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South American plate Allah bochetto

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mid continent La

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Paz as he would come on YouTube tafsir they've seen bits bytes This is session or Episode Number 18 and we are today with solitude inshallah so that who the right so yesterday we were with sola Tunis and today inshallah Tiana we're going to move to solitude and just give a minute for more people to join inshallah and also to give you a chance to pull your books, notebooks and, and and bands and get them ready inshallah we're going to be sharing with you a lot of good information about this stuff season zombicide So pull up your notebooks

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How's everyone doing? Grandma shabba sister Nadia and then later and then Manas. Kereama and then Kiko Yesh mean, Michelle, so I've got Facebook and I've got

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Instagram as well. So

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I said something very important yesterday, I said these sub c series

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for then they're not, they're very different than the homemade happiness for instance, or the end of time series, this is a different series, this is actually is really for committed students, very special students, not anybody would like to sit and listen to them see it, because it's it can be really deep, right, it can be it requires a lot of concentration and thinking and right. So, it is mostly for very specific type of students, very committed students, the students who would like to lm, they like to listen for the element, they like to take notes, this is what this series specially this series of CDs for, you know, so But I, from my end, tried to make it as very as simple as

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possible, as simple and sweet as possible to try to link it with, with, you know, with, with our current situation, we try to, so that when you read so let's hope so that when you pray, you know, and you listen to Soto, for instance, from the Imam, you understand, you know, the soda that we have, you know, gone through, you understand why it was revealed, you'd understand the meaning of it, you'd understand some of the stories or some of the content of it, right, it will help you concentrate more in your Salah. So this is the main purpose of this step see is right so this is why I keep saying this sessions, you know, the tipsy the bytes or bits, although I keep them very short,

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not very long, because they've seen can be quite deep, you know, if you want to go really into the depth of thing you can have, you can go word by word, right word by word, or you can go you know, what I at a time and then go deep into it, but I'm going like, you know, just a little bit of the surface, but at the same time, give you some really interesting information about each sorta in shallow data. So, that common law fair philosophy can let us start in Sharla, so soldato today, so it's number 11. In the in the must have in the end, it is number 11. And it has 123 123 verses, and it is

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located between just 11 and 12. between 11 and 12 and it is a Mickey sola. It's a Mickey sola. Except one a a a a number 114 114 and number four and 14 is a medini. But the whole solar is met kisana will tell you the interesting part about this. This Melanie, Melanie Melanie saw, you know the Melanie I 114. Just remember 114 it is the only area that's actually made any for Medina, but the rest are Mickey Mickey. So it's called solitude because Eliza talks about the woods in this in the solar although Allah just talks about many other things. we'll mention them in Sharla. But it is you know, it's after who the Prophet hood who was sent to his people.

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And it is from the mean.

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It is from the mean. What is the mean? You know, remember when I mentioned four types of swords in the end, there are some that are called these stubborn, they want the seven long ones, and then after the seven, the seven long ones are those that are way beyond you know 100 versus they called seven long souls like bacala and Milan and the Nisa and then met either

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And I'm right, and salata, Toba, those are the seven long ones. And then after that comes the mean, which comes from me, which is 100 right? So this is considered to be from the solitude just like solid Kunis because it to be from the mean from the median meaning the median soul has those that are a little bit you know 100 little below or at or above you know 100

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but in terms of Revelation it is number 51 how many soldiers 114114 but this sola is revealed as number 51 right after the owners that's why he has some holiday just happens that it is right after the universe. So let us and then right before the use of

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51 you know number 51 right before I'm sorry after the illness after not before after illness and before so that use

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and here is something interesting about disorder

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with regard to the IR that was revealed in Medina

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so listen up this is really interesting this is and this is we can relate to it. This is amazing.

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Regarding to that I that was revealed in Medina is number 114.

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Rude, he said, it blew my throat he said that a man came to the Prophet Mohammed Abu Salim and he said the loss of Allah, I had a contact with a woman.

