The Believers 5 Relationships with Quran – Part 03

Abu Bakr Zoud


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In the last lecture in this series Sh Abu Bakr Zoud discusses the fifth relationship that the believer should have with the Quran:

5 – Pondering over the Quran.

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The speakers discuss the five relationships between Islam and the people, including the blind's love for the plan, head relay, reciting of the word "will" in the title of the book, reciting of the word "will" in the title of the book, and the importance of the "will" label in the title. They also discuss the double- appreciative meaning behind the title of the Quran, and the importance of following the meaning of the number and abstaining from the "has" sign. The speakers give examples of reciting and practicing the book to increase chances of achieving success in life, and discuss a double-checking act for everyone to achieve success. They also mention a promotion bar and celebrity events, including a 30-day holiday promotion.

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level headed aim humbly led up in alameen salatu salam ala rasulillah by the LED or Sufi Marine, or president thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I suppose about the respective parties in Islam we have reached the final relationship the believer is supposed to have with the plan. And this, of course, was inspired by the words of

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Allah. In a way, he says that the people have abandoned the plan in five ways. And so we understand from that, that these are the five relationships the believer is supposed to have with the blind, we discussed the first two which was reciting the flood. And the second one listening to the plan. The third one was the head relay. In other words, I'm going back to the whole ad in terms of decisions and judgments between you and your problems, wherever it was, whether it's a personal issue with someone else. The fourth one we discussed was that there will be that you return to the provider in terms of seeking a treatment from it and a cure. In the loss of Hannah Honda Allah described it as

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such fishy liveness there's a cure for the people are miserable Paloma, where she found what I mean, as almost panatela describes, and this is the fifth and the last one. And this is only perhaps the key for the previous ones. This is why this is the most important we'll have that at the end, they shall not the other end, in a concise journey and a brief lesson. inshallah Tada, I'll give you exactly the understanding of what it is with delay, tada, very confusing topic at the same time to really understand what it is, Who would have known about him online, he says that the fifth way in how the people abandon the format, in other words, will fifth relationship with the poet. And this

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is supposed to be the key to each and every single relationship in the past. And that is how's your water, the Buddha who they neglected and they abandoned the pool and in terms of it's the double the double, in other words, very brief translation, upon reflecting over the bullet and pondering over this plan and contemplating this plan and the meanings of this plan. Now, I want you to think of something also Pamela, and Abraham have a love what he's saying this at his time.

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He died in 1350 1350. And in other words from 2017, going back 1350 667 years ago, almost 700 years ago. That's the problem in his society that the people weren't reading. They were listening to color. They weren't even they have abandoned and neglected the planet. Imagine now 700 years later, what has happened to the people he right, he realized this problem with the people 700 years ago, and he's speaking the 700 years ago. For Pamela, no doubt, as time goes by the people neglect and needless and abandoned, even even more, until the last day and we're almost out of our data, yani would see that the people have really abandoned this bond. So the word of Allah subhanaw taala is

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raised from this earth, it goes back up to the sky, that people would open the mouth, and it's just a book and it's empty from letters and words. And if this happens right towards the end of the people did not give any value to the Quran, did not uphold and honor this color. And this is exactly what happens. And the people are the ones that actually caused this. So

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Danny, he picked this up 700 years ago and made mention of it. And today we're sharing it. The last one, as we said,

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they neglected and abandoned the plan in terms of pondering and reflecting over the plan and its meanings and it's and by the way, an email about worship and somebody probably Allah, Allah, he mentioned that this is the best form of worship one could ever engage in the book is the best form of worship one could ever engage in he says in his words, woman or he says, One woman or man

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or woman actually may be the layman. I don't know if it gets hard to deliver to

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the Buddha he wonderful Buddha he he says that the best form of worship one could engage to Allah subhana wa Tada. Of course after the obligatory acts that one does the first of the best of the best soon that act that one could do is to recite this poem, listen to this, and ponder and reflect over the meanings of this book. And of course, this is the reason for why the poem came down Alonzo Hill when he spoke about why he said down this bullet, he said kita Bonanza Naboo La

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Liga de barro de la Sol origin he says kita was a double helix. This is a remarkable book that we sent down to you. What's the reason? Why did I send it via Wi Fi

