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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu lillahi Nasha Madame minister in hoonah istockphoto one or two below him in Korean food cinnamon say dr Molina mania de la Vela moody Lola woman you lil fella della wash

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in, in La la la de hula Sherry killer. Wash had you know Mohammedan tomorrow solo, a MOBA in Oslo cul de sac kita LA. Alhaji had you Muhammad in sallallahu alayhi wa early he was seldom was more emotional to her cola more desert in bid on wakulla bidet in Bala Latino que la de La La Nina. After praising Allah Subhana Allah, sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and continuing the journey, the life of the noble individuals. As mentioned inside the Quran was your karma. sobre Allah Allah as women are Rasul have patience like those committed individuals amongst the messengers they had the deep devotion towards the loss

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of Canada Anna, and a large portion of the move as soon mentioned, that older Assam is strongly committed, and BIA are messengers, and none other than la Salaam. And then Ibrahim Moosa, an ERISA on a bu na Mohammed Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. These are the five strong, devoted individuals, that if we go back to read through the Sierra the lives, we find immense examples similar to even at times the type of life that we're living at the moment, because we will notice a concept of what is known as a Yamato here, days of sacrifice. And obviously, these days of sacrifice, the apparent days of sacrifice that we have, am with the three days of sacrifice during

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the days of the hedger are the days of not heard from the 10th to the 13th of the ledger. Likewise, inside the shortest sort of the Quran, certain codes are refined for solidia, a bigger one here, one here evidence, establishing the prayer and offering the sacrifice. Some women try to go to the View, that under her means the area of the chest, and this is a support and evidence of placing your hands upon the chest, but this is by using this as an evidence to place your hands upon the chest even though this is not the position to enter into the correct location. Placing the right hand or left hand upon the chest is obviously the most strongest and authentic view.

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But to be just unfair to use this as an evidence, there is some weakness in that interpretation. The correct interpretation is not a sacrifice. So these are the days of sacrifice at the Muslim Ummah, those who are attending these blessing days, and those of us who are absent from these blessing days, to at least offer the sacrifice. If we have the means and ability to do so. Then obviously comes the days of sacrifice which concerns us the hidden meaning of sacrifice, which obviously many of us have forgotten that only at certain times or locations. Remember our devotion and commitment to Allah Subhana Allah, rather the way of the believer is continuously throughout the life from one

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good action to another good action for one struggle to another struggle, or Salah to Isla Salah while Juma to Ella Juma Ramadan, Ramadan, Guevara to lima bean ohana, one prayer to another prayer, one drummer to another drummer. One Ramadan to another Ramadan is an expiation whatever takes place between the two. We are not outbursts of Muslims, that only on Friday, only in Ramadan only in hajj, the Muslim everyday is striving and struggling. Every day the believer is striving and struggling to get closer and closer to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Xena, jaha Duffin nfdm sabudana, wherever strives in our paths, we will guide them to the path of Allah Subhana Allah

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So these are the the other hidden meaning of am

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days of rage, days of sacrifice, days of commitment of one's wealth, property, land, family, and even if it may be the life of the individual, and that's the prime example of sacrifice. After the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam becomes none other than Ibrahim Ali Salaam, as Allah mentions of him also being that busua just like inside sought, Allah has refined katakana Lacan fear rasulillah he was certain Hashanah, indeed in the conduct in the behavior is something for you to emulate and copy the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day remember that less frequently, but a similar verse occurs in another location so the Quran for this occasion

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praising Ibrahim Ali Salaam as you find katakana de como swattin Hassan FEA, Brahim Ola de Namur, who, indeed in Ibrahim Ali salam, there is a fine emulation, character and behavior for you to emulate. Just like you emulate the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem likewise for you to emulate the way of Ibrahim Ali Salaam, what made him become so intimate and close to lots of Canada and become beloved as Allah Subhana. Allah mentions What does are the low Ibrahima Nila? Allah found Allah to give Rahim Allah Islam as a close, intimate friend.

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And Allah, that Allah only took two individuals as close friends. That was the Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salaam and the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. That's when Abu Bakar wanted to become the Helene the intimate friend, he said but you are the human companion you You are not that bosom that close friend. Because Indeed Allah Allah Allah has taken me as an intimate friend, a deep unique relationship between the creator and his to bless it profits chosen and selected but lots of Hannah Diana had try. We find in the Quran what Abraham allottee was. Ibrahim Ali Salaam who fulfilled every single pledge. We read through the CEO of Ibrahim Ali salam, every time Allah Subhana Allah

