Tafseer of Surah Al-Qasas #24 The more you fear Allah, the safer you are

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him in a shape on your rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim that I'm Dabo and our amylose volley for Arsa goon Amina limo fleet flaming sword Allahu La Vie him. So in the previous verses we concluded the

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fate, the destiny, the consequences the repercussion of the disbelievers, those who ascribe partners with Allah subhanho wa Taala and how they would be left speechless and mute. When Allah will interrogate them, May Allah save us and protect us. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala says in verse 67, and this is the general pattern of the Quran for Imam and dub, the one who repents what Armineh he brings Iman, why May Allah Solly ha Yes, he follows that Iman with the performance of righteous deeds and this is generally in the Quran. Wherever Allah speaks of the believers, Allah says they bring Iman and they couple that faith with the performance of righteous deeds in Alladhina amanu

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Romulus Solly Hartigan Atilla whom Jana Tula Theodosian Newsela Well, Ashley in Nell in Santa Fe host in Alladhina amanu who are analysts Salia heard, so a believer is one who's constantly performing good deeds. So for a mom and dad, the one who repents or Armin brings Iman or amela Sally ha and he performs noble deeds for Arsa Allah aka akuna minal muffler Hain then it is hoped that these people will be from amongst this successful ones. Now, the word hope beer, as the scholars tell us Assa Meenal, Kira Amita, tactical Assam NL Karami to deepen the expression of hopeful, perhaps, is an indication of certainty from a kind and a nodal been and nobody can be more kind and

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more noble than Allah subhanho wa taala. So a person comes to you and you ask for a favor, you say, Listen, go to this man. He's a very generous man. He's a very selfless man. And then just let me know what he says after you've spoken to him. So the individual goes to that person and he meets with him and he says, Listen, I have a crisis, I need an X amount of money, this is my difficulty, etc. And that individual listens to him gives him an attentive view, and he says, Okay,

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let me see what I can do. I'll get back to you, and look into the matter. And then you go back to the person who sent you and you said, Listen, I went to him, this is what he said. He looked into the matter. And that meant gives you an indication to say, looking into the matter from that man is an assurance. That is his nature. That is his style, that looking into the matter. He leaves it with him, he'll take care of it. And that's the human intellect it'll do hormonal Berea, miskeen OpenAM is skinny, as much as he helps his a beggar himself, because we all ask from Allah subhanho wa Taala Yes, hello, hello, manifest somehow it will org could Leo mean who aphasia and Allah says every day

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every second every moment every creature is asking Allah subhanho wa taala. So as Salmonella Kira Mita pecan, Assa, hopefully, perhaps maybe, is a commitment from Allah, that if you obey Allah and you do the right things, Allah out of His grace, and also the word answer indicates to us that there's nothing obligatory upon Allah. There's nothing obligatory upon Allah. Allah reserves the absolute choice. It's the prerogative of Allah, He can cancel, he can invalidate, he can nullify your actions that's installs. I mean, you apply for a visa, and you furnish all the documents and you satisfy all the requirements. And the ambassador reserves the right without an explanation, and

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you forfeit your fees. And that's it. That's it. It's just my discretion. I'm not satisfied. But But hang on. What did I not do correctly? No, it's just my discretion. And you have that discretion to apply or decline? Allah subhanaw taala has absolute authority for Arsa it's hoped perhaps, but we know as Amina keramat tactic and nobody can be more kind than Allah. In fact, I have reflection of a first year. Allah says ma Sabah, Kumasi, but in Furby Marchesa ad calm, whatever difficulty comes to you is because of, you know, the doings of your your, your hands, meaning because of your actions. So, we read the cya and we know that we face so many consequences because of our actions in this

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world. We are for an cathedra and Allah pardons and overlooks so much of our wrong Satana idea of the Allah Allah says, Raja if in Quran

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This idea gives me so much hope. And I read this in methodical turn zeal, and try and process when do you get a glimmer of hope in the eyes? Of course, each idea is wholesome and amazing. But here's the translation Masaba coming mostly but for me Marchesa but a deacon, that whatever difficulty afflicts you is because of the domain of your your hands meaning because of your actions than it can be my pet Timothy a duck.

