Riad Ouarzazi – A Journey Through Heaven And Hell

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the agenda for an upcoming meeting, including lectures and hipfire. They touch on Jahanna and Hellfire, the importance of protecting from conflict, and the differences between Islam and Christian faith. They also discuss the importance of remembering the head fire and the number of people who enter the agenda. They stress the need for people to affirm their presence and hesitation in their appearance, and mention upcoming events and a soccer game.
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Sit down with a quick check it out. Are you with us?

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Yes, I am

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some unknown 100 most of us

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What is this course about? Well, I mean, the title says it clearly not forever, Jenna not. And what am I going to be talking about? So

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if I remember they

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the asked me for some suggestions for maybe one weekend courses. And I thought about few suggestions. And I always had in the back of my mind, you know, the the title of the show, you know, which I do in the heart surgery. But I but I cannot give justice to that tour, because you cannot tours and not in one hour. We tried to make it nice to try to make it No.

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Something to remember. But if you want to talk about the agenda and the details about Jenna, you know, you need more than an hour. In fact, you need, you know, series of lectures just to talk about genetics.

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And then for you to answer agenda, you have to also understand that there's something called hipfire. Because there's a very you know, there's a Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed letters to them that says that there is in this dunya there is one Jana, if you do not enter that Jana, you will not be able to enter the agenda, which is in the hereafter. A lot of people don't know this hadith. The * it is very sad and authentic. In this dunya there is gender.

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And if you don't answer that gender in this dunya, you will not enter the agenda in the hereafter.

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What is the agenda? While I cannot tell you here now, you have to wait until my countermeasure from Charlotte, I don't have to tell you about the agenda. That's you know,

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that's cliffhanger number one, but I will tell you what I'm going to talk about in Charlotte. Okay, I can tell you the details of what I'll be covering in Charlotte. And that, of course,

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does Jenna and and as you handle them, you know, Hellfire and * and heaven? Is it? Is it something? Is it a myth? Or is it a reality? Is it something that exists? Because not only from not Muslims, you know, faith, but also from the Muslim faith. There are a lot of people who don't believe that, you know, know that there's something called gin and Hanlon. They just like science fiction in something beautiful, you know, and but a lot of even Muslims don't believe, you know, they believe that once you die, it's over. But so the first question is, are they physical or other being created? Now other there because there's also a discrepancy amongst the Muslims themselves

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from said that, you know, this gender or not, they both exist today. But, you know, Allah who would create them in the hereafter? So there's one opinion that says that, so we're going to cover this particular subject, about the existence of Zen that they exist, yes or no. And then we'll talk about, you know, what, do other faiths, you know, say with regard to Zen to the heaven, and * fire, other faith, like Christianity, like Judaism,

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even Hinduism?

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What do they say about about India skip scriptures in the Chinese faith, as well. So I did some some research just to see

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what these sort of ideologies or faith, or religions, say about Gen, z.

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And then, from there on, I moved, and we'll talk about jahannam first. So we'll be talking about the head fire. And I'll want to maybe do one day for head fire and the second day function.

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We'll, we'll make it we'll try. It could be what

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I'll be covering lots of lots of organic text, a lot of any keynote verses that talk about, you know, random and so the description of jahannam that I'll be giving, it's most it's all just from the end, and from the son of the Prophet and seminaries and all the are the narrating lot of

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verses from the Quran. So we'll be talking about the, the the gardens or the guardians of jahannam. First, how many of their

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Who are they?

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The description of jahannam where is

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where is it? Is it in, you know, in in the heavens like is it in the sky up in the skies or is

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In, you know, down in the in the earth or where is it?

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How deep is the depth of Johanna?

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The level of Johanna as well, but I can't. So in Jana, we say in Arabi dada, dada, that means levels. But you have a

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good one. Um, yes, check. Yes.

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Okay, all right. Okay.

