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Riad Ouarzazi
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smilla hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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The others as you were coming up to the stories of the prophets we are with Episode Number 14

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I'm just going to give a minute or two for more people to join insha Allah

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just be by getting slow little bit joining in.

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But it's okay, so we'll just again I'm welcoming you all to the stories of the prophets

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and we are with Episode Number 14 inshallah.

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So that's about a cat. Yeah, hello silently. Hello, Santa.

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My right Just so you know.

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Give a how to come. How's everybody doing? It's a very hot day today. It's been hard for the past almost. Week, more than a week here and another couple of weeks expecting it to be over. It's in the late like high 30s Mashallah.

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Very, very hot day milazzo just save us from the heat of head fire.

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Hello, sir Helen. Yeah, hello muhabba wherever you are, whoever you want, whenever you want. And all the sisters and all the brothers must have been become Welcome. Welcome, welcome. And then we'll say hello.

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And then we'll say hello. Hello. Say hello. All those on Facebook. All those on Instagram.

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Yeah, hello. Say hello. You sir.

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Further away de Youssef. loi de una de la Mola cat. Yeah, hello, say hello.

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Yeah, hello, Sara. So we are with episode number 14. Episode Number 14 of the stories of the prophets stories of the prophet SAW today will be another interesting session in Sharla. Very, very interesting session because we still with the story of Ibrahim out of his setup, we are still with the story of Ibrahim Elisa them, the traits of successful leaders, the traits of successful people. So hope you are already in Sharla take some notes,

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to be entertained, and to take some really, really very good, you know, advice and lessons deriving lessons from the story of this amazing Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam, as we said before that you know the story of Noah for instance, teach us you know, patience and perseverance. But the story of Ibrahim Ali Salim gives us that key on how to be patient, you know, you will see in sha Allah to Allah in the upcoming lessons, you know, that you know, after the true patience after you know, going through true patients, how Allah subhana wa tada eventually will alleviate whatever worries whatever, you know, difficulties a person will be going through, you know, but after true, some

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hella tests and trial from Allah subhanho wa Taala. In the previous session, brothers and sisters were talking about Ibrahim and his confrontations with, you know, his father with his the beat with his people, when he went and he destroyed the idols. Right. And I know we were living with an salata NBA from verse 52 onward, you know, that conversation they had with Ibrahim, you know, and I mentioned that, you know, Abraham was, was a young boy was a young man in his 50s, you know, in his teens still, you know, 16th 15 You know, he went and he destroyed those idols. And then when they asked us to whom destroyed those idols, they said, Send me an fetta you have called a homeopath

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about him, we heard of a boy fetta you know, Fattah from that fatawa in Arabic, we heard of a boy mentioning them, you know, by the name of pivotal him, so they brought about him and he said them, and then the, you know, interrogated him, you know, why would you Why did you Are you the one who destroyed those idols, he says, My home cubby home had he loved the X next to that big you know, either which he did not destroy he says, Why don't you ask him he's got the X next to him, you know, and they said how can we ask you know that they don't speak you know, that they cannot hear. So then they said okay, well if How can you worship something that cannot speak that cannot hear that cannot

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be of benefit to you, that cannot be of of harm to you, how can you worship something like that? And then they know the ego of course kicked in, how will recall when they know to burn him and how they beat up that that blazing fire for months, and then the

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him into the fire. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala after Of course, he passed that test, he was thrown into the fire, but the fire did burn but Eliza addressed the fire not to burn him. Yeah, now akoni better than was 11 so fire burns, but he did not burn into him at his setup, it only burned the ropes, it only burned the ropes, but he did not burn it by him. In fact, Ibrahim was in the, you know, inside the fire and what was he doing as he was it was reported in the Hadith, he was in his Sadat. So, Pamela he was in his sight out, you know, and he mentioned you know, in one of the How did that when he was asked about the best time that you spent in your life is my best time I spent

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in my life was was I was inside the fire. So, Pamela was when he was inside the fire. So, and then you know, he came back from the fire then he got kicked out you know, he could they couldn't kill him, they kicked him out.

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They give to him out from from you know from from that kingdom from from from Iraq. And then that was the you know, first test and then

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what he was his father then the second test with his people you know, with his own and then brothers and sisters came the

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they came when you know again another test when he went and and in the Sham when he met that kink that numbered that that that tyrant you know, kink by the name of a node as Allah subhana wa tada mentions in sort of Allah. tala Illa de je Baba Avon he meant to be an adult who loves

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his father even though he mommy and daddy usually when you meet

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me on a

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TV show see me in unmesh live TV hi Mina melody but football Heaton la de la hula, yeah, good karma bonhomie brothers and sisters, when he, they they this kink this tyrant, and he said

