The World of Jinn #15

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The transcript describes a jumbled mix of characters and symbols, including a contract between a woman and a general, and a discussion of men's and women's behavior towards women. The conversation touches on the topic of infertility and its impact on gene expression. The video provides examples of how people have lost their minds and become more worried about "will" and negative health and well-being. The transcript also includes information on black seed oil, marriage, and health.

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Should you contract last week?

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They've got to sign a contract between them and the general

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when you say hello, I thought

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this would be loser

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writing unreadable talismans like that always you know, as I said, you know the size and symbols they give it to you it's only

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it's only a name of allah no it's not anymore Well I believe is the name of allies though is that why would that carry through to me? Sometimes you go to the washroom even you know, forget then you go to the washroom Well, you have a ring, Mohammed, Osama,

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Allahu Akbar or something like this, and then you just, you go to the washroom with it and you have the name of a lawyer on your hand or maybe on your desk or then you put it under your pillow.

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So, this writing of this unreadable, you know, something that you can even read, that is men's into always having panic versus written upside down, all questions will be at the end.

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So, they give you some, some sort of window paper or some they call them to wheeze or talismans or whatever you want to call them, amulets

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claiming that they will protect you.

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who is the Protector,

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with your heart, the protector is

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the one who gives life is

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the one

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the one who gives dignity is the one who is

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the one who gives wealth is hope. And don't look is poverty is

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the one who makes you poor is who

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who makes your riches who the one who gives you

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take his back is oh

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everything happens with the will of Allah, nothing moves without the permission of Allah.

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Not even a single atom can move and can fall without the permission of Allah.

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The rim when it falls, it falls on this drop of rain with the permission of Allah. Allah says this drop of rain when it falls on home and even the leaves in the tree my brothers and sisters, the leaves in the trees, when they fall, they fall with the permission of Allah and how many turns they fall in the in the air of what tells them how many turns they have to find the air and where to drop them where they drop

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on the nose. Everything happens happens with the mercy and

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have this European have this EMA built in. It is not this or that or my bust on my desktop my dad lalalala know

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if they get together on

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Bukhari and Muslim.

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If the air they all get together agenda names, try to harm you but the law doesn't want to harm you. gin and gin and ainz they get together to harm you. But Allah does not want to harm you. What? You won't be harmed and if they get together, Zin, an incident.

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If they get together Jinan is trying to benefit you. And Allah does not want to be finished your benefits you get benefited.

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So, who decides here?

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Put your trust in Allah.

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Delegate your affairs to Allah.

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You'll be in good hands.

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Give me a hug.

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Everybody stand up, give hugs to each other. Sisters give hugs to each other.

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Zach from Lafayette Thank you. Thank you.

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Thank you.

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So we talked about the cue from which crafting

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with regard or visa v the

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what separation now about infertility. There is also a different location

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Ah syndrome has its own sort of opia Okay.

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But it's all from the

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NHS as a matter of fact that you can result from the good old hamdulillah.

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But this particular Ayah they've got they talk about and they have an impact on on the on the gene when you recite them, it's all about gene it's all about the some handler they've got an impact. So here's some cure.

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Although PR from from the infertility, if it's hit or if it's caused by black magic.

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record this rokeya on the tape, I will talk about the look, inshallah to Allah. Okay, I will talk about it. next slides, I'll talk about it. But record this lochia on the tape

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and listen to it at least three times a day.

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Put it in your how that and then if you have it's better if you if you have

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its phone, right? And then and then pull it and then make it as close as you can, and then listen to it. Right listen to it at least three times a day.

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I'll tell you about the Nokia. Okay, okay guys come in sha Allah and then read or listen to saw the staff at every morning.

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So let us off every morning Safford also has a lot that talks about you know the second energen

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read or listen to select a marriage before going to bed at night.

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Before going to bed at night solid marriage

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read the following verses on some black seed oil if you can find some black seed oil if you don't have black seed oil than olive oil will be handled I will be fine till the profit I sell talked about olive oil as well. In so many talks about it. In the end, what Tina was a tune is a tune the tune is on

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by so you read the following verses on some black seed oil if you be careful when you go to some bazaars they sell black or black seed oil but a lot of it is actually fake black seed oil

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Don't be fooled. Go for the real one genuine, how would you know

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i don't know but you've got to know somebody that you trust that you buy from I don't know. But they I know that there are people that sell black seed oil which is fake you can find bottles it's written black seed oil from I don't know where but it's actually it's a fake one

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apply it's in your chest once you recite these verses on the black seed oil applied on your chest, take the black seed oil and then you know somebody may or may do it for you maybe your your husband or your wife or whatnot you know can do it for you, they can go and apply it all over you buddy especially the spinal column you can this is about infertility remember, so in the spinal column, you know try to to the forehead, you know, apply this black seed oil in these organs. And in fact in fact you have

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that's a Fatiha I have to call see.

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If you can see

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the last verses of se bacala philomela emf is similar to morphine

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why to do my own physical mode to fully comprehend

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the last verses of Surah Al Baqarah until the end and the last verses of

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of Milan starting from liahona katapola Bula vinaka follow Phoebe read the last verses of Iran the last verses of bacala and the last verses of Milan starting from LA

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Lu alladhina cafaro will be dead

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and then you need and why are we that the

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way that put our hand and the three of coins the three of coins Paloma

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Venus. So you read all these verses in the black oil and the black seed oil right or olive oil and then you apply you know every day.

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onto your chest and and and and your spinal column and the place that that hurts you basically the place

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the forehead

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or if you like you know your entire body would be would be good. inshallah tada