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Similar has also recently so less than $1 what what occurred

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is rather as as he welcome you all to the sea of bytes bits This is session number 14

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and we said what sorts of stuff

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comes to

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mind and then

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I'm just going to give a minute or two for some more people to join in Sharla and we are with our 14th session on the sea still talking about the server

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so let's have a chat about today when shower will finish solid Nila

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comm center so

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handle Lando and I'll get him the law medical hemp How's everyone doing?

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Everybody the one great inshallah

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hamdulillah Can you people hear me from

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Instagram and Facebook?

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You guys all right, you can hear me handle so if you cannot hear me my friend, it's probably from your end. Okay. If you cannot hear me that means from your end.

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So the others they can hear me if you cannot that means you need to log back out and log in or log out and log back in or however so it's your prize. I don't see the others they're fine. Is that I'm lucky all right brothers and sisters that can love him Allah bless you.

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This is so little Allah inshallah to Allah today, we would like to finish off our evening left.

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Just a quick recapitulation, what we talked about yesterday with regard to profits number seven, and it has 206 verses juice number eight and nine. And it is a Mickey Sala. It's a Mickey soda, except, you know, except from excepts on certain ads that were revealed in Medina. But the majority of the solar is murky solar. And RF is

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it's after that mount which is according to added in the mountain which is on the mountain between Jenna and Johanna, between heaven and hell were the people who I hate, please, I told you it is from your end. If you cannot hear me It's from me and because the others are hearing me fine. So if you cannot hear me I'm so sorry, right now log out and log back in try to do that, please. Oh, he cannot hear me. So I'm talking to myself. Please tell him I cannot type Please tell him to log out and log back in because apparently the sound is from his and not my end. So please tell him to log out and log back in anyways.

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What was I saying? Now what do they got to sort out if it is been

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the cream or it's been explained as of the end that it is that mountain which is located between gender and gender, and it is for those who

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who, whose has said that are equal to this a ad that has an ad their sins or their good deeds are equivalent to the bad deeds, yeah, and the 5050 they will be stuck there and to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah

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and Allah subhana wa Tada, deems for them to enter HR lo data. The soul of my brothers and sisters is from a setup they What? Right? It's from the seven long one. So it is

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it's over 100 as we said, it's at 200 206 verses. And, and there's one more sword out which is hard to tell but which is also you know, the from sub one. And then it is actually the in terms of its revelation because we have 114 solar, the solar is 3838 in terms of Revelation, right after sort of sod and before solid gin. Yesterday we also talked about the modal soda, the modal, the the topic that the soda

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covers, is that Adam they know the story of Adam and he saw them on the last panel at articulated angels and told them to mix or shoot to Adam.

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The solar of also talking about the

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three main sections will

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explained to them in Charlottetown in detail, it starts with sort of health at the hatchery it starts with a flame inside. And if that makes sense, so that introduction is the is a isn't an introduction, as I mentioned that there are 10 types of introductions and one of them is the start of the hedgy like Alif Lam, Meem, or any flat bra, or sod or hat mean, or Alif Lam Meem saw in this case here, so the soul starts with a different name Saad Kitab, Uzi de la caja for a confessor, Salonika husbandman, julio de la v was equally as many as Allah subhanho wa Taala is sending a message to the Prophet Mohammed also set up the saw that also talks about the Day of Judgment, it

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talks about the deception of Satan, it talks about the the how to protect oneself from from the attacks of the shaper.

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So there are three main sections in the solar three main sections. The first section, you know, prompting people to follow the revelation of Allah subhana wa tada talking about other nations talking about the story of mu Sally's setup, there was a very long section that talks about mousse and fade out and then Moosa and his people you know, so, in fact mosa so Pamela Millsap is the profit that is mentioned the most in the world and more than any other profits, moves that maybe one day charlo Donna, we will, you know, maybe start a session on the, on the stories of the profits, the stories of the profits in Charlotte, it may be after the homemade happiness and, and Moosa moose

