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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the benefits of fasting during grace periods and the importance of proper documentation for individuals who die. The speakers also discuss the use of hedges for health reasons and the need for proper documentation. The conversation touches on the reward for good behavior and the proposal to give a reward for parents' goodies. The speakers emphasize the importance of honoring the Prophet's words and the legal system in Islam, as well as reciting the Prophet's words to avoid confusion and confusion about actions and intentions.
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Hello cinnabar Colombia Muhammad Anwar earlier Salam, the Sleeman Kathira Marva. Hadith number 1858 Imam and our hemma Allah Allah He is speaking about one of the matters of over here regard the obligation of the living

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upon some of the responsibilities of the dead and Hadith, I shall develop the Ranga god I've never used that Allah they will seldom matter where Allah He is someone some and who are you Mattawa his own. Some unholy Raha Bukhari Muslim. She said, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said if a person dies without observing song or fast, his well he should make it up on his behalf. Okay, what do you guys under seven the translation?

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The translation says over here if a person dies without observing song or fast his volley means someone who's conserved guardian or responsible party should make it up on his behalf. We understand from this translation, because what I'm understanding is different than what the Arabic text says. So what do you guys understand from the English translation?

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What does it mean exactly?

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Which means Ramadan, if someone dies, that first Ramadan, you need to make up those days for them. Because our means, because that's what I understood from the translation, which is completely off. That's not what the Arabic text says. The Arabic text doesn't speak about someone did not fast the month of Ramadan, you know, simply because they don't want to fast Ramadan. Because this is not a very general statement in English. It seems that if someone decided not to fast, for example, can you make it up on their behalf? Like if someone's child or someone's spouse or someone parent for 10 years, they didn't want to fast? Just didn't want to fast?

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Now, would they die? Should I make up all these days on their behalf? The transition cannot give that meaning but that's not what it is. So the Prophet says m says here, man matter of Allah he someone matter and only you if someone dies, leaving behind some of their fast that they obliged to make up. Those are the facts that you should make up on their behalf.

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That's what it means.

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Okay, but what what kind of fast we're talking about where does that mean? Let's say if someone's child, someone's parent, left few days because of illness because of travel because of their period. And then they died. So she has a days left, for example, that she needs to fast do you need to make up these days on their behalf on her behalf.

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If someone traveling for three days and then later on did not make them up and died during that year, do you need to make up these three days that she should have should have actually did this for themselves. This is actually an issue of dispute among the Allama. Although the hadith is clear, that the Prophet saw some says, If someone dies, leaving behind some of that obligatory fact that they should have made up before they died, then you should make it up on their behalf. So the hadith is clear. In terms of literal of the text, is that yes, you should. But then when you say some Andrew, what are you, you fast? You do the fast or can you compensate?

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That's when the another argument comes in. Okay, so we fast on their behalf? Or do you compensate? Which means do you feed on their behalf or some sort of fasting, some of the mothers say actually, there's no obligation on you too fast to make up the days by fasting, but other bus substitute for what is obligatory on their behalf, for example, like making up these days, because that's their data fast. For example, again, the letter, the text is clear that it should make makeup. But then there's another argument among the orlimar that says, Wait a minute, that's not for that's not for the fast of Ramadan. Because if they died during the time when they were supposed to make it up,

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then and they die, the obligation was lifted, and they died during a grace period when they were allowed to delay. So in their case, in this case, they don't have to make it up. Like for example, if someone dies between Dora Nasser,

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and he or she did not pray to her.

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They have to make it up on their behalf like to pray that door for them because they died before they made the funds for the door. They said no, you can't you don't make it on their behalf because of Hamdulillah. They're exempt because they died during a period where it was allowed for them to delay. Similarly, when it comes to the form of fasting, they die in a period where they were allowed to delay that fast. So therefore you don't have to make up that fast on their behalf. So what does it mean? What does what kind of fast is this? It means over here, if someone made another

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if someone made obligatory force fast upon themselves, like they say, Lucha Allah, un or something like that, am I Oh, Allah azza wa jal, the first three days why because of him, they heard good news about themselves about the children Hamdulillah I vow to fast three days. And then the day before they compute the fulfill that vow if you knew about it, those are the facts that you becomes obligatory on behalf to do it on their behalf.

