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Are the layman A*aka rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam Ala Moana Center and CNN Muhammad nor Allah early he also remain beloved brothers and sisters in Islam and Salam aleykum Mahabharata cattle

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or praise be Unto Allah subhanaw taala Chateau a La Ilaha illa Allah We bear witness that man has the right to be worshipped but Allah and we send our love greetings and salutations and beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to his pious and pure family and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us in His work of Jamar Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for the sins that we have committed last week and all the weeks before that. May Allah guide us and bless us in this this week to come this being the first Jumeau of 2019 the first week of the new year, Allah granted this year be a prosperous year for all of us, in terms of our

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personal lives, our families, and for the online community. Allah subhanho wa Taala make easy for all those who are suffering throughout the world. Allah subhanho wa Taala heal those who are sick, Grant risk to those who are in poverty, alleviate those who are suffering, help the oppressed people of the dunya May Allah Subhan grada, Rama and mercy to those who have passed away and grant them grant all of us in this dunya and in the next year in general Theodosian Akira, meanwhile hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah first footbath first Juma of 2019. And

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we know that Subhan Allah as Muslims, our starting point is always a sincere Nia, very, very first Hadith the openbare in the Malama Lavinia the Prophet Solomon says, Verily actions will be judged based on your intention. Now, we've taken something which was never meant to be a ritual. When we think of Nia we think of no way to Solly right? No way to Salma Verdin it's sort of a rhyme that we say Nia is not about something that you say Nia is about purpose. It's about direction. It's about why, why are you doing something if someone stopped you and asked you, where are you going? So I'm going to the masjid, why, to worship Allah, why? To be closer to connect the why is what's

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important, because behind Allah, the lives that we live, we get so engrossed in the doing of things we forget to ask why we look back maybe after years and why was I doing this? I don't even remember why I was doing this but it's been keeping me busy all my life, the NEA and the NIA is something which changes. The NIA is something which was be reaffirmed. You might be doing something for one purpose. You maybe you took a job where you went to study whom you maybe maybe those of us who are hamdulillah pass on matric exams, we've got accepted. You in Your faculty of study, you want to become a doctor to heal save lives to three years down the line, the NIA has changed for something

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else. And that's why the believer always takes the opportunity to fix the NIA because if the NIA is wrong, everything that follows is not going to be accepted. And if the NIA is correct, even if what follows is not perfect, Allah rewards you on the near ya Allah my Nia is I want to go for Hajj, for example, even though you never get the you will find that hajj with you with Allah subhanaw taala. So the NIA is important. And the beginning as we begin now we make that near. But before we can look forward and plan, we need to take stock off. And we did that last week, we might be discussed on a personal level, we need to look at the big picture. And it's good to do a year in review, you'll

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find many organizations or the news, for example, they will look at the big highlights for the year what happened in the last 12 months SubhanAllah. When you look through the list, you can't believe this all happened in the last 12 months. So let's talk about the last 12 months. What happened to you last week. I said assess yourself personally. So you did that with your family. How far have you come as a as a human being as in your personal capacity? Let's look at us as a community. And firstly, broadly speaking, we look at the big picture. I mean, the OMA globally the OMA because we know, you and I, we are part of a family of 1.8 billion people. What happens to Ahmed in Bangladesh

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or Somalia in Brazil affects you affects me that's my brother, that's my sister, whatever happens to anyone who says La Ilaha illa Allah on this dunya that hurts me if it hurts them and it makes me happy if they are successful. And beyond that we are also united in the family of humanity. We are part of the family of humanity, we see something happening to the world with him not grandma not Muslim. We still feel and we still sympathize with that. So the Ummah and in fact I like to for you to think about this. The word Alma, where does it come from home is mother. The home is the mother in Arabic because it means my mom and also from the word, Imam, Imam, the Imam and also from the

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person who's in front of the leader. So the Ummah is this, you come from one mother, you apart, you're united, you're connected together, and you follow one direction and with our Rasulullah saw salaam being our Imam being our Imam, so that

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Is the Ummah, we are united in that. And just for interest sake, there's about 50 countries on earth 50 countries in the world that are majority Muslim countries. So those are when we could say, the Muslim nations, the lands of Islam, 1.8 billion Muslims, a quarter of the world's population is Muslim.

