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How human have been created

Riad Ouarzazi


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And it's going to add in the grave, a

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guy that describes this song beautifully in the

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new regime.

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This man was created from Sudan, from the extract of clay.

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McKee, from this extra clay,

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the span of what a drop of a stir, and then from the stroke of luck changing into something else.

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Then all of a sudden, something that came from a drop your spray then comes into this job and then just drop into a club and then he and the angel something called bones.

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And then we go out of this bones, with,

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with flesh

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into a new human being.

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And then what happens after that

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says, and then you shall all die

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created from clay, glove, love, and then I love both flesh, and the end is this human being. So my

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piano teacher Bajau

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from death, what comes after that? And then in the judgment, you should all be restricted. Such a very short story. Very short.