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What are you who's the only

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overhear someone from the close the closest basically kinship. This case could be, you know, the parent could be their children, anyone from their closest family? Does that mean doesn't have to be a family member, one of the family members could not fast let's say the mother is alive and she tells for example, a friend say listen your friend or three days of fasting, I can make the manifest on his behalf. If the friend fast on his behalf, would that be okay? The answer is that she was okay. Why? Because now that was delegated to them by someone who's responsible party from this hadith, the dilemma they extended another ruling. What is it that benefits the dead from the Amal of

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the living? What benefits them? If you give charity in their name? Would they get their word for it?

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If you read Quran, and you give the reward for them, would they get that? If you fast Mondays and Thursday, do you get the they get the reward for faster for you? First, the mother isn't there if you give the reward for that to them, for example? Well, there is another issue of the Spirit mandala. Allahu Allah. The clear thing is that Allah Subhan Allah says in the Quran, who lays it in Santa Illamasqua one OSI also for Euro that every insan every son has only what they have earned, you get only what you earn. And what you earn, you're gonna see that award for them they have judgment, which means you only get what you do in your lifetime.

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Unless there is a textual evidence there is a deadly pneus from the Prophet salallahu salam from the Quran that says yes, the disease benefit from the angle of the living likewhat so we have in the Hadith clearly the dura

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hamdulillah benefits that this is a word and Salah and Abdullah, someone who is a child that makes the arm for the disease so that there are benefits to disease. What about doing Hajj on their behalf of Assam said yes. When a man says Karla Manchu Brahma says, I made my intention for sure Brahma the promises who Sugarman he does the ones my brother your Salah, Carla, her Janosik also Mahajan Shubhra you do your hedge first and then over Sugarman after that, like he asked, Did you do hedge for yourself? It is not I didn't know yet. Because then do hedge for yourself first and the next time you do hedge do for sure Brahma. Also another another Hadith A man came with the Prophet saw

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some pada Rasul Allah in Omean. Another advantage my mother she gives you vowed to go to Hajj, but she died before she fulfilled that vow about her Jana should I do that hydrophobia because yes, you can do that you should do actually for further hajj on behalf of your mother. So there are specific areas we call them to clean up which means there's an evidence and a proof to that. These are the areas where if there's a nurse that is in evidence and approved from the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that a disease will benefit from, then we practice this but anything else like for example, we will they say if you for example, read the Quran and then give the reward for

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the disease then they should get that okay, well where's the proof for this? What's the proof for that?

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If you pray 200 And you give the DA and you'll give the salah for your deceased parents for example, they will get the reward for that 200 in that car and that kind of like example no they don't because there's no evidence for this the product however, we know we know that every good deed that you do, you will find your parents if they were righteous, they will get the reward for it inshallah anyways, by virtue of your extension of your iman and doing the good deeds as a prophet so as I mentioned the Hadith call and telecasts Bukhari Arabic and you wanted to kiss boy we love you you and you're earning God's Will father and basically you're basically in this case your parents so

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hamdulillah via extension by extension they get the reward for the goodie that you do but exclusively to say I want to give this Iman for example to my parents unless there is a proven evidence then you then it wouldn't so Hajj is okay Andhra is okay the eyes okay obviously if you do anything with that mentioned how the prophets of Allah Salah then there'll be inshallah to Allah reaching the disease with Eliezer including the fast of an obligatory facts such as vomiting or whether it should be occasional data with a dispute over they're made up of the days of Ramadan because of an excuse well Allah Who data any questions

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if you fast on someone's behalf for example, someone had another and are you fast on their behalf? Do you also get reward for that? You get your own reward as well but are you gonna get the same road as they are? Allahu Ana. Now

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Absolutely, there are the benefits that they're not just from the from the from the offspring, but the profits as I mentioned in the Hadith, specifically, they

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He says call Salah Salem Fil A word and Sol Hannula are righteous chat that makes dua for them. But then when someone was in the grave, the Hadith mentioned

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call, go do the confessional and make the half brother because now he's been questioned. So that is also appreciated. And the professor mentioned also when someone dies, and it's day by their grave, the time that is enough to slaughter Campbell and distribute its meat. And you mentioned Salah salami, da and Decker and actually

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reward for doing that Allah ha, yes.

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So we mean, charity, giving cash

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sadaqa jariya now here's the thing a soda kajaria Usually a soda kajaria The best the one that is everybody agrees on sadaqa jariya which means running charity if it was formed their income from their money. What does that mean? If someone lives wealth for example, money before we distribute the inheritance for example, some other way agrees you know what we're gonna do some sort of kajaria from from their money, that is the best sadaqa you can make further decisions from their own money. But the dispute is over my money. If I put my money into a soda kajaria In the name of my father, would they get the reward for it or not? The answer is that yes, the majority will say actually they

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get the reward for it insha Allah Tala came out of Hadith interview Salah Salem.