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told him to carry out a certain action or to do something, he fulfilled it every single aspect, every single command that you find in the beginning of SoTL Baccarat song verse 124. Why the patella Ibrahim or a boo boo Kelly Martin for atom ohana. Indeed we did test, Ibrahima Allison and Kelly Merton. And here the meaning of kalimat words is certain a worm your certain commandments which were placed upon Ibrahim Ali Salaam for atom Mohan. He completed every single commandment, every single obligation that was placed upon him he fulfilled it. Amongst these commandments of the element of the juice and extracted from the commandments that were placed upon Ibrahim al Islam is overland

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personal commandments, aspects of tahara aspects of purity and cleanliness. Ibrahima La Silla Salam Cowen's, a hadith of Bokhari, if I'm not mistaken, is told to circumcise himself at the age of 80 with an axe. That is a personal commandment given to him. He doesn't ask why, or how, how is this possible for Adam Mohan he completes the commandments bestowed upon him by Allah Subhana Allah, shaving off the pubic hair, cutting the mustache short, and leaving the beard to grow the natural fitrah of a human being. As for many individuals, they think that the growing of the beard is the way of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. This is 100 ambia This is the methodology of all of

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the MBR that they let their beds grow and they used to trim the moustache, head to doctrine, talking about masala Islam and his discussion in her own way by her own complaints, don't take me by my bed and don't take me by the top of my head, all the shows and other evidences that this is the natural Theatre of a man natural feature of a human being. And this is the way of all of the NBA there's no difference of opinion regarding this. Likewise clipping of the nails. And obviously here the clipping of the nails is for both men and women, there is to be no distinction here, as some women they may think that for them to grow the nails long is allowed. This is a natural fit for for men

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and women for a woman to trim and to cut the nails. Likewise plucking the hair from one's armpits. This is a natural bahara which was imposed upon Ibrahima and Islam and he carried out these actions, then comes his commandments given to him towards the wider society, to invite people to adore him as we're going to mention beaten in later Allah to show people the monastic the rights and regulations of Hajj that he had to perform, were to show what the rest of mankind had to do. And then comes even more specific, more difficult tests, whereby he's been thrown into the fire personally. He's been told to perform the exodus to leave his family at MCC and to leave

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There, and then comes the ultimate sacrifice of slaughtering or sacrificing his own beloved son until what happens? Allah Indonesia locally nursey mm, until one man becomes one Mmm. This is what Allah wants to see in his carrying out what Ibrahim allottee was Abraham who fulfilled every single pledge. So until it was found and it makes him an Imam, and as you find in a Brahim acana omoton kornet Allah hanifa indeed Ibrahim Ali Salaam was one who was devout one was committed to long term care under hanifa total submission and the belief in one God in one in only Allah so panel Diana What a miracle minute mushrikeen Shakira Liana Rami estaba Hua, who in our soroptimist Hakim, he was

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grateful for the gratitude, that gratitude is obedience in servitude, guided him to the straight path and made him to become each tuber who Allah, Allah selected him until you find me letter A be calm Ebrahim follow the Miller the way of life, the sooner the pattern, the methodology, which has been bestowed upon your father, Ibrahim on a solemn This is a great big privilege, that the rest of this oma are the following oma and the former that will come after us meaning the people that will come after us will begin to look at this great prophet of Allah Subhana Allah and begin to emulate and copy him and revive these practices that he had, until you find it every single individual needs

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to come close and near to him. As the Quran mentions itself in the older Naseby Brahim Linda Dena terbaru, who had an abbey and the the most closest of individuals to Ibrahim Ali Salaam. You need those individuals who emulate and copy him and likewise this prophet. So the more that you are emulating the Prophet Mohammed system, you are emulating Ibrahim anissina. And the more closer you're coming to the Prophet, Muhammad's Islam, and the more closer you come closer to the Father, in obviously, in linguistic meaning of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, what is the second what are the sacrifices of Abu ambia the father of the prophets, and as defined in the Quran,

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some 73 places inside the Quran some 25 different suitors mentioned about Ibrahim Ali Salaam in various locations, different wordings, different commitments, all to send out the message about the commitment of Ibrahima and Islam had that we find that the 14th Chapter The Quran is entitled surah Ibrahim talking about the life and the sacrifice and some of the actions of the Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salaam. The first sacrifice that you find is his sacrifice his family upbringings and teachings whereby he said to his father, it's orderly, I'll be here but he limita Buddha mela, Esmeralda.