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I had a contact with a woman

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a subdomain, ham donor and

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he says I had a contract with a woman and I did everything with her except the sexual intercourse. So he came to the provinces he also law

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I'm here What? punishment, punishment

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* the Mad CMS *.

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About the olana he was there and he says satanic Allah Allah azza wa jal did not expose you Why are you coming to expose yourself?

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I almost told him a lie zildjian did not expose you Why are you exposing yourself?

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So the province as I see them did not answer. When the man came to the Prophet he says yes, Allah I met a woman and I did everything with her except sexual intercourse. I had a contact with her except sexual intercourse. So the Prophet didn't answer that Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed verse number 114. So this happened in Medina.

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This happened in Medina so this is the only area that was revealed in Medina 114 Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Well, my name is Susana Fein heard he was

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in Santa to the he been sad

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that he Kathy Come on is that Kini?

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Allah Xhosa says and establish the prayers throughout the day and night

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in the house and it was him honestly at the good deeds erase the bad deeds. Good Deeds erase bad deeds. In the Daffy Duck a declarative decade in So, so this answer came straight from Eliza to that man who did something wrong with that woman.

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The Prophet told him Well, here's the answer, go and pray and ask Allah to forgive you do a lot of prayers Why? Because this prayer is it has said that good deeds erase bad deeds. Right. So this is the man he says I need everything except sexual intercourse. If you have done sexual intercourse, that would have been a different story. You know, it will be lashed. If he was not married, but he is married he was to be stoned.

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But because he did not have that sexual intercourse May Allah save us all. Allah subhana wa tada revealed this ayah in that response,

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a famous Allah establish your prayers

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throughout the day and night. The good deeds erase bad deeds. So this is the AI that was revealed in Medina, but the rest were revealed in Mecca. The ASVAB knows all the reasons why the soldier was revealed.

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It was mentioned to have three main reasons, three main reasons

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some had to do with the machine, the key with the nonbelievers, and the rest

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are just like, you know, one and then two more that deal with you know, different things and the solar or the introduction of the solar. Remember when we talked about the 10 types of introductions, the solar starts with

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you fly Mark sharp hasn't been talofa Desi. So it is a hell of a techy introduction, like any flat mean like how mean like a flat mean solid

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like a flat blah, right. So these are called talofa Desi, so the solar starts with and if

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he terrible, I

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mean lead on Hakeem in hobby, Allah

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talks about the book.

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So, the model of the solar, the model of the solar, the topic, the content of the of the of the solar

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has to deal with three main things, number one about a bad worship of Allah stojan number two stories of previous

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prophets and messengers and their people. And the third is the third section is about guiding and directing the believers. So, three main sections that sola is split in three main sections, and the modal or the topic has to deal with an invader, anybody that means worship idolization number two stories of prophets and messengers before and out with dead people. And number three, guiding and directing the, the, the, the, the believers with regard to section number one, it starts from verse number one and to verse number 24 verse number one and verse number 24. And he Allah subhanho wa Taala when you start swinging le flam la Tikka to keytab in Hakeem

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Kitab and I'm sorry kita when

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he talks about the plan about the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the, the some of the rulings of the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah who in non law in Neela, coming hoonah d o Bashi, verse number two in solitude, right, we said about a bad samosa just talking about that you worship none but Allah in Nila como people as the Prophet Mohammed the centuries people Illallah worship nobody other than Allah subhanaw taala in Nila camino de the one Bashir, I'm here to warn you and to give you the graph tidy. So this is about that he better when you start feeling back home soon matobo la, you met kometa en hacer una here a lot of Xhosa in the same section, talking about the virtues of his default, the virtues of seeking forgiveness, and he stopped freeload on Bakun, some tubu in a seek

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forgiveness from your Lord and repent to him. If you do that way you're gonna get in return. Allah Xhosa says, You met cometa on Hassan una,

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he shall grant you a good enjoyment. He shall grant you a good enjoyment, a good life, a good life. This is the one of the virtues of his default of seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then Eliza are talks as well about the forging, just like insula tune is that we mentioned yesterday that they claim that this person was forged. So Eliza, you know,

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reveals try to forge or try to come with a soul out like that. So here, Allah subhana wa Taala says, I'm yopu enough Dada, to be actually so

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Miss Lee.

