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remember several seminars were less of them. I don't want to Catholic

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altogether, alumna in the kind of for one of my

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sisters to illustrate that kind of food and

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This is 100 the profit that I share to say during these days of Ramadan, and what is helpful and why ask for it what in what way, I have prepared something for more than Shala who It would be special with me that tomatoes are my babies. So today

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the parties will cover 1234567 Among the sentence was started from certain facts. I told you about half a day yet a call a national has come up.

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These are again, we've come in close to the end. The

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victory is literally swollen, so is a social life is also an attorney and the rest of that yet for this

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red piece was dead tomorrow.

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So most of us today, we had to completely shift country events.

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Both local affair with my veto of the parties that were with me today for the father to judge the comparatives and the insalata. Anna, we have a little issue here because we had two great recyclers, we did not know how to choose, we will let you choose them and Charlo 128, who would be the first prize winner, and we have third and fourth price when I'm shopping with Donna. So we need some documents today. Software.

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It has the software. I certainly submit it. It's in fact never once Well, there's 114 solos in the plan. And fit has 112 flexibility and the towards the end. It happened on the 16th of the individual app when the Prophet Muhammad went and he saw that beautiful we know when you say that when you see that apartment, we have no say that sort of dream. That dream. It's called an RV is

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this for the Prophet Muhammad, it means something else. What does it mean?

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Like yeah,

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washing for the project is Oh, yeah. And when the prophecy is about, yeah, it means it was exactly so the Prophet saw that he was doing

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what he was doing. He told the Sahaba and that the Sahaba were so excited. They all went into my Cabinet and they were stuck to the very long story when when police did not know the profit of the Muslims to go into Africa to perform them.

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And then they have to sign that treaty in the way it's called. A treaty. Allah subhanaw taala called is a treaty although it was thought or deemed like you were so an unrest and and maybe, you know, satisfied thinking that he was in the favor of college or in the favor of the Muslims. But Allah subhana Canada calls in in Fatah Hana that caffeic him mobila It's a great

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conquest and the West Coast conquest yesterday it was a conquest because because of that, it was open for the Muslims to give that word. The following year, they came back with hundreds or 1000s they came back to perform or hundreds of them so they came back to perform the Oman and then Allah subhanho wa Taala misses verse number four by several scholars who want to study Zen a cicada Kofi Rubino meanie is the one who sat down said he said you know this tranquility or rest or peace who already

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is looking at the vehicle No. Meaning maybe he has more emailing on Mahima and he looked at him and were increased brothers and sisters, this is the environment of Sakina This is the environment of email, our email goes up and down. It goes up with God it goes down with this will be so much depend on whether and Allah says He is the one who says that Sakina in the hearts of believers, we establish the environment even so that the event may increase. This is the environment of Enoch unstoppable Dinah Allah subhanaw taala thanks again I have to go a little bit quickly because I have said this was to go to cover so it

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encompasses basically on the LDAP an applic is mostly especially these have been profitable

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consulting or you who believe it or not raise your voices above the words of the Prophet Muhammad.

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It was in Medina he was a Christian. And then here are two men speaking to now so

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a small like a purple light

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Can a hustler McCullough stone, like it's more like a rock but just like a small stone, and then he thought into one on one he didn't want to call him so that to raise his voice. And then he says, this is where you're from, is that from this town and he was like from Medina says, Have you been?

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stone into that method and he came to him and he says, Where are you from? He says that from these other times, not from at least if you're from Medina, I would have beaten you. Why? Because you're raising your voice in Michigan than a week. Once you're up, you're raising the most analyzers or talks about it a lot. So this is the first under six. Yeah, I am having I mean, this applies to all of us here. Yeah, I

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Or you believe

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all of us, even even though a person brings you some news, verify it, verified the news. Don't just believe in and rush into making judgments Don't be judgmental. You hear from one person that you meet some of them hear from the other person, ALLAH SubhanA wa says verify the news. And Allah subhana wa Jalla says,

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lawyers have found out Oh, you who believe don't really kill one another. Don't make fun of one another. In knockout recommendable, he has the best ox you are the most righteous amongst those who have either it is not because you will either be able to understanding the eternal customer it will never ever, it does not mean that anything is what means or what means the most innocent of Allah is what you have in your heart. So don't make fun of one another and then the profit under alias which assists you 100 in an understandable concern. And this is verse number 12. From

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each table continuing to avoid suspicion, give people the benefit of the doubt. Don't just wrongly accuse people give them the benefit of the doubt and avoid many suspicions. So like paw paw by itself, the Prophet was stabbed in the medevac and he will get hooked up with slough off he will just reset. Then he will come down and pray. So it's cough What a beautiful amazing surah the Prophet Allah azza wa jal talks about scenes of what happens at time of death. Allah subhana wa Tada says here, what about Holopainen

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will be enough so we're not even heavily worried we have barely met are closer to him than the jiggler more than the giver of his veins. Allah is so close to you. You can hide you cannot hide Allah knows everything that you don't want that you're thinking things that you will ever have done or that you want it to do And

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subhanAllah as an Allah Subhanallah Dionysus My young friend Omen pony in Isla de la Paiwan it anything you say. Be careful person Sisters of whatever you utter. Everything you say about people, wouldn't it you have these angels recording everything you say? Everything you don't say it's been recorded and ALLAH SubhanA wa sadnesses will

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help for some length 19 which the super of that has come with the truth and what is the truth? And we're at SOHCAHTOA material help brothers sisters.

