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Allah wa barakato similar

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to the others as he were coming to you to the Tafseer bytes bits

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session number 20 and today inshallah hota Allah will be with saw that a lot we finished solid yussuf yesterday and then Sharla hoteller today will be with sola tender so a lot a lot Some of us are sisters if you would like to pull your notebooks in Sharla right if you want to pull your notebooks and

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your pens handy and get them ready inshallah tada system Nadia it comes to them all of us yes means lower capital

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light spread see Barack is Oh yeah. Now while all of you said about a cat, we are with to see it again to see the bytes short to see it and Sharla short and sweet.

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Yesterday we finished we completed solid use of right so today inshallah Tata will be with solid a lot

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of that tender so you guys already Charla you know your books, bands handy Allah so that we can start inshallah because again those of you who just joined dyspepsia bytes which we started in Ramadan there is not like a very deep seed but definitely a beautiful to see that will allow you and help you understand the sword up and also help you in Sharla who to either connect with allies or when you pray and you you were to hear the man praying you know sort of a lot for instance or sought use of yesterday you will get to have that whoa Sure. You know as you know the soldier you know, the reason why it was revealed You know, when you know a lot of you know the content of the topic of the

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soldier sort of stuck in shallow to Anna again, we are we saw that a right tender it is solid number 13 in the must have number 13 in the most happy and no color and it's solid number 13 and it has 43 so it's a short solar 43 verses only 43 verses just number 1343 verses just number 13 and it is a Mickey Sala Mickey Sora is not made any solid it's a solid that was revealed in Makkah remember those of you who attended my you know this series from the very beginning I told you a trick on how to know how many souls are mucky and how many souls are made and how many souls are McKeon how many souls have made any remember those of you I'm sure some of you would remember because you know I

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mentioned it in maybe the very first or second session and we had you know, how to know how many souls are making how many souls it made any so Who can tell me who can answer that question. This soul is the Mickey saw

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20 MKI Okay, and how many Madani?

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Mashallah, Mashallah Chester yes 28 MKI and 86 madonie it's taken from the the ayat of surah

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is of solid Uppsala. bacala 286 right 286 solar, I mean, I saw the bacala has 286 so

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so 28 Mk in Makkah and 86 in Medina. So this is the easiest way to know how many Mackie solos and how many Methodists are, so super rad tender a lot then there is Mk II saw

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it is from the you know, there are four types of songs I mentioned that in the very beginning four types. So you have the seven day one to seven long ones. And then you have Lv and those that are 100 less or more and then you have those that are l metheny, you know those that are below 100 and then you have a Mufasa Mufasa those are the very short ones. So this one is actually from an muthoni is from a method in Auckland Mufasa Mufasa the very very short ones, this is 43 you know verses so it is considered to be from the old method, one analog The other method, it is number 96 in terms of revelation

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number 8096 so how many songs do we have in the Quran?

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How many songs do we have in the Quran?

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you should know this right? How many songs do we have in the Quran?

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will be the first one to tell me

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don't go to the end and go 114 like this easy now headed 14 Mashallah, how the 14 songs we have in the end. So saw that

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Run is number 9696

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Excuse me. So 114 sola. In terms of rumination, it's number 96. And it starts we spoke about the 10 types of introductions in the end, right that you know it so let's start with a different type of introduction but altogether we have two types of introduction. So it

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starts with early for

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me or

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to Nikita so its introduction is what follows at the hedgy you guys Mashallah know this really well? Yeah hold on hold off at the hatchery so Alif Lam Mima tilaka to keytab Eliza talks about and keytab and kita means here the book Yanni the end what are the suburban knows oh this is really interesting the revenues all

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the reason why the solo was revealed tend to write a talk you know it's mentioned you know tender because Allah talks about tender in it right so that's why it's called no solid right right in Arabic means Fender or Thunderbolt. So

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what was revealed in its in

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its okay what was the reason why this sorta was revealed? And I saw the Lauren Who was he the rates that the Prophet Mohammed as I said and he sent one of his companions to a great men from Jay Z and he's is an elite from Jay Z to call him to Islam. And then that that man told the Sahaba that was sent to him you know what man are you are you calling me to what man What kind of man is he is he is he from Iran? You know, is he like an Iron Man? Is he from gold? Is he from silver? What kind of man is he?

