Nouman Ali Khan – Amazed by the Quran – Doubts in the Heart & Mind

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss two IODs that are similar to the ones the Prophet is telling people to not fall into doubt, both of which are considered media. The Bible is used to describe people, including its historical significance, and the history of the Bible is discussed as a way to make people question their beliefs. Emistic and intellectual doubt are related to a lack of love for God, while neither is related to knowledge and skill. The beast that the Prophet has is described as kindness, compassion, and mercy, and people are warned to be cautious when discussing their beliefs.
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Hello salatu salam O Allah Rasool Allah Allah alayhi wa sallam eh man Welcome everyone to amaze by the Quran a series in which I like talking to you about you guessed it, what I find amazing about the Koran. Today I'm going to compare two IOD with you, those ions one belongs to Sultan Baqarah and the other belong sisoulith Ali Imran again very very similar I had let me read them off to you so you appreciate what's going on here I'll Hakuna Robic the truth comes from your from your master for that takuna nominal butadiene. Don't you dare become among those who fall into doubt. The other and Hakuna Robic the truth comes from your master for that the communitarian don't become from those who

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fall into doubt. So one says Don't you dare fall into doubt. And the other says, Don't fall into doubt. Seems like in one, there's a higher likelihood of doubt. There's a greater threat of doubt. And so the Prophet is being told, don't you dare fall into doubt. By the way. Let me talk to you a little bit about the word doubt here. The Koran uses ryyb for doubt shuck for doubt, media for doubt. Okay, model for doubt. So we're going to use the word media here because the word is momentary in, in the IRA, let me explain what that particular word means. It means that you have a position that you're convinced of, but through some of these counter arguments, and somebody

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attacks on your position, your foundation, your core foundation is starting to shake, and you're starting to doubt yourself, okay? That kind of a doubt is called a media. So don't become of those who loses their foundation and starts doubting that you know, the basis on which they believe Okay, that's what the prophet is being told. Now, what is the comparison between these two?

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Baccarat the ayah actually belongs to the passage where the direction of Muslim prayer changed from Jerusalem to GABA to Makkah. And when that direction changed the scholarly members of the Jewish community critiqued the Muslims about how that's ridiculous how maka has no sacred value. Historically, the sacred house is Jerusalem.

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And of course, their scholars, the prophets, I saw them as an elite, the prophet is an unlettered prophet. And these are people that are just literally described in the Quran as bar, scholars of ink, like their hands are always dirty with ink, because they're writing so much all the time. These are PhDs and then some, that's what they are. And they're telling you, you don't know what you're talking about. Now, when an academic, someone with a lot of intellectual promise credentials, when they tell you you don't know what you're talking about, it can mess you up. Oh, high school student gets into college, goes to a PhD in philosophy, who's teaching philosophy 101. He's gonna be

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intimidated by his academic credentials. He's gonna feel like this person, after studying all that much must know more must be right. I mean, how can they be wrong? They're an expert. After all, you see what I'm saying? So the context here is because the criticism is coming from those who have very academic credentials, very high academic credentials, you are in a chance you have a chance of becoming intimidated.

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And that intimidation can make you question yourself. Don't truth comes from your master, don't become from those who fall into them.

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You know, after all, the historical integrity of the Kaaba is it is a historical debate. It's something that requires a lot of research, when Allah says that first house built for the worship of Allah for humanity, was at the location of McKellar bucha. That's something that requires a lot of historical digging. And something obviously, the Jewish and Christian scholarship is not easily going to accept. It's not something they're just going to take and say, Oh, yeah, of course. No, no, no, it's not going to be like that. And Muslim scholars, by the way on that subject have done amazing work that needs to get translated, because they've actually unresearched from the Bible that

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shows that it's mica in from Toronto, from the Hebrew Bible that has shown that it's Makkah, inshallah, one day, we'll get to that.

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But on the other hand, Allah is talking to the Prophet is talking to the Christian community that came from legit on, that's an alien run. And they're talking about how Jesus is the Son of God.

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This is not an academic complexity.

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Truth is from your Lord. Don't be in doubt.

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There's no, don't you dare fall into doubt. There's no threat here. Just don't be doubtful. They might come up with some philosophical arguments, justifying, you know, their faith, but there's nothing big here. There's no real threat here. Nothing to be intimidated by here to stick to the truth, to stick with the truth. So when you're being, you know, the lesson drawn for you and me, of course, is that there are two kinds of doubt.

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There's emotional doubt. And there's intellectual doubt.

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Emotional doubt is the doubt the kind of doubt that wasn't attempted by the, the Christian community, out of love of God, out of the want of salvation. Wouldn't you want to have a guarantee? Wouldn't you just want to be saved?

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You know, and then through that, and by the way, when people are not feeling loved in the Muslim community, and they don't feel love, and then they go into the Christian community and they feel loved,

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and it makes them start doubting Islam.

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And use you think there's an intellectual problem and you start arguing please not one one is not three, look at their Bible, look at how much has changed and all this. You're making intellectual arguments. But their doubt isn't intellectual. They're not as emotional. They're doubt is, if those people are wrong, why are they so kind and nice? And if we're truthful, why are we so mean and insensitive.

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That's, that's the doubt.

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But the can the academic doubt is a different animal altogether. The academic doubt is about making arguments that are, you know, they sound so elaborate with all these terminologies and all these books and papers and research and all this stuff that looks so staggering and intimidating that you say, Man, I don't know if I can believe what I believe anymore, because there's a lot of PhDs done on how he's not a prophet.

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You know, that's, like intellectual doubt. Of course, the Muslims are supposed to fight both Allah did not dismiss one doubt or the other.

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The academic doubt came from the the attack of academic doubt came from the Jewish community, the Jewish scholarship, the emotional doubt, was brought forward by the Christian community and a lack of knowledge, both of them he did acknowledge that the academic is more dangerous. He did. And by the way, let me tell you why. Now, the emotional is less dangerous. I'll tell you why.

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The prophet SAW Selim is not a scholar.

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He didn't study in a seminary, he doesn't have a PhD. He's not an academic, he's not writing books.

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So they do have in that sense, what they might think is an upper hand Yes.

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But with the Christians, what they have is love. What they have a softness what they have is character what they have is kindness, compassion, mercy. The Prophet has that more than anybody ever did.

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So you can't you you can't mess with the prophets or something when it comes to that.

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We have a problem because we've lost that beautiful trait of the prophesies on so we're being attacked from both kinds of doubt. And that's why the second doubt is not as big of a threat

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in this in these ions because what they have to offer in terms of softness and kindness and love and mercy, more than they've ever experienced is already there in the person of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi Salaam, it's already there. May Allah azzawajal rica set people free from doubt of all kinds, and May Allah azza wa jal help us understand what what remarkable lessons of transformation Allah is teaching us through these powerful app barakallahu li walakum wa salam aleikum. warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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