Riad Ouarzazi – Tafseer Bites #8

Riad Ouarzazi
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Smell level handled all sorts of sama sama salaam aleikum wa barakato

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reactors as with on YouTube

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but also so much so so they might come up later about casadesus reactors as he will come to you to see your bytes service.

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This is session number eight, episode number eight

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and we are with solid at Mr. Still. So just give a minute for some more people to join Sharla

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just a minute or two for more people to just that we can start in short a long time.

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Right. This is sort of a ramble on Santa Monica hotline lol cat Oh, mama shabba

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and then we're setting a normal Shabbat and then daddy an idiom or Khadija Mohammed Allen and lennier seen like him sit down with Junaid Hakeem wishes Yeah.

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America, all of you why Kama Sutra

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Shangri La, I mean, how are you? Are you okay?

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It comes down from what the boss says eight hour everything

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sent out on ecommerce center center and factory items.

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Okay, who else who else? This is the Tafseer bytes bits, right? So those of you who've been taking notes, put your books up and then your pens handy and get them ready in Sharla because

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this is a short session on TFC

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and I think you should be taking notes and shout out to Anna because

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there'll be some nice information to share with you to share with you and especially when it comes to tip seating I've been we've been talking about so far. In fact, you had fun and fancy hand and the Baccarat and then today inshallah we're gonna finish solid and Mr. Sharma. Alright. So, let us start, let us start from the last lesson that

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welcome you all to another session called Tafseer bytes, obscene bits. This is session number eight. And all these sessions, by the way are recorded on Facebook, maybe not on Instagram because Instagram you cannot record you know, for more than 24 hours so you can always go back if you have missed the other sessions and and watch them in shallow data. They're not long. All right. So with regard to sola till I run my business sisters, we we talked about the virtues of SATA in Milan, we talked also about the

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you know, it's a solid number three, and it has 200 is and it's It is located between in on just three and four between those 232 edges that three and four.

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So in Milan,

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it has another name as a lot so you have an in Milan and as a holla Zara from that note that Allah subhana wa tada has blessed this soloing because what end is all known, but also the Prophet Mohammed Khalid, and nor,

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as this hadith when the Prophet says read, and because of for it comes as shafia for you on the Day of Judgment. And then he says, if that was the Hara, when was the Hara Wayne, read the Tucson, bacara and Avalon, they will come in a form of a cloud to shadow you on the day of judgment and to witness and to intercede on your behalf on the Day of Judgment. So this is some of the virtues of solid.

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And Mr.

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My brothers and sisters with regard also to sort of Milan, the it is it was revealed right after bacala and it is also a medini sola. It's a mecanizado that was revealed right after circle bacara so it's number actually in terms of Revelation is number 8787. So tabacalera 86 we have 114 Solas right we have 114 Solas as bacala is 86 in terms of revelations and so that is number 87 so added in Milan came right after sort of Bakara and before saw that and fan before and fell which we'll talk about in Charlottetown and I mentioned last week with regard to revenue soon as revenues will mean you know like the reasons by which this sorta was revealed that 4141 you know, reasons some

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pertinent to Jews some pertinent to tarbiyah you know, some are pertinent to Masada, the the people of the book and the Salah some

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Also are pertinent to tarbiat Sahaba, you know, the disciplining the Sahaba because,

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you know, there was a,

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some that were revealed that after so after the, the, the head of after the incident of the Battle of Auckland, and on when the Sahaba they were heartbroken analyzers in the field, you know, certainly I had to sort of empower them. So, for altogether 41 reasons as to why the Sora was revealed.

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And the mock class saw the beginning of the soul or the intro of the soul. And for those of you who just joined in, in the previous session, we're talking about 10 different types of introductions when Eliza starts the call and, you know, in any sorta, there's only 10 types of introductions, one type of introductions is hilfe

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Allah starts with Hello for Desi, you know, whatever it is, like, if lamb name and if lambda if name saw, you know, calf hat. Yeah, I saw you know, these are called Hello, as you saw in Milan starts with so we have Eddie flam mean.

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That's what it starts with.

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And the modal the topic, the subject of the sola

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is mostly the speed limit, meaning, the content the most of the content of the soul of the topic revolves around making the believers steadfast in the deen of Allah Subhana. Allah with that, let's go more into the detail. The details of this I mentioned last week, and this is where I'm gonna end on Charlottetown. I've tried to cover today, three different types of, you know, topics within sort of an

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accent, you may say three different types of segments, or three divisions in terms of sort of Emraan. There's one section or three sections, you may say one section that talks about to any formula. What's the formula defining or the definition of Allah? Allah Xhosa?