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Yet there are many problems within this ummah. And I mentioned last week, for example, even though we are one quarter of the population, we only contribute about 88% of the GDP. Only 8% of the wealth of the things we produce comes from the Ummah, even though we have some of the greatest resources and lands in the world and even more scary, we say, in terms of literacy, but we are perhaps the most illiterate nation or community on earth of all religions on earth. Our OMA this Muslim Ummah has the lowest percentage of students studying tertiary education. If we take all the different religions, and we divide them by the number of postgraduate, graduate, after high school degrees,

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tertiary education, we come loss for an ummah that is based on Decra. That's a big problem. And perhaps that's our solution. Perhaps that's the answer to all the problems is going back to the Quran. Allah gave us the answer from day one read that when you give up reading, everything stopped falling apart, your whole your personal life, and the big things will fall apart. And those of us who are still studying if you are in school or university, it's a great Amana, you need to make the most of it. And those who are not formally studying even worse for you and me if you have not haven't opened a book or learned anything in the last few months, which Mahala it's a great tragedy.

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It's a great muscular, great problem. If learning is a part of your daily routine. Not only not me not only talking about akhira sciences, even the worldly sciences, it's part of Allah, part of Allah's creation, learn something, progress. And that's that is the big problem, one of the big problems in this ummah, and we see the stream. So from the big picture. And I begin with the big picture, because at the end, we're going to get down to the small picture to you and me because the big things don't fix themselves. The big things don't get fixed by some miraculous one. One size fits all solution is every single person playing the role. So what are the big problems that we find

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in the OMA today?

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One thing that you find across the world, whether you go to Australia, whether you go to Brazil, whether you go to China, you ask Muslims from any background, Sufi, Salafi, Hanafi, Shia, whatever it might be, they have different we differ on everything. But if you ask them is the OMA in a good shape or bad shape, we will all say it's in a bad shape. It's in a bad shape. Everyone agrees on that. And it's one of the low points in history and and you know sui Allah has chosen for us to be in this time, because it's also in these difficult times that the best people rise up, the best people come out and bring the Ummah out of these difficult times and just take one comfort. It's not

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the worst time the OMA has been through worse than this. Much worse than this is not the worst time ever. There are many, many times worse than this, for example, the Mongolian invasion, many people photos Kiama, but we lived, this almost survived and it will continue to survive. We know the hadith of Salam, this ummah will will persevere basically until pm, it is just up to the word Islam or persevere until Kiama. It's just up to you and me to decide if we're going to rise up with the OMA or if our generation will let it collapse and a new generation will come. So the trends that are going through the Ummah,

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this year, or last year, was the anniversary of the end of World War One. And basically after World War One, that was the end of the Islamic Caliphate. So for the last 100 years, for the first time in our Ummah, we didn't have a central leadership, and any people that does not have a leader, or a central of any organization without a captain of the ship, or a CEO running the company, a president running the country, you know, there's no direction. And that is a bad thing for us is one of our big, big problems is a lack of leadership. When we look at the leaders throughout the world politically, from Obama, from the organization's from we there's so much that left me so much

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lacking in that. And that's why we don't have direction. 100 years we've been in this kind of situation which is bad. The Prophet SAW Salem streets leadership so much that if three of you are going on a journey, you're going on a holiday, the promises let one of you be the leader, the Imam, three people, they must be a leader amongst the three of you. So Angela, this is how important leadership is to us as OMA, yet we don't have a central leadership. And you can say no to Muslim countries are really united. Whereas you have the United States of America, the European Union, you have no Muslim Ummah United no two Muslim countries, you can say stand side by side that they work

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hand in hand doesn't happen. That's the sad reality. And we as uma as we said, we have fallen very very far behind. Very very far behind. We

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as other countries are exploring, I don't know if we're calling the news.

