Abu Bakr Zoud – Last 10 Nights Require Serious Jihad (Struggle)

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a book he wrote about a woman named Lila who required maximum effort in 10 nights ofraiding. He suggests that the book's title is about a woman named Moqud who may have been caught on the wall and earns reward. The speaker also mentions a solution guaranteed to earn a partial reward if people put the full effort into all the 10 nights.
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These last 10 nights of Ramadan they require G heard. They require huge effort and sacrifice. Why do I mention the word jihad specifically? Because Emmanuel bajada Rahim Allah pay attention to this

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when he wrote the book, or when he collected the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a book he called Sahil Bodhi, when it came to the chapter of jihad, where he collected all the Hadith related to jihad Usabilla, one of the categories in this chapter, he called it bearable jihad, the middle Imen that jihad is from Iman, it is from Iman and then he mentioned a hadith that proved this, one of the Hadith he mentioned was the hadith of Laila to others, and Yanni seeking little further, so it has your name of Allah. He said,

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commenting on the wisdom, why did Imam Al Bukhari put a hadith concerning little covered in the chapter of jihad Why shouldn't the Hadith be in the chapter of Ramallah? Abkhazia Rahim Allah He said, that, look how smart he was. He put this hadith in the chapter of Al jihad, so that he can tell us that Leila two other requires she heard it requires maximum effort. Give the last 10 Nights all you got we need Jihad my brothers and sisters in Islam she heard in the worship of Allah subhanahu wa Dyana full effort, strife and struggle as much as you can. Hola Imam Malik rhyme Hola. Yanni, when he was asked about you know a person leaning on the wall leaning on the wall, just to

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support himself because of how long he prays Imam Malik Lima hula, he said I dislike is for the obligatory prayers, and it is permissible in the voluntary prayers. Yanni Yanni lean lean on the wall if you have to find support for your long nights of solid Allah He my brothers and sisters in Islam, it is only 10 Nights.

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If you want to guarantee if you want to guarantee the reward of little colored Listen up, I'll give you I'll give you a solution guaranteed that you will catch the little cupboard and earn its reward. Isn't this everyone's question listen to how brief the answer is.

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Make the most of all the last two nights and put maximum effort in all the last 10 Nights guaranteed. You will catch leave at the other and you will own the complete reward of Lila to Allah Miko

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