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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses a new program called ham seeker that will be starting in July and will cover topics such as the "the Shabbat" and "The Shabbat" seasons. The speakers emphasize the importance of understanding the meaning of "verbal" in relation to "any" and the "any" in relation to "any." They also discuss the history of alcohol and its use in various cultures, including the first category of sources being a setback of a "back-to-school" is happening. The speakers provide examples and explain the meaning of each category in a written manner. They also mention a Zoom Zoom session for the UK and the UK at 7 PM.
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So to sum up so less than or equal to this is real results he will come to you to see a bit sort of see what's however you want to call it.

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This is a new program which we've started the hamdulillah yesterday, the beginning of Ramadan

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short sale program in sha Allah, Allah tala to connect us with the book of Allah to connect us with.

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Right to connect with is this as it is the month of the Shabbat. So yesterday was a was an intro right to the program. And today inshallah tada we're gonna go in a little bit in depth, you know, talking about

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nice, really nice stuff talking about things that may be interesting to you maybe first time you're gonna hear them something about the and the when we talk about the two types of arrows, the madonie arrows or the Mickey Mouse arrows versus the madonie arrows. What does it mean for a solid to be revealed on this arrow versus the other era? The names of the squatters, the virtues of the soul was all this this is all included in this program in sha Allah who tada why certain souls happen to be before others or after others. Is there any any wisdom behind the the

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the sequence of the soul was in the end?

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The reasons why certainly the soul was we've been revealed this is very important, not only the source, but also the Is there a reason behind you know, the revelation of each eye This is also very, very important. And also the topic of the of the song, it's sold out or you know, talks about a different topic. So this is all part of this program in Sharla who Tara is like lush Assalam Alikum all May Allah bless you, bless you all for joining. I just gave a small short intro about you know, like the agenda of of this new program called tipsy bite sort of seedbeds. However, again, you caught it. So inshallah Tada. I will start with, as yesterday was mostly about an intro today

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inshallah, inshallah, we'll talk about what we call an Adobe medallion, you know, and what does that mean? It means the era where the songs have been revealed in the right, so this is the, the filter Tafseer, the, the, the, the, the, the depth of the Tafseer you know, so to see that just don't don't go to a solid and trust and make it I've seen of it and you know why it was revealed when it was revealed and whatnot, but we're going to go into the depth of it in Sharla huhtala depth yet very short and sweet inshallah, when we talking when we say in Arabic and modafinil, modafinil,

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meaning here is that is the era where the soldier was revealed. And there are two errors. As I mentioned, you have the mechi era, and you have the madonie era. What do we see or mean by Mickey era Mickey era is the songs that weren't revealed in Makkah. And, and Medina Madani era of the Suez which were revealed in Medina, I'm going to teach you something amazing. Just because I love you all for the sake of Allah. Because a lot of people don't know how many songs are, you know, Mickey? And how many songs are my daddy? How do we know which ones or which or how many just the numbers? I'm gonna give you a very beautiful definition.

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And you're easy to remember. If you remember this number I'm going to give you you will easily know you know how many songs have been revealed in McCann how many songs are repeated Medina?

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Let me ask you a question first. How many do we have in

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Salatu Baka.

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How many verses we have in salt Baqarah. Who knows the answer?

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Because it has to do with the mechi and madonie era.

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All right, tell me how many. How many verses do we have in Surah Al Baqarah.

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I saw that. Layla

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how many sores we have or how many is how many is do we have in solid Al Baqarah? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You cannot say over 300 you have to give me the exact number. Yes. No, you just went to Google. You're just as Google Ah, no, it's actually 286

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All right, so 86 to 86 You're right. No, not to 85 to 86 to 86, right? So 28 McKee 86 Madani. This is how you would know how many songs in the end are McKeon Madani 286 28 MKI and 86. Madani? Didn't I tell you? Did I tell you that this is um, this is like a very beautiful definition for you to understand and know how many mkisofs and how many magnanimous souls it's sometimes it's hard you have to go to the court and and and go to the each sola and then read about it. But here is a very beautiful way to understand it and to know it 280 6am in Uppsala to bacala 286 right. 286 verse insulted by Kaaba 2828 Solas our mechi 86 sauce Elementary, there you go. What do you think? Did I

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tell you something really nice. So this is how you would know how many songs and what, but what does what's the fatty that was the the fruit of and the wisdom behind certain soil has been revealed in Makkah and certain sources been revealed in Medina. And this is something in sha Allah who tada that we will also discuss in this in this program in sha Allah, right? Because there is wisdom, of course, there is wisdom. I know I'm awesome.

