Sulaiman Moola – Do not violate the sanctity of these blessed days by committing sin.

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the cycle of worship, which is 12 months after the beginning of the year, and is linked to the beginning of the holy month. The cycle is centered around protecting one's appearance and avoiding sin. It is emphasized that everyone should not be harmed by worship, and that anyone who is caught caught caught in the cycle will lose their status as sacred.
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Hola says minha Roberto. Haroon. In these 12 months, four months are sacred. And amongst that is dill hijab Ville hija. That is the final month in the Islamic calendar. Allah says that is one of the four months and then as much as the month is sacred, the first 10 days of this month is even more sacred. The virtue of worship is multiplied many folds. And likewise if a person Allah forbid commits a crime commits a crime during these days the crime is much more severe. So Allah said they are 12 months four months our sacred fellow totally movie in and forsaken. Do not oppress yourself, Do not oppress yourself during this period. And the scholars of Tafseer tell us that Allah Allah

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unelma Surya fille as Mina till mobile raka where you Castle, Elena Emkin, Atal muta Baraka, Shadowfell Kobe, wow. Allah said four months are sacred, don't oppress yourself and what is meant by oppress don't sin. And from that we understand that when you do in wrong you spied in yourself, you're harming yourself. So great man's great days let's exploit and capitalize and if we cannot exert ourselves in worship, like I said, then just stay away from sin and vice Fela totally move in and forsaken. abstinence from sin is a virtue itself.

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