Mohammed Faqih – Remembrance Of Allah

Mohammed Faqih
AI: Summary © The importance of history and remorse of loss of data in the age of Islam is discussed, along with the challenges of loss of information and the loss of family members. The speakers emphasize the importance of remembering and reminding oneself of the loss of power and legacy, as well as avoiding distraction from the loss. They also emphasize the importance of planting trees and pursuing directing oneself to a nightmare and pray for success. Finally, the speakers stress the importance of avoiding shaming and not giving too much information to distract oneself.
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left some of

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which aren't

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very important topic,

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a topic about which

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many of the greatest scholars and the greatest figures in history, made the

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made amazing remarks in the comments.

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Such as, for example, one of them said,

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One some of them said

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that it is the best thing to do. Another one said

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if people know the joy that we get out of it,

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the Emperor's in their

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children know what kind of what kind of joy and happiness we get out of it, they will have fought us over

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actually waging war against us is to take it away from us.

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It is what one of the scholars said above. He says the poor are the people of people who are distracted with dunia. They're distracted from this element.

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Mosquito as the dunia

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said, they're they're very deprived,

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you know, there they leave here without getting a taste of the of the sweetest thing in it. And that is the remembrance of

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the remembrance of Allah

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upon which

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a lot of hammer

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stablished this relationship that we have, without the remembrance of a

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person does not have anything in life. When it comes to the amendments of a law, people are different types, you have a kind that is not a member of law, so

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we don't remember.

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Can you still hear me, but this

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is not a member of and this is the worst of kinds, because they are in the state of

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negligence, and they are as good as dead people. And that's why it was said with

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the example of he mentions or remembers his Lord. And he who does not is like the example of a person who's a violent person who is

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the one that

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is an employee that does not remember and does not mention his Lord is dead. Because the hearts die if you don't remember most counting.

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The second type of people are people who remember

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and this second type is more than one category, one category or one way of categorizing people. Is that

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Is that better?

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one category

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data is those information or remember or more in their parts.

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This was when

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this one is

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turned off.

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Okay, we were saying that there are those who remember our last panel with either

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and those who remember on what kind of data, you have the type data members a lot in their thoughts in their, in their minds and their hearts

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and their hearts. Right.

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And that triggers them to remember what's panel data or to verbalize that members. So they remember a lot of their time. So they do.

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This is the greatest

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of the two categories. There is another category that are members of law with their tongue, but they don't remember a law much with their hearts. So it's how you learn after the celebrities.

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And this is my opinion, while we while they are thinking of something else, so in their, their hearts, and their tongues are not in sync.

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They're not in sync. So they do this, because it's just a habit.

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And in my opinion, this is one of the one of the

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this shows a lack of proper etiquette.

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How could you? I mean, imagine you talking to me, right? And while you're talking to me, you're actually looking at someone else, right? You're talking to me and you're looking at someone else, oh, you're talking to me and you're counting your money, or you're talking to me and you're you're playing with your cell phone, people get offended.

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So the best of categories are those who remember our last panel data with their, with their tongue in their hearts. Now having said this, the remembrance of Allah azza wa jal could be one of two types, either remembering a lot in the heart, fineness of the

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right, or remembering a region and verbalizing that remembrance with a tongue.

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A third type is remembering a lot of the tongue, but in, in a congregation amongst people, and bringing in the mention of a Muslim palitana in public, or amongst, in a gathering,

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right, in the process of selling talks about these these types of dig.

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In a loss of Hana data says, if my servant, the company is comfortable, if my servant remembers me within himself,

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either in his heart or with his tongue,

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the comfortable enough, see, I will do the same, I remember him

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or I will mention him. So you mentioned that I remember a lot less.

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Imagine being mentioned by muscle.

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What an honor. Right? What is the company the minute the comfortable if you were to include him,

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and if he mentions me, in a gathering, I will mention him in a gathering better than that in which he mentioned me.

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And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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there will not be a group of people who get together in a gap.

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There will be no group of people who will get together in a gathering.

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And they do not

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mention a loss of data or a member of one that gathering except that that gathering will become a regret. And then they will have remorse. And it will become a painful memory on the Day of Judgment.

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you get here?

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I thought you guys said this is better.

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Can we get the other microphone?

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So were you guys able to read my lips?

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Is this better?

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Is this fair?

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Is it better? final answer.

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So tonight, I intend to shed some light on this issue of remembrance of a lot because I think we're all slacker when it comes to this issue.

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And we don't talk enough about it.

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A person who doesn't have victory in their lives, they are missing on many things. In fact, the loss of Canada data warns us in the form

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of being distracted from his remembers. And

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the lack of remembrance of a lot in our lives has dangerous and serious consequences.

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And remember the remodel project, it has so many benefits,

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it will bring so many benefits, it says there is over 100 benefits for the members of all for the most part.

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And as I said, the scholars of the past made those profound remarks about it. One of them said that people know the joy that we get out of the remembrance of alone, why they will fight us over. And some of us have issues. And we have hard time mentioning or remembering a loss paradigm or focusing on.

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And there are some people who are in a gathering given a loss path that is mentioned.

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Or someone reminds people with a field of law, he will get a little agitated. And this is a sign of hypocrisy. This is this is one of the this particular qualities, one of the qualities of the fact

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that when a law is mentioned,

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there, they get agitated they get there's some discomfort. Why because they're not in good terms with the law. So they don't want to talk like this.

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They get a little dog bite.

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And if anyone else has mentioned, either misconception, oh, they get all joyful, and they get they get interested. And they might even get into into the whole conversation. Right? You have people you sit in a gathering, we start talking about celebrities or models or whatever, or politicians. Oh, you know, they get engaged into the hole. And then as soon as you talk about something that has to do with them wants to talk about a month, they get agitated, and they try to basically change the subject, or they get bored.

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And again, this is a sign

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it's a sign of

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lack of connection with us

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and if you were to ask him, What do you love a lot? Everybody will say yes, yes, yes.

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But isn't it one of the signs of someone who loves someone that they will mention them or when they are mentioned they get excited?

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If you love a wonderful panel, you will mention him or if he is mentioned.

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Right, you will get excited, just like people who will love someone, for example, if you are in love with someone, and that person is is mentioned, they get all like they've lunch and they get all

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Or whatever they like something whether it's a subject or a celebrity or an individual. They just like to talk about that person.

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And mention that person.

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By quiet if someone loves a muscle, they will mention lots of data. And they will remember a lot as much

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a loss of power data for an order the believers to remember him. So he said, Yeah, he will Idina

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de Coyne. Cassia Oh, you believe. remember Allah? How much

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are you believe? Remember a lot much Surah

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Surah 33 verse 21, and 42? They will I mean, having a good one.