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I know I'm awesome, right. This is now this is ringing. I wanted to share that with you because this is really interesting, you know, how can you know which ones and how many? How many 2886 to 8628 86 right. So,

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there is a wisdom behind you know, a sort of being revealed in Mecca and Medina, even in the slope of Dawa even in the the way of giving that there are certain there are certain soils they were not meant to be revealed in in Medina, they have to be revealed in Mecca. Most of the songs in fact most of the sores that that that that talk about the decreed that talks about the Akita are revealed in Mecca, what are the sores that talk about matters, you know, are mostly revealed in Medina right? So this is just something to understand but there's always a wisdom behind you know, a sort of been revealed in Mecca on I have been revealed in Mecca versus Medina. And this is something that we also

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inshallah Tyler would would understand in this program. Also another thing or another wisdom behind you know, understanding the soul was revealed in Mecca and Medina something to understand what is men saw a NASA what's men saw her NASA men so NASA obligated yet also there's certain AI which has been a big abrogated by others, NASA women saw and we'll talk about it as well in shallow into Hana as part of this program. So maybe you want to I was revealed in America, right? And that I got abrogated with another was revealed in Medina

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for instance, the idea of the of alcohol, the idea of alcohol, right? They were like three different ads. You know, the first one that says

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do not do not, you know, like drink while you're

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when you're praying, right?

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And then it got abrogated by another guy that says it is evil you don't stay away from it. So there were like three is one that abrogated the other so this is another some handler wisdom by which why certain ayat were revealed in Mecca and why certain Edward COVID in Medina in Makkah, maybe the Sahaba were not ready, we're not ready to to abstain from alcohol because they used to be as you may say, alcoholic, they used to drink alcohol a lot like crazy but you see Allah subhana wa tada was focusing in those in the in the in the A that were revealed in Mecca, mostly on the VEDA, mostly on decreed and once the ACA became firm on them, then the I A to B two to

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make the alcohol you know to forbidden the alcohol or to forbid alcohol was revealed when the Sahaba were ready to to

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to abstain from it, but in Mecca they were not ready. So this is another hikma This is another wisdom as to why certain souls or certain is revealed in Makkah and certain were revealed in Medina

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sola it's called sola in Arabic surah Allah chapter in English in Arabic just the name the word soda is derived from

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Alicia well, Manzella was shut off. This is beautiful. What is the meaning of salt

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Lovers which is solid and solid, but what is the meaning of Surah Surah because in Arabic That is sola with sod, which means an image of a picture and saw that with scene scene that means the chapter of the man

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but what does it mean in Arabic surah it is derived from this term called shut off honor

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is that grace Manzella

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because it's shutting, you know in although they say Shan Shan, Zhi, Shan z shotgun, the shotgun, right, it's called v shot and somebody would shun somebody with high praise and high menza and high rank, so, they shot right. So, in Arabic means shotgun. So, soul up, Allah is usually not the meaning of it in Arabic, you know, it is shot off, it is an honor it is Shan, Allah surgeon has elevated it, it is a soda from the end. So the name or the it is derived from something called shun, or, or shut off, or the menzi that are on. Right, this is just so you know, the, the, the root of this word called solar, but it's the lahan islamically. Solar means a sort of the other chapter of

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so there are too many the Arabic meaning the word of it, it means shut off, it means honor, it means grace, and also the Islamic meaning the meaning of soda means a chapter, a chapter.

