Riad Ouarzazi – Tafseer Bites #13

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various programs and sessions on Facebook and Instagram, including a session on tipsy bytes and a session on solid measurements. They provide examples of the number of verses in various versions of a song and mention a new program on revenue. The importance of following revelations and avoiding false assumptions is emphasized, along with the importance of dressing up during court sessions and praying with feet. The segment also touches on the importance of following laws and dressing up until the end of a session.
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So let's say mid late Hannah were bought a kettle

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three others as he were coming up to the Tafseer bites somebody come see the bike, this is session number 13 child loans.

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This is

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our session or our series, which we've started the beginning of a song Yvonne, you know, so short sweet to see program, you know series.

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So I'm just gonna give few in like a minute or two for more people to join inshallah

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I can sit down good. So you can see the difference between Instagram and Facebook, because I have Facebook still here live, and I have Instagram as well. So I'm live using both platforms, whichever is convenient. I did some research just so people know, I did some research on you know, people using Instagram. And they a lot of people complained about it, you know, it's not only me, people who are using these lectures on Instagram, a lot of them are complaining the fact that, you know, Facebook has been carrying and you know, they're having difficulties with with, you know, with with it for some reason, but the hamdulillah we have another platform, you know, we have Instagram and

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say and Facebook, this session is called tipsy bytes, right? I've seen bits. So this is only I don't take questions now. This is a session with like, this is session number 13 and those of you who are new to this platform, so we have two programs on daily basis, we have to see it see the bytes, you know, starting at three o'clock pm eastern time, and then we have the end of time you know, that's the the Mashallah the very hot topic very successful, Mashallah. And that's at 6pm. Eastern time, right 6pm Eastern Time,

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for the end of time. So these are the couple of programs that we've been running him to the left. So tasty bites, my brother and sisters, welcome all of you. Welcome all of you. metalizer service y'all.

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Today, inshallah, who tada will be yesterday was with salt and ham. Right? So and I'm the cattle, we finished it. And today, inshallah, tada, we'll be talking about solid,

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So I always say, and I need to remind you as well, if you it would be would be really helpful if we have a notebook and a pen handy in Sharla. So you can maybe take some notes. All right, so let's head off. So our office saw number seven. And how many verses 206 verse verses, it has 206 verses. So it is considered to be from the

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set up by one set up? What are the seven long ones, right? There's seven long solos that go above 100 a year. And as sort of is one of them, and baccara Milan and the SAT and Maggie de Namur alive and then saw that I tell her, right, these are the seventh, seven long. So let's look RF is,

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is, is considered to be from the seven long was also it's in, it's located between just eight and nine in terms of its location in the in the most happened, and it's between Jews, eight and nine. So it's number seven, right in the sequence of the four and the way it is, you know, it is very solid number seven, and it has 206 verses and it's located between Jews eight and nine. It is a Mickey sola saw that

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an Aleph is a Mickey so for a lot with the consensus meaning that it was revealed in Mecca, except except the few that were revealed in Medina, but the majority of the sola right is revealed in Mecca with the consensus and it is called a lot of because a lot of is mentioned in it and a lot of according to the majority of the scholars and you know those that have explained the meaning of an RF, you know, it's a mountain, it's a mountain. That's In fact, it's between Jenna and Johanna. It's a mountain between Jenna and Johanna. And it is and that mountain who will be on that mountain or on top of that mountain, the

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the peoples of Han Allah who who's has an equal they say at people who's has an act will be equivalent to this at any they're 5050

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They will be there, you know, standing on an RF until Allah subhana wa tada will is to admit them into agenda eventually, eventually, but this is why the source code so Allah, is there any any virtues were guardians look at off, like soda

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Baccarat, are you happy

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with that? No, there's nothing particularly about the soul that you know, in terms of virtues other than it is from the service about the seven long ones.