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I don't see you. I don't see nobody. So just from time to time, say I'm here. I love you. I'm here. Just to like, I love you. I love you for the sake. Okay, Zach.

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Hello, YouTube.

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So the the, we've talked about the we as I said, in general, we say that our debt levels, but in for have fire we say about our cats, like cats. And I will talk about different shot ledger in the course. To explain the difference. We'll talk about the gates,

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Amar, and he was one, I want to tell you something nice that I just, you know you, you know stuff, right? You study stuff and you memorize things from the animal. But you never pay attention to little things. Just very little things. You know, we know that jahannam have fire agenda. There are gates that is you know, gates in general gates in general. But a lot of what God is so merciful, that he's making Jelena have more gates than Rihanna.

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He wants more people to enter the agenda. So Pamela is making them okay, so we memorize the Quran, like I said that we know this, you know this from, and there's many irons in the fire and talks about the gates of genda and the gates of gentlemen. But Anthony, you prepared a course of how Allah then you realize a system how I never thought about this. Why are there more gates in Jannah than then than Hellfire? is just another point that shows how merciful Allah I know that there is no, so let's talk about the gates and how big they are. And, and with regard to the hidden them.

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And also we talk about the fuel of jahannam. The fuel of jahannam.

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The heat of jahannam. Does does Shannon, Hellfire does it talk? Can you see?

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Yes, it can talk and it can see we'll talk about that as well.

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Has anybody seen Johanna in this life?

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Has anyone seen it? We'll talk about that as well, other than the Prophet Mohammed, it is subtle sinner

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Hellfire? Is it something that is forever? Or is it just like? No, when people get punished and callous at some point, it will vanish, or it will perish?

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We'll talk about some of the crimes that lead to jahannam. And we'll talk about some people who will remain there forever and ever. There are some people who would remain there forever. Who are they? But there are other people who will be brought out from it. Who are they?

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And what crimes it those people who have who would remain there forever? What crime did they commit to make them you know, abide in jahannam? forever? and What crime did others who will not abide there forever? What crime did they commit?

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We will talk about those who call for his fire?

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Well, let's talk about

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the zoo. And what's the word and they had the sense that the things that lead to hit fire other than the crimes, what since you know, minor scenes, major scenes, if it's major scenes, what are the major scenes?

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How about this topic that we lot of people ask questions about the topic of the different sects,

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different sects, you know, it could be Muslim sects, but different sects.

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You know, what is going to happen to these different sects

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has no agenda, other than as a central agenda, the other groups and other than that, who deviated from the Sunnah, the Muslims, they see that I have a lot, but they have deviated from the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad. So what's going to happen to them? Are they going to go to heaven because the Prophet says only those who would enter the agenda are those who abide by by my sooner, the sooner and sooner and the JAMA those who remain in the in the JAMA and adopted my son, but how about others, you know, groups out there who are so called Muslims yet, they have deviated from the genuine student of the

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Prophet Mohammed it is what's going to happen today

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we will talk about

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oh, there is something about an Ummah you know the people of Hellfire, they are more than the people of heaven. But why? What is the secret? Behind more people entering Hellfire, then people enter engine? Although, like I said, there are more gates in Jannah than hellfire. Yet there will be more people entering Hellfire then then haven't Why? What's the secret?

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And these people who are in Hellfire, the majority other than men or women?

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This is a little, maybe not controversy, but we have a heavy from that. And so who would be the majority that men or women? But what what even you know, women, what women? And if it's men, what men? What are we talking about? You're talking about the? Is this before the shutdown of the prophet or after the shift is just before the intercession of the Prophet? What's going to happen after the intercession of the Prophet?

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We're gonna talk about the description of the people of Hellfire, but the people who would enter his fire, are they going to be the same in matter of, you know, physically? Are they going to be the same? The same physic the same bodies? Or are they going to have different bodies? They're in fire?

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How about their food?

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Because they're gonna be hungry in a fire.

