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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of helping other centers raise funds for a competition and avoiding promises that are not true. They also mention the history of Islam, including the implementation of Islam laws and the use of media, and the use of mobile devices and not signing up for product promises. The conversation uses humorous and negative statements, including Moha Loken's claim to have been killed by Lou Loken and Moha Loken's claim to have been killed by Lou Loken.
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As salam Alaikum

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salam salam ala Rasulillah

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the nomadic life, I know what a cancer

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so first of all,

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I'd like to request in shallow level data as we have been approached by the brothers on the Hill working so hard

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to serve you all, to try to help the center at the wrong time. They need your help. As you may have seen, we have not been attempted in that

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selfish would have left and can develop, we have met other centers come and raise funds in our mission where we actually are in more in dire need for you. But we also allow other centers to come in and request you to have some child love to have a peace to have the center. They require all the requests and love so that all your needs especially in just oh my god, as you may know that the expenses are quite high. Also 100 that we need, I need your help with the sponsoring the competition. One brothers Allah had today he came forth and he sponsored, you know, he gave a check of $1,000.

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So I need more help to get prizes for the winners for the admission of $1,000 We're not talking about cheap prizes. We're talking about really, really nice prizes for the three companies that we have these sort of Achmed the names of Allah and the

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the competition the three competition all together and the registration is live on the

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site, you can just type in fanatic do we have our Facebook as well I find that Facebook, you can reduce the Shabaab data. So we do have people who have registered already. So still go ahead and registered this is open for both brothers and sisters is working solo. So they are in has finished solar and move to solar.

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And then after that, a lot of us are

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scared to jump out of me

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so I was saying 10 minutes without the talk about the fundraiser the asking for help. So now my team it's not

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that was finished.

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So the

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design itself is requires lectures and lectures because we're talking here about It's a Mickey saw that this is also one of the talks about points that talks about many, many beautiful gems, the solar is more peaceful, and it has over 100 It was about 111 Eight in solid

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sites also called solar Peninsula. It is also called solid Subhan Subhan because it starts with Subhanallah, the US of RBI of the day. That right? It talks about the story of where the prophet Mohammed was ascended into the heavens as an important Bible Finally, on the 10th year of the visual when the Prophet Mohammed was asleep, some said in the in the by the Taliban, and then as you believe came to him with the block and then they traveled from from, from Mecca to part of Spain and France. And then in there needed the prayers when by Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't all the prophets and your Prophet and my prophet, Prophet boo

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he that all the other prophets in Salah, and after the prayers, as you believe came to him with two glasses of cups, one cup of wine and one cup of milk and Prophet Muhammad chose

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to No,

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no, no, this is chocolate.

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All right. So why cause just to tell you and I the responsibility, our response to our role towards these IV pumps, whereby each Salah in purpose is equivalent to 500 Salah it is our responsibility is not the responsibility of the Palestinian people. It is the Muslim responsibility that Allah azza wa jal talks about a pitiful here's a gem noted down brothers and sisters, verse number 25 was by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada in parallel of Istanbul he talks about the obedience to our parents. What book are taboo laws in?

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Allah has decreed that you worship him. What do you do when they need

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to be good to your parents, and to be loyalty to your parents and to honor your parents will cover a lot book

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yeah what do you want to do that he may

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have even this off which even if you were to check the hobby

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dictionary you won't find it doesn't even exist even that all you should not be saying that you guys one time have a boy

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his mother called in yada Ira he says the baking man he says yes mother but he realized he raised his voice to his mother. So he went he purchased a slave and ingredient with a bigger amount of good. And what did he says? Yes, mom. It is not like all again. Why me? What do you want Mom wants this and whatnot or Joe or even that. Don't say that to your parents. This is your parents. Allah has a vision. You know, he talks about really honoring them and business sisters when the Prophet Mohammed talked about to the mother, the mother, the mother, a father. Yeah, I mean we will not really be back you know the other half of the parents as it is only Allah subhanaw taala truly knows

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the rights of the parents or brothers and sisters, please please, please honor your parents before they aren't gone.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about other

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several warnings whatever but system D live talks about spending and waste and extravagant spending verse number 27 in mobile, want to sign up in the mobile didn't those who spent you know, extravagantly the one thing the other presidents have done the or the presence of sidebars, those who waste as well as those you mentioned here. Look at the food that we spend in the waste in Oman and other Subhanallah lights really, really sometimes puts us into shame. And then Allah subhana wa Tada talks about other warnings such as getting children, what are the confessions, the Imola don't kill your children feed in poverty? You know Allah subhana wa Genesis that

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we provide you only provide them and Allah as we shall talk about getting innocent souls. Allah azza wa jal talks about Zina, Allah azza wa jal talks about you know, wasting the wealth of the orphans and so on and so forth. Again, Allah as we've talked about, who will, who will act in an autonomous order and keep your promises keep your covenants some people have problems keeping your product promises, but some sisters if you're not going to keep your promise, don't make it. Don't say I will do or don't say Inshallah, and as you say not and you will do, yes, Inshallah, I will do it. We shall Allah, I can do this. But if you cannot do it, if you won't do it, don't don't just say it out