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So, you know, what is the reflection of mercy in this ayah and he says in del, Karima Illa Acaba, Mara Allah your article Martin okra, La ilaha illa La La ilaha illallah it kind been a noble beam and that is Allah. If he punishes you once, if he subjects you to the consequences of your wrong ones, he won't subject you to it again. So if Allah is making us states the consequences of our wrong in this world, hopefully that's clear in the account in Arthur hopefully that's clear in the account in Accra, Karim. Allah is the most Skyn so for Assa and yakun, Amina al McFeely Hain you will be from amongst the successful people. Furthermore, Allah subhanho wa Taala says verse 68, what

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Boca yeah hello, OMA Shah.

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And it is Allah your Lord Yahoo creates my Yasha what he wants where your thought and select ma gon Allahu era, they have no choice in the matter. They have no choice in the matter.

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Subhana Allah Allah is pure what to Allah and He is exalted anma You Shri Kuhn, what they ascribe against Allah subhanaw taala Allah to Allah are no one Kabira Allah is Exalted way above what they blurred and they utter against Allah subhanahu wa taala. So Allah says it's his choice. It's his prerogative, Allah Vanessa. He says this was in response to the statement of Waleed when movie era where he said that the Quran ought to be revealed on someone more deserving than the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Well, are you as a biller? Well, he has a villa, and that's a reference in just 25 Chapter 43 verse that you want Surah Zakharov wakanow Lola nose Zilla Al Quran Allah Raju

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liminal Korea Tanzania rbwm that the Quran should have been revealed on a more greater person what an audacity What a blessed for me. So Allah says what up Buka Yamanaka Maya sha Allah creates whatever He wishes, so he's created the melodica only agenda with wings methanol was to last our robot two wings three rings for wings, you see to feel healthy Maiya Shah he increases for them as he wishes. Allah knows exactly what is happening, Marta, legal or harm what matters that we could learn every day in our in the hoop in metadata. Every development every movement of that embryo in the womb of its mother, Allah says is in my knowledge is in my knowledge, matter legal or harm.

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Mercy was written under this idea chapter 13 Surah Tarang Mata Louisville or Hamo matters Dad, if there's an addition of a lump is an omission of a lump if there's an extension of life if the shortening of life if there's formation of the lungs, if there is some disability if the whatever is happening to that embryo at whatever level sometimes the doctor the gynecologist will say the child is not growing at optimum measuring the growth of the child in X amount of weeks the growth ought to be at this level Montolivo Rahama Walmart has done what couldn't do say in the hoobie Metadata everything with is with a measure in the divine knowledge of Allah subhanahu wa taala what Buka

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Yahoo Local Maya SHA Makana Allah Humala, Euro, you have no choice in the matter. You cannot decide the Sharia, you cannot decide the medical you cannot decide who will get Naboo you cannot decide everything belongs to Allah Subhana Allah, you know purity belongs to Allah, what are Allah He is exalted ama you should be good. So amongst amongst their fabrications were you know what? Livestock Surah Tula Nam, they used to just create their own stories with animals and they would say this animal you cannot write its back. What is in the belly of this cattle is only meant for the male and if it happens to come out as a stillborn or it's dead, then the male and the females can eat. This

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was the own things they used to conclude so Allah said what an audacity Allah can say Eat this and don't eat that this is permissible that's impermissible. This is lawful that's unlawful. You cannot make your own laws work are no Murphy boltonia Harvey Hill an army highly sought to leave the coroner when Muhammad Allah as the wife Gina this policy is used to say whatever is in the belly of this Cattleya is only meant for the males. And it is forbidden for the females were in your computer. And if it happens to come out dead or stillborn, for whom fi historica then only the men and the females can share in it for Samaya comun evil

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indeed well the conclusions they made. The choice belongs to Allah I don't want to label it as his nickname in Zadora MaHA has written extensively on this year. That choice belongs to Allah decrees. Allah's prerogative is Allah has