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So this is an order from a lot of member a lot much some of the stuff that the least of remembering a lot much is 700 times a day.

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I don't know where they get that figured out. But if you really think about it, the least.

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The least of remembering a lot. And that's why the problem teaches us to say somehow, but how do they learn?

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Each 133 times.

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And in talking with that,

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that's 100, right?

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times five, that's 500 right there.

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And there are some other prescriptions given to us by the prophet. We'll try to go over as much as possible.

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One of the reasons I decided to talk about this in the first gathering that we have is that in my recent trip to

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Malaysia, I'm going to prove last last week

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I was in Medina. And

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somehow I managed to get after also, I managed to get to the to the first row in the house. And I wanted to pray in the front where the prophets of Salaam used to encourage believers to pray and the bits of rose are

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The front rows for the men.

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And I was trying to avoid praying in the rows where the hypocrisy is too bright. So I said, just go there as soon as one. So I went there after maybe an hour, an hour and a half before. I just sat down in the front.

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And then

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someone comes to me and he says, By the way, you're sitting

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in the spot of shifo book, which is a ship, a book reserve is one of the major shoes in Medina has been teaching in the harmonica way, for maybe 20 years ago.

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So I said, well, it didn't have his name.

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You know, and I didn't know that this was this spot. But I can't go anywhere now because all the other spots are taken. So when he comes in,

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he can sit on my head, if he wants to go pro, it's a privilege to sit in his spot or to have him sit next. So I said when he comes to show, take care.

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And then when he came, so when he came to power, he got older, have the law, may Allah preserve him. So when he came when I pulled him aside a little bit when he said that, and from the moment he sat down, until he got up, he did nothing. But remember,

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the whole

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the whole time.

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He was begging a loss of Hannah Montana, in a very desperate fashion. And he was praying for his family. And I could overhear some of the things that he was saying that I was

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praying for him for I said, if his family member, members of his household know how much he made up for them, they would all be excited.

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And then while he was doing that, another older man was sitting there and he was handing out pamphlets like this with him. This one talks about Vic, he was handing out pamphlets.

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Right? He was sitting there, then all of the light right before he started to talk loud. I couldn't even read the Quran anymore. So I was like, This guy would just be quiet so we can concentrate on what we're doing. And then I said, just listen to what he has to say, when he was talking about the remembrance of Allah. And he was repeating certain amounts over and over again for people to memorize.

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And he pointed out a few things that are very

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evident, for example, I know, they're very common knowledge, but we don't make the connection with them until someone comes and says it repeats it and puts emphasis on it. So then we realize how important it is. They can have brothers and sisters, it's very important for us, especially those of us who live in this very hectic, right.

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Very busy.

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Those of us who have very busy lifestyle

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because we need Victor Victor is what will help us to reconnect with the loss of habitat.

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Before you know it, if we continue to neglect this issue and stay away from it or get distracted, we will really be amongst those of us who counted on the wonders of being a law says

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yeah, you

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victory lap Romania

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verse nine.

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Oh, you believe that's not your wealth, and your children distract you from the remembrance of a lot?

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And if you do so, if that if that's the case, right? Then Indeed, those are who those are the ones who are in loss. The real losers, the biggest losers are those who missed their chance to remember lots of panel data and get distracted. And what does he warn us of being distracted with our children?

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it's our obligation.

00:19:27 --> 00:19:32

Right? our children and our wealth, but not that distracted from the remembers.

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And one of the best ways not to let our children distract us from the remembrance of a war is to make draft for them.

00:19:41 --> 00:19:48

Make a bigger loss of a lot of brothers and sisters, I know people who make draft for their children before they get in trouble,

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all alone in a loss of habitat to preserve their children because of their drought. If you're really concerned about your child, you need to make them teach them all the values teach them

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You know, to the best of your ability, do your best. But at the end of the day, what will protect them is their relationship because

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you're not going to be with them 24 seven, you're not going to be watching over them. And you won't be there when they go to college.

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There were there was a comment that no matter how protective matter how passionate you may be about your children, at the end of the day, they are in the hands of a loss of power with that. So your best bet is to connect with the loss of habitat and bigger lives or just to preserve your children and make them successful in this life and in the Hereafter. And don't just focus on this life. And then you're after because if your children are successful in matters of this life, but they've got nothing to do with FDR, right? If they're going to be directed to fire the Hereafter, what's the point?

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They could be, they could have PhDs and they could be the most successful people in this level, it could be doctors and everything that you dream of them to be in this life. But if in the hereafter they are dragged to Hellfire, how, you know, how good is their success in this life?

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So think of both, right?

00:21:14 --> 00:21:35

I want to ask, what have you invested? What are your children? What's the legacy that you left for your children, he said, My child, my child will be one of either someone who is, was a failure who has gotten away from the back of the path of a lot, and I'm not going to leave any hate for that job, you know, to be

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to violate the laws of Canada without his laws with

00:21:41 --> 00:22:00

it, or someone who is pious and righteous. And they are in the hands of a lot of them in the protection of the loss of data in the valley of love. And then the visitor who decided this might sound a bit strange, but that was his his connection with a lot. But he was pretty much confident.

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Right? But of course, it's our obligation to leave something for them to take care of themselves.

00:22:09 --> 00:22:24

So let us not be distracted from the remembrance of Allah. Because being distracted from the remembrance of Allah might lead to the death of the heart, spiritually, the heart might die, because the heart as we said, miscellaneous probability that

00:22:25 --> 00:22:29

he would mean a heart that does not remember a lot dies.

00:22:30 --> 00:22:50

So spiritually, the person could actually die. If there is no other members, another dangerous consequence, result of the lack of remembrance of a law is that the person will be either neglected or we will be left on you know, on their own.

00:22:51 --> 00:23:04

You don't remember a lot, that means you forget a lot. And if you forget about a lot less law, fantasy, oh, they forget on one less power, forget that. They're not going to be guided, they're not going to be less than. So they're going to get all of this

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missing from their lives. The third, dangerous result of the lack of remembrance of a lie in one's life is to forget themselves, the person will forget himself or herself.

00:23:22 --> 00:23:31

That's too long to answer. And they forget a lot. And as a result of that, and make them forget themselves.

00:23:32 --> 00:23:42

They forget who they are, they forget their needs, they live a very, a lifestyle that is not balanced, right? They get consumed by their their less than their desires.

