Pearls From The Quran 18 – Ramadan 2017

Yasir Qadhi


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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves into one of the themes of Surah Yaseen –  the importance of and taking advantage of time.

Allah has asked us to ponder over the miracle of time. Time is one of the incomprehensible aspects of our life. Thus, we should take ample advantage of time if we wish to be guided. Seize the free time before it is gone.



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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah wa t he will be here woman what I'm about. Today we read sudo yacine which is of course as the profitsystem told us the color or the heart of the Quran, and also he reminded us that surah Yaseen should be recited over our dead. And it has many themes and one of the main themes of this surah and of many suitors is of the importance of time of the verses of surah Yaseen Allah subhana wa tada says, what are your two lahoma laziness lack woman who know how to fight either whom over the moon and have the signs and miracles that we want man to think about? of the signs of Allah the power of the signs of Allah xojo udara is the

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knight and the de la luna Sloman hoonah how we strip the day away so that the night comes for either home of the new moon, and they are left in darkness was chumps with a god Mr. karela and the sun goes in a preordained orbit limo staccato it is something that is ordained by Allah subhana wa tada that he can deca, taco de Rouen Aziz and on him, this is the power the foodora of Allah who is Aziz who is an M welcomer and the moon but darna Houma nozzle we have station for it particular signs the comet the moon has 28 men nozzle every night is called the Menzel in the Arab astronomy astronomical calendar. So Allah says welcome adarna humanism and we are the ones who made the Hummer into

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monazite had the Colorado Junior khadim until it comes back like it is a yellowed and dried date stock Let's jump so young but later on to calmer neither can the sun over catch the moon. What a lady who sat on our Norwood the night come before the day will cologne FIFA like in yes batroun and each one of them is in an orbit that Allah subhana wa tada has ordained and Allah subhana wa tada tells us there's so many verses to ponder over the miracle of time. Woman it laid one out was shumsa welcomer of his miracles is the night and the day and the sun and the moon and Allah says was a hora de como Laila wonder how he created for you the night and the day he created for you the alternation

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of the night and the day and indeed in the Quran. Allah gives a custom or an oath by every single timeframe in the morning what fudger in the early dawn will do have in the afternoon, what acid in the night will lay in every single time zone and Allah subhana wa tada has given a possum an oath to make us contemplate and to appreciate the passage of time, and indeed brothers and sisters time is one of those absolutely amazing in comprehensible phenomenon. Subhana Allah tonight's already the 25th of Ramadan, literally how did these 25 days go by in the twinkling of an eye, literally the month is about to finish. And just yesterday, we were talking about the beginning excited about the

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beginning. And here we are about to finish the month. And so two is our entire life brothers and sisters how quickly time seems to fly by this is the reality of time time is one of those amazing commodities time is one of those precious commodities that you cannot purchase, no one can buy you time, no matter how much money you have, you cannot barter you cannot bargain you cannot purchase any extra time. It is one of those amazing incomprehensible mysteries of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the point that Allah subhana wa tada keeps on reminding us, he has given us enough time if we take advantage of it. Allah says in the Quran, LLM nor Aamir Khan, my attacker, roofie human attacker,

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haven't we given you enough time, enough time for somebody who wants to think to be able to think my attacker vehement attacker, whoever wants to be guided whoever wants to do good, whoever wants to have a mission or a goal he shall be able to accomplish it. So Allah is saying, we gave you enough time, but did you take advantage of that time and so panela brothers and sisters, look at how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam commanded us to take advantage of time he told us is the technium humps and cobbler comes in, sees the opportunity of five before five other things happen. And one of them when you have free time. seize that opportunity before that time goes away. Our

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam reminded us that most people do not appreciate time to blessings. He said near Matan. Most people are cheated. Most people are diluted. They don't take advantage of it. Number one, he said free time number two good

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Health you don't realize good health until you don't have it. And you don't realize free time until you get busy, too are the blessings the majority of mankind are diluted or deceived, or have cheated themselves, free time and good health and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reminded us that the first question on Judgement Day will be about time that he said the feet of the senate Adam will not move on judgment day until a law asks him five questions number one, and on his life for your own Woody, what did he spend his time on? One of the five questions that will be asked on Judgement Day? How did we spend our time and that is why the Quran and Sunnah is full of adjectives to take

