Riad Ouarzazi – The World of Jinn #1

Riad Ouarzazi
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Missy Marina, Maria de la la la la, la la de la

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la la la la la sharika was shadow Mohammed Abdul Rasul

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Allah subhanho wa Taala como la jolla come

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What up tomato bamboo Sakamoto, Jenna tieman Zilla wa Salatu Allah Allah Decima and if he hadn't McKinney Mubarak Allah Tati, neh mana, TUV COVID, yasui, yamano, Villa Illa, vicolo.

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Brothers and sisters, I'm very honored and pleased to see you here again tonight. Tonight, I do see a lot of kids. So I just need to warn you, it's going to be quite scary. Now, just kidding.

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The purpose actually of of this topic is multifold the world of gin is such an intriguing topic. And my aim, inshallah tada is not actually to, to frighten any of you, but actually, inshallah Tada, I promise Bismillah, that by the end of the series,

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you'll be so familiar with this world, and you will have an adequate amount of knowledge about this world of gin.

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So that you can protect yourself.

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And you may as well know how to protect others as well.

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So again, it is not to frighten you or to intimidate you, but just to alarm you. And to get you to know this

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amazing world

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of this other creator of ally Xhosa

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So I don't have a presentation to just to basically help you take notes. Unfortunately, the sisters will not be able to maybe watch this presentation online. But actually what I will do, I'll pass it on to the to the brothers and they will inshallah tada uploaded onto the website, so that you can all leverage the presentation.

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So here's the agenda of what we will be talking about among the series and Salva will talk about the word of machine, their creation, their dwellings, the form, what do they eat?

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What do they like? What don't they like?

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We will also talk about the reasons of epilepsy. Why do people get sort of

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possessed and how when and what are the remedies and how do you protect yourself

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precursor to epilepsy some of the signs we'll talk about testing for witchcraft in how can you know if somebody has been witchcraft or possessed

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kinds of witchcraft in there's so many kinds of black magic

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cues from witchcraft thing we'll talk about the cute as well of course, inshallah tada and we'll talk about how to protect oneself how to protect yourself from these

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kind of witchcraft in black magic,

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and whatnot.

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And last but not least, we're talking a lot about the evil eye and how to cure yourself from the evil eye. Right? So again, I'm making this presentation. So that to help you take notes, but I do anticipate that you take your own notes inshallah, Tada. And this is again, the presentation is so brief, but try to take as much notes as you like, cuz then I'm sure you'll find them very handy. inshallah, Tada.

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There's so many books in this regard.

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actually done. abundant research in this in this field. One of the actually, greatest books in this field is a book called The world of the jinn and the devils in the light of the Quran and the Sunnah. This book is in Arabic and in English.

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The world of the jinn, and the devils in the light of the Quran and the Sunnah will explain the difference between gin and shaitan. Xin and there was is there a difference? We'll talk about it

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This book is by Shay Harmon.

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And protection from Jinan devils there's another book with pirate incentive genius shaytaan protection from Jean and there was why she had the southern barrier. That's another actually good resource if you'd like to. If you'd like to do your reading

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what does the world the word gin mean? gin, where does it come from?

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Then go Stickley. gin means to conceal something

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to hide something.

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Something and that cannot be seen.

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Something that is sort of protected that cannot be seen that is covered

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and associate

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observer Uppsala,

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this is the opposite of gin is in

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gin and ins is human and a sachet. And so from Anusha. Uppsala Uppsala means you can see

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inside as you can see, you can see humans but Jin Jin is cover is hidden,

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covered, hidden concealed.

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In Salatu, passes is number 28.

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profitable him and he said them says profit musasa he said when he was taking his family, he says

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him cuckoo in the nest tomorrow.

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He told his family

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to pause and wait. I saw and as to Nara I saw fire. So Ince is something that you can see.

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Whereas gin is something that you cannot

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I perceived fire I so fire and let's do Nara,

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Allah as OSHA says, insalata nation is number 32.

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He says, What is the anthem agenda tone phoebo Tony mahasarakham

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as your baby in the womb of your mother,

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you are hidden in the womb of your mother's is a gene Nutan Jin Jin you are hidden in the womb of your mother. Again gin is coming from the in linguistically is your your hidden you're covered. You're hidden in the in the your mother's womb you're covered in your mother's womb

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in solitude, and am I in number 76 about him. Salam says Phelan Masha Allah He lleno arco Kaaba

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furama Jana La la la la cabeza when the night covered him for the Met Jenna again. Jen Allah Hillel when the night covered him when the night covered him

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caught him over covered him over he so

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coca is some sort of galaxy some sort of star in Arabic When you say Jen, not Russian in Arabic When you say Jana Rajan in if an old boy you say the sword mage noon, mushroom is an Arabic world Miss noon. Yeah. And he

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means he lost his mind. He lost his brain. Even though crazy, he lost his brain, meaning

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his brain sort of got covered.

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So Jana is something that you cannot see. So people who come and tell you i sesion is a liar.

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But how can we sesion Can we sesion we'll talk about it as well. Can we see them in their forms? Or can we see them in some other forms? That's what we were talking about.

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Because some people know they perceive because there's this myth about the genie looking weird with the red eyes with the tails with horns with

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we'll talk about that in Charlottetown.

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Who was who was made first? Was it the insertion who did the licensure create first? Is that the gin of the ends? I need some goodies. Yes, yes. some goodies like candies like lollipops, some stuffs I can throw this when people ask my questions. I gave him stuff so if you can give me some sort of goodies, and if you have $1 store they don't have dollar store but didn't store here. You can buy and buy some bunch of goodies

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