00:23:44 --> 00:24:10

They might, you know, become arrogant, they forget who they are. They transgress and wrong, other people, they live a miserable life. A third risk, very dangerous result of the lack of the remembrance of the law or turning away from the remembrance of Allah is having a very hard life, a life that is full of hardship, and full of difficulties, a loss of power, Allah says, our victory for in

00:24:11 --> 00:24:48

conquer, whosoever turns away from my remembrance, indeed, he will have a life that is hard. He will have hardship, he will have difficulties in this life. And that's why you find people who don't have connection with the last panel with the island. They are the most miserable of people, even if they have everything that that supposedly brings happiness, they will be very miserable, and they end up committing suicide or they end up using drugs and they end up doing all kinds of things just to get away from their misery.

00:24:50 --> 00:24:59

They do everything except the one thing that will really relieve them from this misery, which is what they are missing connection with the loss of Hannah with them and we know the story of so

00:25:00 --> 00:25:17

Many people actually stories of so many people who did not have connection with a lot, and they were very miserable. And then when they fought when they found that connection with a Muslim how they were able to experience peace, because this is one of the one of the positive results of having connection with one.

00:25:18 --> 00:25:28

Another result of not having a relationship of us not remembering a lot neglecting or forgetting lost power with the other is that a lot is that

00:25:30 --> 00:25:34

the devils in the demons will come around a person who does not remember the muscle.

00:25:36 --> 00:25:46

And there are many ad indicating that but there's one very powerful verse in the Quran from a strong victory, right man, you know, negotiate upon it for whatever buddy,

00:25:49 --> 00:25:55

whatever turns away from the remembrance of Allah must, there will be trade on the side to him.

00:25:56 --> 00:25:57

And he will be with him.

00:25:59 --> 00:26:01

So such people live a devilish lifestyle.

00:26:03 --> 00:26:23

So these are some of the consequences of Latin victory in one's life. And as I said, we have when I say because I don't want you to only think about things. Because a lot of people do this. These things they don't even enjoy, or they don't even get touched by it. They don't even do it in the proper fashion. Right? Is that the example that I gave earlier, after

00:26:26 --> 00:26:28

that speeding ticket that we just

00:26:29 --> 00:26:33

like, you don't have to, you don't have to do.

00:26:34 --> 00:26:38

You don't have to walk if you say that you know a lot more of what

00:26:41 --> 00:26:50

you really want me to do, and you took your time, right? And you reflect it and you let it touch your heart once it is better than you'd say.

00:26:53 --> 00:26:56

With the speed without really reflecting or getting touched by any

00:26:58 --> 00:27:03

Wi Fi Some people say they're really not feeling it. That's why they're not happy.

00:27:05 --> 00:27:05

They say

00:27:07 --> 00:27:14

now, they're complaining, just the attitude and the statement, they're not there.

00:27:15 --> 00:27:22

That's why I said, it's very important that we understand that there are two levels, the level of remembering and one of the market and then verbalizing that.

00:27:23 --> 00:27:37

And it's discussing for one to just remember a while with the tongue, without without really feeling it or without really letting it come out of their hearts in a minute to find that sync between the two to come by you will enjoy that.

00:27:41 --> 00:27:43

So what are the benefits?

00:27:45 --> 00:27:49

What are the benefits of the Cold War, remembering,

00:27:51 --> 00:27:57

as I said, mentioned, over 100 benefits for the remembrance of Allah

00:28:00 --> 00:28:01

over 100

00:28:03 --> 00:28:07

over all this one minute, but I'll just choose

00:28:09 --> 00:28:10


00:28:12 --> 00:28:12

over 100.

00:28:14 --> 00:28:19

Number one, you mentioned that it keeps you awake.

00:28:21 --> 00:28:29

It keeps children awake. And it provides protection from shavon. Because if you remember what kind of data it provides, it provides you

00:28:30 --> 00:28:31

protection from treatment.

00:28:33 --> 00:28:42

And when you have protection from children, you have protection from all the things all the baggage that comes with CIPA because there's a baggage that comes with shame.

00:28:43 --> 00:29:06

That involves anxiety, that baggage involves worries, that that it involves paranoia, you know, people who are always scared of the same. So when you remember one that can take one away, that that is also involved includes things like bath thoughts, right,

00:29:07 --> 00:29:17

and temptations and all these things. So the remembrance of what keeps you awake. And there's more than one ad that talks about that. That whoever says For example, when you come home,

00:29:18 --> 00:29:26

when we talk about whether we talk about a wide range of statements, right, so if you remember it was a salon.

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00:29:30 --> 00:29:39

And it's so you're holding a piece of a walk upon the person before the person. So when you come on the property,

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and you enter your house, when you remember what say Bismillah as you walk in, and he says Santa Monica, that keeps you going away. And then when you remember along when you eat your meal, we say Bismillah that keeps you away. And in fact it says that when a person comes home and he remembers

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Va service center shavon tells the little devils get his home and his party, he tells his gang that you missed, there is no accommodation for the night. And you're not going to have places to spend the night. Right? So no. And then if the person says Bismillah, when they eat the dinner, he says, No combination and no dinner.

00:30:24 --> 00:30:31

But if the person fails to do this, then shavon says to his party, that tonight we're going to be a party,

00:30:32 --> 00:30:36

we have place to party and we have also a meal.

00:30:37 --> 00:30:38

And maybe

00:30:41 --> 00:30:56

that's why you find people having all kinds of problems at home, and they're not. They can't experience peace at home, they can enjoy their meal, it'll get the best out of it. Because guess who's joining the party who's joining the dinner?

00:30:59 --> 00:31:00

Number two,

00:31:05 --> 00:31:09

pleases have lots of panel data, when you remember I was pleased with it.

00:31:10 --> 00:31:19

Amongst those who remember, when you remember a lot was that is pleased with it. Number three,

00:31:22 --> 00:31:23

it is a remedy for

00:31:26 --> 00:31:32

for worries, for sadness, and for anxieties.

00:31:34 --> 00:31:34

The proxy,

00:31:36 --> 00:31:41

seeks refuge from those things along with me, when has it

00:31:42 --> 00:31:45

right? How is anxiety

00:31:46 --> 00:31:49

hasn't is sadness and sorrow. Right?

00:31:51 --> 00:31:52

Is is

00:31:54 --> 00:32:03

actually from his anxiety from his, his depression. Right, rather than seeks refuge in the loss of Canada from those kind of

00:32:06 --> 00:32:07


00:32:08 --> 00:32:12

So one of those ways to do this is the remembrance of Allah. Why?

00:32:13 --> 00:32:16

Because it brings peace to the hearts the loss of power, that is it.

00:32:22 --> 00:32:29

Those who believe in their hearts find tranquility and peace, in remembrance of a lot everything we learn.

00:32:31 --> 00:32:35

Indeed, in the remembrance of Allah, do hearts find

00:32:36 --> 00:32:39

tranquility and peace, satisfaction.