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loud. Say I'm sorry, I won't be able to do this. You know, because this is

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what happens if you have the MaHA Allah so she was also talking about hamburgers being Applebee's down to earth. And then 44 first number 44. Another joke Allah as a practice about the summer work. He talks about to set

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up a separate laundry in what it means that he loves a bit of behind the URL in the other corner. This is everything in this universe, in the heavens and earth, your phrasing Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah says something really nice here. What that conducted I wanted to see who in Africa Hanuman CAFO as he Why honey and Anwar for he says you do not comprehend the test. You and I cannot comprehend you know right now the carpet is making

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this carpet that you're seeing on his making this year, this mic is making this big, this camera is making this this praise Allah, the lights the message in the post, Imagine you're driving your car and you hear Subhanallah shampoo that day, bla bla bla, and then you stop a red light, you hear the red hot making disappear, the trees are making disappear, the birds are making disappear, and then you go home, you open the door, the lawyer is making the spear, you got your bat, your pills make it disappear. Everything's making this real imagine if you were to hear everything making us feel what's going to happen to you.

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You go crazy.

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So Allah says in the hook and Haleema for a loan forbearance is that not doesn't make you listen to this and afford way before because you don't make as much as the rest of the conditions of Alaska. This is the beauty of choosing the names of Allah subhana wa taala. And this is why we talk about the names of Allah on Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays and that's what it's a Minnesota law. What was what are you talking about? You're literally summarizing in general formula so that the test revolves around for tribals for fitness, or Phaeton pretending to be

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trials. The first trial is the trial of the D, the trial openmat. The well the trial of m and the trial of soltana of power. The trial of the dean is when Allah subhanaw taala talks about what story, the fitness of the dean, the feet of the dean

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who said that

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made me well I mean,

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what did you said okay.

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Here it is. And you said that

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What do you say?

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Again? Yes, once we're in the cave, what's with the cave? The story of the cave, the story of the eight sleepers those eight those kids those boys who lived under the the tyranny of this king by the name of Lou Loken Yeah, of course the Roman who claimed that he was gone. So the skins they came out to save the religion, the deeds of the deeds. And then the second trial is the trial of the Atmel the wealth, the threat of wealth, he's focused with me here for questions we write here I give chocolate they don't give chocolate I love chocolate. Alright, the fifth now of the meta trait of demand is to

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the gardens now the story of the two gardens, the two gardens the to plan, the two men the one for believer and the other one who actually denied the half of Allah and denied the hour when Allah Subhana Allah Allah says

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to me, the heavy

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you know, he says that my nothing can happen to my garden, and he denied the

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understanding of the hour. So this is the fifth note of the D and the third pizza my brothers and sisters here is the fitna over the defeat of the n is

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and Mossad is when Musa was asked who is the most emotional knowledgeable man who said I and Allah wanted to teach him that you are not the most knowledgeable man and then go and meet this man who will teach you and then who said he follow who you follow

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the fitna of

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the world,

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the fitna

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who did he follow to learn?

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Who did he follow to learn quickly

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give her chocolate because otherwise I'd be slaughtered Monday, Saturday shift doesn't really pay attention to us, which is wrong. Look, it's I have to do this to save myself. Anyway. Now so now I have to teach him and here's something beautiful which is which applies to me and read to understand yourself. Learn all he taught rules and certain things such as you know, I've noticed or Musa noticed certain certain things that that Musa couldn't understand such as damaging a boat, you know, why would you damage a boat? Why would you kill this boy? Why would you build this JIRA? Why would you do this, this this this war? Allah subhanho wa Taala there was certain knowledge that Musa did

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not know something may happen to you that may be you think it's bad, but Allah Subhana

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Allah sent you from something bad to in fact, something better was happening to you, maybe that marriage, maybe that hook? You, you they, they denied you because you know, you came to ask for somebody's hand and they said no, maybe you should stay with something better for you. Maybe that job maybe that they find or maybe that accident happened to you is for Allah to save you from something worse. And this is the story of Moses woods. And then and then as she thought I want to end with a G bar. Why? Why the wall? Why did he build the wall? He said something beautiful here verse number 82. It suggests writing down all the brothers, all the fathers, listen all the fathers

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here, how many finals do we have?

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You want to be good to your children. You want to save your children. Listen to this, Allah subhanaw taala says what amenities are the new hula?

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What can

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what kind of what kind

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song are you to do so much traveling, and I missed out on so many things with my kids. But I was traveling for to save up stuff for the month. I was traveling to serve the community and Allah subhanaw taala would always bring someone to serve my kids. Allah subhana Dallas is right here. Why would he build this this wall for the orphans and their father was a righteous man. If you're a righteous man, Allah Subhana Allah, greet someone to serve your kids and to serve them and to inshallah who Tality good to them and to the continent, so be righteous, and then have us

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come to your service of your kids in sha Allah. May Allah bless you may Allah reward you is nothing compares to your chakra for me was Salam Alikum conflict nada, one can do