Hussain Kamani – Ramadan Reflections – Day 17

Hussain Kamani
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the loss of the heart and the potential for emotions of loss of loved ones. The speakers emphasize the importance of not letting people feel like they have lost loved ones and offer personal stories about women experiencing the loss of their loved ones. They also discuss the history of Islam, including the implementation of Islam as a legal practice and the implementation of Islam as a culture. The segment also touches on the emotional impact of tears and the importance of finding love.
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You're listening to Ramadan reflections but with the same money this summer, Mufti Hussain will be teaching the Hadith intensive, students will study the different methods of compilation and preservation of ahaadeeth. The major role female scholars have played in Hadeeth preservation, the biography of famous Hadith narrators, as well as different collections and excerpts from famous heavy texts like Sahil Bahati. For more information, visit Hadeeth

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follow Him and come to LA,

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hungry law

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abiding Latinas Papa

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Milan via Well, on early Hill Ischia was having about

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in one Hadith the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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there are two drops that are very dear and beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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He said that the first drop is a tear that falls from the eye of the person who cries out of the remembrance of Allah subhana wa tada out of out of the fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the second person is the drop of blood that falls from the body of the martyr. Before that drop even touches the ground, Allah subhanahu wa tada forgives all of that person's sins. In one narration, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there are two eyes, two different types of eyes that will never enter into the fire of *. The first is that I that spent its night guarding the Muslims as they rested. And the second i is the one that cried in front of Allah subhanho wa Donna.

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In one narration the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said there are seven people who will be given shade under the throne of Allah subhanahu wa tada on such a day that there will be no shade other than that shade. And the last one the province that Allahu Allah he was sent him said, is a person Rajan de la hollien forefathers I know who a person who remembered Allah subhanho wa Taala hollien alone, either that can mean that he was surrounded by no one, and he had no motive to show off. That person was crying totally and only for loss of Hannah horchata or even though that person may be surrounded by people Holly and can mean his heart is alone. You can be surrounded by the

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world but your heart is engaged in something of its own. And that person is remembering the loss of Hannah hautala and while being in that state, that remembrance of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. It makes the person cry. The act of crying is beloved to Allah subhanahu wa tada because tears are connected to the heart. They are a third human they are interpreters and translators, of the emotion and feelings that the heart is experiencing. The prophets that Allahu alayhi wa sallam would cry abundantly while making the cut of Allah subhanho wa Taala while reading is of the Quran, as I shared with you the other day, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was reading the Eye of sudama

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ada, into whom for whom? A bad look when he read this if sudama either Oh Allah if you wish to punish them, they are Your servants. The prophets of Allah one day was sent him cried so much. He cried so much. You wonder why is it that we read it out of the Quran and nothing happens to us? We raised our hands in front of Allah subhanahu wa tada and nothing happens to us. Where is the disconnect? Why aren't the eyes and the heart connected anymore? What's happened to the heart that it's lost touch with Allah subhanahu wa Tada. This is a question. And this is something that we need to go back and reflect over. My shift is to always say that the word and Adobe for AI is AI.

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And in our be the very same word I was also used to make reference to spring water that comes from the ground. And he would say that that water that comes from the ground is only called that I mean, as long as water comes, but the second the water ceases to come out of there, it's just a dry land. At that part, it's no longer a spring anymore. Similarly, the eye is only considered an eye as long as it cries in front of a loss upon wattana. When the eye loses its ability to cry at that point, it's no longer an eye, it's just a dry weight that's on your body. The water of the spring has the ability to purify the body of external impurities, just as a water of the eye has the ability to

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purify a person from internal impurities. The water of the spring has the ability to extinguish the fire of this world. Just as one drop from the I has the ability to extinguish the fire of the hereafter. Where are those people gone? Who would cry out of the love of Allah subhanahu wa tada Allah DNA located Allah would you like to go home when they would hear the name of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. Their hearts would tremble without truly attalla him it was added to imana when they would, when the verses of the Quran would be recited to them, their faith would increase.