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A satellite that America launched 12 years ago, just went beyond Pluto and investigated a body past Pluto. We as Muslims have it put nothing in space. We have we have we as a Muslim, no Muslim country has really progressed. We are still hundreds of years behind in the past and Ummah that prided itself for a very long time for over 1000 years, we are at the forefront of technological advancements we really, really fall far behind.

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And we see that these ideologies, perhaps the biggest ideologies and threatened we'll get to this in sha Allah is secularism, this whole we live in a time where religion has become almost obsolete, religion itself is become obsolete.

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We I was in a chat with a bunch of, you know, discussing Dawa, and we said we don't really need to learn how to give dower to the Christian or the Jew the that hamdulillah is we have the skills, the real challenge to us and to our youth and not only to our youth, one of us. Is this onslaught of is Islam even relevant today.

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Does Islam make sense in your life? Beyond Juma? When you go outside and you go back to your work and your family does the football what the Imam said make any sense in your life because if religion makes no sense outside of the masjid, you won't practice outside the Masjid. That's a problem that the Allah might have to solve. And that's the challenge we live today.

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But yet Alhamdulillah Islam is still the fastest growing religion Alhamdulillah it shows you that isn't the strength, we are weak as Ummah, we are weak, but this religion is strong, and will always be strong. It just requires us to rise to the occasion. So this ummah is in a crisis. So we can agree on that. And if you look at the list of countries I put here, you know, almost 12 off a dozen more than that. You could say out of the 50 Almost 20 countries in the Muslim ummah, almost half of those countries are actively this war going on in some kind of conflict. Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Mali, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Libya, the list goes on and on and on. We don't hear the Imams

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mentioned from Juma anymore used to be alone Sunni one Nephi Philistine right Philistine right of Bosnia. Now the list is too long. So we keep quiet. We can't say all of them anymore. It's too long. So we say equally Macron everywhere. Yeah. Hola. And that list keeps growing year on year on year on how much more do we take as Ummah before change must happen? In the Middle East in particular. And this has always been a area of conflict. But what happens in the Middle East affects us here, obviously, because the Haram, the Haramain are the Mecca and Medina Masjid. Luxa is the and this will always be sacred to us and holy to us. And we see that there is a power struggle between the

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regime in Saudi Arabia between the rehab and the regime in Iran, in Tehran, and we see the spring, there's a war in Yemen because of this. There's a war in Syria, partly because of this, this tension in Lebanon between so many of these countries here.

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One thing you need to do side notes, you cannot say that you feel for the Muslim ummah, when you have no idea what's happening there. So you've heard Kashmir is a problem. Why is Kashmir a problem? Google that? You know that there's a problem in Lebanon. Hizbollah and change what happened they read up on that. So you find these two regimes in the Middle East they have a they have a war between another Cold War not directly but they fighting in different countries. And this is playing itself out here on our streets. And we see the sectarianism being rise up. This war is nothing to do with Islam. Nothing to do with Sunni Islam or Shia Islam. Rather, those are excuses for political

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leadership. Power money. The people on top have nothing to do with the deen no one they cares about the deen because no religion on earth. No religion on earth. No. 16 Islam promotes the killing of innocent people. Whether you Shia Sunni, everyone honors and respects like whether you're Christian, whether you even agnostic, a decent human being will not kill an innocent person who will not do the religion, politics. We should not allow politics to influence us here locally. And it should not affect our deen, don't associate to what you see in Saudi Arabia or in Iran. And this is the religion of Islam. No, but nothing to do with Islam. And just on on Saudi Arabia, for example, the