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he was the one who claimed that he gives life and death, you know, by him says it is my Allah gives like life and death. So this man brought two people, two prisoners, you know, he ordered want to be killed, and he ordered the other one to be saved. And he says, we see I also give life and death. So I brought him and he said, he says in the luckier TV ship seeming and much less fatty behind me that my lord brings the sun out from the you know, rises the sun from from the from me that must be from from the east, bring it from the west, if you can cause it to rise from the west, causes it to rise from the east, cause it to rise from the west and fajita lenica he had no argument against that. And

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then they did not kill him. We mentioned that last week, they did not kill him, because they knew that this man was just been thrown into the fire and he did not die. So they just kicked him out. Because, you know, if the they were afraid if they tried to kill him, and of course they will not be able to and more people will believe in him. So they kicked him out. He said them as he, you know, went into another test another confrontation this time? And yes, you know, they had it does not say Oh, don't say how long he's been, you know, in the month in that fire. Although they

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you know, they said that the blazing fire to come months to be prepared. But how long? a week or two or low to either, you know, any specific time but more than a day for? Of course, what several days he stayed in the you know, inside that fire. So brothers or sisters, there was another confrontation that Ibrahim had recently but this time was with

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with a

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very, very, you know, these are soft people. They're not really, you know, kind of bad people, these people in a sham. You know, they

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they used to worship.

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They used to worship stars. They used to worship

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galaxies, they used to worship the moon and the sun. So here he had to you know, he met them and he had to confront them. But he had to use he had to use that intellect. He said about before he traveled brothers and sisters. He did something amazing. And this is what we left last week, right? We'd have right here. He did something amazing. And I asked you what in the world did he do before traveling?

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He said

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so are you ready? My brothers and sisters are you're ready

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to hear the great news of what he did is not set up.

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Are you guys ready? I seen Are you ready? Hina Jim and more Canaan Sadiq Khan, all of you. Oh man, Lena

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You guys ready to hear what he did? Yes mean? Yeah, water color. And that's what she plays with the colors with the water. I know her name is Noah. And she plays with color water. Yeah. And what does she do? I think this is what she doesn't know what? She brings water. Right? And then I think she is maybe maybe she's 12 years old. Maybe she's nine maybe I don't know, maybe she's a teenager. She brings in water and then she puts color in it and she plays with it. And that's why her avatar is called water color nazwa right i think i'm just water color and that's it that's what she does. She brings in the water she puts like paint and whatever and then she just like this and then she looks

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at the water and just wow Water Water nazwa water this is her car this is her username.

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I'm just make things up but anyways

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I don't know. I don't know whatever.

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So here it is. Here's what he did my brothers and sisters I was talking to some sister in it's the gram water color and as well as water color Yanni among these people, they come up with some amazing avatars. I have no idea what what does that is But anyways, but it's the sisters.

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Brothers and sisters, Ibrahim alayhis. Salam,

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he had to complete himself.

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He was not complete.

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So you know what he did right here? No, you know what he did? What did he do?

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He needed to complete not complete to complete himself. He needed to complete himself in need to be completed. So what did he do? He got married.

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Of course, he got married. He got married, he needed a companionship. Now I'm getting married, got married, got married, got married? Yes, yes, he got married. No, he needed some companion, you know, to accompany him in his in his endeavors, right somebody to go through you know what he's going through what not to go through what he's going through with him but at this company. So he got married, he married sila Laila young, he married PSA or PSA also in Arabic is also pronunciate. Another pronunciation could be different from from one cell of like one language to another Sara sobre. Sa also, you know, also is another good pronunciation But anyways, brothers and sisters, he

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married this lady in all the profits of the bazzara Let me tell you what the prophet Mohammed Salah lesson said about South.

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had in his salatu salam, he says the most beautiful women on earth

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that Allah Xhosa when he created the notice mankind on Earth.

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There is no woman more beautiful than then

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than saara. Except Hawa. Whoa, say that again.

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He says there is no woman more beautiful in this universe in this world. More beautiful than Yeah. And he done saara except how

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lavaca Yeah, and the Adam alayhis salam he married the most beautiful woman on earth now of course, and the second most beautiful on earth second most beautiful woman on earth after the how wet is sa sa ha ha ha ha ha well, Sabra and you and you and you and you and all of you, because you take it because you see from the progeny of sada came your Surfrider, he said, This is what we talked about. When we talk about use of and the beauty, you know, how handsome he was? Right? That beauty he had came from the progeny of salah and he has set up brothers and sisters. How did that happen? Would you like me to tell you how it happened?

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No, well, they got married anyways, they got married. And Allah subhana wa tada you know,

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bless them, you know, at some point because sadly my brothers and sisters she wasn't able to have babies.