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So there's one section that talks about defining Allah azza wa jal, the definition of Allah to Allah letting people know about Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is the first section the second section is how the Maliki tab is a dialogue with the people of the book.

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And the third section is the spirit element. Meaning is the third section is to make the believers steadfast in the deen of Allah Subhana Hawkeye so the first section from verse number one and two verse number 22.

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And this section as I mentioned, is in section that introduces the reader the people to Allah subhana wa tada defining who Allah Xhosa is Subhana

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Allah when La Ilaha Illa who was hailed as the radical Kitab

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Allah And hey, Allah subhanho wa Taala The one who

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the one subhanho wa Taala not only the Creator, the Sustainer

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and the one subhana wa tada who sustains all that exists as a yoga even we never see cutting one we never see he is a self sufficient.

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So, he does not need anyone to sustain him some kind of his self existing self sufficient data. So it's a lie. So just starts with this is one of his names are you

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so Hannah what data they can keep that

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the one who revealed the Book upon you, oh Mohammed.

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So that very first you know section talks about defining Allah subhanho wa Taala using his names and attributes. So kind of, by the way, Allah subhana wa tada has the Hadith 100 names, minus one and the 99 names, but that does not mean that Allah Xhosa has only 99 names. Allah has more than 99 names.

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This this the other the Prophet is to make while I asked him by every name which we know when he used to make this or Allah I supplicate unto you and I asked you I invoke you by every name which I know and every name which I do not know

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every name which We have revealed and every name which we have kept hidden.

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So yes, we know the header that says 99 a lot of people they say you know Allah has 99 names now. But Allah Xhosa has more than 99 names.

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So he uses this name, I'll tell you the self existence of Hana which is the one who sustains

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all his creations of Hana hotel. So that's from Seth

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From number one to verse number 22.

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The second section starts from 23 to 9923 to 99. And the introduction on in this section is macpaw body. And those of you who've been following me from the very beginning, we talked about one type of introduction called matahari, meaning it's a statement, Allah starts with a statement. So in this second section 23 to 99, Allah subhana wa tada starts with a statement and a dialogue, a general dialogue with the people of the book

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with el Keita.

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And also Allah Xhosa talks about the haqiqa Teresa, you know, the reality of ERISA, the truth of ERISA is set up.

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And you know, talking about exactly like verse number 30 360-469-7992

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a lot of social You know, he he in that dialogue with Anil keytab he explains and he you know, who the reality of it he said

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in the law how stuff demo on or how Ebola he

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Ebola Hema island on me on the island, I mean,

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he as he's talking to the you know, lol keytab says Allah estafa Allah subhana wa tada has favored. Adam, Noah

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and Ibrahim, the family of Rahim, and the family of Milan, because from the progeny of Milan will come, there is it Sam? Either either mean, Allah has favored them upon

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Allah mean, the entire world and I don't mean so why Allah excuse me, Allah is mentioned in here these particular prophets, Allah mentions Adam, nor the family of Ibrahim and the family over in Milan. I didn't add me because the family of Milan the wife of Milan, it's an amazing story.

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And amazing story, you know they is a partner in Milan, in Milan, I'll be in Dhaka Murphy Bocconi. muhammara further up Bellamy in the semi Ernani the wife of Emma, when she wanted to,

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she wants to make a difference. So she vowed you know, if she was to get pregnant, that that baby that she was going to get she will you know, she vowed to the to utilize that baby that son or daughter in the service of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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I'll be in Nina Murphy but name will have Allah Wa La I have Val. You know, whatever it's in my womb, to be in your service. What a beautiful vow. From a woman. So her Lord, a beautiful imagine sister, you're pregnant. And then you said to yourself, Oh Allah, this baby, when he comes out, it will be in your service. I will utilize him to to becoming to be in your service like Adam to be for the for you to serve Harlem and chef and he mama potty. You know, this is my making a vow that my baby will be in your service. That's the intention of the mother of him. The wife of Ava

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and then she gave birth to a woman to girl to a baby girl she gave birth to

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two do marry him. Marry, and then she was little bit disappointed. And I'll be in Nevada to her. One la movie man. Well, that's what they said they

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were in nice and made to her Maria.