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big story globally, if you were following it was the killing of this journalist, Jamal Khashoggi. Right. So this man he winked in he was a very, very prominent man, and he was critical of the Saudi government. He went into the embassy in Turkey, and he was basically killed in the embassy to this day. We don't know where his body is how he died, really, the speculation. We don't know who is truly at fault. There's a trial going on one side saying this one side says Allah Allah. We don't we're not here to speculate, Allah knows. And just some points on this. We saw the whole world

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getting worked up on this and it's good. And we should get worked up like this for every person that dies with Allah says in the Quran, that when you kill one person, it's as if though you killed all of humanity. It's an affront to every single person, that when you kill someone, unjustly, it seems that you killed all of mankind. We should get worked up like this for everybody and every drop of blood that is shed is an affront to Allah. Allah says Lakota Corona, but he Adam, that most surely I have honored the offspring of Adam. It is sacred. And sadly, that the land of the Haramain

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is a place that you no longer feel safe. Many people are locked up the many people that speak out or silence We don't know what happened to them. Before must happen, but in a place that is called Why is it called haram? Haram is not a It's haram is mean for prohibited. It actually means sacred. Because Allah says in the Quran, you would find this place is sacred meaning you caught no one that enters they can be harmed. It is a place where anyone in that area, even the animals, even the trees, you can't pick the leaves is haram. It is sacred. Let's find a piece of Salam said on the day of alpha that as today is sacred in the sacred place in the State of Iran. Every person's property

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and his blood is haram all the time.

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That's what the enemies will sit on his Farewell Sermon. So this land of the Haramain and anyone who wants to be the custodian of these lands, they need to act the pot and if they can't, then Allah subhanaw taala. In fact, we sent this if we said the IRA last week, that if you want to be the custodian of the masjid, Allah puts a guideline you want to be the custodian of your local Masjid on the corner, not just for any Tom, Dick and Harry, any amateur laymen and Yacine. Right it is for a specific visit criteria. Those who perform salah they believe in Allah performance Salah and they believe in the last day and they fear none but Allah, that they are the people these are the people

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that can that can see to the massage. What about the harms of Allah the Haramain

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we should also not be afraid to speak the truth. And he said that when in these in a land way.

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Allah allowed Allah encouraged matura that we can disagree we are in OMA Believe it or not, you won't believe it, the way things are, we are an ummah that promoted scholarly disagreement with respect. That's why we have four modalities, and we had more than four Al Hamdulillah. That's why we have so many different orama that's why we don't have a clergy. We don't have one NGC ruling the whole Muslim Ummah, like the Vatican, because we said whether you are Buhari coming all the way from Uzbekistan, you can come to the Imam of the Haram in Makkah and say, Sheikh, I disagree with you with respect, here's my deal. And we take the strongest opinion, that's our ummah. We should not be

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afraid to speak the truth, or to discuss it. And one of the problems of us as Muslims globally and locally is that when we find someone that disagrees with us, the only way we respond is with violence. We only respond with our fists or name calling or bashing on Facebook. This is not our the adab This is not the etiquette Rasulullah saw Salam gave more respect to Abuja Hall and Abu Lahab. And it said that in many ways, we feel safer, that even Abuja and Abu Lahab respected the Haramain, that those who come in Makkah, those pagan idol worshipers if you come to Makkah and O'Meara, you come there for the sake of worship, you are safe. This was the rule of the Jania. So we ask that we

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pray that this goes back to that state.

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That this is how it should be, and that we should be the first and out the first thing Allah made secret was a life, the sanctity of life.

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Allah says to us, so the Prophet says to us, rather, the Prophet says that Allah Himself says, I shall take vengeance, Allah will take revenge himself, on the oppressor in this dunya and in the next, the oppressor will not get away in this dunya people suffer in this dunya somehow, and you will suffer more in Kiama. And also and this is where we come in, I shall take revenge on someone who saw a person being oppressed, and he was able to help him but he did not help him. He didn't do anything. We just said bye. And we changed the channel.

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The prophets also seized by him in whose hand my soul is you either enjoying, encourage what is good, and you stand up against evil, who Allah will certainly soon send his other BS punishment on all of us, then you will make dua and you will not be accepted.