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So that they might may ponder and reflect over its head, I still haven't come to you in terms of what does that mean, reflecting what does reflecting over the app mean? We're going to come to this, but let's just see how it goes. We'll have addresses this in the fall. This form of worship is the most of what are even called the disbelievers talk about my quote them one after being taught. So you find in

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the last 11 kathira. This is actually an address to the gaffer before the Muslim allies seem to the disbeliever after a

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while Why didn't they ponder and focus and reflect and contemplate over this call? Had it been from other than a law they would have found a lot of confusion in it they would have found a lot of disagreement in it. Well, laws or agenda he calls on it whenever you will,

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is not only called to read the plan, he was called to do the doctor of the Quran reflect over the plan. Alonso Genesis Mohamed

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Barranco Amalia pulumi that's the second time this comes in the plan. Why do they ponder over the Quran? The first address in this area is

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Amanda Rubin or is it the fact that the heart is seal and there's Look, there's locks on the hearts there's shackles on the hearts. This is for them whatever a lot is calling them on everybody careful to make the Double of the Quran reflect over the bullet. Allah subhanho wa Taala Jani This is in the time when the Bissell Allahu Allah your cinema still in Mecca? Allah socialist system after nemea de barro Alonzo Hill is addressing the Goodfellow of polish is saying, Why haven't they pondered over this word after the Berlin poll? quote, I'm sure melawati homeowner worried

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if a loss origin is Ernie is requesting from the disbeliever. And from the owner, not just the citation, but the double? How much more evidence does it become for the believer to make the double and reflection over the pullout? And this is why when Alonzo addressed the believers in this worship of the dartboard He did not say, why did they ponder over the plan, he said, Leah the bottle a tea even deeper, so that they may reflect over, it's a see for the disbeliever whenever it was required and requested for me make a general reflection over the entire plan from beginning to end. But for the believer, because he has a deeper relationship with the vlog about it, not just call you to do

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that, and moreover, the general look on it, rather than he had double at each and every single A of the 6636 ar that are in the plan, each one is supposed to be taken on the side and reflected over one after the other end of the believers relationship with the plan is supposed to be unlike any other person's relationship with this bullet.

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Now let's speak about what is the double is what is a double linguistically the word of the double it comes from the word double, or double are, for example, a double is the behind of something. So for example, you know, in the story of Yanni use of Allah is set up and the wife of the of the minister in which she came in, she ripped his shirt where she wanted to seduce him and so on.

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And he says in Ghana, so put them in Dubai during that if his shirt was ripped from behind. In other words, and how was that referred to in the I mean, do boring if it was ripped from behind. So the behind of something is the double of something. And so what we learned from this is that you need to look beyond the surface, you need to look behind the surface, and then exactly what is the double that that you will be engaged in to double, for example, when you go out to the ocean, and the ocean has a surface, right? And you can appreciate the surface, you can sit down omashola you see the vastness of the ocean, you see that magnificent creation of this ocean, but you're only you're only

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seeing the surface now to look deeply and ponder over this ocean, you will need to dive deep beyond the surface. And that is exactly exactly what the double is. The double is to look beyond reciting or listening at

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the surface of the Quran is to just read and listen. That's the surface of most of what Allah doesn't want from the believer only to look at the surface and to read the plan and enough or to listen to the polarity move on that you've only enter you've done exactly like what Al Kitab did like that. And I'll tell you where where this is mentioned in the Quran. Allah azzawajal wants from you beyond that. So go beyond resuscitation go beyond listening. And beyond resuscitation is this thing called a de novo which is reflection, and we're going to come to the best forms of the double and what it is, but also perhaps

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Ouattara, he says in the poll, just to teach you the danger of reading, or listening and not performing or making terrible law, so when he says in the Quran, speaking about the people of the book, I will get that. These are people that were given a book. And so a lot of did not want us to be like them. Why? What was wrong with them? What did they do wrong with their book that we're not supposed to do? He says, minimum Muna munakata. Amani, why normally level? No. He says from among the People of the Book where people amino miyun from among them, they're illiterate. There's unlimited people that can't read nor write. But what do they do lay on the moon Akita illimani they

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did not know anything of their book except a man he was a man he

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Love I know he says, a man he at

