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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a personal story about how he got married and how his wife found him. He explains how his wife found him through a search on a website and how he found her through a search. He also mentions a new project called "rock Connect" and talks about the importance of marriage in relationships.
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Today I would like to share with you something personal. How personal Well, how did I get married?

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It's really interesting because a lot of my students asked me this question. Sure. How did you get married? How did you find your wife? And I said, No, my wife found me. And I found her. But Eliza had made it in such a way that it was an amazing, amazing experience. What happened was, I was in San Francisco at the time studying and working as a cab, no taxi driver part time.

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And I was, you know, I was also busy doing the the systemic work that we're working on.

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And a lot of people used to come and tell me, how come you're not married? You know, what I'm trying, you know, but I can't find the right you know, I can't find nobody yet. I was, it was 1996 97. But, you know, I started looking, in fact, way before that, an was counted so many times asking me, you have to treasure all the women, I just want one

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traveled many places in factories to look for that spouse. But here, my wife from the other end, she and her parents sent her to the US and she did not want to come to the US. She really did not want to come to the US. But they forced her to go to the US as if I was planning something. And then she went to her sister who lived in Boston, I remember.

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I think Boston and she went there and it was in the summer. And she had to go to like an English school and own sort of like the English schools were offered the time and that she applied

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to a couple of English schools in the US, one in New York and one in San Francisco. And of course, the one in San Francisco accepted her. So she moved to San Francisco, just for the summer to go to summer school. And then she would go back again to to Boston. And then what happened was

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that summer school that school that my wife went to was very close to

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my major. And, and and and so there was this sister Helen. And so Hannah law, the sister in fact, we used to give the pilot as she knew, but that I was looking for what so he comes my wife, we know a newcomer where you're from Morocco, Morocco, and this sister she right away. She thought about me She told her husband and then Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, made that magic. And we know it's really nice. You know, when we're talking we think about this is the How did you meet your wife or you met your spouse, you know, love loving Islam. Here I'm launching a new project called rock Connect, talking about love talking about marriage talking about, you know, the languages of love

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talking about the human needs talking about relationships, or relationships and the levels of relationships. It's on the gun in this new project called rock Connect. For more information, please check my website, w Or go to my Facebook page on

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the others as he on Facebook rock connect our OC Connect so that Allah subhanaw taala will connect you inshallah tada not connected with us and help us out is that Camilla head, the two events coming up soon in our 16th of November and 17th of November, in Sheffield, and in Birmingham in sha Allah, again, check out my website that I have listed. I like that a lot of cat. So she applied for two schools in the US. You know, she applied for a school in New York and a school in San Francisco. And of course the school is our Fransisco accepted her why because they're always planning things. So she moved to San Francisco just for the summer.

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1995 and

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I don't remember when I married 1998

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Oh, she's gonna kill.

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It was for 1990

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or 99