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nketiah all my beloved father why'd you worship that that cannot benefit you that we should not see that which cannot hear and in no way benefit you. Why are you worshipping these idols and worshipping these statues? And I'm sure that we're all aware that his father

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and even Ibrahim he gave advice his father as a who was an idol worshiper, and even beyond that used to build and make the statues the people may worship them and place them inside the temple. Yeah, but he later Buddha shaped on inner shaytaan aka your money. I'll see you all my beloved father, on my respected Father, don't worship the devil. Indeed, the devil is forever disobeying a rough man disobeying Allah Subhana Allah. But here we find the CFO of these is that even though his father is a mushrik? He doesn't say yeah, surgir is a Yama, Shrek. Yes. obese. So use these words, system. Yeah. abiti Oh, my beloved father does not even use the word yet a B, and those of you are familiar

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with the Arabic language know that this is totally wrong, and immense love and respect and devotion to show to one's father in this in this format. So he's still calling with love and devotion. Even they can clearly visualize that his father is emotionally idolatry, building these idols in these temples, but he still rebukes him in a mild in a concrete manner. That may be some form of leniency may come into the heart of his father, but instead you find color or even an early hottie, Ibrahim, Ibrahim, are you turning away? Are you discouraging people to stay away from these idols? So his father doesn't respond in a soft taking the admonition that is so not only

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don't think that every single individual when you offer them advice, give them sincere advice, when Neela come now second Ameen. Indeed I'm a true advisor to you don't think every single individual is going to take your advice is going to be shayateen are not just Genie will insist well, diverse amongst human beings, which are not going to be able to tolerate that sincere advice, words of truth, who will seek to corrupt your words, to change your words to imprison you?

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to tarnish you to make your life difficult. That is not a lie. That is a son of a bandana upon this earth, which happened to many of the MBR before. So who are we in comparison to these great ambia lumped into here they are Germanic. If you don't refrain, you don't reproach yourself. You don't control yourself. Then I'm going to use stone you will have junie Mallya called a Solomonic and he said that many of you turn away from our gods or now be gone from me forever. Leave me alone. So Ibrahim Ali Salam system Salaam Alaikum Peace be upon you and walks away from his father. Another location that you find is quality A B he will call me mahadi Timothy Donati and Tula Aki phone, what

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is the matter with you? When he said to his his his father and his people that what is the matter with you? What are these Tomasi? What are these statues and these items that you have devoted them? Aki foon you're committed to these identity statues, all over Jetson. anila RBD they said that we found our forefathers worshipping these idols. Likewise, we're going to do exactly the same thing. Something that we find provided inside society today that this is what our forefathers used to do. We're going to do exactly the same thing. Ibraheem alehissalaam doesn't cave in with this pressure of a young boy visualizing his harem and this monk or rather he decides to take some positive action

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or teach them a lesson for him for color Aleta Kowloon, so quietly he came to the idols and to show them as a sign of mockery towards these ideas. He said to them for color Aleta Kowloon, why don't you eat? Why don't you drink Malcolm Latin take on what is the matter with you that you don't speak for agarwalla him bourbon Binyamin, then he raised his hand and he smashed them when he hit them, and he with the axe, etc. And he destroyed them for janome, Judah, then Illa, Kabir, Allahu La la la, he ordered your own, and he broke the mold into pieces. And that's the big one. So that may, they may return back to it and see what has taken place. And we know sure most of us are familiar

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with this story, how they are confounded with shame as they entered into the temples, overwhelmed, they don't have any evidence. And rather than admitting their guilt, that we are worshipping statues and idols that don't speak, they don't talk, they don't move and cannot benefit is it any way, they became outraged. And remember, this is a sign in general of johal individuals, ignorant individuals, even though society was claimed to be developed and well articulated, they will try to turn the whole world upside down to prove that they are correct. And if they cannot change, you then begin to place the concept of force and submit you to believe in their way of life and their understanding

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what they're doing are Luke nullah, who bonyen and for him, they said build a great big fire, build a great big pile for this individual fall oof into him and then throw this individual into the game, the burning in the furnace of the fire. All however, who wants to come in quantum need? They said you know what to do? How do we all burn this individual one so earlier to come rescue and save your gods in quantum fire alene if you're going to do something, so dizzy I cannot tolerate when the truth was delivered to them. They could not tolerate that. They said burn him alive, throw him into the fire and rescue your gods. But the last panel that Allah decided to do something else, Allah

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Subhana Allah has laid out a natural sooner upon this earth, but at times it was found Allah can change and natural so now that is all up to Allah Subhana Allah does whatever befits His Majesty subhanho wa Taala. We find in the Quran, lacuna narrow Cooney berdan wa salam and Allah Ibrahim, rather the fire was commanded and told the natural materialistic format of the fire is to burn but rather loss Panda and I said to the fire Cooney burden was Salam and Allah Ibrahim become peaceful and cool upon Ibraheem alehissalaam some of them have assumed right in the works of the pursuit that Abraham mentioned that the best days, the best days of his life for those 40 days of his life when

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he was inside the fire, had to find a fire weed works with the first year that these are the first people to build a form of the throwing, throwing of the canopy or the throwing of the catapult or placing him inside a catapult and throwing him into the fire. Such a huge fire that you find that even the birds that were flying over the fire have become any roasted chicken or roasted birds flying over there. That is intense heat of the fire. But last time data wanted to change that format and protect and preserve this individual war or to be he Caden for the unknown, serene. they plotted in the plan upon this individual that wants to do this evil but they were losing individuals.

