Ramadan With The Quran – Day 20

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Surah At-Tin

In this talk Ustadh Nouman focuses on Ayat 4-6 of Surah At-Tin. These ayat follow the opening oaths where Allah reminds us of Prophets Eissa, Musa and Muhammad (PBUH) and by association of the messages they carried. In this transition to the heart of the surah, Allah makes a strong statement about how He created man in the most upright fashion, balancing him both physically and spiritually. Those amazing messengers who’s memory was evoked in the opening ayat, are proof that human beings can be sublime; but then the tragedy is that they have allowed themselves to be reduced to the lowest of the low by rejecting Allah’s message. Yet again Allah offers hope to those who pull themselves out of the depths of darkness and, guided by Him, correct the wrongs of the past and do everything necessary to fulfil the conditions of their iman.

2017-06-15 – Ramadan 2017

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He's saying La Casa La corral in Santa Fe Xl nidoqueen we no doubt created the human being in the most upright fashion. The Queen from karma, karma actually means something standing firm and something tall, something that is upright, Allah azza wa jal is actually furthering the argument of one of seeing what masa waha the knifes and how evenly it was balanced out. And now he's describing how balanced it is from another word, divine meaning you can stand up right and not lean this way not lean that way. A lot put tendencies inside the human being a lot put emotions a lot, put intellect and be balanced between those both of those things a lot so we can put our needs and our

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family's needs to be balanced both of those things, a lot of responsibility to yourself and responsibility to society, we're able to balance both of those things. There are so many forces inside of us that are opposing, and we find balance between all of them. And that is the remarkable creation of Allah before he told us for Alabama foodora hahahahaha, two opposite forces and he balanced between them. And now he's reiterating that reality by saying I have created the human beings in the most upright the most beautiful upright fashion like there. It's not just balanced, it's balanced. That's demonstrated by a senator cream, not just like a hologram in Santa Fe

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agreement. We created the human being and uprightness. Nope, in the most up in the most beautiful of uprightness, and how wama it actually has that region it and the idea is that he demonstrates that balance as his ages go on at certain at every age and law gave you a certain kind of balance, even physically Some are Lama argued about this idea, even though it's it's clearly a spiritual message. That just the fact that we stand up right, the image of you know, from William shimokita, Allah which he Adda mamc Serbian, Allah salata, Mr. Kim, you know, can somebody who works on their face or drags their body on the ground, could they be more guided than someone who walks upright, meaning

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human beings were even physically given uprightness, just like you know, in balances or scales, or justice is always a standing scale. Human beings, by their physical creation, are a model of justice of standing upright of being a scale. That's actually what we're supposed to represent, even the way physically that we were created. So and notice also what Allah did with our physical bodies, the two parts of our body that are most protected by the hardest bones are the heart and the mind. Right there, this is the thickest bones here. And the most secure location here, the two things that make you upright are the most protected. So how to lock the, you know, like an ostrich, its skull is not

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very well protected. It has the brain the size of like an m&m anyway, but even then it's not protected the way the human skull is protected. And the way that our heart is a birds heart is not protected the way our heart our heart is protected, you know. And so this is part of the accent of dream, not just physically but also spiritually of the human being. Now,

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what is the relationship between this and those old souls locations? And what a lie is saying is those amazing messengers, those remarkable human beings that are forever recorded in history, that Isa is salam, that Ibrahim alayhis salam, that Musa alayhis salam in this lawsuit Allah sal Allahu alayhi, wa sallam these figures are even if you want to include new holiday, some if you go by that interpretation, these figures are going to forever be proof of the fact that human beings can reach amazing heights, that human beings are balanced. These were not super natural human beings, they were also just human beings in a natural mythical man, just a human being like yourselves, and they

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will forever be an example of what human beings are capable of in terms of goodness. Allah is saying now, yes, humanity is pretty disappointing. It's pretty disappointing. But that doesn't mean they're not capable. They're not capable of doing amazing things. And the fact that they're capable has already been proven in these lands. The story of these lands tells you what greatness what amazing, you know, the queen, humanity is capable of especially modeled in those messengers or the hemos Salatu was set up.

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So now,

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even though we've been made capable of that, just like if you got hired for a job and you're qualified to do the job, that doesn't mean you're going to do a good job. You know, you have to have the right intention, motivation, heart, mind to put and focus to do a good job, just talent is not enough. Just because you're strong enough to lift something doesn't mean you actually lift something. Allah then describes the tragedy and the tragedy is somebody now who has philosophy then we allowed him to be deteriorated or that is actually for something to change from its original state or from the state that it is to something lesser to something and it's not to go back to an

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original state

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to do can actually also mean a read that off to you. is actually for

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you've probably if you've hung out at Wwm intercity as a llama be unnoticed Allah will flicker of a southern house for how he took

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fetal fula the Quran says woman komamura do Ella as a llama. That among you are those who are reduced back to the oldest, you know other than a llama and Rhonda is used, meaning your capabilities that you were given start deteriorating. Allah says you are made strong you were made balanced, you were made upright, and then we allowed you to fall down fall apart. That makes it sound like a landed it because he says well other than our who we made him, we made him deteriorate, we meet him rhythm retrack. That means that means it's not our fault. But then that's when you have to understand the rest of this ayah this, this is the grammar of it is very interesting as fellow