00:32:42 --> 00:32:50

That's why it is prescribed for us to say those who are taking notes. When something

00:32:52 --> 00:32:55

when something fortunate, unfortunate happens to you, what do you do?

00:32:57 --> 00:32:59

What should you do screenshot,

00:33:00 --> 00:33:26

it won't help you remember that. So you'll find that in the center, the process is almost for everything for every reaction, right. And for every event for every incident for every, you know, whether it's a happy moment, or several, there is there's some kind of drop, some kind of simplification to the form of pickup or some kind of statement or phrase that you should say.

00:33:29 --> 00:33:31

So when someone brings you bad news, what do you do

00:33:33 --> 00:33:43

in that, in that, if it's a loss in 1982, a law we belong, this is reminding yourself to a law we belong into when we shall return.

00:33:44 --> 00:33:48

Imagine how you know, a person who says this, this is therapy,

00:33:50 --> 00:33:55

you know that you are healing yourself, you're healing your heart. By doing that,

00:33:56 --> 00:34:09

a person who does that will not be affected as much as a person who doesn't do this, and who does not have connection with them. And by the way, this is proven through you can just go and see the

00:34:11 --> 00:34:19

power of faith or something just googling and he will see all kinds of articles and research done or written about this. You know,

00:34:20 --> 00:34:34

doctors and researchers talking about how people who have faith, you know, their recovery process is better whether it's from you know, we talked about psychologically we're talking about physical, you

00:34:35 --> 00:34:55

know, so the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala brings peace and satisfaction to the heart. And people who have connection with Allah Subhana Allah remember a lot, nothing gets to their heart. They might suffer some physical pain and diseases, some loss, but nothing gets to the heart.

00:34:57 --> 00:34:58

Right. That's nothing

00:34:59 --> 00:34:59

to do.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:03

Talking about the story of the amazing sort of

00:35:04 --> 00:35:08

someone who maintain a very positive attitude because of his connection with the one.

00:35:11 --> 00:35:12

We're talking about.

00:35:15 --> 00:35:18

Someone who maintain an amazing level of

00:35:20 --> 00:35:25

past he had, he had a positive attitude. He was very optimistic.

00:35:28 --> 00:35:36

When he lost, he had he lost his oldest child. So people came to him to comfort them. Listen, how are you feeling?

00:35:38 --> 00:35:41

I lost my son, and why did it have to be me?

00:35:45 --> 00:35:46

First of all, I didn't learn

00:35:48 --> 00:36:02

to love animals that much he gives. And to a lot of animals that which he takes to someone who isn't aware of this fact, he knows everything that he has, is from a wall, and whether a Muslim keeps it or takes it over.

00:36:04 --> 00:36:15

So he says, he makes a statement to a lot more than what he gives to Allah. And he takes keep that in mind. And then when hamdu lillahi, WA,

00:36:17 --> 00:36:31

in All praise is due to Allah for what he gives an old praises due to a love for what he takes, we praise a lot unconditionally, regardless whether he gives it to us, and he keeps it with us or whether he takes.

00:36:32 --> 00:36:36

So we praise him for what he gives, and we praise a lot for what he takes.

00:36:38 --> 00:36:46

And hamdulillah Oh, great. All praise is due to a lot he gave me four sons. he spared three took one.

00:36:47 --> 00:36:50

See how the positive attitude helps people.

00:36:51 --> 00:36:55

They didn't say oh my God, God took one of my sons. No, he said he's very

00:36:58 --> 00:37:04

he's fair three, and he took off. Shortly after we buried his son, he got gangrene and his one of his feet.

00:37:06 --> 00:37:18

And of course, he was told that if he does not take care of it, and they do not chop off that foot, we do not they do not have to take his foot, it will spread and it will kill him.

00:37:19 --> 00:37:24

So instead of and there was an amazing story of how he went through the whole surgery, but at the end,

00:37:25 --> 00:37:33

I guess we talked about it when we talked about silver, but at the end when they came to him again to discomfort to him and this is how how are you feeling he said

00:37:34 --> 00:37:48

to Allah belongs with he gifts into a log belong with he takes in all praises due to a love of what he gives in All praise is due to a love for what he takes a lot of and again before he lives, he spared three and took what

00:37:49 --> 00:37:52

what should I think he could have taken them off.

00:37:54 --> 00:37:58

So this is what the remembrance of Allah provides this kind of

00:37:59 --> 00:38:00


00:38:02 --> 00:38:11

In the pain says that the remembrance of a lot strengthens both the body and the heart, both the spirit, the soul and the heart.

00:38:12 --> 00:38:21

And the bodies of both the spirit and the body. So he's talking about physical, there's a physical,

00:38:22 --> 00:38:26

you know, we know that certain verses are used as a healing

00:38:27 --> 00:38:33

apparatus one of the one of the forms of remembering and what it says is thick.

00:38:34 --> 00:38:36

And that actually caused

00:38:37 --> 00:38:37

and we know

00:38:42 --> 00:38:46

that we have revealed from the plan that this is a healing and a cure.

00:38:48 --> 00:38:50

As well as mercy for the believers.

00:38:54 --> 00:38:57

the remembrance of Allah, one of the events that remembers a lot

00:38:59 --> 00:39:12

is that it increases the risk increases your the blessings of a lost power in your life. So your provisional, whatever your sustenance that is given to you by that will be blessed.

00:39:13 --> 00:39:15

Because remembers

00:39:17 --> 00:39:23

the remembrance of Allah spreads peace and love amongst people.

00:39:25 --> 00:39:31

People will remember a lot they develop this connection, because their hearts that are at peace.

00:39:32 --> 00:39:39

And we know for example, in the head, he talks about Solomon he says Salah is one of the you know one of the forms that remember the last

00:39:40 --> 00:39:45

form of victory and spreading like reading a piece spreads for

00:39:46 --> 00:39:51

most people, right? The members of a law

00:39:52 --> 00:40:00

what are the results of the remembrance of Allah is that you will be remembered by Allah subhana wa tada Allah says has little

00:40:00 --> 00:40:11

Need a source of power for the glory of God from verse 150, to remember me, and I will remember you. And imagine what you get when I must remember someone

00:40:13 --> 00:40:21

that in itself is one of the greatest virtues and merits of the Chromebook to be remembered or to be mentioned by the last panel with that

00:40:27 --> 00:40:35

the remembrance of a law helps the person or gives the person protection from temptations. And can you imagine someone saying

00:40:37 --> 00:40:44

Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah, or someone saying, you know, a start some kind of a sin,

00:40:46 --> 00:40:49

engage in some kind of violation.

