy doing something for you. You know, for instance, a father, he says, I was working all of this time, for your sake to bring money for you. And this is what you do in my absence. This is what you do you act so irresponsibly.

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So the Buddy is trying to behave in a similar manner. And then Musa Sam says there could only be two explanations for what you did. Either you thought you considered that time while I was gone to be too long. Because initially, he had gone for 30 days, right? But then when he was there was extended to 14 Nights. They said either you thought it was too long. You couldn't wait for me anymore. You thought I have forgotten you and I'm not coming back. So you should do something for yourself. And you thought Allah doesn't care for you. So you should just make an idol for your worship. That time was too long, because you see when when a long period passes, and you're waiting, waiting, waiting,

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and nothing happens. What do you do? You say, You know what, I'm going to do something for myself now.

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So for example, you tell your mother, can you please buy this for me? She says, okay, okay. Okay. Every time you ask her, okay, okay. Okay. A month goes by then you're like, you know what, I think I have to do something myself. She's not gonna get it. I have to get it myself. Just as an example, right? You ask your brother to help you move something out of your room.

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He says, Okay, on the weekend, we can come he's nowhere to be found. He says, Okay, next weekend, do three weeks go by then what happens?

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What do you do? You say, You know what, I have to do something myself, because you gave up on him. So in other words, Mozart Islam is saying, Did you give up on me? Did you give up on Allah?

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If at all are equal?

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Or the other explanation to what you did is that you didn't care about Allah so you didn't mind being punished. Allah tomb and your Hillel a lot of them will rot because you didn't mind being punished. What were you thinking? Why did you do this? Follow the money Islam eel, they replied, making up an excuse ma have no we did not break your promise. Mouth left now. We did not go against mower indica your promise mower it while we're in done. We did not go against your promise be Malkina by our own will melt meme lamb calf. Any word comes to your mind MALK milkier. Ownership. Right authority power. So over here Mulk means authority. We didn't do this by our own authority,

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our own accord our own will. It just so happened.

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We didn't do it deliberately. In other words, yeah, we didn't make the calf. And we didn't worship it deliberately. It just so happened. So what do they come up with? what excuse do they give? They said what I can now but we human now we were made to carry. I was out on burdens. Oh Zod is a Florida wizard, a very heavy burden. We were made to carry burdens, what burdens were they that we were carrying men Xena tail comb from the Xena of the people what is Xena adornment? All right, and what are they referring to gold jewelry, alright, or precious jewelry that belong to the people of Iran. They said we were carrying it and we were sick and tired of carrying it. So fuck off. Nah, we

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threw it from pada cough. They'll remember the word faculty fee by the fire to throw. So we threw it, meaning we threw it in the fire so that it would burn Psychedelica and thus Alper samedi samedi, he threw it meaning he put it together. We just threw that gold in order to get rid of it. And samedi he alcohol, alcohol? You don't remember the word alcohol like the magicians they threw

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Right, but it also signifies that they produced they produced their magic that demonstrated their magic so simony he produced the scarf then

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right he did the skillfully Funkadelic summary. Now what is this? Some nourishes they tell us that the Bani Israel when they left Egypt,

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secretly at night they took along with them the gold and valuables of the Egyptians meaning whatever they could take the ticket. All right. And on settling down when we saw this and I went, huddle notice and I was with them they settled down, I wonder is that I'm realized what the Bani Israel had. They had the gold and precious valuables of the Egyptians. So he instructed the Bani Israel that no, this is something that you're not allowed to keep. This doesn't belong to you, you should not have it. You have to burn it. You have to get rid of it. All right, you have to burn it. It's not correct for you to possess the belongings of other people and remember that the priests nations

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if they ever acquired any war booty, so for instance, any wealth that belonged to their enemy, if they got their hands on it, what were they supposed to do? Collect it and burn it.

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Remember this, so this is a reason why hold on our Listen, um, he told them. Everybody bring this wizard that you've been carrying and hiding all this gold and jewels of the Egyptians and burn everything. So that threw everything in the fire and samedi being a craftsman. What did he do? He put it in the form of a golden calf.