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So now I'd like you, please take notes, because I'm going to mention something really, maybe you've never heard of it before. But this is really something that inshallah hota hada will, will be very handy. And so that you understand and connect with an understanding how to connect with and understand the depth of

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the soul was

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the source of all the swords in the pot, and all the chapters in the end are split into four categories of source.

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I hope you're taking notes. The source of the end, are split. There are four categories of swords in the court and the four categories of chapters in the court. There's what we call a cyber attack by when a 781, the seven long ones, the seven long ones, what are the several long ones, Alibaba, and Amazon and Nisa, and Merida and I laugh, but I which is a tober. These are the seven of the well, they call them a cyber attack by one in Arabic. Okay, so again, the so others, they're not just like that in vain. So So no, it's the songs have meanings. There are four categories of sores in the first category, we call them a subset of a word in Arabic, seven means seven.

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In Arabic said that said that sub baton means seven. So we call the first category a setback of a when the seven long ones, they are Al Baqarah.

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These are the long ones the longest sores in the Alibaba and a Milan and the SAT and Merida an hour. I'm an RF and by law, or what we call solid tober. But I don't mean a lie. You know, this is this only sort of that starts without Bismillahirrahmanirrahim and we will talk about that as well inshallah. So that's the first category. The second category of sources are called alchemy in. alchemy in that comes from Mia. Mia in Arabic means 100.

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me in. In Arabic, it means not me. Me in Arabic means 100. The 100. So the first category is the seven long ones. The seven categories are the hundreds. What does it mean? These are those that are below the seven day one. The seven day well, these are the ones that are below that are hundreds or more. Somewhat hundreds, aka the songs that are about 100 a year or a bit more or less. They called me in from me

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about 100 a year or so. So that's the second category. Are you people taking notes? Is anybody taking notes?

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Who's taking notes?

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If I were you, I would bring in a notebook for this series called tip sealed bites or tipsy bits. Right? If I were you, I will have a notebook and then I would start taking notes. You know because I'm giving you gold. Maybe you did not know about 286

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You Didn't Know About 286 you know? 286 verse in the in

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insalata bacara 28 Achmed, McKee. So what's an 86? So take it, you know, noting down

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what you can perfectly No, it's up to you know if I'll do what I want, but if you want to take notes, it's fine. mental notes. Great, but I don't think you'll remember everything because now I'm talking about the categories of the sauce. So first category is a set up a one, the seven long ones. second category, I'll meet in the meat, the hundreds those that

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are about 100 as more or less. The third category we call them l metheny, l metheny. This is below me in this is below the hundreds and the whole plan is called an methoni. As well

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as Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Allahu Allah, Allah subhanho de keytab mo Tasha de moda shabbiha masani Allah subhana wa tada says, Allah hoonah zellen How do you think he said them what a shabby hum as any Masonic This is a sort of Azuma also muthoni because

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this word derives from the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala in the source

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talks about wet and Wade promises and warnings.

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So this is the third categories. The first are the seven long ones, like a bacala, and a Milan Nisa, and the others. The second, I mean, those that are 100 is more or less, the third are any, those are below 100

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of a common method. And the fourth category, which is the last category, Alamo, fire, sun, Alamo, fire sun, it's called Alamo fire sun. What's Alamo fire sun.

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I love the title for the shoot for the sake of the last panel attack.

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angle for sun. These are the short sauce the short so once the short Sutras, the ones that have you know, a lot of you know like

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I said, Oh, I didn't know Isla de la Do you know either Sham soco? We're not worried. You know, this small one short, short, short. kohala had a lot of summer. Let me read what um, you know, it's called Alamo for sun. So these are four categories of sores in the pot and the four categories of swans in the end. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam says in this beautiful area is the beautiful Hadith, beautiful Hadith. He says all the way to a seven Alma said a while mckenith Allah Allahu Akbar, listen to this hadith. This is an amazing story. Maybe you've never heard it before. Maybe you've never heard it before. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, How do