00:40:51 --> 00:40:57

It will protect that person from that, or can you imagine someone saying some parallel company that when I

00:40:58 --> 00:41:01

see something, and getting affected by

00:41:03 --> 00:41:04

it will help increase

00:41:06 --> 00:41:09

the, the strength, the the, the,

00:41:11 --> 00:41:20

the strength of that person, against temptations, so it's a protection from the temptations. And, in general,

00:41:21 --> 00:41:44

the remembrance of a lot, is one of the results of the remembrance of a lot is that the forgiveness of sins, sins gets forgiven, and there are a lot and I'll share some of them share them with you, there are a lot of brands that the promise of a lot instead of saying that when you when you when you make those prayers, or when you do this particularly big that your sins will be forgiven.

00:41:52 --> 00:41:54

One of them is the sofa saying soft,

00:41:56 --> 00:41:56


00:41:58 --> 00:42:07

soft, soft, soft. The problem we'll do that anywhere from 70 to 100 times at least, at least,

00:42:09 --> 00:42:11

the province opposite of Masuda forgiving

00:42:16 --> 00:42:20

the province of a lot wanting to send them for example says

00:42:27 --> 00:42:30

there's many people how many people go to the to,

00:42:31 --> 00:42:33

to shop, you go shopping, shopping,

00:42:36 --> 00:42:36


00:42:38 --> 00:42:44

How many who shop online? Come on, we'll go shopping me, right? You go shopping.

00:42:45 --> 00:42:59

malls, malls and marketplaces are actually the places you know, some of the I don't want to say the best but the worst places because they are infested with with devils and temptations.

00:43:01 --> 00:43:11

And actually, in Islam, we are discouraged from just in wasting your time that you should go there for for a purpose or for a reason. Sometimes people go there just to hang out, have fun.

00:43:13 --> 00:43:16

But when you go to the marketplace that isn't there or that you should say

00:43:18 --> 00:43:23

and it wouldn't be good to remember this job. One of the results of this job is that it gets you're sick forget

00:43:25 --> 00:43:26

that you know

00:43:27 --> 00:43:29

what the wound actually ended

00:43:31 --> 00:43:32

up where you meet

00:43:33 --> 00:43:34

via the pipe.

00:43:39 --> 00:43:44

law in the law when we're actually gonna come up with

00:43:48 --> 00:43:48

a condition.

00:43:50 --> 00:43:58

Imagine you starting in this this process of shopping with a drive like this reminder living every word of it.

00:44:00 --> 00:44:03

You will really watch how you behave in what you do.

00:44:06 --> 00:44:07


00:44:11 --> 00:44:19

some prayers, the proxy statement says that whoever makes the spread, for example, another another benefit of

00:44:20 --> 00:44:28

remembering the last panel is earning good deeds. The one that we just mentioned is having bad deeds wiped out or forgiven.

00:44:29 --> 00:44:30

They take note of

00:44:31 --> 00:44:41

this one as you have you earned good deeds, the purpose of the love it was and then he said with one of you fail to earn 1000 good deeds a day.

00:44:44 --> 00:44:49

They said the Sahaba said no, you know but how could one achieve this

00:44:52 --> 00:44:52


00:44:59 --> 00:44:59

how can one

00:45:00 --> 00:45:07

Could one of you I failed to earn every day? One 1000 deeds. They said how he says, you said to me ethisphere

00:45:08 --> 00:45:09


00:45:11 --> 00:45:12


00:45:13 --> 00:45:28

He's says so how about one 100 times, and it will be multiplied by 10. And it will either earn 1000 deeds, or 1000, that these will be wiped out of these records will be taken out.

00:45:30 --> 00:45:32

That's all it takes. What about some how

00:45:36 --> 00:45:36

to somehow,

00:45:39 --> 00:45:40

once when

00:45:43 --> 00:45:45

you don't have a one

00:45:46 --> 00:45:46

or two,

00:45:48 --> 00:45:49

we'll be handing one time.

00:45:51 --> 00:45:55

Right? Anyone knows what the reward is for this? authentic ID.

00:45:56 --> 00:46:08

You know, one day we went to visit a brother, he had a big huge mansion. And as we were approaching the place, one of the brothers said to me see that tree, you know how much that tree is? And it was a palm tree?

00:46:09 --> 00:46:10

Guess how much

00:46:11 --> 00:46:12

palm tree?

00:46:14 --> 00:46:35

For the ones who have done anything, which you have to maintain? Which does not bear fruit? Just getting just for the looks of it? How much 10,000 20,000 $30,000 123 $30,000?

00:46:36 --> 00:46:37


00:46:38 --> 00:46:50

Yeah, you would want to have a freezer very beautiful, you would want to have big huge mansion and have trees. If you have a good resume, you don't have any trees, you know, planted? What's the point?

00:46:51 --> 00:47:00

Would you like to have as many trees as possible in a palace, in paradise. And maybe you would like,

00:47:02 --> 00:47:06

you know, you can be sitting right now. And in a matter of seconds, you can plant a tree.

00:47:07 --> 00:47:21

And if you plant so many trees in general, you see that this has a psychological effect. Because when you invest in something, you would want to make sure that you you get to it. That's why, you know, early

00:47:22 --> 00:47:27

pious people used to, to invest a lot in the hereafter.

00:47:28 --> 00:47:34

And they go after either one of them, one of them was asked, you know, a man came in, he said, Why are we so scared of death,

00:47:36 --> 00:47:45

I am so terrified of death, and we are just so much attached to this life. He said, because you have destroyed your era

00:47:46 --> 00:47:52

for the sake of your union. So you have maintained this line, and you have invested so much in this life,

00:47:53 --> 00:47:55

at the expense of the hereafter.

00:47:56 --> 00:48:18

So you are afraid you're so terrified to leave that which you have maintained and that we should have established. Right to that we should have destroyed. On the other hand, you have people who have every time and they have something here, they take enough in this life and they enjoy this life. But they they put off everything to the here after to their retirement, the real return.

00:48:20 --> 00:48:29

So when the time comes, they're so excited because they have plenty waiting for them. Right? So one of those things that you can do is you can be sitting here

00:48:30 --> 00:48:35

doing this and planting trees in paradise.

00:48:38 --> 00:48:54

Hello, we'll be happy What is it level we have an agenda. If you say somehow, a lien will be handed a tree upon tree is planted for you. And on one of your properties and parents. So have a

00:48:56 --> 00:48:56


00:49:00 --> 00:49:04

of the company. So we'll talk about maybe here with like 120 trees.