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Another location and last time that I mentioned for our Adobe Cade and for the anomalous falleen they wanted to plot and plan but we made the

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As individuals to become humiliated, and but the moment the believer is never humiliated in this dunya externally may seem like the person has become humiliated, or there seems to be some barf, it seems to be some weakness. What tickle am muda Willow have been a nurse The only days that we alternate between you and then it's always that the movement is always successful, are genuinely unreal movement. Strange is the affair of the believer. If some difficulty comes upon him, the person for Sabra is patient, some goodness comes upon him for Shankara that's only for the believer can understand that a life of turmoil, a life of difficulty the person is patient, a life of good

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things are blessing the person is grateful to last panda Allah does as Mr. Josie highlighted element by no Sabri or Shakur, a man is between patience and gratitude towards Allah subhanahu wa to Allah. So instead, these individuals become the low and the bass in the individual. One may think that possibly the sacrifice ends day, maybe that's too much data that he's done in his life, that he's just been thrown into the fire. Now he needs to come out the fire, and maybe he needs to revitalize himself and refresh his approach and take himself away from society color. That's not the way of Ibraheem alehissalaam he's willing to sacrifice his life at that stage and walk straight into that

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hour, once again, continues the journey when he meets the king of the road, and has no fear. To highlight the truth to this ruler is tyrannical, any individual. And as we find that time, sometimes the truth needs to be highlighted, obviously wisdom and fair preaching that you find some durations talk about the most truthful of speech, the best to speech is to say kalama to help the true statement in front of so Tanja in front of a ruler who is tyrannical, knowing fully well that this person will execute you and take your life away. That's the way of the people of understanding is always to deliver the message in the appropriate manner. Those individuals alladhina you believe una

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de Sala Tila, he those individuals who conveyed the message of Allah Subhana Allah will show no hula Shona hadn't in the law worker below he has Seba who failed only Allah Subhana Allah and they fail none other than Allah Subhana Allah and Allah is sufficient to bring any people and mankind to accountability, you know what is taking place. So now you produce this ruler, and you find the ayat inside SoTL baccaro. Once again, a lot of trial and error, the Jay Abraham of Europe be an utter lone wolf, Have you not seen the one who disputed Ibraheem alehissalaam way about last night give them given him the kingdom ship, the Dominion ship bestowed upon him, whereby this individual became

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tyrannical. He wanted to show in his power by highlighting that I am the one who gives life and death color I know you will omit I'm the one that gives life and death and all of us know that that is not the correct interpretation of life and death. Once again, some early motivasi that I mentioned, he bought two individuals out of out of prison and he executed one of them and let one of them go free free and he said this is any way any that I give life and death. And obviously Ibrahim al Islam had to use some wisdom in the way to attract this this individual and is here we learn a slew Dara the way even that time to use montek to use the correct logic, not the Greek logic and the

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facade that we find that time but to use the appropriate logic to the rational to defuse certain arguments that begin you need to take place. So you find that Ibraheem alehissalaam said to him for in a lawyer TV show some seminal machinery 30 b hominem mockery, indeed a lust pound dollar brings the son up from the east cause it to come from the west, if you claim to be a creator, if you are the Deity, just like you find your own, who claim to be hon cool Allah, I'm your Almighty Lord, like I said, look at this individual cannot even express himself and look at the rivers which are flowing underneath my palace. And look at the strange concept. Allah Subhana Allah drowned through our own

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in that same river to teach him a lesson, that when you become arrogant, you become tyrannical. We are going to persecute you with the same thing that you boast about. So Nimrod is boasting that I am a lord. I am the deity I'm the one that gives life and death bring cause the sun to rise or changes direction bring it from the west. For boo Italia de Kapha. Hola, Hola. Hola, como Polly mean, and hear this? There's no real translation for this word, but just to give a general maybe perception is word, it can carry the meaning of dumbfounded. gobsmacked. Mouth dropped no words to say no response. That's the general meaning that his mouth just dropped. But could he say, Abraham and so

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I'm using such a slew there's no response that is king can say that. Now I can change this for anonima of changing the direction of the sun. So if I then comes the second sacrifice, that was just a sacrifice in the beginning of giving up the teachings of these people and highlighting what is the correct belief in Allah Subhana Allah the second now is sacrificing his country.