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Sarah Holly has sat down, she married him, but she wasn't able to conceive. conceive babies. English. Let me tell you, you know inshallah, to Allah, just just be patient with me. I'll tell you an amazing story of how that happened. That Allah subhanho wa Taala can change things, all that Allah subhanho wa Taala has to say is be entities be entities.

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All right, that's all it takes. I'm obeying curfew or noon, his arraignment is between caf and noon can be between B and E, B B like the B, B letter and the letter that means could be his ordain men or decree is between these two letter letters B and E con favicon. When Allah subhana wa Taala wants something to happen, all he has to say is be entities. If they said no, you cannot, you know, have it and Allah said, yes, you can have it, then you will be able to have it if they said you can have it. You know, here's another thing if they said you can have it and Allah said, No, you cannot have it, then you won't be able to get it. You won't be able to have it. If your father your mother said

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you have a new will marry your cousin. Mm

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hmm. watercolor nazwa albaraka Baraka Baraka Baraka Baraka heart, I call you Baraka, monisha. All of you there, you know, if your father said or your mother said, you wouldn't have to marry your cousin, whoever that guy is right? And Allah said, No, you will not marry your cousin, then you will not be able to marry cousin. If your parents they say no, you will not marry him. No, you will not marry her. But Allah said yes, you will marry him, yes, you will marry her, then what will happen is yes, at the end, whatever happens is what Allah has ordained to happen. So,

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this is it, this is it. But brothers and sisters, before that, Ibrahim Ellison, he met some people who used to worship stars and galaxies

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you know, so he met them and then he joined them, he joined them. So what did he do? He said them he said, by the way, Lamanna Shivaji is also and select an ad and I verse number 76

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Phantom Jana

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a Coca Cola be

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Pollyanna Hey Bonnie Feeny.

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So when the net the night outstrip the day, and then he sold for a coca but he sold the stars so he said Oh, don't be so you people are picking stars because they used to worship stars those guys so he just picked the star says okay, that's my god right there forever.

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And then when that star disappeared because stars can only appear for some time and then they disappeared. So when they disappeared when that star disappeared he says Baba Feeny I don't like these that disappear How can my god disappear? No, no, no, that cannot be my God cannot be my god and then he goes

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up but I'm

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gonna be

00:18:22 --> 00:18:27

I'm Paulina in EMEA. Neela Bella coenen Amina

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me and then he saw the moon

00:18:32 --> 00:18:36

these guys guys I'm gonna pick the moon it's bigger that's my god

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that's my god it's bigger the star disappeared I don't like things that disappear you know my gut shouldn't disappear. So I'm going to pick the the the the Moon The moon is bigger.

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And then when the day outstripped the night,

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Allah He says How can again where's the moon? Where's my God my God has disappeared La da da da da da da da da da ne ne ne ne as we say, and Oh Ha ne ne ne ne da da da da No, no.

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No, these people they like I said they worship the sun the moon the stars. So now he's trying to you know, again, address their intellect How can you worship something that disappears? What is my god I need my god now but my God is not there.

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says no, no, no.

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He says the eliminative Allah if my God does not guide me I will certainly be from the wrongdoers from a volley me No, no. And then find a man.

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Oh, no, he waited to the day and then he's after you know when the day outstripped the the the night and then he saw the sun and the sun was much bigger.

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He says guys that's my god how not to be

00:20:04 --> 00:20:09

beat my god they said yeah let's follow that's your god that's our God Hello let's worship the sun

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and then when the sun is appeared because the sun rises and the sun sets so when the sun has set he says holiday homie anybody only matter shikun says I deserve Oh what you people you know are doing I deserve what you people are worshipping you know what is a virtue people are you know associated with the worship of Allah

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you worship stars starts to disappear you worship the moon the moon disappears you worship the sun the sun disappears. I disavow what you people are doing on the worshipping and he left them

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he left the marbles and sisters to go into another trip

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and that trip will be to e gypped. I

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tell you why you again the Kindle Whoa, the Egyptian way right? It keeps you away.

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Where did he go? He went to Egypt. He went to Egypt like these guys is no he went to as the the

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this is true. Is it true? Is that the officer in the US? Sir Can I bought here? Can I book can I back here? The officer says you can bark anywhere you want man it's free country bark anywhere you want. But this brother is in Guyana the guy he cannot pronounce the P we have you know we don't have p in the language of the atoms. We don't have p we have a phone back on. He says Can I bonnke the offices back anyway you want my man it's a free country it's a US USA free can Trey Bach any way you want. You know, but the guy was saying Can I park but he cannot pronounce the beat. So he went to Egypt not to bark there. La la la la he went to Egypt with

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with his wife saw. He went to Egypt with his wife's father My brothers and sisters and there there was this other kink.

00:22:24 --> 00:22:28

There was this other tyrants this other Kingdom of brothers and sisters.