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You may say, Well, they've been punished, they're not gonna have time to feel angry. No, no, they will feel hungry. They will feel hungry, and they will feel thirsty as well. So what's their food in his fire? And was their drink and had fire? Are they gonna be wearing any garments? Yes. So what are the garments made of in his fire?

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What I mean, and how about the punishment?

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The different types of punishments in his fire?

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We're going to talk about the punishments and different pictures of punishments in air fire, and is, you know, the punishments isn't all the same for everyone in general.

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The punishment is all the same? Or is it does it be fair from one group to another, or one person to another.

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And we'll be talking about

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how to save yourself from head fire

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in order to safeguard salvation from head fire. That is, the first section of the course,

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is just pretty much mythical detail about everything that happens in head fire. You want to see the picture you want to see it? You know, as if you're going to imagine things, seeing things before your eyes. Because we're going to see hellfire. Everyone would have to see his file at some point. Even those who would answers or not, they will get to see his fire.

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But how to save yourself from that fire

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was the way out.

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And then I will move to agenda.

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Yes. This time looking forward?

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Yes, yes, the agenda part. I want to spend more time in there. Because that's when I want to leave you. I want to leave my Manchester crew right there in general. So we're going to talk about the entry node agenda and but the the the the Chabad will happen? And who are the first people to enter in? And also the we will start from the setup. You know that bridge? Because for what? Right? once you cross that bridge, you're safe.

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If you don't cross that bridge, whoever does not cross that bridge, that's that's the collapse. I mean, that's the sign that that person has made it to his fighter as

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soon as you cross the bridge holla you made it. You made it you're safe. So from there on, is all about agenda. The first people to answer then those who would enter agenda with more reckoning. Who are they?

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Who would enter first amongst the people either the poor one or the rich ones who would enter Jennifer's

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also, at some point, the fox medium those who committed crimes from the believers, those who committed sins from the believers. At some point, they will come out from hipfire antigen

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and then the very last person who will antigen

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and those who would enter agenda even before the end before the

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Because there are some people who enter just before the day of judgment, who are they?

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The agenda? Is it harder? Is it forever?

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It's people forever there in general.

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What is it just like a matter of time? And then at some point, how about things will vanish again?

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Then, how does it look?

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How does it look? We're going to start from the gates of vision.

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And then from the gates, you know, we're going to describe the gates and how many are they. And then from the gates, we're going to talk about the levels of vision

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level version. And remember what I said, Here, we're going to talk about Dada jets as an enhanced flyer. It's called Bella cat. In general, it's called Bella jet. So here, we're going to talk about the level of Gen.

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And then we're going to talk about the description of agenda like the foil agenda, the reverse of agenda, the springs of agenda, the mentions, of agenda, the light of agenda, the winds, of agenda, the trees, and fruits of agenda.

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The animals,

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the birds

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have agenda,

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the deeds that lead to agenda, the pathway to agenda.

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Who would the more engine men or women, just like the question we asked about? Who is the first in head fight? Or who will be the majority of people have had fire men or women? Same question, Who will be the majority of the people in general? Would it be men or women?

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How about those kids from the believers who died? What would happen to them? What would happen to the belief the the kids of the non believers who died?

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What would they go?

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the people that were given the glad tidings of Jana, who are they?

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Are they only 10? Because the Prophet says, you know, he gave 10 people the gluts ideas of john Berger are the only 10 or they could they be more than 10? You know, that will that will, that the blood side is from the process and that they will enter agenda.

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Who are the princesses of, of the women in gender? The Queen's?

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The Queen's Oh, the women agenda.

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Looking forward to this?

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I know, I know. I'm already stopping and pausing here. And I'm thinking I'm thinking and the main thing that we have, you know, if you have Queen Do we have princess?