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The with regard to the ASVAB and newzoo or let's before we go to the revenues of 30 bussola. You know, we said we there are 114 soldiers in the 114 soldiers so that an Aleph is 38 number 38. Right after salt salt and before solid algin this is in terms of its revelation in terms of its release or revelation, it is it was the number is 38 right 38 and right after solid saw that and before so that the gin it was revealed before solar engine

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is there as revenue as revenues of the solar are the reason why the song was revealed there are mostly three three sebab three reasons as to why the solar was revealed

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and and there's one and I will talk in detail about this about the revenue so the reason why this was revealed

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some there are three as I said three sub or three reasons one of them had to do with Jay Leno people have shahidi yet people have been on it and they have ignorance

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and then and there and some of the a better that they used to do you know some of the wrongs that they used to do number two talking about the English speaking you know non believers and number three talking about the the Hoot these are the revenues or the reason why the swallow was revealed. The sudama business sisters has applied the introduction of the soul the introduction of the soul up it starts with Alif let

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me saw that

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and if

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me, Saudi so what do we call hot of masala Khadija very good, you know, it's got a * of a desert. So it starts with Hello. Anything that starts with Alif Lam Meem Alif Lam Meem SOG it flam a lot to have her Yeah, chainsaw sword by itself, right hammy, it's called No, it's called these other attaches so the sword starts with shut off at the Hajji early for

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me Mimi Saud keytab on own Xena aka friend I

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mean holy

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meanie. So it talks about I know that they have judgments, the deception of the shape on how to protect one, you know yourself from the from the attacks on the shape and he talks about, you know, Adam as well, the story of Adam, he sat down and he talks about as well the the mission of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Learning Center, right. It talks about the mission of the Prophet Mohammed it his salat wa salam. So let's go

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talk about the detail of the sola inshallah hota had the surah my brothers and sisters in terms of content, it's split into 333 sections or three main topics,

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talking about, you know, prompting people to follow the revelations in the follow the Prophet Mohammed and further revelations.

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And also it talks about the

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how people you know, at the time, they they, you know, in terms of receiving their relation, some people believed and some did not believe. So, Elijah talks about these, you know, their cases, the cases of the people who believed in and those who did not, and also Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the guidance and delusions, what are the means of guidance and what are the ways of delusions or documents because that either you know, there are two things, people who are enlightened people who are in darkness,

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the opposite of light and is darkness the opposite of guidance is the illusion or darkness. So laser talks about that as well. Let's go more into the details in sha Allah hota. As I said, there are three sections. section number one

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from verse number one to verse number 58,

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verse number one to verse number 58.

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And the lesson how Noah Tada, you know, it starts with

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talking about again, evaluate the necessity of following the revelations, following the no problem. It was just sent prophets and with this property sent, you know, certain some of them we know they came with, of course revelations with books, some of them came with divine books. So Allah is no jellies talking about the necessity of following these, you know, the, the revelations and the consequence, or the consequences of those who who wronged the profits or those who don't believe in the profits

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will come in creating

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a more

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and also she gives examples of how many tribes I'm going to cut out before how many people before you know they destroyed so he's giving this example, people who, you know, prophets were sent down to them with revelations, and then they they disbelieve in the prophets of Allah, you know, destroyed these, these tribes and these you know, and this tells all this, you know, from verse number one to verse number 58, Allah subhanho wa Taala also talks in this first section, about something that we need to take really heed of, when you go to the masjid in shallow China very soon we'll be going back to a massage it well, even when you stand to pray, Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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Yeah, Benny, mahalo Xena de como de Colima, G or you people or son of Adam, take your adornments when you go to the massage it

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you know sometimes you see people going you know just just put them on or they put their something on. Okay, I'm going to the machine.

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If he you're not going to if you were to go to meet the queen or the king, you put your most beautiful adornments you must have been beautiful garments. But when you go to the machine yeah hi Ella some people come to the machine I've seen them wear pajamas like you know the you know the you know the pajama pants wearing pajama pants. Allah just says you have any add them a Hulu Xena to come in the column is it all yourself either take your adornments when you go to the massage and

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so this is something beautiful, something interesting, something nice. That also helps in our posture insula it really there's a difference between somebody praying with his yamahas or praying with any clothes on and somebody putting their nice garments and then they pray standing before the last panels and then pray he tells her sister brother it helps in your concentration your saw that when you wear something tight, you know able to make clothing on some of the youngsters they have difficulties, you know, they have difficulties they you see them praying and then they fighting with their shirts from the back and from the fence you know the pen the low pass the long short short

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right and then you you know and then you see them you know some Hanalei any fighting with their you know, put tuck the shirt in, tuck it out, tuck it in,

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you know, but if you're something comfortable, you won't have that problem.

