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The importance of fulfilling user demands for quality over quantity is stressed, as it is crucial for overall health and reputation. The speaker suggests reading the Quran and avoiding rushing to achieve goals, while also criticizes people who read too much. The importance of learning from past experiences and reciting prayer experiences is also emphasized. It is crucial to read the Quran properly to protect one's health and reputation, and to avoid harming one's fast. It is also crucial to avoid compromising the quality of one's deeds and to encourage people to recite the prayer properly.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh my brothers and sisters, have you noticed it's about quality, not quantity. If you look at Allah Almighty, He has told us in Surah Al monk, and in a few other places in the Quran about the quality over the quantity, a loving Hala Palma hotel hire tele Bella welcome,

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San Juan Mala. It is He Who created death and life in order to test you who from amongst you has better deeds, he didn't say more deeds. Sometimes people do a lot of deeds. Yes, it's good to do a lot of deeds on condition that the quality is acceptable. If the quality of those deeds is not acceptable, then you're wasting your time with the quantity. So for example Salah to Tara, we, yes, we should be fulfilling it. And we should be making sure that the quality is acceptable. What is the point of reading through the Quran zooming through it without any merit whatsoever, without fulfilling the rules of recitation, the rules of the eloquence and the pronunciation of the Quran.

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If that is the case, you'd rather read less insalata tarawih in terms of Quran and fulfill a beautiful quality of prayer, the units of prayer would be fulfilled in a beautiful way, although you may not be able to complete the entire Quran. Now there is definitely merit to complete the entire Quran but never, never at the expense of the quality. If you are to read a bit of the Quran every day, but trying to ensure that you reading it to the best of your capacity, your ability and you're improving over time, then you're doing the right thing. But if you are trying to cover as much as you can simply to get done with it. That is wrong. Now, I know there are people who are religious

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people who are pious, who still do this, it's still a mistake. If you are rushing through the Quran, because you want to do so many completions or headmaster of the Quran and you are compromising the rules of recitation, my brother, my sister, no matter how pious you may be, you are still making a mistake, because it was never about the quantity over the quality. If quantity and quality come together, then Alhamdulillah you do as much as you can, and it will be rewarding. But Allah has only given you 24 hours in a day from that you have so much to do. And for acts of worship, you have certain acts of worship you will be able to fulfill you cannot do deeds, more than the time that

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you've been allotted by Allah Almighty, especially when you're compromising the quality if you are to fulfill two units of prayer, but you are to do it beautifully with amazing her sure and with beautiful concentration. Calmness known as Nina, that calmness and you are, you know, when someone sees you, they can see that this person is engaged in an act of worship. That's very good. It's better than doing so many of those units of prayer, but literally like a duck or a chicken pecking on the ground, you know, up and down, up and down. And before we know it, it's like a race. It's like you're rushing to achieve something. It's like you're huffing and puffing, we need to change

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this. This is a mindset that is absolutely unacceptable. As much as people may tell you, no you have to do this and you have to do that you have to get it finished. If it is coming at the price, where you are paying the quality over the quantity sorry, you're the quantity over the quality. In that case, you are wrong. You need to make sure you do it properly. And for that reason, when you fulfilling your Salah when you reading Quran when you're doing the vicar don't whip through it, don't just rush in a way that nobody who would who understands Arabic would even know what on earth you're reading. That's an insult to Allah. I say this today because Subhanallah I've come across a

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recitation that people were saying, Oh, this guy reads brilliant. He reads brilliant. But to be honest, he was eating up his words he was eating up so much it was difficult to even follow with this person. Trust me, there's no merit you can finish the entire Quran in one day. If that's what you did, you may just earn a sin for what you did because the Hadith says ru Bukhari Enlil or annual or annual annual there are some researchers who read the Quran while the Quran is cursing them. How does the Quran curse you? Number one because you have not applied it in your life. Number two, you have not bothered to read it correctly, properly.

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Be or try at least, or you are rushing through it as an insult to the owner of that word, the one who, meaning who is that it is Allah, He will make it and mine. This is the word of Allah subhanahu wa Tana. So my brothers and sisters, let's remember, do not compromise the quality of your deeds. The same applies to your fasting. If you're just fasting for the sake of fasting, and you're not worried about the quality of the fast it needs to be amazing, beautiful quality, not something that will come crashing and crumbling. How do I protect the quality of my fast by ensuring that I don't swear by ensuring that I engage in more dhikr remembrance of Allah my salah is in order on time, I'm

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dressed appropriately, I don't listen or do anything that will be

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in transgression to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah commands in transgression of Allah's commands. And at the same time, I try to maximize the good deeds like charity, and so many other things. That's the quality of the fast. So the fast is more like, you know, a frame in that frame, you throw in a lot of good deeds and you beautifully enjoy the day. Now. That is today's lesson.

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I ask Allah Almighty to bless us all and to help us rectify this, the Imams of the massage as well need to hear what I've just said, as well as the others need to hear what I've just said because Subhanallah it's very saddening to see that people think oh, you know, we finished 10 Quran we finished five Quran we finished so much in one night or two, you know, what, if it was done properly, with proper recitation bill, if you would be proud to read in front of Allah Almighty that way, then Alhamdulillah but if you were rushing through it, whipping through it as though you had a train to catch it is an insult to Allah Almighty. Let's not do that. So let's correct each other in

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the good way. May Allah Almighty make it easy for all of us. We don't want to be falling into those who will be cursed by the Quran on the Day of Judgment. We would like it to be accepted not just the Quran, but even our Salah our prayer, our fast, you know, you go into court, you go into sujood Yes, you don't, you're not You shouldn't be so slow, especially when you're an Imam, that the people behind you are not even considered. But you can go in a pace that is good enough where you are able to recite it smoothly correctly without compromising the rules and at the same time considering the elderly and the women. If there are people who are reading behind the imam who are unable to fool to

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maybe stand or unable to read all the prayer with the Imam because of a pace that the imam is reading when they should either read at home or in a different Masjid. But the reason I say they should do that is because there is only a certain point up to which that Imam has the permissibility to to actually speed up a what is happening. Beyond that it becomes sinful for everyone. So at that juncture, you're excused you're unwell. You don't have to actually be here with everyone else. If you're not well, you're excused. And if you are, if you are not able to stand you may sit but you don't compromise the quality and relation with Allah simply because you cannot manage. May Allah

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Almighty make it easy for our elderly, the sickly the women, the children, whoever else it may be May Allah Almighty make it easy for one and all this was a very important message acordo Kohli had was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.