00:49:06 --> 00:49:06


00:49:13 --> 00:49:21

the trees, the trees in general is the same in this old man that I was talking to you about and how he kept repeating this is just

00:49:22 --> 00:49:27

I could still hear his voice and say so Pamela when hungry Love,

00:49:29 --> 00:49:32

love, love, love and support. Pero la,

00:49:33 --> 00:49:34

la La,

00:49:35 --> 00:49:37

la, la la

00:49:38 --> 00:49:41

la la when hamdulillah when

00:49:42 --> 00:49:47

in the world remodel a cook, the prophet said a few movies about some gentlemen, the inner

00:49:49 --> 00:49:49


00:49:56 --> 00:50:00

He said the trees of Paradise that you ought to plant for

00:50:00 --> 00:50:04

For Jenna is pleasant. The water is sweet.

00:50:06 --> 00:50:09

Right? And even the soil agenda is pleasant.

00:50:11 --> 00:50:14

So plant as many trees as you can

00:50:15 --> 00:50:16

by saying that

00:50:20 --> 00:50:26

all power and strength belong so lots of hands. It's not enough with 1111

00:50:39 --> 00:50:44

amounting the whole lot is something he asked him, he said, give me advice. He said no,

00:50:46 --> 00:50:59

there are there are too many, too many details in Islam. So give me something, some prescription, some personal advice that I can take is something special. So he said, I

00:51:00 --> 00:51:00


00:51:01 --> 00:51:10

to make sure that your tongue is moist, with the remembrance of Allah, you keep your tongue points, because when you move your tongue, what happens?

00:51:11 --> 00:51:14

That is what happened when you move your tongue.

00:51:15 --> 00:51:17

Right now you keep you keep getting

00:51:19 --> 00:51:19


00:51:22 --> 00:51:28

So he said, and if you're quiet, or if you have, sometimes you are not quite there, but they have their mouth open,

00:51:29 --> 00:51:35

your mouth will get dry. But if you say to Powell well, so the prophets have said, Keep your mouth moist with the remembrance of Allah.

00:51:36 --> 00:51:39

Instead of you know, nonsense, just remember how long

00:51:41 --> 00:51:52

I've been around amazing people who would sit there quietly, they're not doing anything, that they're not sitting there not doing anything, they're actually doing something they're doing because

00:51:56 --> 00:52:06

they're always in connection with the last panel. So the club said to the man, let's keep your mouth wet or moist with our members of the last panel.

00:52:10 --> 00:52:15

Another benefits from you know, one of the benefits of the members of a lot is that a loss pattern with their IRA,

00:52:18 --> 00:52:25

for lack of a better word, and lots of Hannah Montana is so proud of those who remember him that he mentions them

00:52:26 --> 00:52:44

in heaven, in front of his angels, he will tell the agents Look, they remember me, they talked about me, these are the ones that you were afraid that they might shed blood and they might neglect me and forget me amongst them are very special service of mine who continue to remember me regardless.

00:52:46 --> 00:52:48

Don't you want to be on those people from a hostile crowd that is proud of

00:52:50 --> 00:52:51


00:52:52 --> 00:53:04

And we said that if you remember a lot of members, and if you mentioned that in the gathering, the last panel mentioning the gathering better than that, that you then the one in which you mentioned the muscle

00:53:11 --> 00:53:12


00:53:14 --> 00:53:15


00:53:17 --> 00:53:21

and harder. And they get rusty, they rust.

00:53:22 --> 00:53:27

Actually, the Halina said that Nikola Tesla, the hearts you know, rust

00:53:29 --> 00:53:30

and the way to polish the heart.

00:53:32 --> 00:53:41

Right? The way to revitalize the heart the way to, you know, to, to revive a mark is with

00:53:43 --> 00:53:44

the remembrance of Allah.

00:53:46 --> 00:53:47

That's how you basically

00:53:49 --> 00:53:55

you bring life back to the heart as how you clean it up by the remembrance of Allah.

00:54:07 --> 00:54:16

It's our mission, a couple more show. And then we'll move to some of the time and get some questions that you have.

00:54:18 --> 00:54:18


00:54:20 --> 00:54:21

last panel

00:54:23 --> 00:54:26

will protect you from punishment.

00:54:28 --> 00:54:28


00:54:30 --> 00:54:32

will protect the person from the punishment.

00:54:34 --> 00:54:38

Right. And the second one is that the last panel

00:54:40 --> 00:54:48

will protect you from the punishment of the grave. And it will actually some people will remember how bad this slide

00:54:50 --> 00:54:51

very often

00:54:52 --> 00:55:00

a loss of data or thinking wouldn't be with them in their grades. So you're not going to be low. See what are the

00:55:00 --> 00:55:14

terrifying things about the grave is that when you go in there, nobody's going to be there with you. And even the most beloved, the closest people to you, they're not going to say, Well, I'm going to keep that company tonight, I don't want them to be alone there and

00:55:15 --> 00:55:40

no one is your spouse or your children, no one's gonna say, I'm gonna go down there and stay with him, just, you know, keep him company, they're not even going to say, you know, what, I'm not gonna go down there, because I'm gonna be up there sitting, praying online or reading for and sitting next to him, nobody will do the very maximum, half an hour an hour later, they're gonna leave you behind. That's it.

00:55:41 --> 00:55:45

And then you're you're lucky if they come and visit you on a regular basis

00:55:46 --> 00:55:48

and some are just forgotten,

00:55:49 --> 00:55:58

and some may not even be accessible, and it could be very alarming, where you will be buried, right. So, the only one that will be there for you is

00:55:59 --> 00:56:00

are you please

00:56:02 --> 00:56:06

write your deeds, and if you had the remembrance of a while, this way

00:56:07 --> 00:56:13

that will come and keep you company, the father talks about how a man

00:56:15 --> 00:56:16

the person is very

00:56:17 --> 00:56:28

someone an individual with a very pleasant, very nice, very beautiful look will come and greet him to keep him company and he will say Who are you?

00:56:31 --> 00:56:32

failure can

00:56:35 --> 00:56:37

you bring so much joy, who are you?

00:56:39 --> 00:56:40

I am your goodie.

00:56:42 --> 00:56:44

And I will keep you company to the dangers.

00:56:47 --> 00:56:48

The problem says

00:56:49 --> 00:56:53

an individual dies, three things follow three things follow him to the grave.

00:56:55 --> 00:57:00

Three, one remains with him and two leave them and go back

00:57:01 --> 00:57:11

to his children and his wife, his family and his wealth, his family as well and his deeds, his family and as well leaving behind, and his deeds stay with it.

00:57:13 --> 00:57:16

So the beauty of the law is that it keeps you company immigration.

00:57:18 --> 00:57:24

People who have more of the company of this life lost power that will be there in their company immigrant.

00:57:26 --> 00:57:30

And that the color of theirs will turn into light immigration.