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Jani lane, Ala Moana Latina Otto from among the People of the Book, there are people that did not know anything from their book, except except reciting this book. Well, except precisely what they recited the book. But then that's all they knew about the book, they didn't do anything beyond that. So they just took the service and they moved on Allah subhanho wa Taala, is criticizing them in this in this area. And he's saying that these people didn't uphold the book, they're supposed to be doing much more than just reading and listening for our best love their love. I know you mentioned, don't be like those people who will also have the one that I complained about, and said they only knew

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from their book citation. So first and foremost, you get yourself on a planning where you read the Quran, you listen to the plan. But now once you're on that train and moving, you're supposed to now understand there's a deeper relationship with a believer with fiscal is something that a lot goes into something that Allah says this is why I sit down, the notary is just recited, rather, so that one can perform a double layered the total ad. Okay, so now what is the double in the best form of the number? This is very important. He basically this is the ID of the and what I wanted to share with you.

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Number one, before that, you need to understand what is the difference between the number and tafsir. Now, a lot of confusion happens in terms of mixing the two together. And so people assume that the diversity is exact, like the number and so therefore, the fear is for the scholars, and it's not for us, and so that what remains for the scholars and for the people of knowledge. And for the general people who have nothing to do with this sort of seal ever. This is a wrong understanding. Because the there was no differentiation made between the bullet have seen, when we understand the difference, we'll know exactly what the bullies have seen my brother's

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is something is a knowledge of sacred knowledge. And that is preserved and left out for the for the people of knowledge for the people in that silence, to see it is to look into the gap of the color, the laws, the rules and the regulations in the plant, to extract from them.

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The rules to make rules and to make fidella for the people that is got to do with the fear. Okay, that is not for everyone. That is just for the University of Minnesota law, your salary mentioned in the Hadith, whoever speaks something, whoever says something, and it was right, but without knowledge that he is considered from the wrong and he is considered a sinner, he gets a sin for that. That is the law. No, you cannot speak the seal of an air except with knowledge behind the understanding of that air. That is what the fear is, and that's a separate thing. Now, what do you and I are concerned with is the double blind because Allah called each and every single believer to

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that, what is the double, basically the double is of many forms. And one of the greatest, if not, this is the greatest form of the double. And this is the key to the other forms of the double. There are about 1415 forms that are mentioned. And I'm just going to give you the one that is absolutely the most important and essential to hold on to, so that you feel that you have made the Double of the glare, because everyone has the chance to do that. And the first and foremost form of the Double of the Polaroid is, as it hasn't been Bosley or him Omar says he says what Matt de boo de Elizabeth II method abou t 11. He He said that the only form of the double that what is supposed to

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concentrate on and understand to the point where he said the only form of the double. In other words, he's saying that this is the most important form of the number is is that you follow the if you implement the A you work according to the IRS, implement them in your mouth in the day and in the night and that is

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The best form of tenable, Allah subhanho wa Taala when you sit in the pool and he says

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levina it now we get down Viet Luna who have gotten our tea, those who we gave them the book, they recite it the way it's supposed to be recited, and then our best, Allah will only allow what he said.

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He said, hatherleigh what he, he said well enough cvad Attila Attila T and

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he said, verily Hakata Allah wa t Brittany and Allah said, recite it the way you should be recited. But this the way you should be recited mean, he said one law he took an oath and he said one line, that the way it should be recited Is that the one who reads it shall implement that which Allah subhanaw taala commanded him to do, and he should abstain and avoid that which Allah subhanho wa Taala forbids him from and he is supposed to recite it the way Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed it yet, Luna allottee. In another opinion, he says, at the Baroda Hakata, the Buddha he they reflect over the way it should be reflected over. And that's the meaning. What does it mean to reflect on

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the first form of that, and the best form of that is to follow the meaning of the ad, and abstain and stay away from that which Allah subhanho wa Taala forbids you from. And this is one of the main parts of what it means to follow this plan. And I'll give you an example of this. Again, as I mentioned about how Runa Rashid Hama Hama halifa muslimeen. Once he was he was in his gathering, and there was a servant that kind of came by, and he was obviously bringing them to hot water, there was hot water on a plate that he's about to serve to the halifa Pharisees serving him with his plate, and there's hot water on it, if you accidentally tripped. And this hot water fell, and it fell on

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the halifa. And obviously both. There must have been some plate. She got really angry. And halifa Luna Rashid, they mentioned this in the books, he got really angry.