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Are you hobbico Vietnam in the shape of the washi? Well, I gave birth to female and Allah knows what she gave birth to. Well, I like give birth to female because she thought that change can only happen with male ancestors. Amazing. She thought that change can only happen with male alike. You know, he gave her birth No, she made she gave birth to a female. And then she was wondering what level Allah and Allah knows what she gave birth to.

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And she named her as Mary because for Mary was coming into it he said that

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history would change. The Christian history was changed

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because of the intention of that woman. That's all in the the

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second section of solid Alabama and from 33 to 99.

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And then the third section starts from 100 to 189. The third section start from 100 to 189. And then Allah subhana wa tada starts with Motwani there, He neither a The other one was

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Kabaddi statement. This one is the date What's the date is a call a lot starts with a call. Yeah. Are you Hello Dina Amano in Tokyo folio kameena Latina o tokita. by

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email you can carry the caffine Allah subhana wa Tada. He is indeed a call for the believers,

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what kind of call for the believers to make them steadfast and not to obey others that will lead them astray.

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And here Eliza should particularly mentioned some of the people from the book.

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If you are too busy to obey them, they will lead you astray caffine even

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Allah subhana wa tada also in the same section, section number three talks about he was Warning Warning, warning from again, from their own as a sec from the people of the book that is very astray and he's warning to believers not to follow them not to listen to them.

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Not to obey what they're saying not to believe in what they're saying and what they claim.

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Also Allah subhana wa tada in the same section

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does he's saying that and here subhana wa tada talking to what happened to the believers in the Battle of offered

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where the believers they did not listen to the command of the Prophet Mohammed is not to say them.

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So Allah Xhosa reviewed some Ayah because they were heartbroken Allah subhana wa tada reveals there's also an ayah to empower them.

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Also, Allah subhana wa tada in this section says something really beautiful. And so in verse number 10106, beautiful again, something to make that to be to the believers. Yo Mata Bo jo jo jo

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melodien. Bianca to jo mattina homefree how are you doing?

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Family Readiness what the tofu home aka, man you come,

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baby welcome to Tech phone. Well, I'm Melody.

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Mattila, whom we have already gone, that date when some faces will become dark and others will become bright. And then the lessons with regard to those who have become darker and a little bit less Family Readiness for the

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first time.

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After you became a believer, you became careful again, a confession by the manickam. You made cofell after you have believed in your Lord, as well as my contact form is the punishment of your Lord.

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After you have left the dean after you have left, amen, and then you became careful and then the law says with regard to those whose faces will be brightened he says why am I letting them be able to go home for fear that they will be in the place of Allah subhanho wa Taala homefree her heart in it they will live forever in that bliss, the law of Allah subhanho wa Taala the agenda, right?

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So Allah subhana wa jal also, like I mentioned, talking about

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to the Sahaba telling, telling them well, that he no one has no time all alone.

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No, no.

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Not many Incoterms Incoterms meaning, em says kung

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fu Allahu Akbar. Look what he's telling them. Well, that they know what that is. I went to one alone in crypto meaning he says and don't feel bad, don't Don't, don't feel heartbroken. When you don't feel sad. And you still aren't have the upper hand. You still have the upper hand after they have lost the battle. They were really you know, they were they were hurt. They were sad and heartbroken because only few numbers of people did not listen to the commander of the Prophet when he told them not to move down from the mouth of the archers.

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Only a number of people did not listen to the commander of the Prophet. So you know, they lost although they were winning the battle initially right the bathroom, they were winning the battle. And then because of they did not listen the command to the command of the Prophet a lot switched, you know the loss of the victory from victory into a loss. So they were really heartbroken and disappointed and angry and sad.

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And you angry and sad. So and then em says concur. administer Alma Thomas. No, if you have been defeated, and you've been Yeah, the people before you the people that won this battle for Mr. MacArthur, Mr. They went to the same thing in whether they went through the same thing in by the end of college you want in order she defeated them in college, the same people who may be defeated you hear you defeated them in person, they went through the same sorrow. They went through the same pain that you are

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going through now so he as if he's sitting there it's okay sorry.

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So kind of how he's you know the name of Allah Jabbar comes to my mind right here. The name of allah buck comes to my mind right here why al Jabbar is the one who conferred conference, the the heartbroken, you know, surgeon so kind of with that when you have a broken heart, how can you mend that heart? There is no doctor who can mend your heart when it's broken. But Allah has a bug with men that hearts so Allah here he is comforting them he is mending their hearts because they were heartbroken. So with that, whenever he knows that he has no one to know.