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So he went back to the prophet and he told him this is what he told me just go back and call him again tell him and then the men said the same thing says what can i matter you economy to me and what kind of religion is this? What this man is this man from? Is it from metal? Is he from gold? Is he from silver? What kind of man is he? So have you went back to the prophecy lesson by this guy is telling me this you know, this is what kind of man I promise go back and call him please call him teach them. So the man is asking this question from you know, being arrogant and mocking the Sahaba and what kind of man is it? Is it from gold? Is he from silver? So Allah subhana wa tada sent down a

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tender bolt on him. Right? I didn't understand stand there bolts. Sometimes you see this fender, right, right, you know, and that Fender can burn Burn things. So unless the panel is gonna send down this tender and burn the man who's trying to ridicule the Prophet Mohammed, that is awesome. And then the last penalty they will? Well you're the CMO Sawa Kapha you'll see behind me

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well, whom Yoda de Luna de la he was said he told me he had

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in the first area Allah subhana wa tada says, We also act and who says down the standard bolts the standards for you'll see but we have a shot Eliza with these tenders. He, they they they reach out they cast people or they kill people or they burn people who whomever allows those wishes and whomever was was at once.

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So you have tender, so the standard may hit the person and misses another person. Allah Xhosa wants this person to be hit with tender and realize those are the ones that other person to be missed. So when Eliza just sent this away, or less than desired, I just slide the standard on that man and burned him because he was trying to ridicule the Prophet Mohammed Isaiah said the the model

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the model of the soul of my brothers and sisters are the topic The topic is actually introduction.

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And there's one main topic and that topic is to get people to know about Allah Xhosa letting people know about Allah. letting people know about Allah and letting people know about the power of Allah letting people know about the book of Allah subhana wa Tada This is the topic the main topic of

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me ma tilaka DeLuca tokita one lady in a cameo Rebecca help.

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And that which was revealed to you is the truth Oh, Mohammed is unhappy.

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Just that in itself is a miracle. No book you can read and then you Says the guy says this story is that this book is the truth. But Allah subhanaw taala in the end, when he says in salt Baqarah radical keto pornography this book, there is no doubt in it.

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No doubt. And this book is to be restarted until the end of time. In this area Allah subhana wa tada says, What less he owes either in a commitment because that was that which was revealed to you from your Lord is it is the truth. So this was the mocha demon, the introduction of salt

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and a lot. And then you have from verse number two to verse number 43. As I said, I'm talking about himself and talking about his power and talking about the, his books that Allah subhana wa tada says,

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introducing his power on while loading off XML TV I'm adding

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some mestalla Allah, Allah subhana wa tada who raised the heavens

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without any support, see what he's telling these people, those who are not believing in Him? It is Allah subhanho wa Taala raise the heavens without any support. You see this?

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The very first man actually the Russian guy, who, who tried to go to the moon, right? The very forgot his name.

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He and at the time, Russia was a communist country, the communist It was no religion. Right?

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So this man, when he flew, you know, try to fly to the moon. He was sent out to the moon. He looked back and then he saw this globe, the earth, the globe, floating in the in the space. And he said to himself, and he told me, Neil Armstrong is American. I'm talking about this guy, Russian, his Russian, not America. I'm not talking about Neil Armstrong. I was talking about the Russian guy, the very first guy who they send out to space, but before he reached the moon, he just went out. NIST Armstrong is the first man who walked in the moon. Yeah, I'm talking about this Russian guy. So he when he said that he saw the globe floating in the air. He says that it must be God's. There must be

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God. Nothing is holding this. This must be God's. See this earth that we live in the world that we live in this earth. This earth when you look up, you know, up from it, it's a globe who's holding the globe, just floating in the air who's holding it? Allah. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, who will lead the law who led the law? As summer were DVLA the I'm adding Tarragona Allah Xhosa who raised the heavens without any support. So Eliza just starts with this in solid. Alright, so Allah