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Welcome Center. Allah says what subcultural multi will help at the Super of depth has come up with the truth and what is the

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what is the

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definition of

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happens in this particular stupor of death that has that has come with a hug

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Yeah, what is it that will give her chocolate just give her this what is that?

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Somebody said is right here. Yes, it

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does, either. That's exactly that you're gonna die. You say that. You're unhappy that everybody will die. Everybody will die and everybody was dead before Allah subhanho wa taala. Right. And then Allah subhana wa Tada says, is dead yet no need to move. So let's get talking of lightsworn body that said, yes, we'll continue with the anti gun one with that you have to love what is a very anti PowerPoint here. I said yes. I'm like swearing here. I'm like swearing. He's swearing by what I like to make it an oath. What

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the blowing way Allah is swearing by the blow annoying Yeah, I'm gonna. I'm gonna wake up your homies now. John vinegar.

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Allah subhanaw taala says verse number 22 What is sama in his Konkan? One on going up is summer in Nevada myth number and content on what we summer in spoken in the heavens is your voice and Allah swears by His Majesty in the hood Hawkins the truth, just like the words that you offer brothers and sisters, the rest rest assured it is in the hands of Allah don't worry, yes do work. Go and do your effort but put your trust in Allah because Allah stockings row

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I think a lot about Allah Allah is Allah Subhana Allah to Allah does that mean you're gonna give something in the box today in sha Allah?

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White now

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what do you say the spoken end of Allah has told us about our duties and responsibilities versus number 55? Was that kids for a new

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mini remind for the reminders benefit their leavers benefit their neighbors, I was talking to my mother today when I was coming in. I just didn't have mom. And here is the great news. You want to hear the great news

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she was a bit upset. And I had to call her again.

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I said mom,

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tonight could be tonight.

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I said mom, when the night of Friday, What's tomorrow? Friday, when the night of Friday coincides with an outline. Most likely

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it's tonight. I have goosebumps. I've already pre hit all the cats.

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But tonight inshallah Tada with all of you are going to 20 Insha Allah because it could be as if you were to stay with the Imam until he leaves you will be earning the MIT waking up and praying the whole night as if you pray the whole night so on Shabbat even though I said no tonight inshallah stay tonight pray 20 I would stay who's gonna stay tonight for all 20 Salah do it do it do it. You I'm busy I gotta work tomorrow. Okay leave but but stay because most likely most likely.

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Tonight if you were to stay with the email until he finishes you will earn as if you pray the whole night most likely it will coincide with coincide you have a shot. So I told my mother she says I said please make it this is what you're asking me to make

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I always make her have no need to remind me why she was upset. Why are you inviting me to make up for you I made up for you made What did you make the effort yesterday was that they just wanted you to know that this could be the right so I felt so bad and they called me up I said Mom, he's

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so let us say Be mindful of the reminder benefits the viewers that maybe would not work with your mother than we do with hikma inshallah with a thought and there's about three last ones at all. And Allah azza wa jal mentions the seeds of the Hereafter it is in this source of all of this, the smart and alive so she's talking about what's awaiting the non believers in terms of punishment. And then when the Prophet Muhammad was recited sort of kind of Allahu Akbar, Allah, Muslim, verse 59. And then he was reciting the undead so much so that he needs to do and the non believers providing this vision to the hidden belief, but the power of the AFP, the MCS group to Allah subhana wa, Allah

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subhanaw taala says in soloqueue

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and with this fellow but is

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this more than 450 years 44 440 44 now right 444 Write more than that's all prophets. Allah has given us a long time ago 4944 He says

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one shot on the hour is close. The hour is close that was more tangible. How about now the hour could come at any time business sisters, my question is

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what is the most beloved

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prayer in the sight of Allah sisters?

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What is the most beloved prayer sisters what's the most beloved Salah in the set of Allah

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know what's the most recent Ebola honestly know what's the most bit of Saudi settlement law?

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the one who got it right in the back

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on Friday.

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On Friday, that's tomorrow, tomorrow. Friday. Everybody comes tomorrow is what we call in Pakistan. Although India we say

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that is too shallow to Anna because next Friday will be, isn't it? And

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so do come tomorrow do stay for the $20 data. If you stay, we'll give you Kenton's challenge. Okay.

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Don't worry get outside. Don't forget.

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Don't forget the boxes outside. Don't forget the boxes outside of Charlotte.

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Anything you do is equivalent to hundreds of millions of 1000s Lots of Hasselblad today in conventional art let's

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just take tonight stay don't go