Roc Your Ramadan 2017 – Day 23

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Do Not Despair From The Mercy Of Allah

Daily Reminder Day 23 – Do Not Despair From The Mercy Of Allah , Allah forgives all sins
There are conditions for repentance to be sincere. The first of these is that the person desists from the sinful act. The second is that he feels deep and genuine regret for having committed the sin. The third is that he resolves in his heart never to return to the sin again. Finally, if the sin caused a transgression against the rights of another person, he needs to do his best to make amends.

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So that's what that might look like. I don't want to capture the other words as he welcoming you to another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2017 day 23.

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Day 23 which is the eve of the 24th takoma

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cave Hello camassia you know, are you preparing already for the heat?

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So we're still talking and living and implementing the names of Allah subhana wa Taala into our lives.

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The name of Allah, Allah for Allah, Allah who

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you know, when Musa alayhis salam, he,

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he took Venice la isla and then he crossed over the the sea and the lies ocean, not split the ocean. And then Moosa was able to cross and then behind him came, came came down without any soldiers as without and his soldiers tried to cross the the seat, Allah Subhana Allah tada you know, put back the you know the ocean, and then the waves came back and then most and and then fit around was

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was drowning. She believed Allah He said, um came down

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and he started taking mud from the sand and putting it in Phil Allen's mouth so that he does not say that ilaha illAllah

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Why? Well, Farah Oh yeah, God, why are you doing that? I'm afraid that he was to say that Allah Allah Allah, Allah would forgive him. This is the man who used to say hon como Allah, I am you I am the Lord the Most High. And if he was to make Toba at that time, and before dying, of love would forgive him. Allah forgives all the sins. We unfortunately love to commit sins, but Allah on the other hand, he loves to forgive. This is why subhanho wa Taala. He calls himself at the web. Allah for Allah far. Addabbo, Polya Eva De La Nina.

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fusi him.

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boulia a baddie. alladhina asafo

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foresee him de poner una mas Mattila in La fille de novo Jamia in Abu washy, say oh my service will have transgressed against themselves. Do not despair from the mercy of Allah. Allah forgives, not one thing not to sins, not even to that man who killed 100 lives and Allah forgives all the sins Jamia the most hopeful ayah in the Quran. Allah for the Nova Jamia make Allah happy today make the angels happy today. The angels are making this defar for you as lust panna what Allah says special angels alladhina Milan aloha Solomon how Hala who you said una de hamdulillah beam you said before whenever hamdulillah became more, you know stuff

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about banner was yata coolessay in a lot banner was at Oculus, a metal

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map from Philly levena Tebow. What about Mousavi Rocco aka him? Well, Johnny

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it was one song I mean, he was watching him was the D him in

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Aziz al Hakim, this special angels. Who are they? What are they saying? What What can I do? How are they making for you and for your loved ones for your parents? What kind of the heart I'm going to tell you that next episode inshallah Tada. Beautiful Dark coming from the angels only if you could repent Until the next episode of Recaro monitors after 2017 I say so that was like the hot