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was shumsa one come up kuno he God, Muslim God Exactly. Love him. Got it. That's his name. Yuri Gagarin. Now I got it. You read his first name, God guiding is his last name is that he's the one who said there must be God. There must be God. So Allah Xhosa says was shumsa Well come on. Oh no, he God. Musa Matt and Allah subhanho wa Taala made the sun and the moon. Submit to to, to be subservient to Allah subhana wa Tada. And each run in its course. It's run in its own course. So again, who's holding the sun? Who's holding the moon? Who's holding this globe? Allah subhana wa Tada. So Elise is you know, letting people know about his powers from Hana hotel. And televisor says

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who won the Medal of Honor and a

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woman called Lisa Malati. JOHN Duffy has Oh Jane is named. He is the ones who kind of who Atlanta who spread the earth wide. who spread the earth why that and placed on it for mountains, the smelters that you see they're not there just invade this mountains. In fact, they're to place the earth in balance. This is the thing that actually keeps the earth in balance or the mountains. So these things are not just created in vain like that Allah Xhosa. again today that's about his might and his power, some kind of data in terms of his creation, so kind of right in terms of his creation.

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And then he says, and he created there on two sixes of every kind of plants. This is nice. You know, these plants that you see every plant there are two kinds of sixes in each plant in each in everything that recreates.

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Yeah, and he arose a Rosa,

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a flower, a flower, you know, there's male and female in everything that I like creates, you know, from the plants that says some kind of a data you know,

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he has a nice name. mean quill is tomato from all these plants and all these fruits are lost panatela made male and female, two sexes of every kind of pen. And then Allah subhana wa Genesis, who won the comun Baba, Baba Baba, how

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are you?

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She also have a sip Ah, amazing Allahu Akbar. He is the one who kind of horchata who displays before you the lightning and the heavens and the clouds and tender praises him somehow now with data, you see this clouds that you see in the in the sky, sometimes these clouds you just look at them and then they just float like this. They just, you know, they travel this class brothers and sisters, they are in a form of what of water, the water is clouds that you see of their water rate. So imagine that for me if this this tons and tons and tons of water was to be splashed on Earth, what's going to happen to us? Who's holding these clouds just floating like that? cloud, they're not just

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air. They're not just smoke, smoke, but they're a form of water. There's a lot of liquid, they're liquid. So this liquid is just like, you know, this is what makes the rain right? So a lot of times you just send down this rain sprinkling nearby if this rain was to be, you know, luck alone on Earth, it will destroy the earth but Allah subhana wa tada sends, here, this little bit of rain here there's too much rain here there is drought here there is a flood

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Allah has chosen and wishes of Hana hotel, this is all from his mind and from his power. So panna hotel

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and then Allah subhana wa tada again, you know, in the same sort of sort of run, talks about what he has prepared for the believers and for the non believers for the believers he says, to add any Hulu yet Hulu

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so the humming he was watching what are the team said? Well, Mina, Equatorial Hulu nanny Ming coliban, Santa Monica la Bhima. sabato, Tom, Tanya.

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Beautiful Laszlo just saying about this Jeanette. This Jeanette of heaven, this paradise of Eden's, who should enter it and be admitted to it. Eliza just says those who are righteous from their parents, and from their spouses and from their children, which means here that you get to meet your parents in Sharla, Hoda and Jenna that you get to meet your loved ones and Sharla who try to engender that you get to meet your children and Sharla who tada in gender and the angels they greet them from every gate What are they say they say set em en la combi masa Muslim, but da praise set out when they come for you Be patient, you've been patient, you've been patient Ramadan, you've been

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patient to the August lock down, you know this pandemic, you've been patient, you know, not to do Haram, you've been patient to do heroin because heroin requires a lot of patience, of course, highly requires a lot of patience. So this is so that when it can be must

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be admitted to genetic filters. And then Allah subhana wa, tada ends with something beautiful here at the end of solid red.

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You see, sometimes you see people who are very rich. And then you see sometimes people who are very poor. And you see sometimes people who are some of like in between. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Allah who yo Soto who is funny, many

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way uploaded, Allah subhanho wa Taala grants abundant sustenance, to whomever He wills. And he gives this to others.