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They say it was forged. So if they claim it was forged, then try to make 10 soldiers like that. So the first challenge was try to bring up unlike it. The second challenge is try to bring 110 souls like it. The third challenge is try to bring one soul I like it.

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One a I like it, and they couldn't do it.

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Again, for those who have who have come in late this is a very special series called to see the bytes. And its aim for the very special students who are into to see who are interested, right, this is not really for everybody, but I'm trying to make it really

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enjoyable by everyone in sha Allah hota right.

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And then Allah subhana wa Tada. I'm in the second section, which starts from verse 25, to verse 108, verse 25, verse This is a really interesting one because it talks about the stories of the other prophets, the story of Noah with his people, the story of hood with his people. It is why the story, as soon as mentioned is called solid wood and the story of sada

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The story of loot, and the story of loot. And also the angels who passed by and met Ibrahim at a center because they were going to destroy the people of loot. And then they passed by about him and his Salah, and Ibrahim a lot. They were related. Ibrahim a lot, they were related. So Ibrahim was inquiring, are you going to go and destroy, you know, comb look, and amongst them is lot, the believers.

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So as if you know, he's just you know, inquiring

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but before that Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about, you know, knowing and what strikes me, what strikes me is the conversation that happened between you and his son. This is where we can relate to you and I maybe this is that we this is the place, where are the parts that we can relate to, you know, when no,

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was he built that, that you know, the ship, right?

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And then he called the believers to come and join and board that ship, and then the animals and kneel in pairs. And then once he called them, the non believers follow them what they said about 83 people believed in what he was calling for over 950 years, 950 years, only about 83 people believed in him. And amongst the people who believed in him, his family went up in all those who believed in him except his daughters. His wife did not believe in him, and his son did not believe in him. So he called his son after he, you know, boarded the ship, he called his son. He says, Why not? Tony Bennett who was a FEMA as he

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was, I

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mean, I'll caffine whenever I know she called his son and he says, Oh, my son,

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come and board the booth with us, the ship with us. The sun went on top of this mountain is trying to run away from the flood.

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So I said, I'm in this I'm in the top of this mountain, so the flood cannot reach me. I'm safe.

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So not called his son.

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Not called this and he says, Oh my son, yeah, Borneo, come and come and boy, the boat, come on board the ship.

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Whatever, second year caffine. Don't be amongst the caffeine.

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And the sunset, oh, my dad, I am here in this

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in this in this top of this mountain. And I'm safe.

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But he was amongst those who got drone.

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You know how it relate to us this story? Sometimes you tell your children. Here's the way and your son or your daughter? They say no, no, I know. I know. I know. It's the way you didn't you don't need to tell me I know what I'm doing. They say I know what I'm doing.

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I know what you're doing. I know what you're doing.

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And I'm I've gone through that way and it does not it does not lead to something good.

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So you tell your son sometimes when your daughter, come, please come, please do this. Please pray, please wear the hijab. Please stay away from this, please stay away from these friends. They're not good. Please stay away from these, you know, these are good. They're not good. The son of the daughter, they say, Don't worry, I know what I'm doing. Don't worry, you know, I know. I know what I'm doing.

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No son, he's telling him I know, I know what I'm doing. I'm here, I'm on top I'm safe.

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But eventually, unfortunately, he was amongst those who got drawn right. So, this is why I said you know the some some you know, we can relate to So, this is was mentioned in the second portion of surratt hood the second section of solitude from 25 to 108

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also visors and talks about you know hood and about sada you know the power of silence and the power of load and also when the angels they you know they met

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Ibrahim alayhis salaam and also Allah talks about you know, the people of

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the affair around and what happened to the people around once they did not, of course believe in the in the message brought by Moosa Allah He said.