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Make the hijra he makes a hedger and whereby he's gifted in the hardware is gifted with solder excetera whereby he gives up his family now gives up this area to go to a new location. And even then we find he's been told now when it gets to a new location to sacrifice his family, not just to sacrifice his country now, but to leave his family refined inside surah Ibrahim Ravana India's continental Ria TB word in very these are an in debate tickle Muharram indeed, oh my lord, I've left my family in this empty, barren Valley is empty land and the bicycle Muharram in your sanctified area, remember that time there is no no carrabba there is no building of the garba that location,

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I've left them in this place. robina yoky masala Oh my Lord, that they may establish the prayer further as a determiner nursey de la him was a communist Camerata alone ish guru, make them establish the prayer for the editor, millionaire, Sita we let him make the mankind to have some love and devotion and some affection towards them. And likewise what zoko Minister Murat and provide them with provision not alone yes guru that they may be grateful to Allah Subhana Allah and if you go and study this application of Ibrahim Ali Salaam, you find something very very strange. He is leaving his family in an empty barren land.

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And a normal platform if you study was known as Maslow's theory, those you may have studied sociology etc, that you find out what is the needs of the human being. The Prime needed the human being is food, clothing, etc. Ibrahim al Islam is leaving his family in the barren land. The first thing he asked for is robina yoky masala. The first thing for movement for a believer is the spiritual needs. That's the first thing for Muslim for believer. The first thing for a believer is not the dunya. Unfortunately, many of us that we think is make sure that your family is upon Salah is upon righteous and praying for that righteousness for your family members. Then for the unathi

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determiner nurses that we elect him, bring about some people who are going to show some affection some love we know the tribe of the New Jerusalem, original tribe from Yemen, who's traveling through that area etc began to come to the area because the well of Zamzam. I'm sure that we're all familiar with the story then come to zoom in or summarize them provide them with the provisions with the fruits with the blessings. Those blessings blessings are still there to this day. This is of Ibrahim Ali Salaam, upon those blessing people inside that area, let alone mesh guru that they may become grateful to last panda Allah and as you find if I'm not mistaken, the same surah Allah insha

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Khartoum let us see the nakum if you're grateful to lose pounds, I will increase those blessings. And if you are ungrateful, in other bisha did indeed my punishment is severe and harsh. So these are lessons that we learn as some people are blessed more and more with their wealth and the good actions that they do. Likewise, another supplication Ibrahim Ali Salam going to slight tangent if you study that there I mentioned at the beginning was sort of Bukhara, whereby he prays asked him to send a messenger from amongst themselves, yet to allow him any ticker who recite your verses upon them, and likewise teach in the book and hikma and will purify them. These are the four things that

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Ibrahim al Islam as for if you go and study the response of Allah Subhana Allah, you find something that totally opposite that Allah Allah mentioned the Cartman no lo Allah meaning it by other female Suleiman emphysema, Lu alum, he will use a T him and like to send a messenger indeed send a message amongst their own selves, who is going to recite the ayat of Allah founded upon them will use a key him and going to purify them. Ibrahima La Silla made purification to skia the final the fourth aspect of his blood, a lot hunter raised that fourth aspect to come to the second aspect. The large portion the role of the Prophet Mohammed is to give to skia is to purify the people is to teach him

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spirituality. Thus we find that the Prophet Mohammed ism is an adapter to Ibrahim, I am the call of Ibrahim and Islam I am that response. And if you go back to the lineage, you find that no prophet comes from the lineage and he acts from is married at a salon except for the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam because that is getting back to the daughter of Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam. So all these doors that you find inside the Quran, that have been mentioned by Ibrahim like wasn't the same sort of find a famous door that I'm sure all of us have in our prayers. Robbie Gianni Maki masala, via T. Robin otaku, pro bono fully valued early. Mini Naomi, sir, I'm sure that all of us make this

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application need to make us to establish the prayer likewise our progeny to pardon and forgive our parents etc. that all goes back to the supplication of Ibrahim alayhi salam, then comes the fourth any aspect sacrificing his son given at the age of 86. So to someone who had imagined the whole of this journey the whole of these these

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These these efforts and this struggle that finally is bestowed with a son. And this becomes the pinnacle of sacrifices of Ibrahim al Islam, because it becomes symbolic for the rest of this Muslim ummah. And as you find inside the surah, Allah Bella tomorrow, Satya, when he reached the age of Saudi Arabia have given various interpretations what this means, what are the reach the age of becoming a youth, or the age of work, or you see your own self in your son, you see a reflection of yourself in your son, you reach that Prime age that you see yourself in your son. At that stage, you find that Allah Subhana Allah commanded Ibrahim alayhi salam, as we know inside a dream, to