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All right. So this is what happened. Now, other say other say that these jewels zenithal comb, it was actually their own? Because think about it, if you were to leave home, all right, in the middle of the night, and you're told you're leaving forever, you're not coming back, what would you take with you?

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What would you take with you? Your most precious belongings, right? Which means that if there's a piece of furniture that weighs, you know, for instance, 100 kilograms, okay, solid wood or whatever, and it's original, and it was for 1000s of dollars, you're not going to carry that. Why? Because it's too big. It's too heavy. What are you going to carry something that is a value? And it's also easy to carry? Correct? And what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Money, cash and jewelry, gold? Right? And this really shows to us what the priorities of a people are. Because what you take with you, means most to you.

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If you had to leave all of a sudden, what would you take with you think, what would you take with you?

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Something that matters? Most? For some people, perhaps it's their computer?

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Right? For other people, it's, I don't know, books, okay. Mashallah. Very good. You know, she, even Taymiyah when he was little, that that our Mongols they were invading the Muslim world, right. And they received news in the city of Babylon. That's where they used to live, that the thoughts are coming, so leave, so they have to leave quickly. So his family, you know, what they took with them, books, they put all their books, their library on a cart, and they were pulling or pushing that cart themselves, because they didn't even have animals to do that for them. And there came a point where the cart wouldn't move. Because, you know, the wheel got stuck in something that I thought were very

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near. So the entire family, you know, got busy in making draw. And amazingly, their cart, you know, it was freedom and they kept going. So the only thing that took with themselves was their books, because that is what was of most value to them.

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What you take with you, what you keep with you, shows what you give importance to and really shows what your life is worth.

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It shows what you've been striving for what is most important to you what your heart is most attached to what your goals are. So check, what is it that I love? What is it that I'm most concerned about that it should be hidden in a locker? It should be hidden under my bed or it should be hidden somewhere so that no burglar will ever find it.

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Right? So the bunny is slightly ill they took their gold with them. All right. And when they took it now, what happens is that when you're traveling, and what you have with you, even if it has a lot of value, what happens after some time?

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What happens he wants to throw it because you're tired of carrying it. You're tired. You know, this is why when you're packing your suitcase, you're like, is there any more space? Is there any more luggage allowance? Can I fit more stuff somehow? But then when you reach the airport and when you find out that you've missed your flight in

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You have to stay at the airport overnight. What do you want to do with all that luggage?

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Get it out of my sight. I don't want to carry it. I don't want to know it. I don't want to see it. You back to yourself. But you don't want it anymore because it's become a burden on you. So the same thing happened with the Bani Israel. They were tired of carrying their stuff. So what happened? Somebody said, You know what? You're tired of all of this. Give it to me. Remember those idols we saw?

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Musa is gone. Who knows he might never come back. Give this gold to me. I'll make something for you. I'm very skillful. You just give me a chance. I'll make something for you. So this is what happened. They were carrying the Ozar mean Zenith cone of NASA they threw it meaning into the fire to burn it for Psychedelica Alka ceremony and samedi you produced this Gaff. So you understand the two explanations All right, for a holiday home so he produced for them he extracted for them who samedi or insulin, a calf Jessa then that had a body

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meaning it was a statue of a calf, and this regional Lucha, it would even make a sound Hua Hall while

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the sound of a calf allowing sound moving sound.

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How did this calf make sound? How? One explanation is that it was hollow from the middle. Alright, so when the wind would blow through it, it would make us out. All right.

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And it's also possible samedi maybe he knew some kind of magic or something, Allahu Allah. He did something. And because he was a skilled man, and at that time, such things were common. So whoever forgot who so they said Heather Illa hokum this is your God. Worship this idol worship the scarf, what Isla Musa and the God of Musa meaning Allah subhanaw taala fantasy he forgot who forgot samedi, forgotten.