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If you ask me, where are those eyes gone? Where are those hearts gone? The truth is that they

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minimized. And many of those people have slowly slowly left the world. It's because we have lost our ability to reflect. We've become very superficial. We don't look into what's happening in life. We don't look into how favorable Allah subhanho wa Taala has been to us. You know, and I was mentioning mentioning this a few days back, we've become the type of people who just go with the current. But then when we get hit by the wave, we start crying. When the people leave us that are beloved to us, we start crying, when the great boundaries that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us are gone. That's when we start crying, when it's actually late at that point, become people of reflection. Someone

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wants to ask a scholar, how can I learn to cry in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he said to him, an Abba means tears, a lava, meaning

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that tears are only a result of reflection. Once the heart loses its ability to reflect, tears will stop, because the two are connected. Now when I talk about crying in front of a loss of how to home without a, I'm not talking about people who have tears on demand. There are some people that could be having ice cream in the start crying. They have this ability to just start crying whenever wherever they are, whenever they want to. That's not what I'm talking about. When I talk about crying in tears, this is not the physical dropping of water from your eyes necessarily. It's a KC it's a it's a state of the heart. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was once asked

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by a companion, a messenger of Allah, if I can't cry, what should I do? My eyes are dry and the type of person who's who never cries tears don't come out the province that allamani he was sent him sent to that person for a lamb tub coup for tobacco. If you can't cry, then at least make the face of a person that cries present yourself humbly in front of Allah subhanho wa Tada. You know, I shouted the alarm on his shares a narration that one night the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came home after a shell sold off in a cathedral. Allahu Allah narrates his narration and it's also narrated by Laban or made a whole lot from I shall have the law that the prophets of Allah who it was sent in

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one day came home after HSL da.

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He was lying down next to his beloved wife, I saw your loved one. And he said to her Ayesha, if I have your permission, I'd like to spend this night with Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Think about that for a moment. When we are praying it's just a law behind our Imam and the Imam is reading the Quran we think to ourselves, yeah, Imam Hurry up. We want to spend the night with our wives. And hear the progress that along with it was cinema saying oh Ayesha, I want to spend the night with Allah subhana wa Tada. Are you sort of the Allah 100 on messenger of Allah. I know you want to spend the night with Allah, but I would like to spend the night with you. However, I'm going to put you ahead of me Do as you wish. She says the Prophet said a long line he was said I'm stood up and he started praying. And he prayed and prayed and prayed for long period. And then he started

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crying. She said publica Hata Bella yetta, who until his beard became soaked in tears for either such as abacha Hata Bella Otto, he cried when he was in such them to the point where he got up from the such that there was a patch of tears on the ground. And the Prophet said a lot who it was sent him after he finished off his prayer, I shall be a loved one. I said he came and he lied down next to me. And I didn't want to say anything to him because he was on a spiritual he was in a spiritual zone. He was on something so I didn't want to bother him. She said he said he lied next to me quiet until the other one was called bit out of the last one came to came to the door to invite the

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Prophet said a lot of money was sent him for fundraising he would come to receive the Prophet said a lot of money was sent him. When the Prophet said a lot while he was sent. I'm stepped out of his home, bit out of your loved one as a messenger of Allah, what happened to you? I can see your hurt something. You've been crying a lot, what's bothering you? And that's when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said

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there were some that were revealed and since the revelation, I just can't stop crying. And even cathedra narrates this hadith under the commentary of the ayah in the summer what you want out of there was de la la la,

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la la, la la de la escuela de la

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rue de la la you know be him Where the fuck Karuna this summer what would have not been a masala after had about Allah Subhana Allah fokina Adana. Then the I came, he continued reading until he came to the ayah and I've been in common to the field in Nara.

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Allah whoever you send to the fire of *, you've disgraced that person. Well, nine Advani mean him in unsought and there is no one to have a person who has oppressed who was an oppressor and oppressed or a person who oppresses cannot be helped well minded Vitamina manansala no one can help that person. Once Allah has decreed something for someone and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam kept repeating that ayah Oh Allah whoever from this congregation goes to the fire of *. They've been disgraced and they're messengers on a lot he was sent him in his heart did not want a single person just did not want a single person to go to the fire of home. Once the hobby he was

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reading the ion buffer on asuna jothi

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I am number 21 I'm Cassie Bella Dinesh terrassa yet

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can let you know

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that those people who committed wrong and did wrong and committed sins during their life, those people whose lives were full of horrible things do they think on the Day of Judgment Allah will allow them to stand with the true believers. And the Sahaba when he read this ayah he cried and cried and cried, because he was worried that what if Allah subhanahu wa tada pointed towards him and said, Oh, corrupted man stand away.

