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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history of Salatu Baq's name and the confusion surrounding her first born man. They also talk about the origin of the name of the woman in a book and the history of her name. The segment covers the origin of the god's announcement of the third year of history of the Prophet's history, including the use of memorization and the legalization of drugs. The history of the Prophet's teachings and their potential impact on believers is also discussed, along with upcoming events and information on recording and uploading videos on Facebook and Instagram.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam also less than Americans like to have our cat

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Israel rasasi Welcome to another session of the seal bytes or bits. This is day number seven. See you know the session number seven inch elbow Todd

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said Mr. de como la, all of you

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said our hotline and my habit.

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My habit Welcome, welcome.

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I just want to give a minute. For more people to join Java, this is the

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seal bytes or bits session that we've been having, since the beginning of Ramadan. Right. And today, inshallah Allah will move on to saw that in Milan. So those of you who just joined,

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welcome. And then if you may want to grab a pen and paper or maybe a notebook for you to be taking notes in Sharla, because you may, you may need to take some notes in Sharla. Right.

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I hope you're all doing great. And shout low to either.

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Today's Saturday, so I see that it's pretty slow there. I don't know why.

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There's less people today. Very, very, very less people, but these sessions are recorded anyway. So we'll move on inshallah with it. All right.

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And then you can always come back and those who have come in later those couldn't make it they can always go back and watch them inshallah. All right. So again, officially salaam aleikum, wa barakato. This is zazzy and welcome you all to the Tafseer bits or bytes. This is day number seven, you know, or episode number seven.

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We've spoken about salty, fatty how we spoke about salty bacara. This is a you know, the last time when we when we had our session, it was about solid color. We finished it. And today we'll be moving to solid Alabama. But just one thing that I needed to mention, maybe you know, those of you who have been taking notes. When did they got to Surat Al Baqarah?

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When was it revealed? We said that it was revealed in Medina,

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in chunks, right in stages, but all in Medina. But in the end in the most half. It is it's the sequence of it is right after solid alfetta which is number two, right? It's number two, but but the solid rock IRA in itself, the very you know, it was revealed

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in terms of numbers, because we have handed 14 soldiers, right in the end, we have 114 soldiers. The very first one that was revealed is there can't be some it'll be completely hollow. So with regard to Salatu Baqarah, it is according to him is number 86 Sala number 86. In terms of when it was revealed. So number 86. Right after Amata was seen. And in fact before LMR.

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Right? It is before and in Milan. And right after salt and motivation. So although it's it, you know, it's located right after salt. In fact, you have in in the end, you know as number two, but what it was revealed, like in terms of numbers, according to all the, like 114 sources, where does it fit? It's number 8086 number 8086. Right?

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Solid Emraan So, it's number is number three, number three, and how many as 200 as selected bacala 286 verses and so Mr. 200 verses and how many years it's in just three and four. All right, so Mr. Andrews, number three and four. And is it McKee? sola or Madani? sola according to a hungry law, the fact of the day of the scholars the the the there's no discrepancy that it is actually a madness or

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madness or that it was also revealed in Medina not in Mecca, it was revealed in Medina, although it was not revealed,

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excuse me, and all the songs that were not revealed in one in one shot. They're all revealed in batch batches like in chunks, right? So but this sort of emmalyn just like the bacara they were revealed in in Medina so it's a man Danny Medina solo number three right after the fact you have and bacala comes in Milan number three, the how many is 200 is the name the name is Allah and Milan family of Milan. We don't

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know from the end or a headache with regard to the name of the wife of Emma, right? But in the in the other scriptures, they say her name is Hannah, but we do not know. But there's an amazing story of this woman who wanted to change history.

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Who wanted to change history so much so that Allah subhanho wa Taala made one Sala just after this family, the family of Mr. So it's called Emraan. It's also called a Zara Zara, one of the names of an Amazon it's called a Zara because it's it has it's a it's it's the law that comes out from it, it is so much no no Zahara as I was just like Fatima Zahra you know Salah is a is a is a is a type of flower right? is a type of roses a type of flower very beautiful smell Zaha right. So, as well as la mala is also called as the hot it's also it has two names.

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What are the virtues of solids at a Milan. It has many virtues, so that a man has many virtues. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam says it's unreadable and faint yet Yama pmhnp is having read the Quran for it comes to the day of judgment as shafia as an intercessor for those who used to read it. So the Prophet says read the endpoint comes

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as an intercessor for those reads it and then he says, if that was the one, read the two Zahara read the two you know what flowers it was Allah and Allah so Allah Allah, Allah, Allah is also called as Allah and Allah. Allah is also called like I mentioned as Allah for in the homothetic Union with pm UK and the Houma rahmatan. So the province says, they will come into their judgment like to two clouds that would shade you to clouds,

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to hedging and as habima they will witness for those who used to recite it, they will witness for those of us to read it both so that the back end run, they will come to defend you on the Day of Judgment. Now to defend you or law, that man that person used to recite us, no, they will come to defend you know, for a lot of time and have fight not to defend you for a lawsuit to forgive you and to admit your intrusion. So the Prophet says read and so it comes down to them judgment as as intercessor to those of us to read it and read the to Zahara, the to Zahara, the tool like the flower we want.