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And that King by the way

00:22:33 --> 00:22:41

he used to as he was known he was tired he was an oppressor it was just transgressor brothers from the ground are you there

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maybe the Egyptians and they're the you know upset, man. You know I'm we're all good. hamdulillah I drank from the Nile. You know, Mike the inside of me. There's blood. You know, Egyptian blood that runs through my veins. Anyways, come on. Hey, while you're there, okay, well, hamdulillah cuz you guys were like the when you're in 100 lezama they're still there. They're present. So he went to Egypt with his wife saw. He went to Egypt with his wife saw

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any Egyptians around? By the way? It Gibson's with me here today.

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hey, I'm having an AMA. Yeah, homies. Yeah, go man. Egyptian brother. He came to the US His name is his name his homies right his name his homies you know what homies in English homies means? So he went he you know he started speaking you know English and that people asking him What's your name is is My name is Thursday.

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Ah, judges when is the best.

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What's your name? My name is Thursday. The other guy's name is gonna zoom out Jamal. You know he says My name is Friday.

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And the other one His name is like a

00:24:16 --> 00:24:24

Shabbat and my name is Siobhan. My name is fasting His name is Ramadan because Ramadan is very well known name in in Egypt. My name is fasting.

00:24:31 --> 00:24:41

I love Egypt. I love Egypt and Egyptians. Mashallah Taylor. By the way, he ma'am a chef. He said whoever does not marry in Egyptian. He remains.

00:24:42 --> 00:24:48

He remains single. That's not me who said that's me. I'm a chef. He he mama chef. He said

00:24:49 --> 00:24:58

lie. Whoever does not married Egyptian. He's single the anime you could marry him. I don't know how many women but he's still single entity, American Egyptian.

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We're still here. We're here. I don't know there's no interruption here. No, we're here.

00:25:07 --> 00:25:21

So he went to Egypt. He went to Egypt, my brothers and sisters, and then there was this king this transgressor who takes people's you know whenever somebody comes Subhan Allah, foreigners.

00:25:22 --> 00:25:36

They, he takes them there women, he takes the wives. So Ibrahim Alayhi Salam told his wife, Southern Salah, she's an iron ninja man, she is you know, like, she's she's like I told you how beautiful she was. She's

00:25:38 --> 00:25:41

from the beauty of Allah Subhanallah dad, so about him

00:25:44 --> 00:26:23

about him and he said, um, he told his wife he says, Listen, I don't know anybody on this universe that are believers other than you and I, I don't know anybody else was believer other than you and I, he says, I'm going to tell them that you are my sister because the skink takes people's wives. This is his thing. You know, he takes people's wives. I'm going to tell them that you are my sister. My sister in here in Islam. She was his sister in Islam, you know, so he didn't lie. Initially. He did not lie. She is your sister like your wife, right? You know, my wife, my sister in Islam in the

00:26:25 --> 00:26:38

yet the king still, you know, brought sada with her. And now with him It looks odd, because he's a tyrant is a transgressor. Right? He looks at his head, it actually is reported in Bukhari, the heavy dimensioning now isn't Buhari.

00:26:40 --> 00:26:45

So as he took, he wanted to touch her. And then she made to Allah Subhana Allah that

00:26:47 --> 00:26:50

she was so beautiful, but she made that Allah Xhosa.

00:26:51 --> 00:26:55

As he wanted to touch her, his hand became paralyzed.

00:26:56 --> 00:27:21

His hand got paralyzed. So he asked her, please, please ask your God. You know, just to you know, ask your God maybe I can ask you God to give me back my hand. I promise I won't touch you. I promise I won't touch you. Just make the I just ask your God give me my head back. So sada has Sarah and he bought him wasn't there. I bought him was outside because this guy needed this man just took the wife and went in.

00:27:22 --> 00:27:42

So she made the salami subhanho wa Taala gave him his hand back. So he was able to move his hand again. And then as he was able to move his hand and then you know, he went back, tried to touch her. As he tried to touch her again. Salah went to Allah Xhosa. supplicated Allah invoked Allah right away. Yeah, he invoked Allah Subhana Allah dad.

00:27:46 --> 00:28:02

And then one more time, his hand became paralyzed. His hand became paralyzed. So he asked her one more time please make the art to your God. Ask God to give me back my hand. I promise this time I will not touch you. I promise I will not touch I promise.

00:28:04 --> 00:28:08

So she made that Allah subhana wa Tada. And then he got his hand back.

00:28:10 --> 00:28:36

So he told them, he told his soldiers get this woman out. She is not human being had Eugenia, none of that gets her out from me Get her out for me. He released her and he gave her a gift. On top of that, he gave her a gift he offered her a gift and that gift is a maid to serve her. Not he gave her a mate to serve her. And that made was her job. It has set up. So now you got sada and hajra together.

