Tahir Wyatt – Dua Qunoot How to Transform Your Witr – Ramadan Duas on Repeat #05

Tahir Wyatt
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hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah bad. Have you ever prayed what's behind the Imam at the masjid? And when the Imam begins the minute you just say I mean during the pauses you don't really understand that though either he's making or maybe you yourself are making dua you memorize the DUA and you don't really know what it means you're just saying the DUA well we want that to change we want this Ramadan to be a Ramadan where you really feel the due app when when you say Amin you mean oh Allah answered this prayer

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so inshallah what we're going to cover today is the famous dua that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam taught his grandson of Hassan Ali Allahu Tida. And who to say and that do i is Allahumma Dini female todate wife any female athlete? What's our linear female tell we're late? We're barely leave female pleat will kini shuffle America baked in Nikita V. What are your barlick in the hula the lumen while eight to about a total burner which I lead. This dua includes five requests from ALLAH SubhanA, who was added the first of those requests as a request for guidance Allahumma Dini female headache, all along, guide me amongst those whom you have guided. Look at this do I Subhanallah the do i starts

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off asking Allah for guidance. Now you're making this do a keynote, which means that you've already pre made 17 obligatory rockets that day, and then some rockets for whatsit or pm a layer. So you've asked Allah already during the day for guidance, and sorbitol fatty has several times throughout the day. And yet here we are, again, asking ALLAH SubhanA which Allah for guidance. And that's because guidance is essential in every aspect of our lives. We need ALLAH SubhanA who were to add his guidance. For everything that we do, we need to las pantallas guidance in the next slide. That part there I think most of us understand. But there's a part of this to add that is often skipped over.

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And that is fee men who date guide us amongst those whom you have guided this is very similar to what we say so little Fatiha when we say Dena slotum stuffie guide us along the straight path, that straight path at this particular point in the do app. And when we're asking for guidance, is somewhat abstract is somewhat theoretical, until we say siolta, Latina and untidy him The path of those whom you have favored. Now, that path becomes something that is not abstract. Because we know those whom Allah Subhana Allah has favored from the prophets, and from the sincere and truthful and from the martyrs and from the righteous. And so by studying their lives, we now have a blueprint, we

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have a roadmap to what guidance actually looks like. Similarly, when we say guide us among those who have guided than we think about those whom Allah subhana wa Tada has actually guided and this shows us the importance of having a role model or role models when we talk about guidance, not just some abstract theoretical path, but actually a path that is well trodden so that we can be in the lab travel that path that is pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala add. The second request is for that have a laugh here, which we normally translate as well being. We're asking ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada to grant us well being physically, mentally, spiritually. Now a lot of times when we make this to our

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when we think about well being, everybody kind of knows that they want to be well physically and mentally, what may not immediately come to mind is spiritual well being. And that is something that we should not neglect to think about. When we're making do I see when we making do is not just something that we're saying off of our tongues, we actually supposed to be thinking about the things that we're saying, we're supposed to be recalling these meanings. So we're asking for Apphia we want to be healthy, both our physical and mental health, but we also want to be spiritually healthy, free from the diseases of Shubo hat that is doubts and free from vain desires showered the third request

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is a very interesting request. You're asking Allah subhanahu wa atta to be your close ally, to be a close companion. What's a well Lenny V mentor, we're late and befriend me amongst those whom you have befriended. What does it mean for ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada to be your Welly to be your

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protector or to take you as a worthy and so there's a companionship there. Allah Subhana Allah talks about this in the Quran. When he says Allah who will lead your loving em and your read your home and have the automatic will and nor Allah is the Wali of those who have faith he takes them out of darkness into the light. So when Allah subhana wa to Allah is your companion or your ally when he is your wali and he befriends you, then any dark situation that you are in Allah Subhana Allah will bring you into the light and who are these people? And in odia Allah learn hopefully him well elmia has an own Alladhina Amman what can we add to * and D, the odia of Allah, they will not have any

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fear, nor will they be sad. Then Allah says who they are and Medina, Eminem, those who believe or Kenya to whom and who had tough luck. What are we striving for? In this month of Ramadan? We're striving for Taqwa. Right? So this to add when we ask ALLAH SubhanA Tada to be our relief. We're asking that Allah subhana wa Tada. Increase us in our faith and make us people of Taqwa. The fourth request is that Allah Subhana Allah, bestow baraka and everything that He has given us, will barely leave female athlete. Well, what does that exactly mean that Allah Subhana Allah put back in it? When Allah azza wa jal puts Baraka in something, he stabilizes it and causes it to develop and to

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grow. Nourish is that thing. So you have Baraka in your time, for example, an hour for you, maybe like three hours for somebody else because Allah Subhana Allah has put Baraka in your time. When Allah puts Baraka in food, you may only have a little bit, but it suffices so much the prophets Eliasson talked about the baraka that's in support, right? By eating the support, sometimes you only eat a very little bit for support, but it lasts throughout the day. Any other time of the year you eat that, you know, you eat that little bit amount of food, and it's not going to suffice you. And so this is what Baraka is, but but notice here, you're saying what vertically female takes and put

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back in everything that you have given me. Well, is there something that you had that wasn't given to you by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Everything that we have, tangible or intangible was given to us by loss of habitat. One may be common net Mateen, Furman Allah, whatever blessing you have, whatever net you have is from Allah, your hearing, your sight, your ability to taste, your time, your wealth, your children, all of that is from Allah subhanho wa Tada. When Allah puts Baraka in those things, he stabilizes them for you, and he causes them to develop and this is what we're asking ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. When we say what barely leave him out, eat. Bless me in everything that you have

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given me. Most people can think of something that has happened to them that they initially thought was bad, only to later see the wisdom of Allah subhana wa to add in that thing. These are things that we may dislike, but evil is a totally different matter. Evil is how we respond to those afflictions and calamities and things that may happen that we think are bad. So if we respond by losing trust in Allah subhana wa Tada or being dissatisfied and not content with his decree, then this is evil. Likewise, Allah Subhana Allah has given mankind the ability to obey or disobey Him. So this obedience even though it occurs by loss of handle attached his will, is not pleasing to Allah.

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It is the evil of what he has decreed. So in this prayer, we're seeking refuge with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada from the evil of disbelief and idolatry and murder and adultery and all other forms of disobedience to a laws panel. Let's

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