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sacrifice his son, and remember the rhodia rhodian ambia. Na is in their dreams to visualize dreams inside they sleep is what is revelation. So whatever they see in their dreams, they have to implement it. It's not like us, what we see in our dreams are the hostel model of mixed up dreams that you find. And we tried. Some people tried to take them as a form of Revelation, whatever it may be, there are no there is no form of revelation for Muslim via dreams. They could have some strange interpretation or positive interpretation, but that's what they would do in the world of dreams. But as for the NBA, they don't dream The way that we dream. their dreams are why a revelation so they

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have to carry it out. So Abraham Ali Salam said Kala Yamuna in knee are off in Miami, a knee a Baka from Burma, the Torah. He says, Oh my beloved Son, indeed, I see myself in a vision in a dream that I have to sacrifice you that I am sacrificing you fumble mother Tara, what do you think about this? What's your opinion? What's your view about this? You think is married intelligences that Are you crazy? Are you okay? You find you just see me after so many years is everything okay? Are you mentally physically fit to utter such words? And look at the response of his marine and a salon whereby he says to his beloved father Apollo, yeah, but if Alma Tomer certain strategy, dooney insha

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Allah who may know Saberi, same kalimat he said, he said, Yeah, Betty, oh, my beloved, respected for the camera today, new to them, the way that you believe it comes down to you. He said to his cafe father, mushrik father, oh my father, why you worshipping the idols. Sometime later, his son from the same progeny from the same loins comes as a believer and uses exactly the same words all my beloved father, do what you've been commanded to do. And you'll find me amongst a patient individuals some relative are seated and mentioned that Abraham is hesitant to sacrifice him so it's my read says that I will face down and you sacrifice means it should be cut harder, strike harder

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with the with the knife and, and and sacrifice me no hesitation from Israel and Islam and naturally would be some hesitation from Ibrahim being you need a father for them as Lama with a lowly jabeen. When they both submitted, they both submitted and place down his his forehead down upon the ground when they know when Yeah, Abraham pazza Dr. Roja we call that to Ibrahim al Islam indeed you live true to the vision in Kedah Likud Nigel mercy Nene. This is the way we reward the dues of good in Napa de la volbella. amo been offered a no, we live in Albion. Indeed, this was a manifest trial. And this is a momentous sacrifice. This becomes the pinnacle point of being asked to sacrifice any

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one son. Even though we know that last pound Allah did not want him to sacrifice the sun, but wanted to see what Ibrahim A lady was to see what is going to be the response of Ibrahim al Islam. Is he going to hesitate? Is he going to say as many of us we may claim to say we're called to submit an apartment that we hear and we obey, but rather unfortunately many of us a call to submit and we are saying we hate and we disobey has become unfortunately a symbolic gesture of much of this Muslim Omar that we hate and we disobey the commandments of Allah subhanahu. otter Allah, then we find that the sacrifice does not stop there. One may think well that's enough sacrifices to do. What more can

00:34:16 --> 00:34:59

Allah Allah? Ask Ibrahim Ali Salaam to do and the next sacrifice or the next commitment is to construct the gamba to construct the house of Allah Subhana Allah where the authoritarian Brahim will power it Amina Beatty was married, whereby Abraham and his married are laying at the power. The pillars are the foundation of the house of Allah Subhana Allah. Likewise the cool any two hedge that we find? You find that millions on Singapore? Was there anyone standing there when Ibrahim Ali Salam was told what else didn't fineness cool out to mankind to come and perform the Hajj? It was a barren, empty land. He cannot visualize that later millions if not billions.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:45

have come in past that journey in devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah majority, if not most of the rights, the monastic of Hajj, all go back to Ibrahim Alayhi Salam that would he mentioned the sacrifice or suffer will miroir the running or the walking between these two in the mountains that we love daddy casaya nursey Bay no Houma that is a sorry that we make between these two mountains, the well of Zamzam. jamara, the stoning any of the pillars. Likewise al carrabba itself is all bless it all goes back to the actions and the effort of Ibrahim Ali Salaam had to find it. makabe Brahim, what does he do? minakami Ibrahima masala. take them home of Ibrahim as a station of prayer and

00:35:45 --> 00:36:23

armor. He wanted that this location should be taken as a place of prayer. And Allah Subhana Allah sent down this ayah inside the Quran that take the station Ibrahim Ali Salam ways footprint is whereby when you after you've performed the power, the circumambulation around the gamba, you should go behind the mcbomb of Ibrahim and offer to Raka or any of prayer i'm not mistaken reading sort of carefully when the first rock and Serato listless any in the second so little did he understand any the sacrifices in this call that he has to make to the whole unit of mankind, whereby you find that people will come upon traveling upon their feet upon every lean camel from every deep and distant