00:28:40 --> 00:29:06

So she was amazed at the time she was the maid of sada so who gave up as offered her job to saara he was that tyrant Egyptian King, right? He was that tired? Egyptian King so harsh? Oh Manasa she was from Egypt, Egypt. Ah, initially she was from Egypt or not. He gets because Egyptians they they see Jean they see got got you know, God, God.

00:29:07 --> 00:29:10

No. So he gives no Egypt she was Egyptian.

00:29:11 --> 00:29:15

And the and then they went back.

00:29:17 --> 00:29:21

How was he left? Who left Ibrahim he left? He left.

00:29:23 --> 00:29:24

He left Egypt

00:29:25 --> 00:29:27

into another journey of ascent sisters.

00:29:30 --> 00:29:33

As I said Sarah, she couldn't

00:29:36 --> 00:29:40

suffer she could not bear children cannot conceive she couldn't be pregnant. She was barren.

00:29:43 --> 00:29:44


00:29:45 --> 00:29:56

and the blame I said was getting old. So she taught that. Yeah, Ibrahim, why don't you marry hijo Salah was a good woman.

00:29:58 --> 00:29:59

She was a good woman.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:02

She was a righteous woman.

00:30:03 --> 00:30:06

Yeah by him. Why don't you marry Hydra?

00:30:07 --> 00:30:13

She realized, you know, you need children. I cannot give your children Why don't you marry Hydra.

00:30:14 --> 00:30:18

So Ibrahim alayhis salam accepted has of course accepted and he married.

00:30:19 --> 00:31:04

He married hacia una This is why we call her omona our mother hotshot, because from her project it will come is married and from the progeny of is made it Sudan will come you know will come Prophet Mohammed Allah His salatu salam will come Prophet Muhammad Allah is to select and from Syrah as you will see insha Allah to Allah from sada will come is hack, you know, her son is hack, and from his hack will come the progeny of Islam he our cousins, if you may say that our cousins our cousins, the children of Islam is slightly our cousins because the job is from his heart and Prophet Mohammed and his progeny from from from his man so we can have cousins anyways right in a way. So some had a lot

00:31:04 --> 00:31:22

you know, she agreed that they got married Prophet Muhammad was awesome and hotshot got married. So he had Haha, and, and, and solid Yes, they are some some narrations from the from the Bible and from the old testimony, you know, the Old Testament testimony the Old Testament

00:31:23 --> 00:32:01

about about how you know Sana used to get jealous of Hazara and, and she asked him to leave she asked about him to leave her and he you know these are all you know things that are not in our religion not from our books, not from our traditions, not from our Heidi, these are just saying from the Islamic aliette as we call this like yet the you know the stories of the, from the Old Testaments and from the stories of the bennets love it, you know, so they were saying that she was you know, she was getting you know, she was jealous and and then she asked to be separated from her not to live with her and whatnot. But these are things again, that we do not take into consideration

00:32:01 --> 00:32:08

as you know, this is not from our tradition, but anyways, Ibrahim already said them he lived with her job has set up.

00:32:11 --> 00:32:14

Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed them with

00:32:15 --> 00:32:18

a baby boy by the name of a snake.

00:32:20 --> 00:33:03

That was the juice of the fruit. Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed them with a baby boy by the name of Ismay as his marine was growing, you know, Allah subhana wa tada because they were in philosophy. They went back to Palestine and they moved in, they lived in philosophy together. sada and hacia and Prophet Mohammed after they left Egypt, they went back to philosophy. They live there in Palestine and then Allah subhana wa Taala ordered Ibrahim Addison to take her job and to move travel. So he took her job and her baby is made. It's made was still a baby. Right? He was still a baby. They You know, he took him into a trip. How she did she ask any questions? No, she's following her husband.

00:33:03 --> 00:33:36

Where are we going? This go. So they traveled from, from where? From philosophy all the way. Oh, the weight into this desert. What desert? The desert of the Arab peninsula. The desert of well, how long is the desert where there is nothing, no vegetation, there is no plants. There is no water. There is nothing except scent. He's taking his baby and his wife along.

00:33:39 --> 00:33:43

In the US consuming giulietti BYD in the

00:33:45 --> 00:33:46

debate economy.

00:33:48 --> 00:33:51

GOP masana

00:33:52 --> 00:33:59

Amina Nancy de la him. What does home mean a lot.

00:34:01 --> 00:34:40

So like Ebrahim verse number 37, a banner he loved he took him into the middle of the desert, and he left them there. He just stopped all of a sudden they're walking, walking, walking, all of a sudden blind stopped. He got the you know, the sign from? Stop right here. Leave your wife. So he stopped. And he told her you stay here. And he left. He didn't explain. He didn't allow you to be back. He didn't come back. He didn't tell her. Some people would come and give you some food. He didn't tell some people to come. We'll give you some water. He didn't. He didn't say a thing. He just said stay here. I'm leaving. So I need it. What did she do?