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what a Buddha ya allah mama took in no so do rowhome Wanna your Linoone verse 69 Allah says what up book and your Lord knows yeah Callum Matt to kindle sudo rowhome What the hearts conceal Well now you're only known and what they reveal, but I tell Bertha Amin FYI he him, but until about a woman have won him. The enmity is apparent from this page or my talk face to do Rome Akbar. And what the hearts conceal is far more than what the tongue reveals. So you think you're going to lie and you're going to distort and fabricate Jung Maya Barsoom Allahu Jamia and for your honeymoon Allahu Gama your honeymoon Allah calm or Aqsa Bona and know whom Allah che, they will have the audacity that on

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the day of the Yama as they lied to humans, they will try to even lie to Allah. But of course Allah will unmask them, Allah will unveil everything and Allah will expose everything. Verse 69, or a book a year Allah and surely your Lord knows ma to Kinu sudo room warmer your ally noon, what their hearts conceal and what it reveals. And of course, we all need to know this year.

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Is it not sufficient solace, that whatever you are going through my brother and my sister, and you are on the receiving end, and perhaps the person speaking or the perpetrator against you, he's more articulate, he's more eloquent, he's got a greater pool, he can influence people but take solace my brother take solace mine says that Allah knows the absolute detail. Allah knows the absolute detail or a bouquet or Allah mama took in no pseudo mama you're alone. Verse 70, wahoo Allahu La ilaha illa who la will hum to Phil Oh La when Arthur Walla who will help como la he to read your own Wahoo Allahu La ilaha illa who there is no diety there is no God but Allah, La will hum to fill hola with

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us era praises belongs to Allah in this world and praises belongs to Allah in the letter and praises belongs to Allah at every time. Yo Maya Rukh Khan, when He will resurrect you and summon you for tested de buena be Hamdi on the day of glioma everyone will praise Allah subhanho wa Taala with a Winona Elizabeth dome in love kalila but the challenge is to praise Allah subhanho wa Taala in this world. Well who Allahu La ilaha illa who la hula hamdulillah Oh, la Hamed, Hamed, who will oh well he is the first will ask you to the final Avaya here apparent al Battlin hidden a parent will frequently say in Loja to the doula Allah Allahu wa he do that in everything you look you see the

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hand of Allah, sunnah Allah He Letty, a sunnah Allah He levy Attica Nicola che look at the doing of Allah. Look at the the craftsmanship and look at the skill how Allah has created how Allah has designed for Osama bin Laden Ahmed in Tirana, her elevated disguise without any pillars or fill out of the guitar on Moto gel were all on the earth they are pieces of land some that are joined to each other so in one on one in your scar Bhima in warhead when we fought below Baba Allah battle didn't feel oh cool. Then you have a creepy then you have a plan. Then you have herbs. Then you have vegetation, the same water, the same rain, yet the texture is different, the taste is different, the

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color is different. And this is of course the doing of Allah subhanho wa Taala fairly happy when Noah because it's the earth to split and he causes the seed to split and he makes it grow. And he brings forth this beautiful funky Hatton well above fruit and further metallic on Willie and amicon food for you and fodder for your animals. So this is a great form of vicar, my brother. And this is a great form of vicar, my sister that you walk in your garden and I say this all the time. And you look at this waffle are the Walmart Zara alikom fill out the telephone Anwar No. Walmart Zara. alikom. Fill out the telephone Anwar. No. And look at the variety of the colors that get divided.

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Sometimes you see a bird, you go for wildlife, you've seen animals, but sometimes mom will let the bird and look at the beak of the bird. And look at the color and look at the brightness of some of those colors. Amazing indeed. You go for snorkeling. You marvel at the marine world. You look at the schools of fish and a hamdulillah we've been we've seen it whenever we go to Barbados you go in a submarine as well. And you go deep down and even in the Bahamas. If you look at the just the color color, just color human light variety, the variety of colors. Exotic, amazing, stunning Walmart Zara. Leconfield are the more than leavin Allah know. Allah says Marvel admire look, appreciate and

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be grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala Omar, I mean, let her add him. Their hands did nothing