00:57:33 --> 00:57:40

And their grade will expand and the last panel data will provide them with light, and they will be in a pleasant state state.

00:57:43 --> 00:57:44


00:57:45 --> 00:57:57

so let's just take some of the car from the moment we wake up from sleep, the F car or you know, words of remembrance that we are taught. And then I direct you actually before I forget the show,

00:57:59 --> 00:58:23

I direct you to a website called It has the the common authentic, because when it comes to do I literally have all kinds of prayers and supplications most of which are not authentic. So it's better for one to stick to the ones that are authentic, that were used by the promise of a lot. So then because the best of your IRA is that which was used by the prophet, or the prophets before

00:58:25 --> 00:58:32

the messengers of Allah, the best of the draft, Adam, and they set up the draft of us. Right.

00:58:35 --> 00:58:51

The best prayers are the ones that were used by the prophets, the driver probably has to be a lot whenever located. Right. And these drugs were used by the promise of a long running seven. So that is the best supplications and the prayers that you find in

00:58:52 --> 00:59:15

your best bet. And there are websites that lists of all All right, as well as the authentic supplications or prayers where the remember is taught by the prophet and one of those websites is a web is a website called make make me a ke

00:59:16 --> 00:59:18

and it has a translation of the job.

00:59:19 --> 00:59:23

This is how even when you read the translation, which is the work of wishes

00:59:24 --> 00:59:27

and human words how it still affects you.

00:59:28 --> 00:59:29

It's amazing.

00:59:31 --> 00:59:45

Like when you wake up when you get up from sleep, what do you you know, after everything if you wake up and you just you wake up on your own, no nightmare nothing. Right, you should mention a lot so that

00:59:48 --> 00:59:49

should be the first thing that you say.

00:59:51 --> 00:59:55

The data he told us is that handily left Lydia here in

00:59:59 --> 00:59:59

the back

01:00:00 --> 01:00:09

Life after I was dead, right? If you wake up from a nightmare, what do you do? Like you just woke up, you're so you're from a nightmare.

01:00:12 --> 01:00:21

So people don't know what to do, which is the process of directing us to what we should wake up from a nightmare. Right? You should then say

01:00:24 --> 01:00:27

hello to that don't don't spit below.

01:00:28 --> 01:00:30

Especially there's someone next to

01:00:36 --> 01:00:37

so and then he's saying,

01:00:42 --> 01:00:43


01:00:44 --> 01:00:56

if you pray this drive that you see if you get up and you pray, there's driving, if you go to the bathroom, to the restroom, there's a drive that you say you walk in the left foot first. And then there's a drop off.

01:00:58 --> 01:01:04

Right when you leave, there's a drop when you make although before you start the load, you say Bismillah we make it

01:01:07 --> 01:01:08

when you finish the window.

01:01:15 --> 01:01:15


01:01:17 --> 01:01:22

there's a prayer and there's there's a draft and there's a supplication there is there is

01:01:26 --> 01:01:37

when you finish the Salah if you pray a couple of hours supplications and prayers that one makes in the in the salon. But when you finish the salon, what do you do? Give them a link No. suffer the loss of

01:01:39 --> 01:01:39

three times

01:01:44 --> 01:01:58

in the morning after Phrygian you know the progress on some of them will make the draft he will ask them how to preserve them or protect them from Hellfire along the journey right now seven times, right.

01:02:01 --> 01:02:12

I want you to remember this one, this one in particular, and all that. But if you leave here with two or three of them, and you practice them shall have done my job. La Ilaha Illa was

01:02:13 --> 01:02:14

one of the Buddha's Jerry Keller.

01:02:19 --> 01:02:30

This Darius is repeated in many occasions, and many of us have seen this when you do a site. There's a particular spot we'll come to and Sally will say this. But this is

01:02:32 --> 01:02:44

this particular ticket is something that we should do every day in the morning 10 times. And in the evening after motive 10 times, what is the reward, the promise of a love, if you say 10 times

01:02:46 --> 01:03:14

out of a compliment when it is married. It is like you know, one one of those practices that we don't have access to now is what freeing the slaves. There's a great, great reward in this in this action of freeing people taking people out of slavery. Right. So the prop Swanson have said that if you do this, you get the reward of freeing for slaves from the children of his money

01:03:15 --> 01:03:28

from the children of Smith, and imagine if she was married at the proper if he had children who were taken into captivity and into slavery. And then you go and it's freedom.

01:03:30 --> 01:03:45

Very special. Right? You get the reward of the reward of saying that the loved 110 times is equivalent to the reward of three four of the children of a snake.

01:03:47 --> 01:03:49

And the problem we used to say this after

01:03:50 --> 01:03:57

he starts his day with it and after after mode and he will start his night and part of the loss.

01:03:59 --> 01:04:01

He says my father in law in the law

01:04:06 --> 01:04:07

field adamawa.

01:04:11 --> 01:04:12

Santa Maria is

01:04:13 --> 01:04:14

working Can I

01:04:15 --> 01:04:17

say funny? Yo daddy.

01:04:18 --> 01:04:36

He said if you say this drop though 10 times is what I mentioned. If you say 100 times, if you get to say 100 times instead of 10 times right? It will be equivalent to the reward of being 10 tenths tensley. Right. Tell the children of is married and

01:04:38 --> 01:04:39

you will get

01:04:41 --> 01:04:42

100 good deeds

01:04:43 --> 01:04:59

and you will have 100 bad deeds wiped out of your record and it will be a protection for you from shavonne all day long. If you didn't if he said in the beginning of the day, you're protected from shape bottle Did you say that night you're protected from shape are all night long.

01:05:02 --> 01:05:03

In the law,

01:05:07 --> 01:05:11

and by the way, this is the best to be set on the day.

01:05:14 --> 01:05:17

To anyone who complete the law.

01:05:32 --> 01:05:34

The companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

01:05:36 --> 01:05:37


01:05:42 --> 01:05:49

they came to the pub, somebody said the poor companions of the Prophet came to the Prophet, and they said they have to do

01:05:50 --> 01:05:57

the rich, the wealthy have gotten away with all the good deeds, any, they pray like we do.

01:05:58 --> 01:06:10

They fast lightning fast. Right, whatever. And then on top of all of this, they have some wealth, they have some extra wealth that they give the cause of the law.

01:06:13 --> 01:06:16

Do we? How are we supposed to catch up with them?

01:06:17 --> 01:06:20

They had this very competitive relationship with

01:06:21 --> 01:06:33

their, you know, they would not compete in matters of dunya, all the rich people have the best of cars, and they, you know, they were the best float. You know, we don't get to enjoy that that was not their concern.