00:34:43 --> 00:34:59

What did she do? And the brothers and sisters this this sign this. This story here? You know that I'm telling you about the place still exist until today. The place still exists until today, where Ibrahim has left his wife

00:35:00 --> 00:35:14

Haha, where I'll tell you where exactly where he left her. So he left her and she and he left. You know, he told him Yeah, Ibrahim. Yeah, Ibrahim, Ibrahim and he just kept on walking. Yeah, Ibrahim or Ibrahim?

00:35:15 --> 00:35:17

He didn't he didn't say a word. Yeah, but

00:35:18 --> 00:35:20

he didn't say a word about him.

00:35:21 --> 00:36:09

Or anybody. Ah la hamanaka be Dec has Allah ordered you to leave us here. That's all she wanted to know. It's not like who's gonna take care of us who's gonna bring us this was gonna create has a lot to do Jeanie buss right here. He said he didn't even say a word. He says he nodded with his with his head like this. Now Yeah, Nina. Allah told me to leave you here but he didn't say he just nodded his head saying this. Then she said go Allah subhana wa tada will never let us down. If Allah told you to leave us here and know a love show. Take care of us. Go for you. Allah Allahu Akbar. Fan now you buddy. You're on the line. Go Allah Xhosa will never let us down. And he left. She took her baby.

00:36:10 --> 00:36:11

She took her baby.

00:36:13 --> 00:36:33

Right her baby's crying now she's in the middle of the desert sun, no, and sand. It's all desert. You know? And then she started walking back and forth. She did not sit here's the beauty of tiller. komaba sisters. This is what I'm saying about what I told you the story for him gives us the key to patience the key to patience right here.

00:36:34 --> 00:36:58

Um, woman teach in us the true meaning of delegating your affairs on Allah, a woman, a woman giving us the the the and teaching as the true meaning of delegating our affairs to Allah they're working on Allah. Allah she did not take her baby and she said down waiting for Allah to show miracle.

00:36:59 --> 00:37:44

She didn't do that. She took her baby and she started walking between these two valleys these two mounts between a valley called an amount called a Safa and a Malcolm Amala that's where he left them. He left them right there they exist today in America when you go to Mecca in Harlem the the the amount between a sophomore that's why he loves them until today, right he left them there. So she started the walking between these two mouth of Safa and Marwa back and forth looking for what, by the way, what is she looking for? She's looking for some water. She's looking for some travelers, she's looking for maybe some nomads for some people who could be traveling having some water because

00:37:44 --> 00:37:48

her baby is crying. Her baby is crying.

00:37:49 --> 00:38:24

Her baby is Magnus crying. He's hungry. He's thirsty in the middle of the desert. So she Ibrahim left his gone helaas not to be seen. She did not sit she started making an effort. That's what we call this Truman enough to work on making an effort. Like when you go to work, you don't sit home and you say Allah, we pay the bills. You're crazy. You're insane. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala knows everything but Allah wants you to make an effort. Allah wants you to go to work, and then he will help you pay the bills. subhana wa Tada. All right, so

00:38:26 --> 00:39:05

her baby is crying, she started moving between the two mounts between a sofa and then as she almost reaches Alma there is this little hill, then she goes down, she has to run, you know, and then goes back up. This is why today when we go between the software, there is this, you know, between these two green posts, now they have this size green post. The man goes, you know, sprinting, they start sprinting because omona Harsha was used to reach that area there that section she used to run because there was you know, it was a hill. So she used to go walk it was used to run and then walk and then run back up. So between, you know, she went back forth, back forth back how many times

00:39:05 --> 00:39:11

seven times, seven times. And to gibreel it he said um, Kane

00:39:13 --> 00:39:17

came and he hit the ground with his

00:39:18 --> 00:39:59

wink, one of his wings, the tip of his wings, how many wings? Does he have 600 wings, sick 600 wings with the tip of one of his wings. He hit the ground where they're next to her. No, no, there's a lot of people that think, you know, some some is there between a sophomore in the say, No, he hit the ground about 20 meters 22 meters from from what the black stone is today. You know, the Kaaba, the Kaaba Kava Kava, there is that black stone right the black stone. The the origin of Zamzam is about 22 meters from where the black

00:40:00 --> 00:40:43

Stone is so and how far that is from a site is about 100 200 meters or so, you know, about 200 meters or 300 meters or so that's how far is the actual origin of Zamzam from there to where, you know, the site is. So that's where he went, and he hit the ground with his wink, you know, sprinkle out this water called zum, zum, zum zum. So she runs, she ran into the water, and then the water was, you know, no spring, you know, it was just sprouting and the water was coming back and fountain, you know, and then she started drying because water was just spinning as she tried to, you know, stop it from flowing, you know, she made some, you know, try to stop it somehow Allah, the

00:40:43 --> 00:41:07

prophet Mohammed Johnson says, If she did not the water of zims, and would be flowing all over the peninsula, if omona hacia if Manasa did not put, you know, some some bricks or whatnot, she did to stop the water from flowing, because she did to it. So the water stayed in, it's out. It wasn't just kept on flowing. It's a bit it's a well, it's a well, it's a bit, that's what it is, it's a well,

00:41:08 --> 00:41:18

the water of Simpson would have been flowing all over that opinion sooner. And then she drank from it. And then her son drank from it.