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as I mentioned is the is the Nabhi which is mentioned or who's mentioned more than any other prophets in the den. So, here in this surah, Allah subhanaw taala talks about Moosa and our most important slide he you know, there there and the, the journey he had with them, and then the very analyst panels and talks about guidance versus delusions or versus darkness, what do they got to the first section, first section start from what 250 812 58 and then Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the, again an AI prompting people to follow the washing to follow the revelation was panna cotta and also talks about the consequences of those who do not believe in the Quran or do not believe in the

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prophets. Allah subhanho wa Taala assessed by the villa Misha Jim, welcome in palliative alaknanda batswana beatin our bargain so Muslim Hannah what Allah says with regard to you know, the example of how many tribes or how many

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people came before that they that

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second time here

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the people that came in before and those who did not believe in the in the profits and how Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and how Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and not destroyed them. Also in the same section, Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about how Adam was being kicked out from Jenna, the story of Adam. And and, and, and, and when Allah subhana wa tada you know, instructed Adam not to eat from the tree and then how

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how obese, he you know,

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you know how he diverted him and how he whispered to him when Allah subhana wa tada says,

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Well, yeah, that was going that was ojochal Jana kakula mean Hisashi toma la palabra had he schelotto Fattah Puna minako avani me or Adam live with your spouse engine and enjoy it as you wish but do not eat from that tree and I mentioned this maybe you know if you remember earlier you have the entire dish or not. And Eliza is telling you this is the entire agenda for you know but that just don't touch that tree there's so many other trees but don't touch that one. But somehow the law house say Shame on you know has whispers to him and then he goes in and he and he he is from that tree so that's what caused him to be kicked out from from Jenna also in the same section Allah

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subhana wa tada talks about

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giving that example you know the the the not the example but given the advice of any Adam we know when when they go to the massage to take the adornments I mentioned that yesterday to take adornments you know when you go to the massage if you have any Idaho Louisiana as you know, put your most beautiful garments in your adornments when you go to the message. And then a lot right after that. He says well kudos shampoo, electricity for eat and drink. And don't, don't waste

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don't cause any exaggeration in terms of waste

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when you're sitting in the library should boost anything.

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So and this is something that maybe we can relate to, especially in Ramadan, a lot of food that goes to waste. I see that in Ramadan.

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In has

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I see that a lot in has I see that in Mina

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the lot of food and there are other people who can't find that privilege that you know of that food and then you have people throwing food and then you see them Subhanallah you know when you're fasting you think you know, when you break your fast you're gonna eat the whole kitchen. But then just few few bytes and then your your phone. So let's pan out data says colo shabu 12348 and drink but don't waste that happens in the same, you know,

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section section between verse number one and verse number 58, Allah subhana wa tada also talks about the people of Allah. This is why the soul is after you know the name of Allah, well being at home at a job but what it is and we and infonet could be seen.

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And there's a partition between, you know, between people, gentlemen, people that have fire, you know, this this far between them and then Allah subhanho wa Taala off and then in between, there is this mount called RF in general, the idea for the Columbus email, these people who are on top of that era from that mountain, they know they see the people going to China and they see the people go into hellfire. And they would wish that they are amongst the people who go to China because they see them. You see those going yeah, the phone call and VC Ma'am, they know these people from their faces, they know these are going to China they know these people from their faces go into hipfire

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because they are in just in between

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in the same and then Allah subhanho wa Taala moves to the second section. The second section is from 59 to 171

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verse number 59 to verse number 171. Here Allah subhana wa tada starts talking about the NBA. He starts talking about you know certain prophets know most no specifically know who saw the look and shape these five profits nor who saw a lot and trade and if you can read the code and you know if you can go back and read these you know, from 59 to 171 you will see some hammer that all the profits, they have the same mission and the mission is telling people to worship Allah Subhana Allah that Allah subhana wa tada says the autosen no hon ynap only he's up on a up on me I bought the law. Yeah call me I bought the law him Allah come in either way. Hello, this is verse number 59 that when

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the laser just says, and we have sent to his people, and he told them, yeah, told me Oh, my people are Buddha law, worship Allah. This is the mission of the prophets to tell people to worship Allah subhana wa Tada. Then Allah says, well, either I didn't.

