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As a marriage officer, sometimes you have couples come in, you know, to me and coaching sessions. I remember this, this husband who's saying that you know what's wrong with my wife, I give her everything she needs, or I give her everything. And I and I think to myself, maybe you do give her everything, but maybe you did not give her what she needs. As human beings, we all have six main human needs. We all need certainty, in all the feeling of security, we all need.

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variety, like needs to change.

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We all need significance,

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to feel important. We all need love and connection, the feeling to feel loved and to be loved. We all need growth and we all need contribution. And the secret to a happy successful relationship is to be able to fulfill your spouse's needs.

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Once those six needs are fulfilled, once those needs are fulfilled, your spouse would never want to leave you. Would you like to learn about how to fulfill your spouse's needs. I have an event coming up in on 16th of November 7 and the 17th of November, in Sheffield and Birmingham in the UK. It's called rock Connect. In this in this event, I'll be talking about marriage and and and how to improve you know your your the relationship between the spouses, and how to also help you before the marriage between the marriage or in the marriage and also after of the marriage how to make you bring in or fulfill not only the six human needs, but to live in accordance with with with the with

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the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala and to bring gender into your homes. So try to check us out online WWE rock training.com slash rock connect or check me out on my Facebook page ww that you know zazzy on Facebook to learn more about this event.