00:41:19 --> 00:41:28

Zamzam water from jedna Zamzam water from Jenna, and in the desert Water,

00:41:29 --> 00:41:39

water, it's a sign, you will see what you start seeing birds flying. And in the desert, when you see birds flying, that means there is war.

00:41:41 --> 00:41:53

And it happened to be that there was another Kabira from Yemen, who had a drought, they had a dam, they had the dam which has been destroyed.

00:41:54 --> 00:42:17

So the water before they had no water, they had a drought. So they traveled from Yemen, looking for water. They saw birds, when they saw birds in the desert, they say oh birds, the sign of water, let's send some of our people to check out and see where the water is coming from. They came and they found this woman with her son

00:42:19 --> 00:43:06

by this fountain, by this fountain consumption, but because they had Arabs and they had adapt, and they had luck, they had manners, they had more contacts, they asked her can we have permission to camp by this fountain? And you can let us drink from it. In return, we will give you some sort of payments will help you we will you know we will we will give you some sort of allowance if you let us use that water because in the desert, if you find, you know discover something becomes yours, it's yours. But because they are man's of morals. They were men of morals, they asked her would you allow us to camp? You know it by this fountain?

00:43:07 --> 00:43:08

Because they were looking for water.

00:43:09 --> 00:43:22

And in return, we shall you know give you some sort of allowance. She accepted that Kabira live there. But then what happened when they live there? What happened to his memories?

00:43:23 --> 00:43:30

What happened to And who are they by the way? At the Adams Dr. Adams? What's the name of this? Kabira by the way?

00:43:31 --> 00:43:36

Because we said that the Prophet Mohammed will come from the progeny of Ishmael who is married Mary.

00:43:37 --> 00:43:45

When know who sada married. We know who has married but is married who would he marry? Was he Arabi is married was he ellaby

00:43:46 --> 00:44:31

who is he gonna marry? And then we're gonna go back again to to Sarah, because Sarah because it's about him and his setup. After he left Mecca, he went back to phosphine he went back to Salah he went back to Salah what will happen to Salah she will have a baby but how? How would she have a baby? She's over 75 years old. Ibrahim was over 75 years old. She was old. How can she have a baby? She was barren. What What's the story? What would happen? Because in the Old Testament, they say that his heart is older than his marrying in the Bible and the New Testament and the older actually the Old Testament, the Old Testament they say that his half is older than Ishmael. But in the end,

00:44:31 --> 00:44:34

his main is older. What proof

00:44:35 --> 00:44:37

how what happened

00:44:39 --> 00:44:46

then with ismat with about him leave solder again to come back to her job and to her son is made.

00:44:47 --> 00:44:50

Who How would you tell him?

00:44:51 --> 00:44:59

When would he migrate as you're going to take his son is married or is happy with him? Or is he going to leave him with his mother you know sada

00:45:00 --> 00:45:06

Were in philosophy and by the way, were in fall asleep, and then he will come back. What would he do?

00:45:07 --> 00:45:28

What would he do when he meets his son after he's seen for how long? How long is that it will stay with his mom as a baby before seeing his father again. before seeing his father again, how long would he remain there? Brothers and sisters, all this? You know, the main lesson we learn here is the true meaning of the word call on Allah.

00:45:30 --> 00:46:11

The true meaning of the word call on Allah due to meaning of delegating and affairs to Allah subhana wa Tada. Yes, Ibrahim left her without telling her the word other than Yes, Allah told me to do this. Allah told me to do this. I am abiding by the laws I'm abiding by what Allah has told me. I'm just gonna stay here and I'm gonna stay here I'm leaving. And then her for his wife who is even Masha Allah. Allah, you know her email in Allah zildjian is even greater than greater than greater. She told him Go, go Allah would never let us down. If Allah subhana wa tada you know, if Allah subhana wa tada told you to leave us here, he will take care of us. You know, he will take care of