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Buddha. Wait, I didn't I found that all day long and then add the people have added the Brotherhood. So the Prophet that was sent to them is from them. That's what law says then brother. Yeah, needed brother not like blood brother. He's from their own tribe. The people are mad. He sent them hood. And then what the dude who says yeah, oh man, I bought the law. Oh my people worship Allah. It's all about 30 wait as mo da who saw your heart to the people of sammut. Allah said, sonny. What did he say? Yeah. Omar Abdullah again, Allah worship Allah subhanho wa Taala and then what? made the NSR home short IE back same thing at the end the people of meridian home again one more time, but let's

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just call it the brother shrine. shrine bada What did he say? Yeah, palmier boo la Oh my people worship Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Then Allah subhanho wa Taala also in the same section talks about the story of Musa and the story of Musa here takes a bit some Hamlet segment of the soul here. It talks about Musa from the very beginning the story of Musa which went out and then after he came out, you know from Egypt, you know with his people with Venezuela a you know a very long story with the with the the with the magician's, as Allah subhanho wa Taala says, some other ethnonym badie Mousavi Aya Tina in Africa, omega II and so on. Same sort of so a lot of verse number 103. That we have sent Moosa after that moves up the IoT net with our signs, elf and how to figure out what made him and his people

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and then the story with Moosa and the Sahara and the magician's.

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That also is mentioned in this in our second section of so that Allah Allah from 59 to 171, also Allah subhana wa Tada. So that's in the second section with the third section of business sisters.

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Unless somehow now what data from the third section is start from 172 to 206 172 to two

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that's the, you know, the end of the soul of one, the third section 172 206. And here Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about led or valid, talks about darkness and talks about guidance

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and the means of, of guidance and also the ways that leads people towards darkness or right. Allies. There's also talks about, you know, pondering the, the, the, the, the creations of Allah Subhana Allah subhana wa tada says, may dealer who for whom Allah macdaddy were may or de Lille felt Luna Yakubu wouldn't hos you know, 178 whatever a lot, you know, wishes to guide you shouldn't be guided, and whoever Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, or whoever chose not to be guided those that will be amongst the losers. But here I don't want people to misunderstand saying what Allah is urgent means have meant for me to be guided or meant for that person to be guided or meant for that person not to

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be guided. So it was all the choice of Allah Xhosa. It is all decreed. No, yes and no. What does that mean? It means my brothers and sisters that men are the Messiah and mahaya. People almost say on the higher What does that mean? If you have a choice, that's what I was just sent prophets and messengers and books. Otherwise, you know, people could have been straight. But a live version is just he's sending prophets and messengers and revelations, to tell people about Allah Xhosa to tell the people about the worship of Allah but the oneness of Allah and to tell people about, you know, the hereafter and whatnot. Otherwise, you know, if Allah doesn't want to tell people in Hellfire,

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why would he have sent you know, these messages and whatnot, not? So we have a choice to believe and the chose not to believe but it did happen in the lives of Allah. When Allah subhanho wa Taala, created mankind, he knew in his knowledge, who's going to choose what subhana wa. So you one cannot say I was not meant to be guided. No, you cannot say that.

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If Allah wants to guide me, I would put his head

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if Allah wants to guide me, this is so wrong, that sometimes people say, If Allah wants to guide me, I would pray. As if you're saying Allah does not want to guide you. That's why you're not praying. As if you're saying that, you know, Allah does not want to guide you. That's why you're not aware that he's yet this is so wrong. Please don't say that says the whole life. He said it because you don't, you cannot attribute that to Allah Xhosa, you have the choice. Allah knows what choose what choice you're going to make. But it is your choice to wear hijab or not to wear hijab, it is your choice to stop smoking, or to keep on smoking. You cannot say if Allah wants to guide me, I will

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stop smoking, stop smoking, and then ask Allah to guide you.

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It is your choice to pray or not to pray. Allah knows in his knowledge, Subhana Allah is Allah, but it is your choice. Pray not not to pray. So you cannot say if Allah wants to guide me, I will just like a teacher, a teacher, right? He teaches his students and he knows them out very well. And then at the very end of the year, he gives them an exam. The teacher knows who are the eight students from the not so good students, he knows those who have passed and those who will not pass because he has been, you know, teaching those students for the whole year. So he knows them very well. He knows those who really study hard before he even gives them the exam. He knows that they're gonna pass.