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Allah subhana wa Taala also says in this section by the communist regime,

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talking about the believers and what happened to them, you know, and the non believers You know, this is the day of judgment and what will happen to the believers and non believers. Those who are blessed will be in paradise.

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You from the successful ones and those who are not blessed, they will be in her firewall a little bit. So, also this is mentioned in the second portion of or section of Sora of solitude. Then Allah subhana wa Taala you know, tells Prophet Mohammed Elisa to set up

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with regard to again that devil judgment when he says this is verse number one or five, Yama, Yeti kulu, Yama, tzedaka, lunasin, elaborate if I made him champagne was say the day when people would come

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and they stand before Allah subhana wa tada and nobody can talk except those when given the, you know, the order by allows us to talk and then people will be split into groups, those who are retched, may Allah forbid, you know, and those who are successful, those who are you know, the winners and the losers. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says with regard to the winners, they will be in Paradise and the losers with a doubler the rest one they will be in hellfire.

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Also Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, towards the end of the solar, he talks to he sends a message to the Prophet Mohammed or Sam to stand fast to stand firm as Allah subhanho wa Taala says for stuck income almost stuck and cannot omit you know, meaning stand firm in the deen of Allah subhana wa tada as you've been ordered and don't deviate Of course because this mission that requires a lot of patience and a lot of you know

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you know, it requires that the person should stay very firm in the deen so Allah Xhosa stated Prophet Mohammed is stuck in from is the karma is the comet or is the karma meaning to stand firm and steadfast in the loss of Hannah with Anna tells him what outcome is solid the way that will help you is to karma is this to him is the karma is what alchemy sala de la fe in the Hollywood una familia late in the hustle attractiveness the act remember this is the last saw that I mentioned or the last 114 right the the ayah that was revealed in Medina joaquina salah and establish the prayers throughout the day and the night. Why for good deeds erase bad you know bad deeds, good deeds erase

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bad deeds.

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So this is in a nutshell the summary of solitude and tomash Allahu taala will move to one of my favorite songs in the end saw that use

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one of my very very favorite sources and saw that use the Prophet Mohammed and the Llama Llama in fact they also say that Subhana Allah saw that use of who soever is going through any sadness in their life, and they read select Use of Allah subhanho wa Taala would alleviate their sadness love aka

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whosoever is going through any hardship, sadness in their life, if they were to lead solid use of Allah subhanho wa Taala would alleviate their sadness. So that would be tomorrow inshallah Tada. We're done with solitude. As I mentioned solitude just to recapitulate quickly inshallah Tada, it is very solid number 11. In the ad, it has 123 and it is between juice number 11 and 12. It is a mid key soda, right Mickey soda, except verse number 114, which is amid any sore and so that who is after the name of Prophet who Allah has set up, and it is in terms of its revelation, it's number 51 number 51 114 Solas solitude is number 51 in terms of revelation right after the illness and before

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the use of tomorrow is use of a set up as a collage of brothers and sisters May Allah bless you all this session will be recorded and posted it's on Facebook as well as it is in on my Instagram on the igtv now so when I tried to save it, it says save it to HGTV so it could be there or it could be on my stories, you can always go back those of you who have come in late you can go back and check it out. Other than that, I shall see you in Sharla hota Allah later on two nights at 6pm Eastern Time 11pm UK time for an amazing amazing session again about the homemade happiness carried on the role of the Father. You know the roles of the Father inshallah tada so that be episode number five from

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the homemade happiness series inshallah tada so I hope we can see you later on today tonight in sha Allah six o'clock eastern time 11 o'clock UK time is that Camilla fer Bala coffee calm. I will see you later inshallah. Biological is that Kamala Harris said Mrs. Smith later IRA.

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All the sessions are