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Don't be sad, don't be disappointed. You are have the You are the you have the upper hand

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in some kind of what to hide.

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And then

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also Allah subhanho wa Taala in that same section.

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Here is a call to the not believers, Allah he's saying here Nothing will be accepted, except those who come with the oneness of Allah subhana wa Tada. No other religion

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in the Ludhiana, Kapha meadow, Kufa those who who do who choose, you know who they choose, they chose to, they chose not to follow the straight path they chose to follow some kind of law kofa Allah Xhosa says in the Medina Kava, Kava, and they die on cover. So, now you

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have the

00:21:43 --> 00:22:22

allies are saying it will not be accepted from them, even if they were to come with a day of judgment with the entire Earth filled with gold to you know, as as, as you know, so they as if they just want to give out that gold, the entire Earth of physical gold, just to so that they can sacrifice that gold, and then to save themselves from Hellfire alive. So just say nothing would be accepted from them, those who make go home and they die on the state of Ohio, nothing will be accepted from them. What will be accepted is a person saying that in a law before that person dies. So legislation is given that statement to the people of the book to the non believers that if you

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were to die in the state of non belief, nothing will be accepted.

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And then the hottie map, the hottie map, and the end, you know, the conclusion of South Alabama from verse number 190 to 200. Because remember, I said the soldier has 200 verses, you know, so from not 190 to 200, Allah subhana wa tada in this in this conclusion, he is talking about the lack of the meaning, the morals, the characters, the good morals of the believers.

00:22:56 --> 00:23:26

And also subhana wa tada that killed the man about al Qaeda. And also he's talking about the fate of the some of the people of the book, because not all the people of the book are bad, no, there are some who are really, you know, righteous and bias. So Allah subhana wa tada also talks about the belief of some of the people of the book, those who truly follow the set and he set up they did not associate anyone with a lot of delusion. They did not call Raisa God, but they believed in him as a prophet alayhi salaatu alaihe salam

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and then the very, very end, Allah subhana wa tada finishes the the sola with a beautiful Nita with a beautiful call to the believers you know, with a woman giving them some orders beautiful orders, what kind of orders Allah subhana wa tada ends the sola you know, saying, Yeah, you know how Latina man will spill wasabi little bit what's up online? I know come to flipo eautiful beautiful. Oh, you who believe? Yeah, you lie to me? No, it's below us all will endure and be more patient. So Allah is making that call right at the very end to the believers to people endure and be more patient It's been a while I've been to what's below what are Bethel what the law and feel Allah subhanho wa Taala

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so that you may get success and that success will be in this life and the life of the hereafter although also Allah subhana wa tada talks about those people so panula those who ponder as you those who ponder upon the creation of Allah subhana wa tada when he says, and this is all between 190 and 200. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, In a similar way, it was out in the summer with the one on the left enough in the new one

00:24:46 --> 00:24:47

at noon, and

00:24:48 --> 00:24:51

alanine is Poonam Maha pmln. What

00:24:53 --> 00:24:57

Why are you hungry semi Why do you want out of a banana

00:24:59 --> 00:24:59


00:25:00 --> 00:25:01

hanoch Filipina.

00:25:02 --> 00:25:43

Now beautiful, a lot of talks about those people who ponder, you know, the contemplate about the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they create the, the contemplate about the creation of, of the heavens and the earth. And then the alternation of day and night, their country they're contemplating on the alternation of their night, Allah, Xena, who are these people? Allah Subhana, Allah says, Those who are those people, those who who make will make a mention of Allah, in the Quran, Allah, they are always in making a mention of Allah remembering Allah Xhosa how the membrane him sitting, standing on their science, they're always into the remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah

00:25:46 --> 00:25:56

with a focus on what you love about the Mahabharata, habitants of Hanukkah, Allah, and then as they are say, as well, that will Allah save us from the torment of hellfire.

00:25:57 --> 00:26:01

So this is in general, my brothers and sisters, the the

00:26:03 --> 00:26:14

summary of what sort of a man talks about the topic, right? So so far, we talked about, you know, it's number, how many verses

00:26:15 --> 00:27:04

is it made any or making, we said it's a meta disorder, where it was revealed, its nicknames, like Zara and Milan, right? We talked about the team. And we said to that team, you know, the sequence, it's a number of sequence 87, it was revealed, right? After sort of Karatbars 86. And Mr. Is 87. We talked about the, the ASVAB. We said there's 41, sub 41 reasons as to why the Sol Sol was revealed. We also talked about the the Mk lab, you know how it starts, it starts with half G and E flat mean. And then we talked about the three sections because the topic of it, you know, the topic, it's split into three sections, one section that talks about, you know, defining who Allah associate is the

00:27:04 --> 00:27:05

second section talks.