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you say authentic? Or to set up a while macatawa I was given the seven long ones, instead of the taller. The taller that was revealed to moosari setup, right? The Prophet says I was given from the end, a set up a one the seven long ones instead of the taller. And I was given the mean. Remember the mean the mean are the 100 ones, the 100 the AR ones, and that was given to me in mechanical engineering instead of the MG instead of the Bible. Allahu Akbar. He was given the several long ones instead of Tortola, and he was given an mean instead of the NGO, world patron mckenny mecanizado, Allahu Akbar, and I was given them as Danny instead of the support level that would David, you know

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the support of that would, so, I was given the Al methodic remember the Masonic the the, that I mentioned earlier and metheny that the this the songs which are below 100, as they call it, the properties I was given the mitanni instead of the zable were for them to be alpha sun, Allahu Akbar, were for delta when Mufasa and I was favored

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by Allah giving me the Mufasa and was the Mufasa those small short short, so was the short chapters in the

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So, this is my brothers and sisters who will end here inshallah Tada, we will end with this in a bit of information def see bits or bytes, I was given the, you know, the seven long ones instead of the taller and I was given the

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mean instead of the in jail, and I was given the

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mitanni instead of desirable, and I was favored by the Al Mufasa. So these are the four categories my brothers and sisters

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The seven elements no the seven. Well, the seven long ones. So these are four categories of swords. I initially explained the meaning of solar in the end, what does it mean? So right? I explained that, and I said that there are four categories of swords in the world and the first category a seven, day one, the seven long ones. And they are in that sequence when you have an Bukhara, and Milan and the SAT, or the Merida and an Aleph.

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And then you have bah, bah, which is October, so that October, right, so let's tober so these are the seven long ones, Alibaba, Emraan. And the set an am an am, and that are off Alibaba. And then Baba, and met, up and then, but I saw that October. So this is these are the seven long ones. After the seven long ones comes what we call alameen. El amin are those that are 100, less or more, right. And then you have any older songs that are less than 100. And then you have a lot of a song. Like these just, you know, tabouleh chorus ama, you know, those are the emphasis of the short ones. Right? This is called al Mufasa. I hope that this was beneficial to all of you in sha Allah hota

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IRA, I hope this was a little something to connect with the book or a lot so that you understand, you know, understand that book, you know, it's not just a book, right? It's not just a book understand, you know, the the inside of that book was this made of insha Allah hota and then we're gonna be talking about the something really, really interesting shot low tide and next time we meet, we'll be talking about the the assault disorders, there are about 10 types of intros in the slot 10 types 10 types, what are distinct types because the swords really once you understand once you understand this bit, you will love the lot more. You will love the poor and the poor and that

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doesn't just start with

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them they're gonna be datamine for the soul just like that. It doesn't start with me just like that. It doesn't start with

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hamdulillah lady, you know, something that there's every every intro has a meaning of it, why Allah started with that particular intro in the fact that we will talk about it in sha Allah hota Hana on Monday, tomorrow is day off Monday inshallah Tada, I have seen bits we will meet and talk about, again, the beauty of the intros of the swans, there are 10 types of introductions in these tours. We're going to talk about each one so that you understand more, and then inshallah Tada.

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We will be in Illa move on into talking about the soldiers, the soldiers themselves from abakada on the word explaining, you know, the content of the soldiers and why each source talks about certain things and why those swords were revealed. At what point the reason, you know, all that would be really really interesting inshallah, tada alright.

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Today inshallah I shall meet you at 6pm of course, we shall meet to inshallah. hotelera. Tomorrow, there is nothing tomorrow. All right, tomorrow is a day off tomorrow. I have a lecture in Morocco. Yes, I have a lecture in Morocco tomorrow. So that's a zoom lecture. In Arabic though it will be in Arabic, but that's in zoom. That's for Moroccans in Morocco, but

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tonight I should meet you at 6pm inshallah 6pm

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Eastern Time 11pm UK time for the end of time, right the end of time series and then inshallah tada 7:30pm. Eastern Time 7:30pm 7:30pm Eastern Time. 12:30am. UK time it will be the drop. The da and the vicar session in Sharla is a session for the UK and the UK that would be at 7:30pm 12:30am. UK time inshallah long time. All right. So that's the program for today inshallah, is that going to last a while like Alfie Kohn

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was set out

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