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Asia, Allah Allah she was asked once about the Prophet Muhammad. How was he at home? She was she she said he was in the service of his spouse, he wasn't a service of his wife cannot feed feed met he led

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think my God, when he was when she was asked how was he at home, she says he was in the service of his family. So the Prophet would would would help out at home, he would maybe do his own cooking or, or he would help out with the going out there and getting, let's say the woods was at a show with maybe cook something so they would help each other out. There are many ways that could improve the relationship between the spouses, sometimes some husbands, they think that they are the ministers of finance, they only have to go and pay the bills, whereas the chores at home is the responsibility of the wife.

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One of the ways again, to improve the relationship between the spouses is that they should help each other out. So you know, maybe one day the husband can come and maybe do the dishes or or maybe clean up or or maybe take the garbage out, do anything that would show to the wife that he in fact, they're doing something together. In fact, there's a webinar on the 12th of November with a free online webinar, I'd be talking me and the special guests, it's a secret It's a special guest in Charlotte to add a surprise special guest would be talking about you know, marriage before marriage during marriage, you know, in the middle of the marriage what happens and how to pick the right

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spouse and once you pick the right spouse how to live in accordance with the commands of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad as I said, check us out online w w dot rock trade comm on my Facebook page. Check it out on Facebook to know about the more details about this webinar is that Kamala Harris was

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gonna have some more to do in Charlotte O'Hara. See you later.