ROConnect – My husband wants a Bollywood Heroine!

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The other day and I want to share something really funny we got some sisters coming complaining about their husbands

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their husbands don't watch too many bollywood movies so they go and they watch all these bollywood movies and then they come home and they expect their wives to act like those Bollywood make up you know ladies you know they want a desk like a booty or that so he comes in he find the wife all they know I pie you know Smith anybody any as many Gary and then he just saw the sister she conditions so we have a problem at home. He got used to watching too many bollywood movies and and it's all about lies and then he comes home and then and then he sees something different. So what should we do? No, you go talk to the husband the husband says yeah, it's very hard You know, when you go out there you

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go to work for instance and then you know there's the environment is not really conducive to to you know, making you comfortable so Allah subhanho wa Taala but then when you come home so you know you find like your wife she's all she misses when

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she sleeps, we're gonna have a Can you believe it?

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Come to rock Connect. It's my new marriage and matrimonial events which I mentioned in shallow level data, which is in two segments, one segment that talks about you know, those who are not married, you know, how to find the right spouse and what to look for and what not. And then the second segment is for those who are married, how to improve their relationship with their spouses, yes, for those brothers out there who watch too many wouldwould movie How can you come home and have a live when you would movie in shop had a had a Bollywood movie at home in Chicago or based with the content and the cinema with some fun inshallah with that as you want your wife to do this to you,

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inshallah, you will, you know, have some fun, have fun with your spouse to be in the lab is check us on, check us out online, ww rock or my Facebook page. Check it out, was as he robbed Connect