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could be. We reduced him to the lowest, the lowest and Saffy lien is presents a grammatical problem. Because saffi lien is expected to be a sad feeling. Normally in Arabic You say as Fela as suffering, like XML Harkey mean at the end. So if you're going to have them will offer you a plural it has to have lambda techniques, they have to go together. But this one is us fella safranin. This creates a problem. There's two ways to solve that problem. And both of them give us very interesting to see them. This is one of the meanings of this is of all creatures that could be low, human beings become the lowest. Like it's not just lowest out, you know how to translate this lowest of the low, we

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reduced him to the lowest of the low. The problem with that is it's not the low. It's Saffy Saffy, Saffy lean. And that means all things that may be low of all creatures that may be low human beings descend even lower than them, we can be what I was telling you, we become even worse than animals. This is called an commenting on what happens in the news. That's when you see what's happening in the news that you recite from the novel, as well as our feeling that's that's what you're seeing on the news, what human beings are capable of what they do. You know, that's one way of interpreting this ayah we become in a sense, you could say for easy English, we become even worse than animals.

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But there's another way of looking at it. And that is that's also classically found that the word as far as separate and Sofie lien is a horn and the word inside the thing what is the word inside is it can be used for the singular and it can also be used as a plural and that what has means that adverbial phrase so let me translate that for you. We reduce it we allow him to deteriorate to a place that is lower as he himself or they all themselves just want to be low. Saleen the word would be they themselves are acting in a lowly way so Allah lets them get low. In other words, what I started with I said Allah is putting them down. No, there has their own state was that they were

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low. So let's had fine you want it, you got it. If you want to be in a lowly state and I will let you go down to a lowly state. You know, this is Allah as origin when he met Allah, Allah will turn him into direction he wants to turn into, you want to go up the hill, a lot will help you up, you want to go down, the doors are open, Allah will allow you to go down. So as far as I feel in here could mean human beings acted in a lowly way. And Allah allowed them to deteriorate as How long do you want to go? You know, and this is actually an expression in the Koran also your motorhome Fotolia anemia mon he extends them in their misguidance. In other words, you want to go further do

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wrote more wrong, go ahead, go do it. Go do some more, go do some more, get lower, humiliate yourself even more. This is the same kind of expression Allah uses for you know people that that wander from one form of entertainment to another to another, or philosophers that wander from one philosophy to another to another. The image of them is descending into a valley alumna and unfrequently Why didn't he moon didn't use Don't you see that they venture off into any Valley and they just descend. Because you when you go into a valley, there may not be a way up, gravity will help you down. But there may not be a way to climb back up, right. So they just venture into any

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Valley not knowing whether or not there's a way out or not. And that's the expression that's used. So here Allah is now describing the tragedy of humanity, we allowed human beings to even though they were created for great uprightness, we allow them to become so so very low. As you as we read that maybe we even read about it, think about ourselves, it could be low in terms of beliefs. By the way, some have interpreted this to mean we allow them to go to hell, because the lowest of the low and us values used in the Quran for in nomological in Africa as feminine, not that you hypocrites will be in the lowest pit of the Hellfire and then the word as far as use their two which is for low. You

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know Turkey, you know, Lulu, so some say this is about hell. Dr. Akram nadwi and others have argued otherwise I agree with them. There is no reference to heaven here. No, also it doesn't fit the context. Allah made human beings amazing, and then throw them a hell. That seems to be an incoherent argument. The far more coherent argument is a law made the human beings upright in the most beautiful upright fashion. And they allowed themselves to become low and a lot allowed them to go down as far as low as low as they wanted to go. So now who has philosophy, but now we come to this idea of hope. And as we come to this ayah we need to understand that this means two things. I'll

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translate it first and tell you the two basic things that it means. Illallah Zina Amanullah amilo Sally heart, Fela home Coronavirus commune with the exception of those who believe

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leaved and have done good deeds, then they are going to have a compensation that will never be taken away, or that will never be reduced or never be discontinued. That's one of the basic meanings of this IRA with the exception of those who believed, okay? That means that it means two things. One, there are human beings who became super low. And the only ones who didn't are the ones who believed, right, so there are a separate group who didn't become low, they remained high, they lived up to the potential legends described when he said la catalana in Santa Fe, how do you live up to that potential, Allah made you upright, he made you a decent human being, and you will fulfill that

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potential. When you actually come to mind. When you come to believe and accept the revelation and do good deeds. That's when your humanity is fulfilled and completed. That's that that's what Allah is describing. Another way of looking at the same ayah is there are people who became so so solo. And even among them, there are those who decided to what believe. And they rose again. They became the exception of the people that were low, they rose out of them, and they like, you know, people that were in the depths of darkness and then they took Shahada. They accepted Islam. And they were in a in they were like Omar bin Al Khattab radi Allahu tadanobu or they were like holiday Blue Valley.

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They were people that were that were disbelievers, you may have friends that were non Muslims that were living a very evil life before. And then Allah guided them to Islam. So they were they would even ask say about themselves. They were among us philosophy lien and now Allah gave them the chance to rise again, by giving them the gift of Imani la Latina Armando, Amina Sally had for the home.