00:36:23 --> 00:37:08

mountain will come and perform this right. So now we can begin to understand Polynesia locally nursey Mmm. Now we can perceive that why Allah, Allah is saying that we are going to make you a man for the whole of mankind. In Ibrahima Cana mutton. Ibraheem alehissalaam was an oma was one man was one nation like was military vehicle, Ibrahim, the actions of one individual become actions for the rest of this Muslim oma until the day of judgment. So when many people think that what is the point in myself making effort, or individually doing something Yes, as a group, we do become stronger. But remember, mountains are created from pebbles, mountains are created from small stones, every stone,

00:37:08 --> 00:37:45

every rock has a great big portion to play in the building of that mountain. soon as you take one stone one rock away, the mountain will eventually begin to crumble. That's what this Muslim oma is. No one should belittle themselves. Don't you think that I have no role to play that Kieran nominal, Murphy, Shay, never belittle any action of goodness, any opportunity that you have of that hour of play of anything that you can do in a way of Allah to Allah with appropriate intention and falling, the sooner the better, someone should spread that to humanity, because we have many things that we can visualize in front of us. But still, we are very lexical in our approach and understanding in

00:37:45 --> 00:38:29

comparison to Ibrahim any Elisa. So we find if we go back and look at those sacrifices, and compare those sacrifices to the sacrifices that we are making today. The first sacrifice we mentioned Ibrahim Ali Salaam, was a sacrifice of his family upbringings and teachings, we can all ask us of a basic elementary question. To what degree have we rectified our beliefs and the people around us? Yes, there may be many that we may think have been rectified. But the Quran mentions What are your moonwalk from below he in the womb Mashallah code. Most people believe in Allah, Ghana, but they mushy deikun It's a long journey. But this is a very long journey. One na da serapi must document

00:38:29 --> 00:39:11

for tiberiu Indeed, this is a long path of Allah Subhana Allah, there is no shortcut path. Don't think that you can instantly get results results may come at a later stage may come in 50 years may come in 100 years may come in 150 years. But the key element is that we are in Sharla throwing those seeds in you have changed whenever because some trees they flourish instantly. Some trees they grow after many, many years, some trees grow off the centuries, and then they remain a bit one or for the summer. And some of those trees go deep down strongly into the ground which is an as a side point another birth which is inside so Abraham even though this tree private some shares a Saudi massage,

00:39:11 --> 00:39:52

it goes to the view that this is the branches of faith in the soul of Eman but you can also have the other interpretation, this other the behave in the character of the Muslim that we are trying to throw those seeds of creating a good a good deal a new generation Be it later Allah who's committed journey towards obedience and servitude towards the last pound to Allah and every so often it delivers its fruits by the permission of Allah Subhana Allah sacrified, how strongly Do we believe and held faster I believe that whatever expense no one is saying that we should now be thrown into the fire. But just some glimmer, some even basic hardship we find that people begin to crumble.

00:39:52 --> 00:40:00

People are not willing to bear the consequences. We all know what's taking place in the society around us. The banning of the niqab at the heart of

00:40:00 --> 00:40:36

On certain individuals traveling in this country, anybody talking about Islam? Why should we beat about the bush, while we always people who are apologetic, saying this is wrong, or we do have this, or we do have that, or we begin to take funding for certain causes, etc. And these simple things, this seems to be quite clearly double standard that begin to take place. If today we said something about Hitler, if we praise Hitler, any all * would break loose, all head would break out loose of praising this individual of the action that he'd done, and that was actually trialed and tested. And when it's mentioned about the Prophet Mohammed some to draw pictures about him, the same

00:40:36 --> 00:40:39

organization says, Well, that is a freedom of expression.

00:40:40 --> 00:41:18

Look at this. None of us agree with the views of Hitler, when he done the Holocaust, etc. None of us agree with it. But if somebody praises him, there'll be totally any defame an action be taken against the individual. What do you find a passage of law that you could be trialed for praising this individual in certain countries and denying the Holocaust. But when it comes to the Prophet Mohammed system, it's all in the freedom of expression. So sometimes we need to begin to think how apologetic Are we going to become? Are we going to become so apologetic that people can insult the Prophet Mohammed sent me in front of our faces, and we say three bags full. They can write articles

00:41:18 --> 00:41:57

about Islam, they can defend Muslims, they can defame the Quran all comes under freedom of speech. So we need to begin to think that what consequences are we bearing to take to strengthen the deen of Allah Subhana Allah secondary find the sacrifice of one's country. Now when we compare that sacrifice of Ibrahim al Islam to our own selves, obviously, we know there's a great deep any discussion amongst Allah about living in the lands of the West and the performance of Hydra. But in short, nobody can deny the fact that to perform a hedgerow is something good to make the exodus migration, to leave a land to go to a better environment, and especially in a Muslim land is better

00:41:57 --> 00:42:26

than being engaged in the Western world, etc. Even there's a great technical debate that exists. But the point being here, we're not asking people to directly sacrifice their countries because we know that people who cannot give up their bed and asleep is going to be very difficult to ask them you need to get up and sacrifice the country or people who who live on state benefits and the welfare of the country is not going to give up any that the comfort that we have given to us inside this country. Thirdly, we find the sacrifice of our families.