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A min halacha somehow it will arbor or Angelica Mina sama Emma unbutton. I'll be here Hydra it bada ba ma Gan Allah Quran and don't be too shudder AHA you have no cloud no muscle no ability to do anything well who Allah Who La ilaha illa who it is Allah Allah who will happen to fill hola well after praises belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala in this world and the letter well I will hook como with a li to read your own and the command and authority belongs to Allah. Now Allah shows you how feeble you are and are helpless I am and how Allah can paralyze you and how Allah can incapacitate me. Listen to this challenge of the Quran. Verse 71, pull out a tune in general Allahu Wa alaykum

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Laila Surma, Daniella young male cuyama Min Isla Hoon value Rula min Illa Hoon, Rai Rolla hiya T con Biblia in afflatus my own so we need the daylight we need the sun, we need the brightness and we need night and that's the perfect balance. Call our ATM in general Allahu La como Leila Sarmad but if I were to extend the night over you and make it everlasting and perpetual and unending and inexhaustible, then Manila Hoon who's the God that diluted the power the ISM Yeah, it can be ugly. Yeah, that can bring you the brightness of the day when the night is too long. Then you start wanting the day as well. You want the day you're excited to get onto a flight you traveling with

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your family but when it's a long haul then you need this flight to also now now to touch down because it's too long the excitement is over the excitement is over. It was a throw body in leaving you know getting on etc moving but now the flight is too long, as much as as much as you enjoy night. And you know it's peaceful it's tranquil even in the day when you sleep you try and create an atmosphere of night that's human you just want it to be dark you just want to win no muscle Bata when no muscle bata jacala como les Lolita Sanofi here so that you get peace you relax you rejuvenate, pull our 18 Verse 71 in general Allahu la cama Leila Sarmad. If Allah were to make the

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night over you perpetual, everlasting, unending, inexhaustible men Illa men Illa who's the god who's the diety Deacon Biblia who can display brightness to you a fella to smartphone or you're not listening or you're not pondering?

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And then verse 72, Allah reverses this and Allah Azza otherway put an aura a dome enjoy Allah Allah Allah incommon na rasa Ramadan Eli yo man Piano Man Ilan Rola here it can be Leyland Tuscano Nephi if Allah were to make the day over you, perpetual and those people living in in parts of Europe, etc, where the summer days can be very, very long. And you know what, for kids it becomes a challenge because you're going to sleep in daylight and you're rising in daylight, it's eight at night it's nine at night and the sun is still bright and up and the day is getting too long. And this is just you still know you know what there will be the sun setting and the Twilight etc. But

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imagine if Allah were to just extend it for you extend it for you unending and it just gets day and day and day. Will our ATM in general Allahu Wa alaykum will know how to submit an ALA yo Milka Yama, Manila Coronavirus Allah who's the diet the who's the power decom belay Lane, who can give you who can replace who can alternate who can substitute night for you the school Nona fee in which you can relax in which you can rejuvenate and in which you can gather yourself and just refreshing yourself a fella to the throne. Don't you think? Don't you see? Don't you ponder? Don't you realize? And this is not only about night and day, Allah has asked us questions put our item in Allahu semacam what

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Apsara come are hotter Mahalalel Kenobi come if Allah will to seize your vision and snatch your urine and seal your hearts money Allahu Allah He a deacon who can replace and restore these faculties besides Allah will our ATM in US Bahama Oka Mahara. So one of the themes of the Quran is Allah shows his muscle power and cloud and absolute authority. And Allah shows us our weakness and feebleness concluding verses of Surah Al Mulk, asked them if I were to deny you water from the clouds, and I want to deny you access to reach out to the water in the ground in the springs and the water deep down in the earth, maybe it can be my Marine, then who will give you flowing water and

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there was an arrogant boastful individual which is mentioned in July when he heard this he said Bill for OSI well ma will with technology will reach deep down into the earth and will access the water for the harbor MA or IE he and I

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Allah dried up the water, the water in his eyes socket and he became blind. So Allah subhanahu wa taala has absolute authority. The sign of a believer is he constantly fears that Allah can strike at any time fulfill Hovi aminu will fill Amany l hopeful Hakeem Aloma says the more you consider yourself vulnerable. the safer you are. the safer you consider yourself, the more vulnerable you are