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The one of the big problems of this ummah, is we know the problems and we see it in fact, we are cursed in that way that Allah has given us. We've given us this technology, where you can actually see the oppression happening in all parts of the world. You can see that often you can see that widow you

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didn't see that bomb being dropped. And you just sweet you and I scroll on not even a DUA, and that's dangerous. The past could sit here Allah, I never knew that there was something happening in Yemen, there was something happening in Syria, I never knew ya Allah will we know. And we will be accountable for that.

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Moving on to the political issue is a big problem. And we'll talk about solutions not just about problems also. And we need to take note of these things. The problem we took note of natural disasters, in fact, when the wind would blow a little hard, so harbor would say, roads would come out in a state of panic. Because he was always scared of the love of Allah coming. We should never feel safe, which we love Allah. And we always hope for the best, but we also should feel afraid of the love of Allah coming how many people were destroyed by winning by flood by fire by drowning. So the Prophet himself SallAllahu Sallam hate to call kill at the beast of creation, when he would hear

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the wind blowing you supplicate? Now when we see natural disasters, increasing strange temperatures, you will find in Europe, the hottest summer of all time, the coldest winter all time flooding, people dying earthquakes. The biggest disaster this year was this was another tsunami that affected two tsunamis that affected Indonesia. That affected Indonesia, and SubhanAllah. It makes us we live on the coast here as well. We should never ever take for granted that our sins will not be the cause of something happening. May Allah forgive us. May Allah forgive us. And for those who are going through these natural calamities and disasters, malah replace what they lost with something better,

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they lost their homes, may they get a better home, they lost their lives, where they have a better life in the ark era. But these are signs for us to wake up. It's also and we get to the Hadith at the end of the slides, that when you see natural disasters, it's also one of the signs of Qiyamah.

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Not just because of Qiyamah coming, but also these these officers have because of the way we abuse our planet. These These officers are a result. By now we know that global warming these things are real. But as we pollute the oceans as we cut down our trees as we continue to live, you know, a lifestyle that harms the environment, ultimately, it will come back to haunt us.

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Whatever we give will come back to us. And this is a principle we have in life. As you for those who are corrupt Those who abide in crime, those who cheat in their businesses, the evil of your actions will be reaped with interest tomorrow either on you or your children. If you survive it, your children will suffer the consequences of that. Something for us to think about. And again, this is an area which the Muslim world can't even think of us. Finally, environment is something which we are, it's non existent on our agenda. We are so busy trying to solve basic issues, these kinds of things and again, you know, Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam look at this hadith he says if

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you know Qiyamah was coming tomorrow and you have a sapling a plant that you need to plug planted now but yeah rasool Allah this thing will not grow here. Tomorrow here by now this thing not gonna grow doesn't matter. We plant a tree even at the swan, I think about this, the world is ending, and the province is gonna plant a tree as follows some forward thinking of the prophets of Salaam for us to be we see we know the Hadith and I make this joke that these first used to give hooked back against the three that there was a team that managed the Neff pillars, so he used to lean against the three and he could but then when a system built in the member, it was an auntie. She said I

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can't see you yours. Can I build a member for us? Is it okay, good. So he bought the member. The first day he got on the member, they heard a strange funny sound in the masjid weird kind of sound, even sticking with my cell phone was on silent. Right? And when they prophesied when they listen, it was the three, the three was crying, because now we're going to be going through the process on how to get to the three. So what am I say the first three hugger was an abyssal Salam, a three other someone loves the three hug him. So don't worry, you'll be my three in Jannah. So this is our relationship with the environment. It's our relationship with the environment. Moving on,

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not only in the Muslim lands of things problematic but now even many Muslims have many friends that grew up and they left the countries Bangladesh, Egypt, they end up Canada, America, Australia for four to live a better life. But now you find that the Western world and the small edge of nationalism they don't want and Islam is the enemy number one. Whether it's America, whether it's Australia, whether it's Europe, Islam is enemy number one, we are not welcome in that land. We are not welcome in that land. And Muslims in those countries are feeling the pinch, they are feeling under threat. So they don't know do I go back to a country where I might be persecuted, arrested,

