When the Prophet Muhammad married to Maria

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When the Prophet Mohammed Aslam married Madea Madea, the Coptic Marissa, she's the only wife who's not from the upper peninsula. Marissa was where was she from? Or she was from Egypt. She used to live in Egypt. The other ones were from Arabia, from Arabia from the, you know, the desert. So when the Prophet married Madea

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Where did she live? She did not live with the prophet in Medina, or in the image of the neighbor, we were the message whether the house of the Prophet is now he chose a different house for her a different place for her out in the outskirts of Medina, where the trees are the palm trees, the green, the lakes, why because Madea came from an area known to have trees known to have you know, greens and whatnot. So the Prophet understood her standard of living, if your wife Mashallah comes from a very, you know, high standard of living, if you're the husband, you can try to at least mimic that standard of living. This is very important for the for the for the spouse, if you can

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inshallah, if you can earn or afford to

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provide her with a similar standard of living.

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Number three, another thing that will improve your relationship with your spouse is something called patience, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, patience Subbu.

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Especially brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen, in the first year or two years of marriage, you need that patience so much. Why because this is the time where you guys are getting to know one another.

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Before you used to sleep on the phone talking to her.

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You would call her maybe every day talking to her on the phone for like 657 hours. As soon as you hang up, you send out a text message, I miss you.

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And after you get married, what happens? You still talk to you on the phone like that, you know what's happened to that frequency?

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Stop calling Why?

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You need lots of patience in the beginning, as you are learning about one another.

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There was this sister who came to me once and she says

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I want divorce. I said Why? I said my husband snores

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I swell she says my husband snores I'm sick of his snoring. I said sister Come on.

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Come on.

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Be patient. Be patient, you know, at some point in Sharla you know, you will love your husband snoring

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it would be like a lullaby to put you to sleep sometime you know when you get used to it use this honey honey please snow snow, please.

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But you have to be patient.

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Don't just you know for anything I want divorce.

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There was a guy when I was in the by the house.

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You know his wife came to us to give to his her father, Dad, I married an animal.

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Every time there is a conflict or a problem, he bites me.

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This guy is higher

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as an animal.

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So we came and then we said we want to talk to this guy. What's wrong with you, man? If you go back to your wife, What's up with you? He says I'm only doing what Allah told me to do in the

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US Excuse me? He says yes, I'm following the love of Allah says to bite them in the plan. say show me Show me.

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Show me.

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He says the ISS we're lucky to have Susana phalguna.

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And those those her father will understand you have to understand it to be able to understand what I just said. Well let it happen. Fernando Susana, fall.

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He misread it Alesis and those that you feel rebellion from give them admonition, talk to them. In Arabic Allah says fight buena. ohana means give them admonition. He read it for old hoonah in Arabic agunah means by them