Abdur-Raheem McCarthy – The day Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen Hit me!

Abdur-Raheem McCarthy
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The day that ship had been or they mean, hit me. And you might be surprised. Why would the ship hit you, especially if you see videos of the sheriff, he's always smiling, very kind, very gentle. And that's exactly how he was. However, when it came to students of knowledge, he had a certain criteria or certain expectation that he would expect from us. And if we weren't to, if we would have crossed the boundaries that he didn't accept, he will put us in our place. And that's what happened to me with him several times. In this video, I'm going to tell you about the day he hit me. Another day, I'm gonna tell you about the time he scolded me. And another story when he really scolded me and

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another brother as well, when we asked the wrong questions, he put us in our place and let us know that this is not befitting of a student of knowledge. So why did he hit me? To be honest with you when it first happened to me, I had no clue. One of his students who was there full time with him, he had to explain to me what happened and why the ship had hit me. I was a student studying in Medina, and I was traveling with one of my friends from Kuwait. We're going to equate to visit some of my friends there and some of the shifts, and we made it a point to pre budget Indonesia and casinos. GFAP what they mean, so we could ask him some questions and the chef Subhanallah he used to

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walk to Salat al Fajr, barefoot temperament, the sunnah of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would walk barefoot sometimes, and his house wasn't close by. And the students they would come with him sometimes from his house all the way to the masjid asking him questions. And also going back from the moment with him asking questions, and us being students who had traveled from outside to visit the ship. We had the priority and asking questions, and everyone else had to wait. So as my friend was asking the questions, I was walking on the side of the shift on his left side, and I was listening. And I had, you know, as they were the customer, the score for the Schmuck, they

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call it the red one. That's the one I had this that and I couldn't really see what represents it was covering a bit of my view from here. And as this happened, I crossed the path of the ship and I went in front of him, which I didn't know at the time is a big no, no. And the chef sees it as being something disrespectful. The next thing I knew I was Airboard. And if you ever sold a chef, he's about half of my size, but I felt his forearm go into me and I felt myself lifting up off the ground and flying about two meters away from the chef, mashallah to blue. He was small, but he was very strong. I realized what just happened, but I didn't realize why it happened. But nonetheless, I

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traveled this way I would have benefit from the ship. So I just went back and started to listen to him until he reached his house after we finished ask him questions. And she had reached his house, went to have breakfast with another brother who was a full time student with the sheriff. And he asked me, he said, Do you know why the share hits you? And I said, No, I have no clue. And he said, Because you crossed in front of him. And like, we like that, which is not a form of edit of a manner of the student with his shift to walk in front of him like that. So the shift puts you back in your place, um, that he didn't, it wasn't mean to me, it wasn't nasty to me afterwards. And Hamdulillah

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he answered my question, which was very nice to me. But he saw from that not being from the manners to walk in front of your shift like this. So he put me back in my place. And this is something he would only do for the students when it came to the general people. He treated them in a different way. I remember another time I was with Dr. Salia. Salah Rahim, Allah Tala, and we're going to the chef's house to ask him some questions. And we arrived the other side of the street and another brother came, he wasn't a practicing brother. I remember he was driving a van. He had a baseball cap on and some jeans. And in casino where the chef lives that was very weird, very strange during those

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times, on top of that, he comes up honking the horn to the shape BP beep. This guy gets out of the car with his cap and his jeans on. And he goes and he's so happy to see the shift. And he's smiling. And when Dr. Salah Solis holdings, he was like, oh, no, you know, what is this the guy who's do it this year, but the chef met him with what all smiles you know how you do and give him nice alarms and being very nice and very kind to him. Dr. Salah saw that. He said to me, he said, If one of us were to dare do that to the Shia, talk to him like that, and come he said he would have hit us once again, because he saw as his teacher saw that as a student of knowledge, you have to have respect

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for the knowledge. And you have to have respect for the one who's teaching you knowledge SubhanAllah. I remember in 2017 I went to visit Medina. That was like about 11 years after I graduated 10 years after I left Medina. And I saw the change in the students. I heard about it when I actually saw it. No brothers going to the university and studying lessons were like, you know, the long Bermuda shorts and wearing T shirts and things like this. And for us, that was something unheard of that you could go to images of not being dressed properly. You didn't necessarily have to wear like the 30 You know, customary clothing. But nonetheless, that's what most of us wore, or at

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least a job. And we wear a hat as well. But no way any of us would dare going like a beach bum with some shorts and some flip flops and a T shirt going to study knowledge from a scholar. Some people might think that's not that big of a deal. But the more respect you put into something, and I'll give you an example. Just like now if you've ever trained jujitsu or any martial arts, what happens if you step on the mat with your shoes, it's look at being very disrespectful. Martial arts instructors. They teach their students to honor the art that they study. Just as we should honor the gatherings of knowledge and those who we take knowledge from

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