Riad Ouarzazi – The World of Jinn #2

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the creation of the existence of God and the confusion surrounding the worship of the Prophet Muhammad. It also touches on the worship of the goddamn beast and the fear people have of humans. The segment ends with a discussion of the worship of the goddamn beast and the worship of the goddamn beast. The segment also touches on the belief that people are too scared to avoid them and that they like to live in filthy, dirty, and filthy places.
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Then we can create some sort of, you know, things happening here.

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All right now, next week All right, yeah, good. gin were created before men. gin were created before men was the evidence we have the evidence from the return handler we'll talk about it is undone sooner and sooner and sooner by so the jinn were created

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before men allies though just says

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what about the final final in Santa min Saul saw him in hammer he must know what

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Pablo mean.

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Well john Hakuna who mean?

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You see can you read here in Arabic? Well, Jenna so Allah Xhosa says in the Quran

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that we created the man from sound in clay from mud molded into stages and the gene race

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we have created before and the jinn race we have created before

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before so here this is the proof from the Quran that actually the jinn were created before men

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by the jinn Are they all yeah and the what kind of general day that the Muslims kaphas

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the non Muslims non Kava So what kind of religion? Do they that they have? Are they are they believers because the assumption who I believe is actually now I'm from amongst them, they are believers from them, they are Muslims from them they are he blues and any and seek and whatnot. So they adopt just like humans somehow

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they can have and they can adopt all sorts of religions. And they are of hamdulillah jinn which are or who are Muslims and you know, believers now.

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Eliza just says what I mean as a Muslim Oh, no, I mean,

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when and amongst us from a Marxist all Muslims are those who are Muslims. So yes, you know, they are jindera Muslims again.

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Some people do not believe in the existence of Shin SubhanAllah.

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Again, some of them I think it's just a myth. But the existence of my brothers and sisters is proven in the Quran, and the Sunnah, and the consensus of idols

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and the consensus of the scholars. So the creation of jinn of the existence of God is proven Alhamdulillah in the Quran, and the sooner and the consensus, and we'll talk about this and we provide a witness as well.

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What are their dwellings? Where do they dwell? Where did they like to live?

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There's been

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some people again, do not believe in the fact that there are some jinn who dwell in human bodies.

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Whereas it was proven from the Sunnah, that the jinn can dwell in human bodies.

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It was reported in this a Hadith, authenticated

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by Bukhari and Muslim and others that the Prophet Allah Salaam was approached, approached by a woman with her baby

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by if he was approached by a woman with her baby

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with that baby or her son Jani, claiming that the baby was possessed

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the Prophet alayhi salatu salam came to the approach the the ear of that of that baby of that son of that kid

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and says oh launched Abdullah for any Rasulullah

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Oh launch come out. Abdullah the enemy of Allah, I am Rasulullah

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what comes before horos my brother's

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the horse

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common sense right? You came in from that door?

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You came in from that door? No. So when you go out you go out from that door. So so the provenance system says Oh, hello shadow Allah. Yeah. And in the that the which means that the gene must have entered the person you know, this this person. So in this very particular habit, there is an evidence that actually the gym can do well in human bodies.

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We will give more than Charlotte Allah Hadith and Quran and evidence as we go on.

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Here's another Hadith that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam says this is all again reported in on Bukhari and Muslim and as soon as that the shaitaan flows through the son of Adam, as the blood flows,

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the shaitan flows through the son of Adam, as blood flows. Mm

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hmm Abu hanifa and others, these two get approached by people that that are sick once shift, Imam Ahmed

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Ahmed Kalani

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A man came to him asking him to come You know, because his son was sick

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apparently was sort of was being witchcraft or what was being hit by black magic. Imagine what gave him what

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he gave him his show he said just take my show.

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brilliantly the gin or the SE to get a Fred from share.

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To the extent that didn't need to go he would just send his his stick. Well, he should just take my steak or just take my show. They know they would smell me they don't come in and they will run away somehow Allah by the way my brothers and sisters Listen, the Xin they get afraid of you more than you get afraid of them.

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That's why when we talk about inshallah, the other one will talk about their dwellings, they like to live in very, very far places. Why? Because they're afraid of humans.

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Isn't that funny. But this is what's happening. Now the opposite is happening because people they've got this, again, is just a myth, which we're going to try to inshallah to Allah clarify. Throughout these sessions with Neela.

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They get afraid of humans, they are frightened of humans, they would like to stay away from humans.

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But we'll talk about how they get into humans how they come and try to harm humans by

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whether they like to gather whether they like to leave.

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You like to gather in ruins,

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filthy places, and clean places, such as toilets, garbage dumps. This is reported by a Buddha would later by the prophet Isaiah Sudan, they like to live in again, very, very filthy places. These are the places not dwelt by humans, you know, like, have you seen a human person who lives would like to live in a toilet? Maybe there is and then we'll talk about that maybe that person you need to check that person maybe he's hit with something. So that's why this gym they like to live in these very far places, dirty places, rooms and filthy, filthy places, garbage dumps in desert and oceans.

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They like to live in deserted places like oceans and deserts.

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And the believers of the jinn they like to live in the Muslim Buys Houses.

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Maybe in your pious house will have a Muslim living there with you. You'll be lucky to have

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a pious believers in living with you. They live in massage it

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you find them in a harem just like humans, just like humans, they'd like to live in this I'm talking about the believers you know the beliefs of the of the jinn. They like to live in places where there is the the members of Allah

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I know people or questions we've been solid Allah answers at the end all questions at the end. I know people Subhana Allah

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who for some reason they they say or they come and they say and I know this is I've experienced it with people that I know very closely.

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I was sleeping

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and all of a sudden somebody woke me up I don't know what happened.

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Somebody woke me up and and I tested myself because this person was diabetic person. I found that my blood sugar was really really really so low that I could go into the coma. But somehow something woke me up who

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we cannot say Jen, but a low data item something you know somebody woke that person up. Allahu Allah.

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Allah put back in that house.

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Allah puts back in the house with their members of allies.

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Whereas in houses where

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we've talked about them houses where there's no remember Sinhala music and pictures and whatnot. Of course, these are the the places that are you know, mostly live

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