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murdered without anyone knowing or do I live a second class life citizen as a in another country. This is the reality that people choose. And that therefore we as a Muslim community cannot give sugar enough that we live in a Western country

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was the full freedom and liberties that we have with the honorable position that we have? No, you know, I've traveled too much, but a bit of the world I've seen, but still I cannot find a Muslim community that has the privileges that you and I have here and especially in Cape Town. And that in itself is a test. We are being tested with that blessing. You have what no other Omar has, what are you going to do with it? That freedom, that ability to speak out that ability to build messages? What are you going to do with it, that's for you and me to decide to move forward. So the western world is moving in a certain direction further away from us. And our brothers and sisters, they are

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going through a lot of difficulties and problems. We also see the Western world developing and advancing at such an amazing rate, whereas the Muslim countries continue to fall behind. When you look at the list, look at the list of people that won Nobel prizes this year. Physics, economics, literature, not one single Muslim on the only in the Peace Prize. You're a Muslim, not a single Muslim in any field. And he said that he said for us, so we are we we are not inferior. We are not dumb. We are not the people in those countries are advanced. No, they work harder. They study harder. 1.8 billion and we can't have one person that kills one disease that solves one problem.

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That's a problem which Kyla, but in sha Allah going forward, it will be different 2019 will be different. I mean,

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that was internationally locally, things were even more hot and spicy.

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Bologna could have killed you the CS fine, Allah. Yeah.

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In this year, Subhan Allah I don't know if you even remember, it seemed like a lifetime ago that our president changed. I seem like it was long time ago, Zuma has gone on a few months. It was only a few months, that one president lifts and a new one came in. And we know last year this time there was a conference happening where there was a battle between the ANC who's going to be the next leadership or is the Zuma camp gonna survive that I'm poser camp going to survive? And what came out is of course Zuma is gone and ROM opposes in an Allah Allah. We things are so bad under one administration that we believe it can only get better from the right so you always and this is the

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reality is reality. You think things are so bad now can only get better tomorrow. And we hope for the better. We hope that in sha Allah, that those who are in leadership, whether in Tehran, whether in Washington, whether in the year in South Africa, we pray that Allah guides them, Allah gives them the Tofik or beans, or replaces them with someone better. So we have a new president. But we also know our problems are not being going to be fixed by one man can't be fixed by one man, one party. The big issue in our country, as beautiful as our constitution is, as as all these wonderful laws and liberties, what has really changed for the young person growing up in Khayelitsha, for the

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person growing up in the township for the person struggling on the cape flats with gang violence. It was like that before, you know, in apartheid, it's like that now maybe some might even say it's worse now. So what is really changed, you know, beautiful words and things on paper in Parliament discussions. If it doesn't change on the ground, and it's open, it's empty talk. And the big problem is economic inequality, that we this is going to be our challenge. Our challenge for the next few decades, is to fix this imbalance in our society. The pie is just not big enough for everyone, and you have an angry now most of you here are working people, which means you should have in the middle

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night, you being squeezed, are you being squeezed, you're not on the top enjoying the privilege life you're working. But how do you make ends meet, but you're also not at the bottom.

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So you have a unique perspective. But understand that there's a massive group of people on the bottom end who are frustrated. And they when you're frustrated, you give into radical views. You give in to views that are destructive that if I can't win, if I'm the I don't accept this, then we're all going to lose together. And that's where we going unless something gives any, it has to come from those with privilege, those who are in a privileged position. And you and I are in a privileged position. We need to find a solution. The current situation is not sustainable. That's why you're here this land issue nationalize everything. Even though the the companies that are