00:27:06 --> 00:27:07

The second section,

00:27:09 --> 00:27:49

the specimen, our case muthoni. The second section, it's a dialogue with the people of the book. And the third section is, is is a call to the believers and to make them you know, steadfast in the Eman in the man in the faith and the deen of Allah subhana wa tada and that's what it's all about me and my brothers and sisters to Mashallah Hosanna we'll be talking about sola and Nisa. inshallah. Tomorrow inshallah we'll be talking about solid women amazing. There is a solar in the console that women my mother's there is that a soldier in the ankles so that man what are the men out there?

00:27:50 --> 00:27:55

Or is there any man in here? Is that any sort of interpret and that says solid men?

00:27:56 --> 00:27:59

Can anybody tell me? Anybody in here?

00:28:00 --> 00:28:49

I only see sisters where the brothers Sabbath Sabbath is still there. I had I had he's here, you know, is there any soil in the end that's, that says, man saw that man. Yeah. Oh, yeah. See, ya see? Is there a yard is there so that man, there is no solid man, but then assault women. So that Anissa Allahu Akbar if only sisters if only women could understand this beauty, instead of them following this and following that, and starting to compare themselves with men and started you know, listening to you know, oh, look what you know, the what Islam has done to women. It's all propaganda, propaganda. That's all it is. If you really learn about the reality of Islam, Islam has elevated

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00:28:51 --> 00:28:53

before Islam woman was nothing

00:28:55 --> 00:29:18

spoke about this when I teach the seal of the Prophet Mohammed as I said, before the coming of the Prophet how women were perceived in their society in the country, in, in in Europe, how they used to perceive women as as a ghost. They used to perceive women as jinn. They said women there's she's not a human being, you know, some handler stem came and change the status of women.

00:29:19 --> 00:29:25

And then people today and also here's a look how is them treats women know how you people treat women. Whenever you want to

00:29:27 --> 00:29:31

advertise the car, you're bringing naked woman next to it. You want to advertise

00:29:32 --> 00:29:40

something you bring a naked woman to it? Is that how you really defend women? This is how you really portray the image of women by bringing in it Yeah, even

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boxing games. Yeah, we're watching a boxing fight. Although boxing is you know, kickboxing or and then you have to bring in this woman with with with think he's going around holding the number is just how you really elevate the image of women.

00:29:58 --> 00:29:59

You want to you want to advertise

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Drink, you know, a bottle of coke of soda you bring in a naked woman next to it this is how you really only defend women and elevate the status of women. The Hello inequality and unfortunately some of our women mister Muslim women, they

00:30:16 --> 00:30:17

they believe that

00:30:18 --> 00:30:40

and they say yeah look yes I do understand and I do agree to a certain extent that there are some Muslims who mistreat women and have been given the bad image to the west about you know about the treatment of women but that has nothing to do with Islam has nothing to do with Islam we need to separate between Islam and between

00:30:41 --> 00:30:43

that tallied cultural

00:30:45 --> 00:30:51

cultural even cultural is too much for IT people need to learn how to separate and how to differentiate between the two

00:30:53 --> 00:30:56

Islam has nothing to do with what some people are doing

00:30:58 --> 00:31:01

and the West what happens here is this and so all these how Islam treats women

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they I mean No, no, no. So we have a solar in the Quran called saw that and he said so that any set and how the profit as I see them, you know, some handler, sorta Nisa, and there is a soldier in the call and consult mercenary medium, there is no so like the plan consola Khadija Khadija also Tasha also taught Emma also Amina Amina the mother of the Prophet. No, we don't have souls in the ankles. So those names we have soldiers in the ankle sort of medium. Also look at a man or woman, the wife of a man and the family of Emma, and sort of a Nisa women Nisa amazing soldier sisters and brothers. We will talk about it tomorrow inshallah. Okay, all right. Is that Camilla hair follicle African.

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Thank you so much for joining. And I shall see you all today. Why today six o'clock, six o'clock pm. 11 o'clock pm, UK 6pm. Eastern Time for the end of time. The end of time in Charlotte, Atlanta. Hope to see you all there. Baraka Luffy Khan, is I can laugh at Facebook, the others as he's in Santa Monica. Hello. Hello cat.

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So this is for trick

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