00:42:27 --> 00:43:07

Obviously, we know that our family members have become a hindrance for many of us have become a fitness, unmentioned at some of the family members becomes fitna for human being. Because why possibly we go back and we study the death of Ibrahim Ali Salim is we are not focusing upon the spiritual needs. We are so much worried about their luxury salvation and not worried about their spiritual salvation. That doesn't mean that it's haram to earn a good living, to have wealth to take care of your family sadhaka begins at home etc. But it needs to be a tourism, there needs to be a balance, there needs to be an understanding that the more that we pamper our children, we pamper our

00:43:07 --> 00:43:49

family members, that this is going to be very, very detrimental upon the future of this Muslim oma very difficult for the Muslim Ummah, when it begins to face difficulties, that we're able to cope and live up to those difficulties. For free, we find the sacrifice of one son, I'm not asking you to go and sacrifice your sons. But at least we can begin to program our children to become committed to have a good cause a good action to make any to strengthen this oma which is weakening more and more on a daily basis, that if those actions that we cannot do, we don't have that ability, we don't have that skill. We don't have the intellect, we don't have that realm that we begin to breathe in

00:43:49 --> 00:44:27

breathe out within the following generation that they don't become like us. Islam becomes a way of life that they deeply believe in, that wherever they go. They impress people with the teachings of Islam, with the teachings of Quran with the teachings of sadhana and believe deeply deeply in the foundations of Islam. So we don't ask you to go now and physically sacrifice any sons or our children, etc. Likewise, other efforts that we find the efforts of building the garba in general hamdulillah we know we have many massages inside this country, but how many Institutes of learning how many universities? Do we have Muslim universities in this country? Zero, how many colleges we

00:44:27 --> 00:44:59

have few pockets of some symbolic gesture that we find. So the Muslim journey continues we began with from one action to another action to another action to continuously trying to better any this this Muslim Ummah continuously striving and struggling these outbursts and these zealous focus that we have for a day or two days and we burn ourselves out, and then we go away. This is not the type of Islam that we want. Yeah, you're Latina odorheiu facility, fatten while at Abbey Road.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:33

To work to shape on are you believe entered Islam into total submission and do not follow the footsteps of the devil. For de la Masato, Allah Subhana Allah as much as you can, don't become individuals who like to pick and choose, when this is easy for me to do. This is difficult for me to do. Maybe I leave this at a later stage, maybe we'll come back to this. If it's time to prayer or for the prayer, if it's time for Torah, we stand for throw, it's time to force time to force. It's time to write down with a pen, write down with a pen, it's time to pick up the sword, it's time to pick up the sword. That's the life of the moment, always changing. So the relevant mention if you

00:45:33 --> 00:46:12

want to remain upon is the former one where is the karma is to know world that is to change you're a better not just become a person, just continuously read Quran, read the Quran, then fast, then pray, then read something then study something only that becomes a whole spiritual dimension of strengthening the arcade and the belief and the commitment and devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah. So we need to really begin to think of our efforts in helping the wider society and helping the Muslim society as well. Once again, going back to those glorious years where Muslims did Excel with their faith with the man and even more so the action is showing and impressing upon society that we

00:46:12 --> 00:46:51

are the real believers of Ibrahim alayhi salam. And then after that the real believers in the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam industry finally mentioned will Edina Jihad afina nfdm sabudana were in the la llamada Mohini those individuals who strive in a path who will show them a path we're in the law number one wasini and indeed the last lb Allah is with the duties of good. We ask Allah to Allah to place these words in a museum of hassanal give us all the tofik and ability to follow the man has a methodology of Ibrahim Arneson that which is in comparison with that which is appropriate that which is relevant to that which the Prophet Mohammed came with. So we become those

00:46:51 --> 00:47:29

individuals who fulfill that I was bear come out sobre el camino Rasul. As we began with the patients, we seek patients and assistance from Allah founded and be like those individuals who had that strong resolution. Those people have followed him strong lofty goals and aspirations. We want to become in following the way of the media industry find the closest individual to the MBR those individuals who are tested that the MBA and MBA are tested the most, but the more a person is tested, the more they are tried the more closely become to the MBA, and we ask a lot of hands on to return us back to be with the Prophet Muhammad says I'm going to drink from the fountain from his

00:47:29 --> 00:47:37

blessing Hans wakulla already had our stock for rally welcome Wally Jamil Muslim enough istockphoto in order for him to come

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