Roc Your Ramadan 2017 – Day 14

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Daily Reminder Day 14 – Be Sincere and Truthful In Your Du’a, and for those of us who have abandoned the practice of Du’a, we may be missing something quite important. Wishing is not the same thing as making a Dua. We may keep wishing our wishes but we have a better chance of seeing them materialized when we actually make the effort to enter the state of Dua and asking Allah swt what we want.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam Salam aleikum wa barakato

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Welcome to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2017 day 14

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So how's your fasting Ramadan I hope and I pray that the lies ocean

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except your CRM I hope and I pray that Allah Xhosa accepts your pm and, and your and I hope you are making lots of I hope you are using this name of Allah and Rajiv

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and mushy remember he loves to be cold? Because he called himself a machine. Why? Because he loves to answer the call of the one who invokes him so can I go with the atom? In fact, you know, as I was talking about the some of the requirements and etiquettes of making to our lie, you know, if if you're sincere and truthful in your Allah subhanho wa Taala will answer your call.

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Remember this man, you know, he was mentioning the fact that he was traveling to he was in he was traveling to this Muslim country.

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And he's a well known man Mashallah he goes on TV and stuff and then he happens to be in this Masjid and, and he wants to sleep in the music because he has a very early flight to catch the next day. So the he requested from the Imam if he couldn't really stay in the message for that evening and pray in the masjid. He does not want to miss frizzle in the masjid. So because he wants to proposal and head straight to the airport, the Imam wants to invite him and he says no, please, if you can just allow me to sleep or spend the night in the masjid, for fatherland so I can make it and then and then go to the airport the next day. So the email Of course, allowed him and the men he noticed as

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he was unloading the music, he heard somebody crying, crying a lot. So he went into his, into his soul man and on one of the corners of dementia, crying and praying and crying and crying and and making a drop in, in his language, you know, in his dialect, you know, asking Allah Subhana Allah to Allah say, Enough, you're big enough, this is it. And he was making this, you know, that shift felt sorry for him. So he waited that long to finish the setup. And then he went to him and told him, What is your story? He says, Well, let me know my, my wife, she has a surgery tomorrow. It's a very deadly surgery to do surgery. It's a it's a matter of life and death. And, and she needs money. I

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don't have the money for the surgery. Okay, the mess is how much money do you need? Is it 14,500 Egyptian Guinea, you know, Egyptian Pounds. The shift says, I don't have the money, just keep doing what you're doing. So the man kept on praying and so he went to sleep the chef and then the men you know, spent that night you know, praying and in the morning when

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the email came in, then the push the shift to please you No need to sign up. As I please. I want to leave I just want to leave you know, pray and leave straightaway. He said no, you're our guest, please leave the salon. So he was leading the salon. As he led the salon, I finished the salon and one from the mausoleum came to him, you know, as he was Mashallah went on mad. And he hugged him and he says, Listen, I'm a very, very wealthy man. And, and, and hamdulillah has really blessed me with so much. And in fact, my wife, we know, she used to tell me go and put you know, in a car, but I was holding my car because I want to, I didn't want to give it in, you know, in pieces, either. They

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want to give it one lump sum. So I have that lump sum with me and I want to give it to you know, I want to give it as a cap, you know, so the chef says, How much money do you have?

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The man says, I have 14,500 in my pocket. I want to give it as a cap. The shift tiered, he's it. So he called that man who was praying the whole night. He says, Come, so he came, his eyes were red, teary. He says, What's your story? Tell him so he told him the story and he says how much money do you need? He says, I need 14,500 DNA because I need to pay surgery. I don't have the money. That businessman was so emotional, you know, they all made social associate, and he gave the man the 14,500 you know,

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and this is not like a story of you know, science fiction or whatnot as it happened. You know, to that money could happen it could happen to any venture you may have amazing things may have happened to your or people that you know are again, never despair, always ask Allah subhanho wa Taala and be sincere and truthful in the heart of

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Love with crunchy Alicia and Charlotte with

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another episode of rock Ramadan. 2017 I say so that might look like overcast.