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samedi, forgot Allah subhanaw taala and this is the reason why he showed the people the calf and he said look people this is your God worship this calf.

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This I can also be understood as follow the Bani Israel said Heather Allahu Allahu Musa. This is your God and also the god off Musa you know this is that God that Musa has been talking about this calf is the one that sent Musa and this calf is the one that parted the sea for us. This calf is the one that saved us.

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Heather ilaha illa, who Musa fantasy, so he forgot who

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who forgot somebody forgot the truth that it was ALLAH who saved the people. It wasn't this idol. It wasn't the scarf that they had just made themselves or in some have said the fantasy meaning Musa forgot meaning Musa forgot to tell you

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who's ever got to tell you and see he has still not returned. So he's forgotten you he's forgotten. Everybody so you know what, let's do something ourselves. Allah says a fillet Your Honor. Did they not see Allah that not? Yo Giroux, la him? This calf it would not return to them colon a word. Yes, It made a sound but that sound was just a sound. It wasn't any words.

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You understand? The calf? It made a sound and that is basically what impressed the Bani Israel. That is what sold it. All right. This is what they were most impressed by. Look, it makes a sound. Wow. Allah says okay, it made a sound but it wasn't words. It wasn't speech. Anything can make a sound like that. A bird chirps or real cow moves better than this. Right? So how could they worship it? Well, I am Liko. And if they had used their mind, they would have realized that this gaff, it does not possess love them for them to run any harm will NFR nor any benefit. It didn't harm them. It didn't protect them from any harm. It didn't bring them any benefit. You know, there are many things

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that we are deceived by, we fall in love with them.

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We chase them we pursue them. But if you really analyze it, what is its worth? What is its worth? What value what meaning does it bring to your life? What benefit does it bring to you? What harm does it save you from nothing?

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The benefit is minimal.

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And you know, it seems very foolish what the Bani Israel did you make a calf yourself and you say it is God and you are very impressed by the sound that it makes. You know, the picture that comes to your to my mind is of a toy. You know, you press a button and it makes a noise. And somebody's like, wow, this plastic thing talks amazing.

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And they start worshipping it. What would you think of a person

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And who does something like that? That it seems very foolish. Right?

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So, we behave in a similar way as well.

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When we are impressed by the things of this world and we forget Allah subhanaw taala and so we are chasing the things of this dunya while we have forgotten Allah, and we look exactly like the bunnies, right, exactly what they did. Well occurred and certainly Carla whom held on to her own had said to them before men kabru from before, so Allah subhanaw taala explains over here, the Bani Israel they fell into this fitna, the fifth note of the angel of the calf. And it wasn't that How old are listen I'm didn't warn them. Because some of them will have may have said that the excuse that is mentioned over here that the Bani Israel gave that all we just wanted to get rid of all the

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jewelry, and it was becoming such a burden for us. We just intended to burn it. But samedi look what he made out of it. So this is why we began worshipping it just so happened. So Allah subhanaw taala refute their excuse over here. No, it didn't just happen. You knew what was happening. Because how rune warned you.

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Harun warned you, you know, it's like if your parents are away, and you're at home, just kids. And you're like, let's party. All right. And then what do you do you call all your friends over? Anybody that you can, and you order any food that you can? And then what happened? Some of your friends, they appeared they end up doing something at your house that is very irresponsible, unacceptable. And then when your parents come you get into trouble.