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It's just like jasmine, but it's not Jasmine, it also highlights a different type of flower. And, and and the province says, as an immigrant and as bacala they will come on the Day of Judgment, just like to two clouds and they, they, they will, they will defend you on the Day of Judgment, you know, sort of sort of a mind.

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it is ns Raja llamando he the rates that when the original colors.

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You have to phenol demon, those amongst the Sahaba used to memorize in Milan and Al Baqarah they were deemed to be great people very respected people. Somehow whoever got to memorize so let's move on.

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According to us, they were regarded to be very very,

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very great and respectable people.

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Man I don't know of any there's another headed by Mr. Rude if you mister used to say whosoever needs Vanya and whosoever memorizes at Amazon, he is a free of want honey wealthy, but in terms of wealth was not necessarily just like money, but wealth is free of warrant, Whosoever memorizes and MLS. So, this is some of the

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the virtues of reciting and memorizing. So let me lie when I say that they will come to intercede now to defend you means to intercede for you to try to there will be your stuff up to enter agenda inshallah. hota.

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As I mentioned, it is sold out in the end, you know, number three, right after the fact you have Bukhara

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and it talks about a lot of things. You know, we're talking about the content of sods law, there's a lot of things such as talking about eBay associates talking about hedge.

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Talking about the believers talking about the Battle of an

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absurd law. Yes, amazing. It talks about the battle overhead and how the most

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I got really a heart broken after they lost the battle and Allah subhana wa Tada, you know,

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was to comfort them subhanho wa Taala you know, so it's all in solid colors and beautiful sola to read and to

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and to ponder on

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with regard to tip to tip sola, as I mentioned, it is sorted by color is number 86 in terms of its revelation it's 86 solid added Emraan is 87 right after and bacala right, this is in terms how many songs do we have as I mentioned, right we have 114 sauce and then 40 sauce the very first saw that was revealed is a crock pot Bismillah beaker Ludhiana right, that was the very first ayah that was revealed. So select about Kala is number 86 Solid Element is 87. Right before and fan, right before In fact, an after as backup. So it's number 87

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was also revealed on the year of the night, or 10th of delicia. Were in Medina, so it's so dumb edenia all of it madonia not like some of it is in my Councilman Medina Allah, the whole sola is was revealed in Medina, and exactly on either the ninth or 10th of the oval Asia after the Asia of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, you know, it is the year actually before I have no food. What is happening? Well, food is the year of delegations. When delegations used to come to embrace Islam, a lot of delegations were coming to embrace the stem. So it was revealed right before that year when, you know, and also has what was what was revealed on show when I mean, a Senate, television, you

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know, some of it was revealed on show word of the senate sadita 3030, right after the hearing of the Prophet Mohammed, the third year of the history of the Prophet Mohammed. So although there is this little discrepancy in terms of is it the third?

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Is it you know, the ninth or 10th of the law, but it is a very early sola, you know, that was revealed very early. So that because, you know, some of it was revealed, you know, and in order to in an after the Battle of the ocean, and the Battle of what had happened on the 30th of July, the Battle of battle happened on the second day of the Asia and the Battle of what happened in the third year of the Asia. So it is a pretty, pretty

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early early server, and it was revealed in Medina not in Mecca. What are the reasons for its revelation weapons and sisters at an end? FSC they mentioned 41 reason 41 reasons as to why the sola was revealed so that Emma, right?

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If you were to ponder,

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you will find between and the woman go to the detail with this a shallow tie between one verse number one to verse number 22. And verse number 23, to number 99, between one to 22, there is one section, and between 223 and 99. There's another section, and all this about 15 reasons, there were 15 reasons why, you know, these is what we reveal, some of them are related to the Jews, and some of them are related to tarbiyah phobia.

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And, and we didn't stop here, some of them also have to do with gun rulings.

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And some of them also they had to deal with the ability to hold the scholars of the Jews, the Jews, the scholars of the Jews. And then you have the the third section, which actually starts from 100 to 189, from 100 to 189. That's the third section and then you have an Fatima Fatima is the end, you know, the the conclusion of the sola and that's from 190 to 200, from 192 into 200. And that's about 26 reasons why, you know, those ads were revealed. None of those reasons were just related to the better of it. nine of those were related to the back of our head. And, and and seven were related to Viet Sahaba the phobia of the Sahaba No, because you know, the Sahaba we did not listen to the

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commander of the Prophet Mohammed as I said him when he told him not to move, you know, from the from the mouth of the archers, you know, the story of him and then after that

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I lost that battle, they were really, really heartbroken. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, they did some I had to do some tabia, you know, for the Sahaba. And also, there were some reasons related to the Jews as well.

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And also, there was one reason it's interesting that he got in the bit of marijuana, the way of marijuana, you know,

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it's an interesting story. And there was also one reason the pertinent to the people of Calcutta, the people of the book, so it's all together all together as revenues, or the reasons of the nozzle, or the reasons have this sort of been revealed altogether. 41 reasons, 41 reasons altogether, some are pertinent to the Jews, some are pertinent to the Tobia of the Sahaba. There's some

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there's some pertinent to the people of the book.

