The Treasures of The Heavens and The Earth Are With Allah #shorts

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The speaker discusses the concept of" Idaho Power" as a way to protect loved ones and their families from evil behavior. They explain that the term " Idaho Power" refers to a person named Islam who is a powerful figure and attached to various worldly events. The speaker emphasizes the importance of knowing one's guardian and being prepared for evil behavior.

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Rest assured you are in good hands, trustworthy hands, and working. Guys, lots of hundreds Allah is the One Who named himself Allah kill. Not someone describing him he subhanaw taala named himself Allah keen.

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This name is a name that we need to get attached to and get our kids attached to and our families and our loved ones attached to so that we can send serenity and peace in our hearts and minds. Knowing that our guardian the one responsible for us is Loki, subhanaw taala.

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And in worldly measures, if you just imagine this, if you knew your guardian, right, or your children's Guardian is some big shot or some generous billionaire. You're gonna be certain that you're 100% taken care of your kids are in good hands. Hello, they're in good hands. You don't have to worry about them.

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But the key here

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is the one who is over all things competent, who has the