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advantage of our time was sad you're in Amalfi Latin race for big forgiveness. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, birds it will be our man go ahead and rush to do good deeds. And Allah azza wa jal says, first sow Illa decree Allah hasten to the remembrance of Allah do not procrastinate, do not delay, do not have a long term plan that you never do. Do it right here and now but it will be a man immediately start doing good deeds rush to the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. And we all realize as well brothers and sisters in the Quran is full of this message that time is one of those greatest regrets that all of the people will express regret for on Judgement Day, even the righteous

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that are gotten they have gotten into agenda, they've gotten the prize, they will still have an element of regret. If I only did a little bit more spent a little bit more time I could have gotten a higher level agenda. And of course those who don't get to agenda and we seek refuge from being amongst them. Their main regret will be time we learned in the Koran hall or build your own. Oh my Lord, give me one more chance one more time. Let me come back. Oh my lord, allow me one more time come back to this world and you will see how good I will be. But Allah will say that no, this is tilicho kanemoto Aloha. This is the the other that Allah has said that you are not going to come

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back on Judgement day as well. We learned that Allah subhana wa tada will ask the people, all the kembla bees don't fill out of the either this evening, Allah will ask them how many years did I give you on this earth and the people who aren't disk decreed and destined to go to jahannam they will deny that they have been given time. And they will say call you they'll be SNA Yeoman obado yom they will say Oh Allah, you only gave us one day. No rather you gave us a part of a day. First alila. Dean, go ask the account takers amongst the angels stuff for a lot of people will challenge a lot of knowledge because they will not be able to comprehend how they could have lived 5060 7080 years and

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done nothing to prepare for judgment day, they will not believe that they have the opportunity to bring about a lifetime of good and they don't have anything to show for that. So instead of denying their own power, they will deny the knowledge of a law and they will challenge a law and they will say Oh Allah, you didn't give us a life. You only give us half a day. Go ask the angels and check first and in our Deen and Allah will say in the best time in the Kadena true you only lived a small period of time meaning relatively what to 7080 years compared to the lifespan of this earth. Low quantum Tata mode if you only really understood that if you could have taken advantage of this time

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it would have been sufficient for you. Brothers and sisters time is one of those as I said truly incomprehensible realities. So panela Here we are standing at the end of the month and not just the month, every one of you no matter how old you are, go back and your whole life it will appear as if How did it go? Those of you that are in their 70s you will look back 60 years, those in the 50s 40s 30s Go back to your teenager childhood. Those of you that are teenagers are going to wonder yesterday I was in grade school now I'm a teenager, but see that same feeling you will feel it when you're 78 years old. Go ask the elders amongst us. This is the reality of time so the wise person

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does not procrastinate being righteous. The wise person does not delay investing for his future of the ACA has an adversity, the greatest scholar of the Tabby rune who studied with almost all of the Sahaba he is of the greatest of the tribe your own. He said I grew up with a group with a generation meaning the Sahaba they were more cautious on how they spent their time than you people are in spending your golden silver. Think about that. They were more cautious in what they did with their time then how you people spent your gold and your silver. This is the sign of a true believer productive time and not just religious but also of this world as well.

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Do not waste time. Do not spend it in something that will not be a benefit for you benefit yourself, your family, your dean, your dunya You're a hero, but do not just go and waste time because indeed brothers and sisters, this is the lifetime that Allah has given us. If we don't take advantage of it, that whole life will go to waste. And Allah azza wa jal has warned us that there will be plenty of people they will not even believe they have been given time, even though all of us have been given so much time may Allah subhana wa Tada, makers of those who invest their time wisely, who take advantage of their time and we make dua to Allah to give us Baraka in our time, that is of the hours

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of the Prophet system as well that will give us Baraka in our time to bless us in the time that Allah has given us with Salaam Why do you come to LA he wabarakatuh