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The scholars, there's a famous narration from Philemon Ayub when he writes to the scene, he cried and cried and cried when he came to the ayah 1000 Yama Johan Majidi moon, where Allah subhanho wa Taala will call to the masses of people, all criminals, stop hiding behind other people and come aside and make your own group. What if you and I are in that group? Is there not a fear of what Allah subhanahu wa tada how angry Allah subhanho wa Taala will be for later when I other than said that more than the punishment of the Day of Judgment. I fear in my heart standing in front of Allah knowing that Allah will be angry with me. Well, I'm an Oto ketahui Chemin de Fer kuliah A Tawny

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lambuth Akita when Allah will give that person his book of deeds in his left hand he will say, I wish I never received my book of deeds. Yeah, later how can I feel called the only of death was the end of my journey? my nanny Malia all of that wealth came in no hand today. helicon needs to Tanya my kingdom destroyed me and then Allah subhanho wa Taala will come in Hulu Hulu familia hemosol lu Hovis criminal and chain him and take them to the fire of help from a feast in Silicon Valley. Oh, hacer una de la uncas Lu, Allah will say in the who con Allah you know, Bella halabi he never really believed in Allah subhanahu wa Tada, what are your hopes? Ah, Tommy miskeen didn't care about anyone

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but himself. Poor people were hungry. He was worried about his food. He didn't care about the poor people at all Felisa Julio mahana I mean, just as you were the friend of no one in this world today, no one is interested in being your friend today. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam shares He's beautiful. I have to sort of haakaa very vivid description. I don't stand here to put fear into your heart. Rather, why make the relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala one of fear, when you can make it of love today. Think of all of the favors and boundaries of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Should we not be thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala as the Prophet himself said, sun Allahu alayhi wa

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sallam akula hubbardton Shakira should not cry in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Out of thankfulness. And I wanted to share something very interesting.

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Rahim Allah Tada.

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He writes in his other mud, that there are different types of crying. He says there are 10 different types of tears that come out of the eye. The first he says is because

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it's the crying of fear. A person is afraid of someone. That's why they cry. The second He says his book, oh, Rama, tears that come out due to mercy. Because I have tears that come out due to love, like a parent holding their child. They're crying, they don't know why they're crying. But the reason why they're crying is because of love for their child. Number four, because tears of joy, just as a focus, to decode your loved one started crying when the Prophet said to him, you will be my companion during the migration. Number five, bukata jezza, which means tears of fear. Some you know, you hear lightning very loud, and your heart thumps and you start crying tears come out of

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your eyes out of being terrified.

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Then he says because in tears of grief when someone is very sad, and they're grieved, because of hope, here of being prideful, or being in a position of weakness with love, Number eight, because when you felt the tears of hypocrisy, because only five tears of hypocrisy, what's this? It didn't tell you what the law says that you cry with your eyes while in your heart, you're actually have no fear at all. You know that tears on demand I was talking about this is what immaterium calls boycott when he felt tears of hypocrisy. Number nine, he says boycott will stop. These are tears that are hired in back in the day, what they would do is that when someone would die, they would hire these

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people that would come and cry. And the reason was they were the reason why they would hire these people is so that anyone that walks past would say oh my god, look at all these people crying, someone important must have died. So this is what you call again, you know, tears for hire. And then he says there is buka Omen, Hachette Illa tears out of the fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala out of the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala How long has it been that our eyes have remained dry? How about this from Milan, we try to find that love of Allah subhanho wa Taala try to build a bond with a loss of Hannah Montana. These tears will only come if

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you search deep in your heart for that love. You are desperate for that love. You understand that you without the love

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Have a lot of fish without water. Just as the fish cannot exist, how will you and I live without the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala we have to submit ourselves to Allah subhanho wa Taala multicopy of money. He sat in front of the Kaaba and what a beautiful line of poetry. He said young cavefish k out of in Iran and he oughta select a doll's head de mujeres Dona Yata Oh my Lord, my eyes have gone dry, and they've lost the ability to cry. As a result of that I have these burning stains in my heart that I just can't wash away. Until when will my heart remain dark? Until when will my heart remain stained the Sahaba as a hobby he read the eye of the Quran in surah moko 15 Yama Kuhlman,

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nasolabial, aalameen, on that day, mankind will stand in front of Allah subhana wa Tada. And he cried, he cried and cried and cried until he fell, because he couldn't imagine what would it be like standing in front of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. Not being ready for that is not being prepared. What will it be like with a lobby happy with me? Well, the last 100 without to be angry with me. I called with sharing one story with you. Some years back, I had the opportunity to go for hygiene. We took a group and that particular year, actually, every year when we go for hides we make we have a habit that after a while we do breakfast together. That particular year, there was one young man with us.