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nationalized, the companies that do are run by the government are being run in the ground, that they look at the scale of corruption and theft. And, you know, it's a disaster that if more companies were under the government, more of the less wealth will be lost. Having said that the current status will cannot continue. You can't have one person two people owning 50% of the wealth of this country. It cannot be it cannot happen. It's haram. It's unjust, it's evil. And we will see the results of that if we don't, how much longer How much longer do we expect? A young, angry African mess

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says to continue living under this condition, it's going to change. So we as Muslims, we need to get involved in this discussion. And we should be able to prove our deen must be able to provide solutions. And the best solution we found Subhanallah we see from the uncertain margerine when the province set up Medina, within one year, he solved the inequality in his society. He said to those who have, give as much as you can, I won't force you. But he put, he put a face to the problem. He didn't say donate to the orphan, he actually put that often lay by the door, this is your brother, you see to him.

00:30:39--> 00:31:15

And then he said to the one who does not have, don't expect anything, work as hard as you can acquire as much as you can use whatever you have to go forward and Allah will give you gold will give it to you. If you want it bad enough, when you work hard enough, you will get it for those who have your privileged sir hamdulillah at the very least, and share that wealth before it's taken from you in this dunya in the era, it will be taken. So she it and those who don't have work for it. And that Subhanallah well, that mindset, the problem fixed his problem, and we can fix this problem. So this is a big issue, and it's going to come up more and more, because we are on the verge of another

00:31:15--> 00:31:37

elections. And we don't know Subhanallah Cape Town is a swing states Province, which we are we're going to go below in cod and it's not a place for political discussions, problems either way, there's no clear who and we are at that point where we say, well, I need to choose the lesser of the two evils. Right. That's the sad reality, the lesser of the two evils.

00:31:38--> 00:31:44

Right. So we have to make a decision and we'll talk more about this Inshallah, as we get close to the elections. What do we do? How do we solve this?

00:31:46--> 00:32:30

In our province, climate has actually increased. Statistically, crime has gone up, and violent crime in particular, particularly to women and children. In so many cases. There are many people who want trial and went to jail for killing young girls or children and Subhan Allah What is wrong with our society? Because there are many poor countries on Earth, many, many countries are more poorer than us. But that level of inhumanity. cruelness is something unique to us as something we need to think about seriously how we raise our sons that Subhanallah crime has come so close. I'm in a group with a tin of close friends. One was held up. One was hijacked. I live across from Habiba. A girl was

00:32:30--> 00:32:55

almost abducted, so just a few 100 meters from where my kids sleep, someone a girl was almost abducted, your kids can't go to school anymore without feeling safe. Why should we live under the sphere? We should demand better from our government, from our officials from our police. But while people argue and debate about beaches, what is happening with killing of children in certain areas, our priorities are skewed.

00:32:56--> 00:33:22

We get upset and we you know, cry about, you know, rowdiness on a beach. Yes, that's there's a time and place for that. But Subhanallah when kids are killed on their way to school, why don't we get upset for that? And if we can't protect our children, then really as a society we failed our leaders have failed. And if you can't do the job, then give it to someone who can do the job. Again a lot of problems but we can't be despondent and pessimistic we need to work for solutions.

00:33:24--> 00:33:38

The zero I don't know if you remember the zero we were about to run out of water if you forgot even ice finally you find now that we become again laxed we all becoming relaxed the bucket still there? Are we still conserving water like we should.

00:33:39--> 00:34:18

So we should not forget those lessons. That the name of Allah can easily be taken away. But if the rain doesn't come it will it no one can bring that rain. No matter how rich you are powerful you are. You're the president You're the king. You will not bring those rain it belongs to Allah the only way we get that rain is through sugar and to our only way of handling Allah did not cause the tap Surendra he gave us a ski and a hunger we pulled together as a city and there was some question marks about how much of it was real or not real and skate tactics by certain profiteering I think a lot of people someone made lots of money and JoJo tanks somebody made big money on JoJo thanks Allah

00:34:18--> 00:34:55

Allah mu that person is but we need to take take care and be be mindful and respect the nearness of Allah. Again the prophet is alum 1400 He has told us that even if you're taking wudu in a river, any drop that is taken out extra is wastage and we Subhanallah as an ummah should be at the forefront so let's not forget about that. Let's not still work towards making our machines green making friendly that the water we don't waste too now that it's the problem is done. We move on to something else no Subhanallah now is the time to work. Now is the time to make sure that prices doesn't come. We should continue doing that.