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He was asked cholera salah, then the only filler that nessa my mother, she she died, you know, sudden death. And I know he said Lautoka limit to sadaqat. If she spoke, she would ask to give charity if other sub Kohana can I give charity on her behalf? He said nah, yes, well, okay, and you get the reward for it. Now,

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what if the deceased goes from outside of the grace period? Set? Again? What if the deceased person goes fast for Ramadan, outside of the grace period? If the deceased owes fast from Ramadan out of the grace period, which means in the last, for example, seven days of that year, they died before they made up those days, right.

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By the way, if can we get the sister microphone please?

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prior year,

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from a prior year, actually, I would say they would oh those days because Ultima they say as long as the grace period, okay. But if a person for example, in the same year delay, they made updates all the way until the narrowest period, which means seven days left for the next Ramadan to start, and they owe seven days. And then they die says you owe these seven days right now because they became obligation right now. So it's from outside

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outside the grace period, then yes, as long as there's an excuse for it. But just because you know, I wasn't in the mood. I don't want to do it or too lazy for it. That's not an excuse my law forgive them for it.

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Because they don't want to go

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back home. They have traditional, you know, cultural like doing a bomb as Rama and we have that brother that Father, what do you think the family of the deceased they give food for the for who for the magazine, those who come or give to the poor? Not even yearly, or yearly, yearly? Rosmah? You know, I see what you're saying. Well, if they do that, if the question is if a family they give the gift food every year, commemorating the death of their beloved one every year annually, if you do so this is actually part of a night that the professors and forbade forbearers doing.

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You can't do that. You should not be doing it as a matter of fact, specifically on that occasion like to come out there that's part of the night that the Prophet saw some forbearers from practicing Well, lo Tara now yes.

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So if you do sadaqa on behalf of our parents, and they are still alive Oh absolutely. If they're still alive and you want to give sadaqa from your money on their behalf like for example build a walk an orphanage or Waterworld in their name that should be financial or nah man even actually even after the death should be okay from hydrating the Vsauce about the woman who would give charity if she speaks so it's okay to do that.

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We'll get we'll get a question from it first but

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that when that when they die when they first die

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so a question over here is there's a tradition that when someone dies people that decide the first five of swords of baccarat and the last or the last two swords

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buckets, sort of mountains are meant to be I believe they said that this benefits the disease and that moment right there which is

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which is the reward for them. Allahu Allah. I mean, in terms of the disease, there is no there is no evidence from the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW said that says the disease benefit from it is from your recitation of the Quran exclusively. I mean as a parent that benefit from your being a righteous person in sha Allah Allah, but to say they benefit from every letter that you recite. There is no evidence that they actually little Hadith from the Prophet saw some to say so, as a matter of sort of sort of seeing the eyes clear. Allah subhanaw says about the Quran Kowloon theorem and kind of higher the Quran was revealed to those who are living not those who are dead. So the benefit those

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who benefit from the recitation of the Quran are the living not the dead.

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Same thing the very common practice among people is the same al Fatiha for example for the disease or even sitting in someone's house. Everybody holds a must have read one one juicer for example to make a cut on his behalf. All these things are actually already done. They're not really from the from the practice of the Sahaba gelato animada besides with all due respect, and in that moment, some people probably they would have never opened demos have before that

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some people they only hold the most have when someone dies or God knows if they're good or not. Or even they know how to recite or not. So we need to keep the Quran respected inshallah Tabata Kota Allah for the living now. Yes, this is

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my mom wants to know if my dad passed away and she wants to make put up money for him every year like you do evil. Is that something that's acceptable? Well, some other mothers say that it's okay to do that because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said Allahumma Nhuan Ali Muhammad, like he gave up here on his behalf on behalf of everybody from the from the from the home of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam which includes the living and the dead. So some of them are by extension they say it's okay to do that. Allah and I'm it's not a conclusive evidence, really, there's not a conclusive evidence. So when you make your own hair for eight, again, it's for the living the old hair or on behalf of

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your household, those who are alive, those who died, they will inshallah get that award for your goodness. They will get that award for you who did such as Australia, but to dedicate all the hair or qurbani for them, there is no conclusive evidence that's actually says said so Allah, Allah now.

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One more from the sisters good. Somebody's gonna check. My Father, I'm sorry.