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He gives that person when he needs and he gives the other person when he or she needs. But I want to tell you something that you may be have never heard before. What is it? I've tell you, brothers and sisters, whether you see somebody who's very rich, and somebody who's very poor, in terms of risk, they are both the same. In the whole world, everybody is the same in terms of risk. You may say, how would you mean somebody who's a billionaire and somebody who's nothing? They're all the same? In terms of risk? Yes, they are all the same in terms of risk, because light is just how that makes me quickly shallow down. This sounds like a very beautiful

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cliffhanger. Right. But luckily, fingers, you know, in the in my, you know, the

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the N bytes to see the bytes, this is the session to see the bits and bytes. I don't give no Thunder No, no, no cliffhangers. So, yes, they are all the same, that somebody who's very rich and somebody who's poor in terms of this, they are the same why somebody who is rich, you know, you you look at them in terms of their wealth, but they may be having other issues or they will be having other issues, maybe health issues, may be children issues, maybe spouse issues, maybe you know, whatever like kind of issues, then you have somebody who is poor, but he is healthy, he can have children, he has no issues, you know, and so forth and so on and so on. So what I mean here that you know, in

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terms of risk, we are all the same.

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allows it gives this person what he or she needs, and Allah subhanho wa Taala gives that other person what he or she needs, so kinda with that.

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That's it, he is just so kinda tired.

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You may not be having a lot of money, but you have your health

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and you can go to sleep without taking any medication.

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You go to sleep without taking any medication you put your head to sleep and then you go Mashallah you start snoring, the other person there are a lot of money, but maybe they can even sleep at night. Maybe they have to take medication, maybe they can only eat certain things.

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Because the doctor said that you cannot eat this and that because you have problem with your

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thyroids maybe you have problem with your kidney maybe you have problem with your this or with your that So, they are rich, but their money they can only do certain things with them whereas the other

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and hamdulillah Allah subhana wa tada did not give them much money, but he gives them health. The other one, maybe he has health problems, but he can at least have children that one cannot have children and so on and so forth. So my brothers and sisters, there is not one single person on earth who has it all.

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I tell you, there is not one single person on earth, who has everything has it all. So we are all equal in terms of risk.

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And I will end by this in sha Allah who died. This is sort of a rad Episode Number 20 and the other zazzy baleka Luffy comm I shall see you later on today inshallah at six o'clock pm eastern time.

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11pm UK time for homemade happiness session will be session number seven, but the moms In fact, I just finished writing another poem about the moms.

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There's another poem about the mom which I'm going to spread with with share with the share with all of you inshallah hota Anna, so bollock. Luffy comm

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now I can answer questions in sha Allah, if you have any questions, or pertinent to the topic.

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Is there any audit regarding the worth for raising this is not related to the to the topic, my brother, very special needs physical and mental challenges, a lot of hobbies, of course out there. A lot of had it out there.

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Is there anything that comes to my mind right now talking about raising

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special needs kids? Well, it's a generic Hadeeth I cannot recall anything shallow. Let me see if I can, you know, maybe recall and try to remember something but I don't recall anything. Of course, there is definitely not only this hadith regarding those who go through difficulties and those who go through sicknesses.

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And those who go through tribulations and tribulations could be as a sick kid, of course, a sick kid, when the Prophet says with regard to the believer, anything that that you know, that happens theme in terms of tribulation, as the editing includes a secret, even even a thorn that pricks him and he shows patience, it will be a means of expression to his son to his to his sins. So here when the Prophet says anything, in anything that you go through could be a son or daughter or wife, husband, sickness job, whatever it is, Allah subhana wa tada and you show patience. Allah subhanho wa Taala will make it an expression to your sins in shallow time. All right, my brothers and

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sisters, I shall see you later on today sha Allah at six o'clock pm, Levin o'clock UK time for the homemade happiness session number seven about mums in shallow tie that one more time and sharing with you in sha Allah hotelera a new language a beautiful new language that we need to adopt, you know and use with our loved ones at home in Sharla. A beautiful language in your language. We share that with you today is that Kamala Harris said mid, lighter, overcast.