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Right? Now, if your older brother, for example, he said don't do that. Why are you calling that person? Why are you calling this person? How are you going to fit 50 people in the house? Are you crazy? Did you ask Mom, you should at least tell them? If they warn you. Then you know what this was not an accident. You are responsible because somebody warned you. So Allah refused the excuse of Bani Israel. And he says well, Carla, whom have warned him in Kabul haven't warned them that yeah, call me all my people in the mafia Tintin Bay. You are being tested through it. This is a fitna the Scaff okay, it's very impressive. It's gold. Somebody has made it. Whatever. It's a test. We're in

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Nara back home and indeed your Lord, he's a man he's the most merciful. samedi forgot Allah and Harun al Islam reminded the people of who Allah is in Nanbu como Rahman. This idol is not your God. Your Lord is our man for Tubby Rooney so follow me do what I am doing. Don't worship this calf don't listen to somebody will I'll tell you somebody and obey my order because I have been appointed as a leader over you. So listen to me. Follow but what was the response of the Bani Israel they said? Len Nebra her Isla here are caffeine law Nebraska we will never cease meaning we will always remain law Nebraska buddy harlotry means to depart to leave.

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Right to leave. So law Nebraska we will never leave meaning we will always remain in this condition. We will continue to we will remain Aki Fein ones that are devoted, devoted to work to the worship of the scarf. In other words, we're not going to stop Hatha until yo Dr. Elaina. Musa until Musa returns to us. Meaning if Musa returns, then we can believe in his God. But if he doesn't return, then please let us do what we're doing. We're not going to stop. So when Musa alayhis salam returned, and when he saw the great matter that had taken place among them, Tala he said Yeah, Harun o Haroon Menaka What prevented you What stopped you Israel at home blue, when you saw them going

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astray? When you saw the Bani Israel going astray when you saw them making the calf? And when you saw them worshiping it, What stopped you alert that tyranny that you would not obey me you would not follow me?

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Meaning I left you with some instructions. Why did you not follow me? A few hours later unreal. Did you disobey me? Now the question is what were the instructions that most artists and I'm left alone with? What did he tell him? We learned in total? Arafa 142 That mozarella Salam he said to his brother Harun, Oh, love me for you call me be a leader in my people, meaning when I'm gone, you are in charge. We're asleep.

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And do Islam.

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Meaning whenever there's a problem, fix it. Whenever people are doing something wrong, correct them. Whenever they're going astray. Guide them one at a time here and do not follow subito moves in the way of those who cause mischief meaning people who cause mischief

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Don't listen to them. So most of our listener gave this advice to her own or listen him before he left to the mountain. All right. So Musa listen, I'm returns and he sees the bunnies sly eel. In that condition. He asked, How rude. Why did you not do your job properly? You know, so for instance, your parents are gone, you throw a huge party at home. Who do you think they're going to ask first? The older brother, where were you? What were you doing? Why did you not stop them? Why did you not tell us? So likewise, musasa first and foremost, he held who accountable? Who Harun RNA sent him, he said Mama Naka, Israel Aidan Balu. A letter to barony of our cytometry. Did you disobey my order?

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Why didn't you listen to me? Why didn't you do your job properly? Allah Haruna listen, I'm Sid yerba OMA Oh, son of my mother. Look at this. Yeah. Oh, even a son of my mother. Why did he say this? Oh, son of my mother. Why?

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Okay to calm him down and also to soften his heart.

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He said all son of my mother let the whole Billy hear t don't seize me by my layup. What is Lucha beard? Don't grab me with my beard. When I do not see, nor by my head. It's as though he's saying what are you doing? Do you realize what you're doing? I know you're very angry. But you're holding me in by my head and my beard. Can you imagine? Just imagine a man his beard and his head is being held. You can imagine how angry mozzarella Salam is and how strict he's been with how to learn, isn't it? So don't listen, I'm says Don't hold me by my beard or my head. Listen to me. In the indeed I cushy to I was afraid. And the cooler that you would say for Raka. You cause division

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between a Bani Israel between the children of Israel? While I'm thorough poli, and that you did not wait for my word. That is from the root letters of all of BA. Right? And rock Eva? What does it mean? RockTape is to be watchful, right to regard attentively. So Musa Salam had left held on with some words. So he said that if I pressurize the Bani Israel to listen to me, then what would happen? There would be a greater chaos. And then you would tell me that I didn't listen to you.

00:32:41 --> 00:32:54

Because you told me to do is law. Right? So in other words, what how onerous and I'm saying is that the situation got out of hand. So I thought it was best to wait for you.