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And the servant, he looked at it at the the servant gala, if the Khalifa gets really angry might be punishing you. But actually he was a slave, not only a servant, he was a slave because at the end, you'll find out how he was asleep. So a slave, you know, really humiliated. Maybe something getting out of punishment could come towards his way. He just bought the halifa

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she got really angry. And he looked at him, the slave Boy, you looked at him, and he recited to him Cody, Tyler, well, Calvin and

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Calvin mean, it means and those who suppress the anger, who control and hold back their anger,

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how long will she do that? And he said to him completely, I've suppressed my anger. This is the first then the slave boy, he continued in resuscitation of the air, or kill remain alive when I have seen it mess and those who forgive the people and those who pardon the people. For all of us, she looked at it. And he said to our photon, I've parted and I forgiven him. And then he completed and continued dying and it's lost pop on love. We are headed one more city

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loves those who do good. And you said to him, he said to him go you're a free boy, you're a free man go get another one he's no longer a slave and he let him go because that's a good deed and the laws are yet loves those who do excellent deeds. So somehow the law he's in a matter of seconds exactly what the double is an iOS resided and he began to implement straight after he held his anger machine when he's hearing these AR is not Yanni. Not a slave boy is reading these to me. He hears them from above. He understands that this is the world of Apostle Parramatta is not just hearing it from anyone, he's hearing it from a higher source. This is a loss of habitat his word recited on the

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tongue of this boy that's all it is that the relationship with Allah subhana wa tada will dictate exactly how you're going to implement this word of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this is this is the essence and this is the core of the double. This is the core of the book that you read. And you begin to implement this in the very same second. Yeah, the one of the best relationships one could have with the plan that is full of Dr. Alonzo version. And he packs up this book and with with so many of the prophets of the past, and so many of what we're supposed to be doing today, as a matter of fact to look at the fact that has the greatest in the poor and the first draft in the Quran. It

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didn't have slop It must have been when you read it stop and really asked a man for a slot for the day in slot the monster came and asked you a lot. It didn't really stop him from inside. So you read this air and then on the side you're implementing by asking

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Allah subhanho wa Taala for this guidance didn't only have come a person of the who is becomes someone who does.

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You read another iron, in which there's a dryer, you stop, and you make that dryer as well, right?

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auto stop and make that

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is in there so that you can implement and use this in your life. So if you stop them, you may destroy it and you felt this data, and you're coming closer to the store in terms of Practical Action, then you have really done something known as the double Cola, which is the greatest worship one could ever do with this plan, even better than reciting and listening to it. And just reading like that, without understanding what you're reading at the board, it requires that you have a basic understanding of the end. That's all just so it just enough for you to get up and implement. Yeah, the the meanings of the Who so panela Danny, I share with you this and this is a practical thing

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that you may be able to do. And that will bring you closer to what the devil is taken as recited from the morning and make an agreement with yourself that you're going to implement this during the day in the night. So for example, resign or retire the ad is full of things to do from the beginning from the first letter to the last letter in this plan. For example, loss of Hanover dialect he says I like always using this as an example will often attain an automatic meta anishka lilla of observation he says Indeed, we gave look man wisdom, we gave look man wisdom. What is wisdom? Some people think that wisdom is old age, wisdom is powerful words that one says that make a lot of

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sense. someone thinks that wisdom is deep knowledge, whatever it is, all this is all good. But let's listen to one on one defines wisdom as in the very same as it says initially led by Lacan, Heckman anishka lilla, we gave Matt Hickman that, that he additionally learned that you shall be grateful to Allah. In other words, full wisdom is You and I are learning how to think of loss of habitat. That's wisdom, right? That is wisdom. Okay. So maybe some of you are sending me says in the Hadith as you saw a Muslim, he says in Amman, Hillel been in Atlanta for a while he had

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a lot of sushi. And he says that a lot is so pleased and happy and contented with the server that would eat we'll put something in his mouth, eat it, and eat, say 100 laughter and he drinks something and he'd say, and humbly laugh often. In other words, seeing an hungry laugh after you eat and hamdulillah after you drink, that is considered an hikma that is considered for wisdom, just understanding and learning how to think about as far as the market. So you read this, and you should go in there, and you stop and you say to yourself today, every single thing I will eat, and every single thing I will drink and anything that happens during the day in the night, I am going to say