01:06:34 --> 01:06:39

Their concern was, how are we going to catch up with them in terms of good deeds in terms of asset?

01:06:41 --> 01:06:50

So the essence of Do you want me to tell you something that if you were to do, you will get the same reward that they get,

01:06:51 --> 01:06:52

and you will be able to catch up with them?

01:06:54 --> 01:06:55

They said yes.

01:06:56 --> 01:06:58

He said, say some common law.

01:06:59 --> 01:07:01

But handling, that's what

01:07:03 --> 01:07:05

we told many times to say.

01:07:09 --> 01:07:11

Because that's sort of a sense of how

01:07:14 --> 01:07:15

to come out of your pocket.

01:07:18 --> 01:07:27

So they were so happy and thrilled. So they started to do this. Now what happened is the rich ones started to notice that these people started no practice everything they said they knew.

01:07:28 --> 01:07:30

And was so good that where did they get that from?

01:07:32 --> 01:07:35

And this is, and somehow the news got to them.

01:07:36 --> 01:07:39

The processor said to them that you do this.

01:07:40 --> 01:07:42

So they went and they started to do the same thing.

01:07:43 --> 01:07:46

They go, they spend their wealth, and then they come back to the house.

01:07:48 --> 01:07:49

And I love

01:07:50 --> 01:08:03

so the food was good went back to the process of complaining they said, if one of our brethren in the rich community, basically, they heard what you said to us, somehow it got to them. And they started to do the same thing that we're doing now.

01:08:05 --> 01:08:05


01:08:06 --> 01:08:08

now they're they're headed once again.

01:08:09 --> 01:08:10

So the proxy of a lot

01:08:11 --> 01:08:16

of money automation, that is the bounty or the blessing of a lot.

01:08:19 --> 01:08:20


01:08:23 --> 01:08:26

and that's why they said, you know, if a person really

01:08:28 --> 01:08:38

rich person gets to spend the cause of a lot at the same time remember, this is the best. And this is because usually wealthy people are distracted with their wealth that they don't remember.

01:08:43 --> 01:08:47

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he would give us some kind of

01:08:50 --> 01:08:55

of information of this guy that will take it. We said some common walking in the Hollywood

01:08:57 --> 01:08:58


01:09:00 --> 01:09:04

lost palitana will plant a tree for you compare

01:09:06 --> 01:09:08

the profit center of the water lashari

01:09:09 --> 01:09:14

News agenda said Should I not tell you about one of the treasures of paradise?

01:09:15 --> 01:09:21

Indeed, what is it now? Who would say this as much as you want?

01:09:27 --> 01:09:32

The best of Europe to relieve your your stress,

01:09:33 --> 01:09:39

stress and if you are so if you're overwhelmed if you're stressed, right or if you

01:09:40 --> 01:09:42

wish would you say that you're out of

01:09:47 --> 01:09:47


01:09:54 --> 01:10:00

there are many phrases applications maybe show a one day we'll go through the life a day from the month

01:10:00 --> 01:10:00


01:10:01 --> 01:10:07

when he would do from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to sleep. Maybe one day we'll do a PowerPoint presentation about

01:10:11 --> 01:10:18

what is the best of speeches to watch the best of statements that a lot loves the most. The Prophet said to

01:10:20 --> 01:10:22

me, Illa Subhana, Allah

01:10:23 --> 01:10:39

subhana wa, he will be hunting. Now the problem also said to his wife and his lover, and his wife wanted to be addicted to the process and told her, I'll give you something that if you would do, you will be the best, no one can do anything better than that.

01:10:41 --> 01:10:42


01:10:43 --> 01:10:44

So remember this,

01:10:45 --> 01:10:46

what is it?

01:10:47 --> 01:10:50

Like, tell me how many times

01:10:52 --> 01:10:52

how many times

01:10:56 --> 01:11:00

like as much as you can, at least three times. So how our money will be

01:11:01 --> 01:11:03

saved, we made some money

01:11:04 --> 01:11:05

other than

01:11:07 --> 01:11:07


01:11:09 --> 01:11:10

was in the

01:11:13 --> 01:11:14

house? How do I have a company

01:11:16 --> 01:11:19

where a lot of sick was in a township

01:11:25 --> 01:11:26

was in a township.

01:11:29 --> 01:11:31

So these are some of the

01:11:35 --> 01:11:39

some of the prayers where I've come talk to us by the progress of a while.

01:11:40 --> 01:11:53

One thing though, that I would like to leave you with is when we do, let's, let's reflect on what we're saying. And let's live it, how it makes a big difference. I tried to say to power

01:11:57 --> 01:12:00

and then tried to say. So Panama.

01:12:01 --> 01:12:08

Big difference. Big difference. I know brother in law. He was giving a speech.

01:12:09 --> 01:12:11

And then all of a sudden he collapsed.

01:12:13 --> 01:12:13

And there was

01:12:15 --> 01:12:36

this is in Madeira versus I think was in Abuja, there was big commotion in the machine. So they came they said, Oh, the ambulance, but he regained his car. People Calm down, and he took the stand again. So they said, you know, sit down, relax, we'll get it said people just relax. So they wouldn't they wouldn't be quiet. So he said to them say that.

01:12:37 --> 01:12:37

That's what you were saying.

01:12:39 --> 01:12:45

He was trying to get them to say that a lot. He was going to talk about the purchase of a handlebar. so insensitive say that it's

01:12:50 --> 01:12:53

not like this. You see people doing this when they carry a job.

01:12:55 --> 01:12:56

Or even if they go off.

01:12:59 --> 01:13:03

The pump said do not raise your voices, when you remember was mentioned.

01:13:04 --> 01:13:14

Someone when it is not appropriate. When you remember a while you should, you should do it humbly. with humility. You shouldn't be like looking up and shouting and screaming and like

01:13:16 --> 01:13:20

if you if you really remembering a lot you should say with with human luck.

01:13:21 --> 01:13:27

So he said to the to the people in the machines and people come down, this is how I want you to say that and I say with me.

01:13:31 --> 01:13:32

So the whole message was

01:13:35 --> 01:13:37

at the same time, and he just found out that

01:13:39 --> 01:13:40

it's hard to stop.

01:13:41 --> 01:14:00

So how many people get to say that 11 o'clock before they're dead. Now this man did not only get to save but he actually got other people to save. Usually people when they're dying. They need someone to remind them and encourage them to say this man got everybody around him around him to say and then either in front of his own son

01:14:03 --> 01:14:05

talking about him like 20 years later.

01:14:06 --> 01:14:11

So this is a great virtue and this is what you get when you have the members of a lot in your life.

01:14:14 --> 01:14:14

I'm Nick

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