00:32:55 --> 00:33:14

I thought it was best to wait for you. I stopped them. I stopped them, I did my best. But if I were to stop them, firmly and harshly, then what would happen? Some people would rebel against me. And that would cause the Bani Israel to become divided.

00:33:15 --> 00:33:18

That would cause them to raise weapons against each other.

00:33:19 --> 00:34:03

For some reason, when it comes to faith, when it comes to God, or matters of religion, people become extremely emotional over there. They become very defensive. And what happens they don't care about one another, they raise weapons against each other. Right? Or sometimes what happens is that when they're defending themselves, they oppose each other. How? By raising weapons. So how long are listen, he said, I stopped them at the beginning. But when they didn't listen to me, then I stopped. I did not tell them anymore. I thought it was best to wait for you. Because if I pressurize them, then they will turn against me. And if they will turn against me Bani Israel will be divided. And

00:34:03 --> 00:34:06

then we would be in greater fitna.

00:34:07 --> 00:34:08

You understand

00:34:09 --> 00:34:21

that sometimes it happens that you see somebody doing something wrong. What is your duty, you stop them, right? So you tell them, please don't do this. They don't listen to you.

00:34:22 --> 00:34:53

So then you try again, please don't do this. They don't listen to you. You try again. They don't listen to you. Then what do you have to do? Mind your way, mind your own business and leave them in some situations. Why? Because if you don't leave them, you're going to make them turn against you. Then that house that family, it's not going to be a safe place anymore. People are going to be hostile with each other. And you you see this, you know for instance, a mother telling off her daughter wear your hijab.

00:34:54 --> 00:34:59

Go put your hijab on Change your clothes, but what happens does a daughter even

00:35:00 --> 00:35:02

Listen, if you will roll up her eyes and walk away.

00:35:03 --> 00:35:16

Right? Now there's a an argument over clothes. And then tomorrow when the mother is trying to tell her eat halal or don't do this or do that she doesn't want to listen at all. She's completely blocked off her mother.

00:35:17 --> 00:35:26

Right? So this teaching is a very, very important lesson in life. When you're dealing with people who are not willing to listen,

00:35:28 --> 00:35:36

then hold yourself back. Give them some space, give time, give time. Hopefully things will resolve.

00:35:38 --> 00:35:46

But don't pressurize because if you will do that, you will cause a greater problem. You will cause a greater fitna

00:35:47 --> 00:35:55

and this has happened too many times unfortunately. That where it starts off with something very small.

00:35:56 --> 00:36:12

You know, in Are you in between parent and teenage child and what happens? That small problem, it becomes so big that the daughter doesn't want to see the mother and the mother doesn't want to see the daughter. They don't know each other anymore. It started off with one small argument.

00:36:13 --> 00:36:26

This doesn't mean that you are accepting the wrong hardware. Listen, I'm didn't mean that okay, the shit that you're doing is okay, no, he made it clear. This is something that you should not be doing. But when they saw that they weren't listening at all. There's no point in telling them

00:36:28 --> 00:36:40

no point telling them so just wait, wait for who? For the return of Musashi Sinha. So likewise, in life sometimes it happens that you have to wait for things to change for someone to grow out of affairs.

00:36:42 --> 00:36:58

And then hopefully things will improve. So he said that I waited for you in another place in the Quran. We learn color even oma in the midst of our phony my people oppressed me What can I do? Yep. To no need they were about to kill me.

00:36:59 --> 00:37:41

Meaning if I kept stopping them, they would have killed me. So I had to, you know, let them be because otherwise I was putting my life in danger. What do we see over here? How old are my son and what was his main goal? To do is law to reform right? To improve things? He stopped people from shit but when they did not listen, he stopped because if it's law is forced upon people, then it turns into facade. Remember this one is law is forced upon people it doesn't remain this law anymore it turns into a facade. And this is wisdom that we learned from the prophets of Allah something very important. Recitation will

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