00:17:59 --> 00:18:09

Okay, well, that's another question. How about for women who did not get married? Are they going to happen? Are they going to have some, you know, Queen, a women, you know, they're going to have,

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you know, you know, princes and stuff. So we're going to talk about that as well. We're going to talk about

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the food of the people of Japan, and the drinks,

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and their bedding

00:18:30 --> 00:18:31

and maids

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and their wishes

00:18:34 --> 00:18:35

and their gatherings.

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And, well, now is once I talk about all this now we talk about the real you know, the women of gender. Who are they?

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These women, Lisa Anderson

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was talking about

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the laughing of Allah subhana wa tada at the very end,

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the laughing of Allah, Allah would love

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for the people of gender.

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And the best thing, the best thing

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that people will be given in gender other than gender itself.

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How about to be authentic be

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the glorifying of Allah and the president of Allah engine. can that happen?

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And the very last day,

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once people enter agenda, what will be the very last

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and then at the very end, the very end I'm going to spend some time which will be again, maybe as unknown at the end of my lectures, you know, to make things a little more spiritual, little more emotional. So I'll talk about the pathways of shenana was that my that was my final touch ups. I was still working on them. I have about 25

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25 ways, you know pathways to gender. So let's talk about them shot looked at at the very end, someone has asked me shift Are we going to have a hug? Group hug in Gen.

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z, you know,

00:20:16 --> 00:20:40

in a group hug agenda, okay, well in the hearts read, we had only one general Group hug in this forever courses in general, I think we're going to have a group hug every hour or so, you know, but there will be one major Group hug at the very end. And that would be very special. I cannot break the surprise. It could be surprised. It will be a very special group hug. And

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just want to let you know, you know, prepare your cameras and prepare your videos and prepare all that you have. Because it can be really really really special in the shot low tech.

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Yes, I am. I am I am so shocked. Some people might still be thinking maybe I'm busy this weekend.

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Maybe I've heard about the description agenda but one final message would you give to anybody who's still kind of on the edge on the borderline of coming or not coming?

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those who are in the edge just thinking should they come to me and come You know, would you think about going through genda I mean if agenda is there, you know unless there's a goal go into the agenda. Would you think say let me think Let me think for a second here. What am I saying? You don't think just enter Gemini it's open. It's open Come on in. You say Well excuse me I think is this a trick or not trick it's not trapped Germany's open go in

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Let me think hold on let me think let me

00:21:59 --> 00:22:07

say something telling me not to go well if we don't go there you will go to Johanna Solomon's we're opening the door for you go into

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this is it for you my brother sister, the one who is you know irritating, thinking, you know, oh, claiming I don't have this I don't have that or my you know, somehow Allah. The Prophet says it you know?

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So, Hannah,

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Lisa, Hello, Mr. Hello Lavalle which means, you know, make it easy to make it easy for you. If you think it's hard working, it will be hard for you. But if you think it's easy, make it easy in your mind, in your mind, make it easy, it's going to be easy. I'm going to go inshallah, my father wants a word my husband will not complain he will let me go just in your in your in your subconscious make it you know, make these affirmations from now until Friday inshallah tada every day. For those of you who have been having some, you know, well maybe I'm gonna have this or that or what not have these affirmations every day. I'm gonna go nothing's gonna happen. It's gonna be beautiful. I'm

00:23:02 --> 00:23:12

going to learn about Johanna I'm going to learn about gender and learn about the pathways of gender and inshallah hota Allah will enter the agenda because at the very end of the supplies man, brother reborn You're making me break my surprise.

00:23:15 --> 00:23:18

Surprise is there the gentleman and gender because the gate will be open.

00:23:20 --> 00:23:29

So if these people are still hesitating one line and in agenda will be that how can I hesitate? How can I think how can I be in the edge? I don't need to think twice about this course.

00:23:30 --> 00:23:44

Before they used to send part serene to open Aveda to open cities to open countries before they used to Oh, no son or three. Now they're sending forever. This is no you want me to say anything more? I cannot see anything more than this. We know better than one.