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Does he know the right does he know the answer? No, he does not know the answer. But before he gives them the exam, he knows because he's been with them for the whole year. He knows who studies and who does not study.

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So before he even hands out the exam it says that you're gonna pass and they'll know you you're not gonna pass you have not been studying you're not being they know you always. You never came.

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So what do you learn with an analyzer knows who's going to choose what kind of what data so you have that choice.

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Also in the same last section of solid RF, Allah Xhosa talks about Prophet Mohammed as I said them that he doesn't have the hate he does not know the the end will hate the end of a sap in the knowledge of where they are is the knowledge of the unseen only that belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Yes, no, Naka is there at the A and

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B. Now usually Halle walk to her in who

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they ask you about the hour say that the knowledge of that hour only belongs to Allah. Nobody knows the knowledge of the hour except him some kind of attack. Right. Also in the same soul, the same section, verse number 180. Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about an estimated cost now he's Beautiful Names. What he

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said the room will be happy to elaborate on these names and address

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buttes call him invoking using his names and attributes in this very sort of talks about that. In fact, this is the solar that start that ends which says that

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this is the solar as well as the first one that ends with such depth to Allah subhanho wa Taala at the very an

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as in the conclusion of the of the solar losses or talks about the the news of the angels when they made Sushil to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and they, they're, you know, glorifying him subhana wa tada then below a finalized version, and and

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following his command to mix route two to add a medicine.

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That's what so a lot of my brothers and sisters inshallah Hosanna tomorrow will move to another Soldier Soldier and fell

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beautiful soldier, soldier and fell talks about sort of the Battle of battle. Amazing. The Battle of battle if you want to know what happened in the Battle of the resort.

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We'll talk about that too much on lockdown.

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And that will bring us to the end of this section, my brothers and sisters section of solid RF in a nutshell and shout out to those who've come in late, you can always go back and watch the session. This is a short and sweet session called tipsy bites. We just finished sort of a rough tomato shallow Tada. We're gonna move to so that's

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and and

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as I come alive, hair barakallahu li qu o 's and sisters, my lovelies, y'all I shall see you later on today for the bonus section or session. The bonus session on the end of time by Jana is a bonus session. That's six o'clock pm today 11 o'clock UK time, six o'clock Eastern Time. 11 o'clock UK time in Sharla hotel.

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Right? Is that Camilla head.

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The toilet felucca I talked about the 12 o'clock I The sooner the 12 o'clock I soon we talked about the total cost of Fazal and then the four of the and the two after the hot and the two after Margaret and the two after the Asia those are 12 so those are enough to analyze those well, whoever you know, the Prophet says whoever prays 12 Raka and the voluntary in regard Allah subhanho wa Taala will build the house for them in general, though, so those those are the Solon that the person prays you know before and after the site I'd like to sort of like I mentioned for the vote Margaret and Asia

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you shouldn't do that. You should not you know be doing that

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should not be the window child. These as soon as saw that was nothing you can call them these are soon soon prayers. Alrighty, is that Camilla Sharma brothers and sisters.

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Whoever prays those soon in a live session will you know admit them to Jenna inshallah, to alpha to alpha a lot with the hustle you know as the Prophet Muhammad SAW some sense already.

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You cannot it is not okay for people to tell women that they are all always making fitna. This is wrong. Because fitna could be caused by men and also caused by women. So you cannot say you are you know you you women cause fitna you women cause fitna you women drugged Adam from gender This is stuff for a lie and in this woman, she's your mother, this woman she's your sister, this woman she is your your your your this woman, she's your wife, this woman, she's your daughter, how can you believe how can you Subhanallah not only belittle her disrespect her and disrespect her honor that Lazarus has given there by accusing her of causing treatment to the man could be causing the feet

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now not only women stuff but a lot. Yeah, some people are sometimes people you know the ignorance for a little bit I really this is very one of the our our any the Fitness, Fitness is that we are causing fitna and sometimes we don't even know it.

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Is that come luck, I will see you later on Shabbat at six o'clock pm. Eastern Time. 11 o'clock pm UK time for the end of time, the

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the conclusion the bonus section or session in Sharla how to Anna before we start a new and you