ROC Your Ramadan 2016 – Day 21

Riad Ouarzazi


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Episode Notes

Day 21 – Duaa to use in the last 10 days – part 2

ROC your Ramadan 2016, a daily video series covering the virtues of Ramadan by Shaykh Riad Ouarzazi.

June 25, 2016

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Salam Alikum of light Allah catalyst Israel doors as he will come in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2016 day 21 so there's in them Amador and

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with a lot of cameras edit hijo de la

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dee da de lluvia de la Sol our cada hayasaka la mina, California hebbal f1 f1 so we're still talking about the apple the the pardoning of Allah subhana wa tada when I asked the prophets Allah about it to be repeated in these final 10 days or in this 10 days of ramadan ramadan he said yeah, I just say or Allah you have the art forgiven and you love to forgive so forgive me, pardon my sins as if

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you know the name of Allah foo is different than the name of Allah Allah for the number of follow that

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is malabu and his malaba for them or follow the web at Del Webb

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olevia tube, Allah subhana wa Taala

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for the awfulness a ethicon. afar is a lattic soprano with an afro who will lead the young hapa at the world He is the one who initiated Silva del bus that you can repent to Allah Xhosa So the first is the initiation of something called repentance and then comes out of all

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the forgive the sins and then how far to forgive even major sins.

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But this is will still be there in your book of records.

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Although they're forgiven, Allah subhanho wa Taala I mean, the angels still have those sins recorded in your book of records.

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dilbeck method and one funny look, her outil camassia little capital S della chymosin has an attic. Oh Freemason see attic, as the Atlas Allah Tunisian desert matoba Ramallah

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desert mokuba mala Abu, who will lead the

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Emperor could Legion had them in had them in Amazon Omen kita avec lentes should have had say at the analyzer

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alone Monica food.

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So the name of Allah forgives, and the afar forgive in even no greater sins, to have the initiative to tell us what you can repent, but the name of Allah but these sins still remain comes the name of Allah and they remain in your book of records is still there, as since comes the name of Allah fo the one who in fact wiped out and and erases the since they're no longer there.

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The other sins, they're allowed to show them to you the Day of Judgment, although they've forgiven you, but these other things are lost because you have used the name of Allah for half an hour. You are raised them totally, you will not going to be going through the history you know with regard to those sins, Allah will not hold you responsible about them. Not only that, even the angels Allah will make them forget how long have they gone? These say yet? This is why it is you know we ought to use this name of Allah.

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You know, in this blessed month of Ramadan, especially this last seven days of Ramadan for Allah to forgive our sins is terminalis kind of our standard is mama liegt for NC article, a lesbian whole hapa could be a low maintenance car for one to hit whatever FAFSA and use this name of Allah for for your sins to be forgiven and wiped out and erased totally. May Allah azzawajal pardon your sins and the sins of your loved ones in sha Allah hota Hydra until another episode of Russia Ramadan 2016 I say I said I'd like to add about a cat