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it humbling. And really, I'm going to thank Allah for everything. And I will not forget, do that the entire day, come at the end of the day, towards the night. And read that I once again, one of the men and HEC Mehta, additional Lila and I say to

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your effect with this will be on a different level than if you were to just read it and not implemented reading an area after you have implemented it for one day. And then you want to make a habit to keep this for life reading an AI after you have implemented one law, he has so much different Have a taste, and a connection and a relationship more than if you were to read the air and never act according to the air that you're in. Hello, hello, my mom is coming. And you come on. Yeah. And he tried to play pray in the places where one user is recited of the whole app. And so when one user is recited, before that user is recited, go and read that user and find something that

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you're able to take control of during the day and implement and then go and pray at that muslin and listen to the Arabic recite it. Well, I say do a lot he will be affected more than if you were to read it or listen to it and you still haven't implemented this. This is exactly what the book is. And the sign of the book is that you implement the AI and then as a result he met increases. Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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to me manner, when the ayah recited unto them, the event increases. And you know what? Eman cannot be increased without action without action. This is why last huddled Allah would always join between these two, and Manohar musala had a Latina woman who saw the action doing our lasagna had acting righteously is part of event and that is what will grow your email. So you're listening to

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To the air you implemented and as a result your event was increased. As a result you have performed the duck bowl of Orion the way Allah subhana wa tada wants the actually the best form of the number that was ever ever yet and he called for in the Quran. And after this, we have delight Allah, your relationship with the brand begins to develop on a whole different level, you recycle the data

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in Uppsala, him, say to the believers to lower their gaze to really embrace this idea, not just, it's hard to look left and right at the woman, really embrace the air, read it from the morning and say, This is what I'm going to fight myself with today. And every time I see a woman, or a girl walking past, I will say to myself, Oh, man, I'm sorry, you were.

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And so you force yourself, you read the is in the back of your mind, it's been in your mind from the morning, that if I was to catch you and say what are you leaving today with you quick to respond here, I'm sorry to lower the gaze, and live like this the whole day. And the entire night, come at the end of the day and read the ayah it is not going to be like any other thing you've recited or heard this air, it's gonna be a special connection. And if you can do it for one day, be a billion dollar you can do it for an entire year, you can do it for an entire lifetime until you meet Allah subhanho wa Taala. For understand my brothers in Islam, that this is the greatest form of

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relationship one could have with the full ad. And that is the double. And that is exactly what is required when somebody like me, Obi Wan is about to approach the law, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to extend our lives until we meet and we seal them up and to bless our actions and blah, blah, blah, and make the most of it and make advantage of it if you don't understand and recognize that this is the month of the whole app. And you don't understand that the main worship you're supposed to be doing in this month is holding on to the polyamory citation and listening to it and over five forms that we spoke of. You missed the whole point of Ramadan. Gani, keep in your mind that promo bar is a

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celebration of the holiday. That's what it is. It is a 30 Day celebration that we have a plan that came down during this Blizzard month to celebration just like any other country and when they have event independence, they call it Independence Day and they make a day for it. When there's something else that happens up they call it this is for example this day or that day and they market and it's just one day celebration. And we have shown all of our bodies a whole 30 Day celebration for one thing that came down from the sky and that is the word of Allah subhana wa tada for don't lose fat that this month is a celebration of this plan. embrace this plan truly and properly in all of its

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forms, not just imagery citation and listening. try as best as you can. As it as I said at the dub book does not require a deep dive See it? It requires just an understanding of what a lot of you who believe do 123 stay away from one to three and start doing it any from the very first day of Ramadan when you fast. You don't fast and not connect your fasting with the fast because a lot said why don't you move

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fast because the law says failure soon. Allah said whoever witnesses the farms, farms and so when you first we thought you've done all of the you've done to the pull of the eye because you've actually implemented it practically and then listen to the air been recited your effect where money is much more different than if you were to only read and listen and never implement the air. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us a deeper understanding of his book, we ask him subhanho wa Taala to make us from among the people of the Double of the Quran of true and levina data Makita Luna mohapatra what we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us people of color and people will benefit from

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the reminders of the Polo in the Hollywood godfather on a

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gallon of water and he also feels marine