00:23:45 --> 00:23:46


00:23:48 --> 00:23:59

send me I'm not going to send me to open new ability, you know, to open them to lunch them by teaching heart serene. Now they are launching new cameras by forever.

00:24:00 --> 00:24:20

So I know how what do you want me to tell you? this is it this is really it, man. This is it. So you miss it. You miss out. And the last one man motor this one. You know, this is my last my last seminar. I don't have any other seminar to teach.

00:24:21 --> 00:24:55

You know, I don't know what I'm going to be able to come back to Manchester again. And mentioned to remember, you know how hooked I am to Manchester, you know, this relationship that we have with Manchester. It's not any relationship. It's a very special relationship. I might not see you again. So please, please let me see you, man. Come Come and Charlotte the other Friday night, Saturday, Sunday. It's only one weekend. Now you have no excuse. It's not two weekends. It's only one weekend. Come on. Let's go to genda together, man, please. Our I know we want to hold each other hands and go to Agenda together. I don't want to take the crew alone.

00:24:56 --> 00:24:59

I don't want to take the crew alone. You know, we want to take out

00:25:00 --> 00:25:02

To gather Java data we want to go out to the ninth

00:25:05 --> 00:25:29

circle of hash there you have it people listening in you've heard Shakespeare I'd miss it miss out. It's going to be inshallah an amazing seminar. If you enjoy the gender tour in hearts serene, and I think this seminar will be in a totally different level inshallah and we're so excited those who have enrolled are so excited inshallah we just want everyone else to benefit inshallah as well.

00:25:31 --> 00:26:04

For those who don't know, about shakhriyar, which is quite rare, and we'll go through some background about shaker and inshallah shaker has been an instructor with mercury for many years now. And his energy and passion is extremely evident in his teaching style. In fact, there is one more reason to attend this seminar share Korea's uniqueness of teaching his presentation, his energy Mashallah, it's just unbelievable. There's no other shoe like shakhriyar so to experience our seminar, something you have to do inshallah

00:26:07 --> 00:26:25

I've just got a few more announcements before we we end inshallah. Nathan, they have to come I will not go I will not be interested this year in Manchester. I'm very sorry I won't be there. But if I don't see you during forever, then it will be forever not seeing you again.

00:26:27 --> 00:26:29

Shake don't do it forever.

00:26:31 --> 00:26:32

you making me sad? No,

00:26:33 --> 00:26:50

no, no, no, it's either I see all the of you in forever in Manchester. Or I will see you never forever after that again, never forever the outcome, then inshallah they have to come on the Africa.

00:26:51 --> 00:27:08

Okay, just a second. Okay, shake inshallah, we'll see you on Friday. No, I will not be the last time it would be I mean, forever, will be the last time but after forever, Allah knows what's going to happen next and also not coming to the city of champions, the

00:27:09 --> 00:27:17

champions. So if you really want to be another champion entry agenda, come and join us in shallow to shake, you know, you can see the stadium from the venue.

00:27:19 --> 00:27:21

Allahu Akbar, you know.

00:27:23 --> 00:27:27

You can see Old Trafford Stadium, the home of the champions Manchester United from the venue and

00:27:28 --> 00:27:32

you know that we're going to be playing football in general inshallah,

00:27:33 --> 00:28:03

you know, that shake up on my hands. So we're gonna make a team on Sunday, inshallah, we'll make a team because once we need there, you all know your position. You know, I don't want you to come to me and say, What position I'm gonna play. I'm gonna give you guys the positions on Sunday. Right? As soon as we go the agenda. The first thing we do, it's a game. soccer game is about that. I know some of you will be busy. I don't have no time for the soccer now. I've got more important things. Non Java, we're gonna play a football game engine that is Mila.

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Okay, it's not going to shake inshallah. We'll see you on Friday. Okay, is that Camilla hair local African

Ilminar Forever , 29th April 2013

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