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And, and, and some pertinent to the scholars of the Jews as well. And then, and then this and then some pertinent to the Battle of battle, there were two or three reasons related to the Battle of brother which happened right before

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the beginning of the server. Because remember, we met when I mentioned there were 10 inch holes, and the hole

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in the source alized ocean, you know, was to start with 10 introductions, you know, from all the canal, you would find 10 types 10 types of introductions in solid Emraan, the type of MATLAB so that the type of introduction is early for

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me, and I mean, we call those as we call them. Hello, fantastic, if you remember, hold off at the edge. So, so that Emraan starts with

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the intro of it is half Mahalo for the hedgy

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which is le flam me and this fellow for the hedgy. Are they any explanations to them? Like what do they mean? Alif Lam Meem le flama Elif lamb sod, calf hat Yeah, ain't sod sod.

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There is no actual actual, you know, explanation, authentic, you know, either from the prophet or from the Sahaba. You know, with regard to these types of letters, you know, the status called falafel

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there's some people nowadays will come up with bunch of things, you know, including some mathematical, you know, research saying that these letters, there's some, some some sort of mathematical theories behind them and whatnot. This is their research, this is theirs, you know,

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Prophet Mohammed, as I said, him, never mentioned anything. So there is no need for us know, the Sahaba is only for us to dwell on something that, you know, if there was any meaning, or anything really sort of beneficial to us, Prophet Muhammad would have mentioned it, or you sought to sell him, he would have mentioned it, but he didn't have to say that. So.

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But the model, the model of the solar, the content of the solar, right, the true content of the solar, as we're going to talk about in detail shall alter the content of the solar is that meaning?

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Really, to help meaning to make more mini Mini is to help the believers stand fast. Stand fast indeed.

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All right. So this is maybe the main the main the main

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model, or the main content or subject subject of the whole set up is to help the Muslims or the believers steadfast in the deen to give them telopea some some sort of some type of discipline and education as well. Right. Regardless of the other related the know is, but the main, you know, the core of the soda and the subject of the solder is the mini therabreath meaning, you know, helping the Muslims or the believers to stand fast or stay fast in the day, in the in the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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One last thing my brothers and sisters before I go into the details,

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the solar, the solar at Emraan when we're talking about the content of it is divided into three categories.

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The whole solar is divided into three in the meeting the subject of it is divided into three main categories. The first category is to any formula that is Billa is you know, letting people know but Allah subhana wa tada teaching, you know, the people know about Allah Xhosa teach to them about Allah teaching them about to hate so the solid teaches us about their hate teaches us about the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches us about what Allah Xhosa is.

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So abakada starts with le Fleming medical kita baladeva fi one of the things that's also bacala Tisha

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He's also the you know teachers about the book, but this sort of mostly teaches about Allah subhana wa tada The second category of soccer in Milan, he teaches us about this Hawa, man if keytab this conversation that happened that that know that Allah Xhosa has with the head of keytab the People of the Book Shiva as if Allah is asking them a question, you know, to handle it academically. So, they know welcome come to one word come to one belief that we all should worship Allah Subhana Allah God. So, the second category of the of this the topic, the topic of the of the soul of Milan, is this common is this dialogue, this dialogue with the people of the book, and the third that the third

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category, you know, of the sort of the, in terms of the topic of the saga is, you know, to speak as an email meaning is to help the believers stand fast in the deen of Allah Subhana Allah. So again, three, three segments. So Avalon is divided into three main segments in terms of the topic or the subject. Topic number one, it talks about, you know, teaching people and letting people know making them aware of the oneness of Allah and who Allah is ocean is number two, this dialogue with the People of the Book number three is to help the believers steadfast in the deen of Allah Subhana Allah right. So, with the detail of all these sections, I will save and load data until our next

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In the next session, we will talk about these three segments in more detail from what to what if from what verse to what verse What did a lot of talk about here, what did the love talk about there? What did the last talk about the third so this requires a little bit more time and I would save it until next Monday inshallah tada because tomorrow Sunday. So we have a day off on Sunday inshallah, but we will meet in Sharla hota. For these the next session we have seen by session on Monday inshallah at three o'clock pm eastern time, eight o'clock pm UK time inshallah

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I hope this was beneficial to some of you in sha Allah that the the the Tafseer they are recorded on you on Facebook and on YouTube. Yes, they aren't recorded and also on Instagram but on Instagram only for 24 hours on that my stories but on Facebook because I have them on Facebook and I have them on Instagram the they are recorded and hamdulillah and Zarrella hair my my admin he also uploads them on to YouTube.

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Bar coffee calm thank you so much for joining. I shall see you later on today at six o'clock pm, another session about the end of time another session about Jenna inshallah, who to add, right another session about Jana, you know, this will be part number three, you do not want to miss it, because I have also some nice surprises for you be in the lab, you know, so today 6pm Eastern Time 11pm UK time 12am Belgium time, Belgium time. Alrighty is that Camilla Harris Baraka Luffy comm Facebook Somali Coco Bearcat.