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So, this Imam, he saw this guy, you know, in the masjid he was making a court but because he was wearing very tight pants, he could not make full court he was like had full court like you know half he was not going all the way down. So he went to him and he said my son you know when the Prophet says you know according to a boil and this hadith that you know when you make sushi Of course you make sure that your back is kind of like straight like this not like you know when your back should be should be flat you know like this. So the little boy he wants to make that you know the next you know next Salah he came to pray with his tight jeans again with tight pants. So he made that that

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little core he tried to make it and then he spends tour from the back. You know, it just broke from the back. You see is a boy happy now.

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This was the guy said a lot on his level holy Allah happy now, you know, if he that if you were to wear something comfortable, you won't have that problem. Right You won't have that problem. So Allah says in the Quran, who those ineta come in the column as you take your adornments when you go to the measure, take your beautiful clothing when you go in or when you pray when you stand before Allah subhanho attack. And then in the

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last version also talks in this first

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with regard to the story of Adam and his Salah.

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The story of Adam and his center,

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Allah subhana wa tada

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I mentioned that in, in

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in the first section of solid Allah Allah Allah Subhana Allah says but what about hot Aparna comes from masala Nathanson upon a little man, he cut his doodoo the Adam.

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So not

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only add mfsa jado illa EBD sannomiya comida surgey the

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Allies here in the first section of sorts of Allah, he talks about the story of Adam and s&m when Allah subhanho wa Taala communities and Adam, Adam, he talked, he told the angels to make sure to Adam and he said then and then

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and then

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as you all know, the story of the angels they made salute to Adam and he said and except a police them you're going to minister she didn't accept the police who refused to make sure to add another incident. And that conversation that happened between Allah subhana wa tada and, and a police when a lot of social, you know, kicked him out from from from jednak. And then he asked for that, you know, for a chance he asked for lasers or to you know, keep him enter the end of time. So a laser should fulfill his request, you know, be

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he says, oh my lord

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be unveiling either your meal but I thought Wait, you know, until the day of action that's a judgment call offender came in on Monday the young man walked in, I don't know. He says then you are, you know, you have your request being fulfilled until the end of time. And then if it is any sudden he made that, that that oath that he shall deviate you know all the servants of Allah subhanho wa Taala except those who are sincere, in a better coming home and more flossing. So this conversation also happens you know, Allah mentions it in the first section of solid and Allah and then you have another second section and the third section and those inshallah Allah we'll talk

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about them tomorrow inshallah, because I want to keep this thing you know, short and sweet inshallah. So we'll finish the second section and the third section of sort of tomorrow inshallah Tada, Baraka Luffy comes up Camilla head.

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Now, I can maybe take a couple of questions if you have any questions in Sharla just related to what I've spoken about so far in Sharla from this saw,

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and if you don't have any questions, and I will meet you later on today at six o'clock in Sharla, for the end of time, series The End of Time, and this most probably will be the final section or the final session of the end of time, most likely it will be the final session of the end of time a shout out to Anna So, you do not want to miss it inshallah. Already. Okay, any questions? If you have no questions then I let you rest in Sharla Hosanna those of you who have broken their fast mail like said you know, you're fasting those of you who have not broken their fast yet metallization etc, fasting as well.

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And, and those of you who are about to break their fast than shallow data, make some some Do I

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have to accept it from your Charlottetown Alrighty, what was in sisters, this is the end of our session. You can always go back and watch it if you've come in late. It will be on my stories on Instagram. also saved on my Facebook as well as that Camilla had about a coffee come. Sarah Marie, come with my caliber cat.

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