00:46:11 --> 00:46:52

us surely he will take care of us. And Allah subhana wa Tada. Did he take care of them? Did he take care of them sisters and brothers? Did he did he did Allah to take care of Ibrahim did he take care of his married and Haha, did he? You know, did Allah Subhana Allah take care of the mother of, of masa, when he inspired her to throw Moosa in the, in the, in the in the in the nine in the river, that Allah subhanho wa Taala when he made that promise to him in the river, we shall bring bring him back to you. We shall bring him back to you throw him, but we shall bring him back. How can you? How can I tell my son in the river? How can I tell my son who's a baby put him in a basket and throw him

00:46:52 --> 00:47:38

in the river? I was sitting there, he's gone. I'm gonna bring him back and make him a prophet. How can I if I throw him into the river, he's going to die, he's going to die. When Allah subhanho wa Taala makes a promise. Allah fulfills his promise. Allah Subhana fulfills his promise. The problem sisters and brothers is with you and I. The problem is with us having very little europeen on Allah subhana wa tadesse promise, with all due respect, a lot of us have don't have this full conviction when Allah subhana wa tada has a promise. Allah subhanho wa Taala will will Subhana Allah fulfill that promise, but you and I as human beings, we have this small yet clean this Lily attained his

00:47:38 --> 00:48:06

deep conviction on the promise of Allah subhana wa Tada, those people that taught us the true meaning of trusting Allah, the true meaning of putting our trust in Allah, the true meaning of delegating our phrase to Allah. And the irony is women, like hotshot women, like the mother of Moosa women like Salah women, women, women, teaching men lessons about the story or the the the the story of the worker on Allah Subhanallah

00:48:08 --> 00:48:51

Okay, my business sisters, tomato Sharla who tada I will tell you what happened to Ismay who did he marry? What happened to Ibrahim when he went back to Salah what happened to Harsha because we don't think about her anymore. What happened to her? Where did she live? Allah has said that, you know, with her son is made right. And then the other mission of Ibrahim alayhis, salaam, more tests more tests, one after another one after another confronting his dad been thrown into the fire with a confronting this king confronting the other king who took his wife coming back now until he got married. Now he has a son after so many years and handle that now I get to have a son, No, leave

00:48:51 --> 00:48:59

your son in the middle of the desert and go back to philosophy. He does as he is told Ibrahim like I told you as as Lazarus mentioned,

00:49:00 --> 00:49:03

he a lady with

00:49:06 --> 00:49:37

koalas, he exceeded every and met every obligation that he was given to and every mandate that he was given to. He met them all and exceeded all that Allah has asked him for subhana wa Tada, Ibrahim, he made all these tests one trial after another. No, he will see something even harder than this. You will see something harder than being thrown into the fire for every debt for every devil every month. Now something that will be harder than be thrown into the fire my brothers and sisters.

00:49:39 --> 00:49:59

Is there any any trial harder than being thrown into the fire? Yes, for a parent, there is something harder than be thrown into the fire. Maybe a father or a mom would rather die then find themselves in that situation, what situation what situation we've talked about that is Glenn shallow data, maybe tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:42

As I mentioned the study of Ebola heme we would live with it for some time in Sharla who died brothers and sisters is akmola here for your attendance for attention as well that for being here for maybe taking notes and I hope you are taking notes for I hope this was of benefit to you, you know these lessons I hope your driving lessons from it the stories I hope your driving lessons from it, you know, I hope it will ring some bells and you can connect with it inshallah. Tada I hope I hope I hope I hope you know so I asked allows us to you know gives to bless us with the understanding the understanding of our Deen my brothers and sisters are blessed to bless us with the

00:50:42 --> 00:51:22

love of our Deen and to love and to understand our Deen and to increase our email in Allah Xhosa and our yaqeen in Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah bless us all, as a Kamala Harris brothers and sisters. These sessions are all recorded on Facebook, on Instagram, on YouTube, go to YouTube, please share, share, share, share, share the half share the head and shout out to either here on YouTube on Instagram On Facebook, share and shout out to those of you who've come in late or those of you who may not be able to attend, you can always go back and watch them in sha Allah has nothing better than being live with me here. Definitely nothing better than being live right because we get

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to communicate with one another. If not brothers and sisters. We'll see you tomorrow in sha Allah hota as Kamala hair bought a coffee calm Thank you Facebook. Thank you,

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Seamus and Humira. A sad to buy. Thank you. Thank you What a color. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That's me. Thank you Lola robot. Thank you, me. All of the sisters and brothers are may and those of you in Indiana diems or Kamala hair, bought a coffee calm those of you on Instagram. Thank you for joining me Allah bless you all bollock. Hello FICO Thank you LuLaRoe and thank you Laila. hollowtech ecdsa CDs and CDs and why CDs and avoid CDs in a vise thank you for joining thank you all of you are well aware that you don't eat too much chocolate you guys girls from Belgium. If you eat chocolate, leave me my share inshallah. To Allah one day I'll be coming to Belgium Bismillah Thank you nim. You

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