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He and we are waiting for him after Frederick salon in the lobby to have breakfast. He didn't show up. So I told the group you guys go have breakfast when he comes? I'll bring him. So I waited in the Hilton lobby until finally that brother came. When he came I asked him what happened to you. He said to me shift if I tell you what happened, you won't believe it. So I said, test me Tell me what happened. And maybe I might believe you. He said, Well, what happened was after he saw we had dinner, I went to the hotel room. My roommates and I we all fell asleep. Two hours later, I woke up and I couldn't go back to sleep. I thought to myself, that's four hours left of budget. What am I

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going to do? I didn't want to wake up my roommates because they were exhausted. So he said I told myself you know what, I'm just gonna go to the machine. He did his boo boo put his slippers on tickets bag took his masala he walked off to the huddle. His words not mine. He said this was the first time in my life I was going to the mustard out of my own will and not because someone else forced it down my throat. How many of us have had a bad experience with Islam? How many of us have had a horrible experience with a machete with any mom with a teacher with our parents. And because of that bad experience? We blame the religion. This person said this was the first time someone

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wasn't forcing me to go and I was going because I wanted to go. He said I entered into the atom. I went to the third floor and I sat at the balcony where I can see the Kaaba in front of me. I didn't know what to do. So he said, I turned to the guy to my side. And I asked him Hey, what are you doing? That person said, I'm doing 100 salaat. So this buddy of mine said, Well, I don't know what the 100 is, can I join you? He said, Okay, let's do it together. So they paid the 100 together after the hundreds of hours over. He asked this guy What are you doing? Now? That person said I'm going to make law. So my buddy asked him, can I join you in law? He said no, no, now you're on your own. I

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have to make my own blog. You make your own why inshallah. So this friend of mine, he said, You know what? can't be that hard making law. So he said, I stood up the Kaaba was in front of me. I raised my hands. You know, college kid, young, energetic, you know, you can conquer the world. He said, I stood there with my hands raised and that's when I realized how great of an imbecile I was. I didn't even know how to make the watch Allah subhana wa Tada.

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My tongue had nothing to say to him. Ah, I was such a foreigner to Allah subhanho wa Taala. How does a friend ever get bored of speaking to another friend? Only with strangers? Do you have moments of awkwardness? And he said I was awkward. I didn't know what to say in front of a lion. My hands raised and I had conquered the world. I had accomplished so much in college in school, and every one of the community respected me. But when it came to my relationship with a lot, I had nothing to say. He said I stood there and I cried and cried and cried and cried over my own state. I felt like a hollow trunk. Nothing was inside me. The road only saw my outside when my heart was hollow. He said

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until July I cried, and I made one block to Allah subhana wa Tada. And I asked him what God is you make? He said, the law I made was Yala. It's taken me so many years to cry in your love. Today was the first time that I started the Allah never let these tears ever stop again.

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He said chef, I tasted the sweetest thing in the world. There was nothing more sweeter in the world I could have tasted than those tears. I always experienced tears to be painful, dark, you know heavy, but this felt like someone lifted a weight a weight off my chest. He finished off by saying something which was very interesting. I know many of you guys who are grand and MFIs will get fucked off conferred on him. But relax, take it easy. He said to me. He said shift last night It's as if I had a date with Allah subhanahu wa Tada. It's really messed up thing to say I agree. Right? But try to catch look over the words and try to catch the emotion. He thought it was his moment with a lot.

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It was an intimate moment of Allah. Someone asked the scholars How can I talk to Allah? read the Quran. Allah will talk to you

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You make dua to Allah and you speak to Allah subhanho wa Taala It is Allah kariba Diani

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Karim. This is Ramadan, raise your hands and talk to Allah. spill your heart out. No one's there to judge you. No one's jealous of you. You ask Allah Allah will give you file your complaints to Allah as jacoba salaam said in bash in a school

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but the Hosni in Allah He has made complaints to Allah, Allah This is the pain that I have in my chest. I'm going through a lot I just want to tell someone and Allah, you're the person I'm going to tell. So with this we pray that Allah subhana wa tada allows this month, a month to be where we find that one moment. Trust me that one tear that's sincere for Allah will wipe out your fire in the hereafter and will be a testimonial for you that will be so strong that I have no doubt at all that Allah will give you the highest rank in the gardens of Linda and for those inshallah Aziz will start along with Allah Allah serum Hamad Samadhi como la Tanaka.

Tears of Love

2017-06-14 – Ramadan 2017

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