00:34:56--> 00:35:00

Time is against us and we'll probably end inshallah and when

00:35:00--> 00:35:10

continue next week because there were some big issues that occurred and one very specifically to the Muslim community in Cape Town. This year was a sad year. In the sense that we saw

00:35:11--> 00:35:34

for the very first time, we saw actually tech fear with dangerous thing we call one Muslim group one scholar calling another scholar coffee, one organization labeling another organization, this kind of thing destroys communities, this kind of thing destroys people. So we need to talk about that. We need to talk also about we even saw to the point where people are killing each other going into marriages and killing one another.

00:35:35--> 00:36:14

Even little salsa Salam was commanded to respect the idol worshipers who worshipped others besides Allah, yet someone goes into a masjid. And he kills a person in Surah, Subhan, Allah, whatever method Wakita whatever he believes, that is against what it means to be a Muslim, we need to talk about this when we talk about crossing the Blue cup. And you being guests here on a weekly basis, this issue of gentrification and why it's important that this small area is a big reason why we want to keep what we have here, because you won't find it anywhere else on Earth. There's a lot of lessons to be learned a lot of good in this area that if it's lost, its we can easily take the homes

00:36:14--> 00:36:24

and shift it to another part of sort of problem. The land is not an issue, whether this land is Mobarak isn't the land here is in secret, but it's the the practice of a certain type of Islam

00:36:25--> 00:37:06

that we want to preserve. So we need to talk about that. And we have to also mention and then I end up with this point that many prominent orlimar passed away this year, most notably Mona Lisa Hendricks, who for prison of the MJC Rahimullah Asha white, Isaac's magickal, Coots, ammonia scenarist, Chef, Chef, Israel, Joe Joseph, as well passed away. In fact, Joseph evangels, Joseph, yes. And the Prophet Solomon says, look at all the things we mentioned, the hour of Kiana will not come until earthquakes increase. Time goes quickly. You have oppressive leaders, you see killing, killing, killing, and knowledge disappears. And when he said knowledge disappear, so harvested, how

00:37:06--> 00:37:44

will knowledge disappear, he said, When orlimar pass away, that's how knowledge disappears. So all the signs we take note to not fatalistic, but we take a note how many of these tick boxes come to pass, so many have passed away this year? Some people that played big roles in our community that we might not have appreciated until they were gone. We have not appreciated them in their lifetime. So what we do is make dua after they're passed away. May Allah grant them a high place in Jannah. The benefit we see as a Muslim community didn't happen by chance or overnight. It happened through smart, strong, hard work from the leadership, even though we criticize them many many times.

00:37:45--> 00:38:23

Understand that you and you and I are in a privileged position. It came because of the hard work from Imams and low learners and uncles and aunties and Buddhists entities. They worked hard to build what we have that we are loving of that. So may Allah bless those who have passed on, have mercy on them, forgive them for their sins, when they be in comfort and enjoy in the in the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala and all those who and May those who have followed them, continue and do better and bring the Summa in our little community of forward. May Allah grant us success. I mean, 2019 will continue to slip by next week JazakAllah fade, just a reminder that our AGM was adjourned to the

00:38:23--> 00:38:27

15th of January this will happen it will unfulfilled Jan in sha Allah.

00:38:28--> 00:38:45

The 15th of January Inshallah, our Tuesday Tuesday. The fifth is its 15th of Tuesday. Right to Tuesday, the 15th This meeting will happen Tuesday the 15th of January. I hope to see all of you there because it is your mindset is your community in sha Allah does it come from over again?