Mohamad Baajour – JAR #72 How Strong Is Your Tawwakul – Trust In Allah

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the impact of working from home during quarantine, emphasizing the importance of trusting oneself and avoiding fear control. A woman named Assante did not mention her mother, prompting the speaker to emphasize the need to strengthen one's trust and study Allah's name. The importance of knowing Allah's deeds to increase one's trust and leverage his power to make it happen is emphasized.
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Well that Gator fan in

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the Quran

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Farrell meaning well now holla gene. Now one

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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Allah ma aluminum and founder and founder of uma alum Tana was in Manya camera I mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teach us would benefit does benefit us from tutorials and increase us in knowledge me in your blind I mean, my beloved, respected brothers and sisters, I ask Allah azza wa jal to make me and you from the people who listen and apply. Tonight in just a reminder, we will be discussing the topic or the IDA of Tawakkol.

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trust in Allah azza wa jal, when we are with our Killeen, when we have Tawakkol, and Allah subhanaw, taala, to grant us something, or to keep something away from us as a mutawa kill, then whatever we have to work call upon,

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whatever we are asking Allah for either it will happen, or something better will happen, when this will be delayed, when our work call is weak, and the weaker our Tawakkol. The longer is the delay, type the question, which is, the main reason for this episode is, how do I know if my work call is weak or strong?

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First, we have to remember that the worker is a bad Colombia. It's an act of worship of the heart. It's not something I can see. Like, for example, when I donate I know I donated this much when I pray, I know I prayed that many raka when I first I know I fasted that many days, but the word call, how do I know if my third call is weak or strong? It's very bad to have the call. It's a an action of the heart, just like happiness, right? How do I know if I am happy or not? How do I measure the level of happiness

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by checking the signs of happiness upon me, if I am a person that is always smiling, always happy, I do not get upset from the simplest things that means happiness is very high in my life, I am a happy person.

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But if I get upset for the simplest things, if I cannot stand anyone anymore, if I snap our My dear ones, then the sign or the signs of happiness are very low for you. Just like we know the level of happiness because of its effect upon us. We will also recognize the level of Tawakkol

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Exactly. Just like the signs of the word call upon us. What are the signs, what are the signs that I am good or strong with our kill? A person that is putting his trust in Allah

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trust tranquility, peace relaxed, if we are

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with our keel and you are tense all the time about the matter you have our call upon that means that our call is weak. And if you feel relaxed and E and at ease,

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when you have put your trust in Allah, that means you're strong. If you feel at ease after you put your target column Allah subhanaw taala and you took by the means very important. For example, I am very sick. I went to the doctor first I put my to work Quran Allah, that he is the Shafi he is the one that will cure me.

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And I took by the means I went to the doctor, he prescribed the medicine I'm taking the medicine but my heart is attached to Allah azza wa jal, I have completed our call that if she thought if cure is good for me, he will grant it for me. I have completed our Quran Allah, but if I can't instantly you are worried. And yeah, Doctor, this is not happening. And I always always tense and stressed about that sickness. That means my telecoil is weak.

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I'll give you an example. Musa alayhis salam. When he was escaping with Benissa eel.

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He reached a point that frown and his soldiers behind him and

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In front of him, there is the ocean.

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Now, Benny Austro eel looked at Musa alayhis salam and said in LA mudra Khun we are doomed.

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Now listen to the answer of the mutawa kill. Listen, listen to the answer. The one who's the workload is very strong. What did he say? Color in a Marriott be say a dean. No, no, no, no, don't worry, Allah is with me and He will guide me. He said that because his heart is attached to Allah, even though Allah azza wa jal did not inform him how he's going to save him, he did not tell him that, you know, the ocean will split and road will be dry, and then you will pass and frown will be drowning. He did not mention anything.

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All he knew Musa Ali Salam is that Allah will never, never abandoned him. Similarly, his mother, the mother of Musa alayhis salam, when she got the order from Allah, throw your baby, put your baby or throw your baby in the basket, throw the basket in the river, the river will throw the basket at the river bank, Allahu Akbar, a mother, a mother throwing her baby. Look at how strong her Tawakkol is. Just because Allah said in raw, do who Leakey, all Allah said is, I will bring him back to you. That's all she wanted to hear. And then that Wakil that strength of tobacco that she had made her through her baby, my brothers and sisters, especially the parents, you could imagine what does that

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mean? Look how strong is her tobacco and Allah subhanho wa Taala because of the strength of article he did, bring him back to her. Now.

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when you have completed the work on Allah subhanaw taala we will not worry, the strong metalworking knows that if the matter there is higher in it, Allah will make it happen. And if there is no fail in the matter, he asked or she asked, then Allah subhanaw taala will not make it happen. We will have complete trust in Allah's decree, because he believes that the one who decreed is that Akeem himself. The old wise himself did not give me this, or the old wiser himself gave me that just like a new baby that surrenders to his mother

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Subhan Allah. This is the way of the matawa killed when it comes to his relationship or to her relationship with Allah azza wa jal, he surrenders completely to Allah subhanho wa Taala because he or she knows that Allah azza wa jal love them more than their own mother. So what should I do in order not to worry after I put my trust in Allah azza wa jal, simply, we have to strengthen, strengthen our tobacco. And of course the question is, how can we strengthen our tobacco?

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How do I strengthen my trust in Allah ascertain, listen carefully my brothers and sisters, the more we know Allah,

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the stronger our telecoil upon him will be.

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The more we know Allah, as a region, the stronger our Tawakkol upon him will be. So we have to know who is Allah azza wa jal.

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We have to study his attributes his names, when I know that he is alcovy, the old powerful when I know that he is the own merciful, when I when I know that he's the only one who knows the Unseen

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and when I know that he is so good, even to the people that are disobeying him day and night.

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Subhanallah people not only disobey Him, people curse Allah day and night, and they still wake up in the morning find food on the table, they still wake up in the morning they still have their eyes and their ears. If this is the way that Allah treat the people who disobey Him and curse him. How will he treat the people who love Him and obey Him?

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This is the

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mentality this is the belief of the metabo killer example

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if you are going to have

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or you're traveling somewhere. And you want to leave your children with a family, the more you know that family, the more you spend time with that family, the more you trust that family, the more you will be relaxed, the more you will be at ease. Right? Well Allah Hill method, the more I know Allah azza wa jal, the more or the stronger is might our coulomb Subhan Allah,

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my brothers and sister,

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have you ever

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gone or traveled in a plane? And the minute you entered the plane?

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You said, I would like to meet the pilot.

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And then you went to the pilot?

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And he starts asking, what degrees does he have?

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And you start asking him, how many years he has been flying? Did he have any alcohol last night? Did you have any drugs last night, none of us do that. Allahu Akbar, we put our trust in a complete stranger, a

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complete stranger 30,000 feet above the ground without knowing who he is. And we put complete trust in Him to take us from A to B. And the one who loves me more than my own mother, and the one who knows me more than I know myself. And the one who knows what's good for me more than myself.

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My trust in Him is not that strong.

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So my brothers and sisters,

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we have to strengthen

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our trust and Allah Our telecoil.

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And how do we do that? By knowing Allah azza wa jal, the more we know Allah, the strongest our tawakkul How do we know Allah? Read this book, study his book, understand his words. And when we do that, be in Allah, our Tawakkol will increase. May Allah make me and you from the Muto Killeen from the people who have complete trust in Allah azza wa jal May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from all evil. May Allah make our last deeds our best deeds and our last words Layla Hill Allah I love you all for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah, masha Allah Allahu Allah and the stock broker on a two way Lake

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flooded he got out I

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mean only two to

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the lobby was he on meaning

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