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My father who passed us non Muslim, so can I give charity and make dua for him like so that Allah can have rough math on him? Well, may Allah subhana make it easy for your family or Bananaman. If someone dies as non Muslim, we don't make dua for them unfortunately, in terms of Rama, because the Prophet saw himself was banned for making that dua for his own mother. And Ibrahim Allison was banned for making dua for his own father. These are the prophets and the Gambia. Instead what we do is we just simply we try our best for the widows who stay alive from the family, to stay inshallah to Allah with them connected with them, hopefully Allah will guide their hearts or Brian will stay

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connected, whether whether

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living relatives inshAllah xuejun. And of course,

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do your best in sha Allah Allah Allah to connect with those who are still alive from the family hopefully Allah is how to guard their hearts or Bananaman Allah Hi.

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The color,

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the color of the fastest. Another Oh, another, oh, another in itself. The question is, is another even recommended or acceptable to say to the to do? Well, Allah subhanaw says about the believers, will you find another that they fulfill their vows? So uncertain terms of vowel having vows or another is acceptable in Islam? However, is it recommended? Is it mcru? It depends. That conditional vow is mcru is micro completely what does that mean? When you put conditioner God's heart with God Subhanallah they're like saying, you know, if you if you help me with this exam, I will fast three days. That is my crew, because now we just kind of like bargain with God on something on it like

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this. But if someone passes an exam and they say Alhamdulillah My Lord, I vow to fast through this. That's okay. That's Mr. Hub. However,

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there is no obligation to start a measure or a bow. But once you make a vow, it becomes obligatory to fulfill it. And if you don't, you will, you'll be held accountable Aloha.

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We get into good things that we like.

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So adding the question of a fire of a parent who died as an animal

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Islam with the good deeds of their children will benefit them in any way.

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What we know from the from from my mom for my mother dunya that when they die non Muslims harass there's nothing for them.

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Nothing for them no matter how good their kids are, because they had the they had the repertory they had the chance with ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala besides even Rasul Allah has said about Allah wa salam ala couldn't do much for his firstborn mother. And that's a sort of lie so Allah says, so whoever really have non Muslim relatives, if you had a chance to speak with them, please do so. Don't wait until the moment when he regrets eggs pal I wish I had the courage to talk to them. But I was just I was embarrassed I didn't want to make a fitna the family blah, blah, blah. But heck, my mother Hassan Sharla was good. Yeah, and a good way to speak to them Allah God Roger O'Brien.

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Now so the question is about the mother of Maryam, the mother of Maryam Hannah, when she gave the vow, Cara trump the Indiana datalocker Murphy button Imahara My Lord, I am dedicating that pregnancy to you, my child to you thinking that this child is going to be what a boy because in that tradition, only boys serve in the clergy system. But when the girl was born right now, what are we gonna do now? Not Robin OData Wallah. And before that he said, My Lord, I've given birth to a female. And Allah knows what she gave birth to this panel. So what situation first of all, we can't use her as an example in our tradition, because that is what the what they call it, Sherman

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Commelina. That's the law of those who will before us so we can't use her description here. However, if we look at this, this kind of mother that's that's different than another we're talking about. The another we're talking about is another of a body like saying, I first three days I want to go to Hajj, I vow to give 100 dogs for example. But now you have a child and you have no control over that right now. It's all in the hands of Allah subhana wa Donna. So therefore when she gave birth, she gave birth to a child that was female. And she said I still vowed that child to my Lord. So even though she's not going to be able to serve in the clergy, but she did it get it out to the worship

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of Allah subhana wa which is still fulfill that promise anyway. Wala

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the same camera. Okay, so the question is, can I do double intentions if I do Amara, like I do one ombre for myself. At the same time, I make the intention also for my parents, mashallah grow the whole climber.

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Of course not, you can't do this. You can't make dual intentions with the same evader likeness, you have to do multiple, so you do one number for yourself. And then when you're done with it, you go back again to do haram. And you do one number for your family and so on for your for your for your parents, for when I say parent said for your father, another one for your mother, another one for whoever you want to do that.

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Because this rebreather, lotta commodities to deal with, you can't kind of like separate the barrel, divide that two sections, you can do that. So you cannot just do one tawaf seven times for yourself and then do another toe off at the same time for your father and then go on to say seven times for itself. And then seven again, for your fine cannot have to do the whole camera together as one provider, and then do another one for it. Do another webinar for them. Mala but

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be careful. Don't get yourself exhausted. Otherwise you're gonna get sick for the rest of your long run. And you lose the benefit of being there. Aloha

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furnish ALLAH SubhanA cologne 100 I shouldn't have said I want to come to the

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house. There was a short Hadith I thought we gotta finish in five minutes but

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